Leo Career Horoscope

Leo at Work:

Leo employees work for prestige, recognition and fame. If their job gives them substantial money, but not these things, they won’t be able to stick to it in the long run.

Leo employees innately feel they are better than the rest. They need constant appreciation and admiration of their work and talents. They want everyone to know that they are the most important, the most needed and the smartest people at the office.

It is not uncommon for Leo employees to have an amazing dressing style. They might spend hours getting decked up before they come to the office.

Leo: What are they innately good at?

Leos are very confident and fun loving. They can charm and impress people easily with their grand style and attitude. Being the centre of all the attention does not make them nervous. In fact, they boastfully accept this honor.

Best Career Options for Leo:

Owing to their immensely charismatic and confident personalities, Leo can be great stage performers, hosts and speakers. Since they can impress and intrigue others with their warm and confident nature, they can also do well in sales and public relationship profiles.

Leo individuals don’t like to work behind the scenes. Their love for fame, publicity and popularity often makes them opt for a career in theatre, acting, film direction and production, politics, etc. in which they get immense satisfaction.

Since they have rich, refined and extravagant tastes, they can also thrive in the fields of music and arts.

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