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Leo Career

Leo Career-Never give up & get dismayed, they are full of positivity & courage which helps them to flourish in their career.

Confident Leo craves freedom and has the power to command. Leo's career flourishes when he is in a commanding position as it is difficult for him to take orders.

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. It is a fixed sign and the element here is fire. The Lord of this sign is the Sun. The natives born under this sign are blessed with leadership qualities.

They are very ambitious and have self-charged energy. The ideas and morals are so deeply rooted in Leo that they make a person decisive, experimental, and to an extent, an adventurer.

The sign Leo represented by the Lion presents a picture of ego, pride, honor, and assertiveness which have gone so deep into the system that superiority has started emanating from the human personality. Leos are no doubt very authoritative in nature but they also have a sense of responsibility.

Leo moons have a warm and generous attitude towards their colleagues and co-workers. They are known for their self-directed energy and creativity, which cannot be distorted by external elements.

Leos are made of a ‘never-say-die’ spirit and their leadership abilities have a positive influence on others. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons that the lion is the king of the jungle and every other being of the animal kingdom revolves around him. Just as in astrology, all the planets revolve around the Sun.

Nowadays, with the passage of time and all-around development, there are so many career choices for Leo that it is difficult to pinpoint a specific career; however, the nature of employment or preferable professional choice can be described.

There are various career choices, multifarious and so many causes far beyond the individual’s control or inclination which forces them to follow a line or enter into service. Moreover, to analyze fully the several career options and to bring them under separate heads, you should know the nature of planets in terms of profession. 

Saturn and Venus are the most important planets that play an important role in shaping  Leo’s Career. Those who are currently running a business or planning to step into a new venture should consider the placement of Rahu in their birth chart. For academic career choice, the placement of Mars in a student’s chart holds a very significant position.

The Academic Career of Leo Students

For the Leo moon sign, the energy which is present in your fourth house brings confidence, courage, and leadership qualities to the students. It makes them patient, fortunate and enhances their will power to take up the challenges.

Students born under the Leo moon sign will be blessed with innate practical knowledge. They will desire to go into the depths of every topic. They are going to analyze things very deeply and will feel unsatisfied until and unless their queries are fully solved. They are more interested in practicality rather than theoretical grasping.

Leo Moons Who are Planning for Higher Education

Leo, the fourth house indicates school and college education, whereas the amount of knowledge one may develop related to higher education, research, literary pursuits, discovery, exploration, and submission of thesis are denoted by the ninth house. This house is the precipitator of Guru.

Children belonging to this sign are particular about doing things flawlessly. They are quite creative, optimistic, dynamic, majestic, and charismatic. They usually follow the footsteps of their academic knowledge and do not divert from their path.

Those students who were unable to score decent grades in school examinations tend to perform extraordinary well in their higher education because the fourth house enhances the will power and highlights the talents which were previously hidden.

The strength of Moon will decide whether you can pursue higher education from abroad or not. Is your Moon strong enough to support your dreams of foreign education?

Business as a Career Option

Leos make good businessmen. Business dealings are very swift and successful for Leo entrepreneurs. They are excellent leaders and have an excellent ability to get along with people, whether it is their colleagues, seniors, or subordinates.

They are extremely authoritative and can influence others easily. They do not talk much. They will hear very patiently all the complaints, even from menials, and also pay heed to every rumor.

 But their decision would be very judicious, given their tolerant and broad-minded outlook. They live in a world of their own creation and nothing appears to be great for their idealism. Their optimistic behavior gives them a path to move ahead.

Job as a Career Option for Leo Moon Sign

There is a close relationship between the planet Saturn and your profession. If this planet is in a powerful and auspicious position, it can surely help in leading a good position in the organization.

However, the placement of Saturn in your sixth house will bring hurdles and slow progress for the natives. You’re going to face a lot of challenges in your work environment. But once Saturn gets matured, it will bring good progress along with wonderful career uplifting opportunities.

If Saturn is placed in the sixth house, it can bring about work opportunities from foreign lands. It could be in the form of a project, assignment, contract, or even alliance.

Frequent short distance traveling is likely which can cause frustration and irritation in the minds of Leo as they will fail to present their ideas openly and this could also hamper their growth and development.

Best Suited Career For Leo Moon Sign

Leo's career options could be as lawyers, politicians, occupy higher positions in Government. They do extremely well in a creative line of work.

A Piece of Advice for Leo Moon Sign Professionals

Since Leo moons are determined and of dogmatic views, they should listen to others. Their roaring like a lion could land them in trouble which should be avoided. Arguments, altercations, and actions annoying others should be avoided. Leos must avoid forcing their views, desires upon others. They should stop being so arrogant, should restrict their wants, and become economical.