CAPRICORN April Horoscope

(Makara )

Average month overall as positive trends tend to peter out towards the end of the month. You will begin the month very positively with many new growth options and new avenues. You need to communicate and interact carefully for best results.

Your thinking and personality could go through a lot of twists and turns. It is a period when you need to listen to good counsel rather than getting worked up and taking inspired and probably wrong decisions.
The cycle of wasteful expenses could stop now and next month onwards you will find relief in financial pressures.

Career – will be in a positive and vibrant phase. You will make multiple gains from career till the 15th April 2019 & new avenues of growth would become possible from the 14th April 2019. A positive month as long as you do not lose your cool and take rash decisions in career.
Work environment will be unsteady and you could lose your cool more than once. Avoid getting controversial with team members.

Colleagues could get into a phase of  competition and create some loss of position due to erratic behavior. You will do well in joint projects as long as you are able to handle pressure and aggression well.

Money & Finances - money matters will be positive this month again, although there would be volatility and certain unexpected swings. Liquidity would remain compromised throughout but would improve after the 16th April 2019. Gains would remain positive from career and work related endeavors, while loans and external funds could create problems in money matters.
Income will be good throughout.

Investments will give rich returns now. You will get very good returns till the 15th April 2019.
Family & health – family life will be positive but fluctuating equations. You will find good bonding with family members / children till the 15th April 2019. Try and be clear in your communications during this time.

Health will be good throughout.

Love & Marriage – Love matter will be very favorable. You will be in a stable phase till the 15th April 2019. Beyond 14th April 2019, a hectic socializing phase would operate. You will find your sex appeal would be high and bring excellent opportunities of finding someone special. A great period socially.
Relationships will be very positive and commitment oriented. A wonderful fun time after the 14th April 2019.

Marriage matters will be somewhat difficult since there would be adverse speech and communications. Be careful of how you interact with spouse. Avoid aggression. Better period after the 16th April 2019.

First half of the month would be better than second half of the month.

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