1. Love Transit
  2. As planets transit zodiac signs, love & personal equations continue to change
  3. Mapping transits & making moves as per your lucky period ensures success in love!

About Love Transit:
Love Transit is a special report that predicts everything related to your love life and relationships by mapping the transiting planets on your birth chart. This report predicts the favourable time period when you can find love, begin a relationship, and get married. It also predicts if currently there are some major setbacks in your love life and when the trouble will end and better time will begin.

How is this report prepared?
  • To prepare your Love Transit report, the Vedic astrologer studies your birth chart to analyze the following:
    • Position and strength of Venus (the planet of love, luxuries and romance),
    • Position and strength of Jupiter (the planet of luck, abundance and joy)
    • Effects of other planetary positions and combinations on the 5th House (the house of love, romance, fertility and creativity) and the 7th House (the house of marriage and partnerships).
    • Comparative position and placement of Moon (that rules our instincts and deep buried emotions)
    • Effects of current planetary transits which are changing the equation of your love life.
How this report will benefit me?
Love Transit report helps you create positive developments in your love life and relationships with reliable, accurate predictions. For instance, if you are looking for love or planning to propose someone, you could do such important initiations at just the right time, so your chances of success get increased many fold and you can avoid disappointments.



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