Saturn Retrogression 2020

Saturn Retrogression 2020

Retrogression Explained:
Retrogression is a queer phenomenon in astrology, whose basis is deeply rooted in the astronomical sciences. Retrogression as the word suggests, simply means going in the past, or in planetary terms tracing back the degrees the planet has traveled.

The planet gets closest to the earth as it retrogrades and that is the reason the results of the retrograding planet are greatly enhanced or intensified. Anything that gets closer to earth appears much bigger in size and in case of a planet, the disc of the planet appears / seen bigger in size as it retrogrades and gets to the closest levels with the mother earth. This increases the strength of the planet to either do good or bad as per its situation in the individual horoscope.    

Saturn Retrogression
Saturn is a natural malefic planet that may be comfortably placed in your birth chart to give you some auspicious results of the houses it lords over as well as some ups and down related to the place it is transiting in your chart. Thus you must be cautious with respect to the period the planet would be in retrogression during May and September when the strength of Saturn is going to be much enhanced to do good or bad as the case may be as per your horoscope. One thing that remains constant and applies to all of us is that Saturn is powerful in retrogression, it gains strength. As the retrograde Saturn begins to trace the same degrees it has traveled till 11th May when it begins its retrogression, it will give the sense of same feelings as experienced at an individual level during the last four months.

Saturn Retrogression & You

As Saturn starts retrogression you should work on re- building as well as rethinking strategy in those parts of your life, which Saturn is influencing while retrograding. These are the areas of life where karmic lesson are due for you. The clear learning should be not to rush into projects or steps concerning these as well as other aspects of your life, and instead think clearly & deliberate options before moving on. 

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Saturn Retrogression 2020 Reading would cover:
  • Effects of Saturn retrogression in your life
  • Areas being influenced positively or negatively by retrograding Saturn
  • What your course of action should be in the middle of the current trying times
  • What opportunities are being seen in this scenario and how you can plan yourself during and post the retrogression period.
  • Remedies that could help you during this phase
  • Answer to your ONE specific question

Saturn Retrogression 2020 Reading

Life Changes during Saturn Retrogression phase of 2020

Saturn Retrogression 2020 Reading with Dates

Life Changes during Saturn Retrogression phase of 2020 + Important Dates

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