The Hung Man lesson & Venus Retrogression

The Hung Man lesson & Venus Retrogression

Venus Transit 20-20
Venus has been transiting Taurus since March 28, 20-20. It generally heralds a period of much peace and love. But the situations develop further with Venus retrograding in Taurus from May 13 to June 25, 20-20 . This won't be a time as smooth as you expect it to be.

Infact one would observe a roller coaster of intense passion, rewinding effects as well as a dilemma with a direct bearing on wealth & finances. The situation would feel similar to being hung upside down with ropes. The more you try to free yourself by moving sideways and jumping body up and down, the more you get entangled in it and experience enhanced suffering. Here the ropes signify the emotional bondage and the complications one would experience due to churning in relations, wealth and related fields. Trying anything new to change the situation would prove counter productive just like the ropes get tighter with every move to free yourself.

What happens as Venus starts retrograding
Quantitatively, Venus retrogrades for less than 10% of its transit time but leaves an impact that’s just the highest qualitatively. The effect of this motion will be felt on all areas of the horoscope where Venus either transits, lords over and aspects on. This is also the trickiest part of this long Venus transit. The situation one encounters is similar to being entangled with no way but to abide by the time and wait for it to pass off.

The effects of Venus Retrogression in its own sign would be evident by the situations you would encounter if you have started taking your relationship for granted or have been contemplating into moving back to your past love! This is NOT the time to try out anything NEW.

Relevance of Venus Reverse Transit reading
This three month long transit of Venus would have effects on your psychological plane as well as the monetary aspects. The Venus Reverse Transit reading would help you navigate this time with minimum damage. The advantages which accrue to you due to this transit will also be covered along with the timing & area of caution. You need to understand the timing, trends & exercise caution during this very tricky Venus movement in your horoscope. The reading will cover the results of Venus transit in Taurus, retrogression in Taurus and combustion due to nearness with Sun and effects with your natal planet' positions. Since this overly long transit of Venus can bring about major effects on your love life as well as finances, this report will help you map out the favorable and unfavorable phases during this transit and would help you remain unscathed in a tricky & charged up planetary transit phase.

What to EXPECT from Venus Reverse Transit Report
Venus, the planet of love and embodying beauty is transiting and its influence is one of the most positive of all the planets. However, with Venus retrograding in Taurus, this period may not be very smooth. Venus Reverse Transit reading brings to you a detailed account of the effects and changes that occur in your life during the strong periods in this transit of Venus. Made specifically as per your birth details, this report informs you about the significant periods of Venus as per your horoscope and suggests ways to capitalize on the opportunities which come your way.

Venus Transit Report sheds light on the influence of Venus’ position on your life, its relative effects on other astrological planets, how you should prepare yourself for these changes, and the most favorable periods for you. This reading aims to guide you through the tough influences of Venus and come out stronger during the current trying times!

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This reading comes with the following

  1. You get an intriguing account of the effects & changes due to occur in your life during transit of Venus.
  2. No part of the reading is prepared by any astrology software. Each & every observation would be specific & individual to you
  3. Handcrafted to give you the information as per your horoscope and the ways to benefit during these times.
  4. If any noteworthy negative influences are visible in your horoscope, then the possible solutions and remedies to reduce their effect are also specified.
  5. This reading would help you come out unscathed during the current difficult times.

Venus Reverse Transit Reading

  • Venus Retrogression context in the current times
  • Whether the transit Venus is supported/ afflicted in your horoscope
  • Results of Venus Reverse Transit on your life
  • What you should do and avoid during this period
  • Vedic measures & Remedies to ward off any obstructions
  • Reply to your ONE question

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