CAPRICORN February Horoscope

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Overview: For the month of February, the lord of your sign, Saturn is transiting along with Venus in the twelfth house. As a result, you may go on an international trip and could also spend money on buying luxurious items for yourself. The chances of you associating with an international company and starting a new work or business are high where you will be able to enrich your contacts further. One of the best things about you is that you do things or work with complete dedication and sincerity that is required to do it. This is the reason all your work is perfect and flawless. This month may not be any different for you as you might be able to pull off all your work with the same dedication and zeal. But be patient as the fruits of your labor may take a while to come that may become the reason for your mental stress and problems that may appear at work front.

This may be a result of the Sun transiting in your sign along with the Ketu that could be causing all the chaos at the workplace. There are chances that all of a sudden you may be surrounded by all sorts of tensions out of nowhere. You may feel a strong inclination towards religious activities and could spend money on donations and social services. You will be mindful of your expenses but wouldn’t stop from spending on basic necessities either. You may also find new and stable sources of income during this month. After the mid of the month, you might be able to succeed in the field of politics and you could also have the support and help from some senior government officers. You would stay enthusiastic and highly energized throughout the month. In order to start a new business, you would be able to accumulate the required investment and energy to carry it out. Since luck is favoring you, you could get the desired output and profits out of the investment and it could be a successful venture for you. Avoid getting into any kind of argument at all cost and do not try to get involved or promise any financial transaction to anyone. If you’ve been fighting a legal case then there are good chances of things majorly being in your favor. You may have to visit the hospital frequently due to some unknown reasons. You may also stay interested in the writing of a religious book or an article for which you could win a prestigious award even.
Career: You will stay excited about starting a new work or a job because of which you may also have some sort of stress or anxiety.. Even though everything might have been done correctly to the last point, you still may have to wait for the things to take off, so have patience. You would start your new work after giving it a good long thought and thorough research. There are high chances of getting associated with an international company on a new project soon because of which you may also be able to create new and important contacts. If you’re working in a partnership, most likely there would be a clash of opinion with your partner in the beginning of the month. You may have to travel extensively for work which will prove beneficial for your work.

You could also benefit via a female employee who may help you in getting a new project. Financially, February may remain stable and along with your income, you may also get to learn new skills that’ll be helpful for you later in life. The chances of starting an online business can also be seen on the cards. For people who are in a job, this month possibly is going a get you a good opportunity to enhance your skill set along with bringing good job opportunities your way. It might be a good time for you to start a new job. You may also get promoted or you could get a call for a new job from a company. Your existin emoloyers may try to retain you with  with a better profile. As a result, your colleagues or co-workers may turn green with jealousy so, it is highly advised that you avoid talking openly and freely with anyone at your work front. This is the time for you tofocus on your work and leave everything behind.
Money & Finance: Financially, this month could be pretty decent for you as your bank balance will remain stable and expenses will remain under check. Though, you will not stop spending money on the basic necessities and luxurious products. If you have an old land or property related investment then most likely it is going to get monetary gains from it in February. The possibilities of increase in the income via a new or extra work are also high. You may spend openly. Avoid getting yourself involved in any kind of transaction related to money at all given times. Traveling may be an expensive affair this month but it could also be a source of increasing the income as well. You may also spend money on a religious institution. You could also financially benefit from an international company. If your money is stuck somewhere for a long time now, this is the time to try and retrieve it completely. Children's education will also be a costly affair this month.
Love & Marriage: During this month, you will come closer to the one you love and will spend some quality time together on a trip far away from your place.  This could help you two to fulfill each other’s expectations completely. Anyway, February is a month meant for love and so will your month be ruled by love and romance through and through. You will spend endlessly on your partner this month and may also get super possessive about him/her. Staying away from your lover might become an emotional affair for you. By the end of the month, you may fall victim to a misunderstanding with the entrance of a third person in your life. If that be the case; then try and take full advantage of Valentine’s Day coming your way.

Use this day as an opportunity to pacify your angry partner and clear the misunderstanding between you two! If not fixed, things may go out of your hands and could cause you inexplicable emotional damage and suffering. If you’re planning to propose someone this month then use Valentine’s Day as the day to do it. For those who are married; because of an ego clash, you may have to face difficult times with your life partner until the mid of the month. So, it is highly suggested that you two sort things out at the earliest so that things can get back to normal. It is very important for both of you to understand and realizes your individual mistakes and come to an agreement on mutual terms else this may ruin your relationship. Your partner may get a new job opportunity or a new project that will mark the beginning of a fresh start for both of you. You two will let go off the old grudges and plan to start on a clean slate. This new project or opportunity may also give you an opportunity to go abroad.
Student and Children: It is better times for student than before but you may still have to struggle with problems such as laziness and distraction from studies like hanging out with friends and going on shopping sprees that will only waste your precious time. Try and avoid getting into any kind of arguments else it may waste your time and you also may lose your focus from studies. By the mid of the month, a good result as per your expectation is going to help you land into a good institute of your choice and there is a possibility that you may also get a part-time job as well. But before starting you need to bring discipline to your life. It is a good time for sitting for any competition. If your kids are about to start a new subject, it is imperative that you seek advice and suggestions from their seniors or your friends who may be able to help with a piece of good advice. You may get a little stressed because of the high monetary expenses of children’s education. Children may also get into an argument with someone this month. Health has to be kept as a priority this month ignoring it may cause intense damage; as an accident of some sort is on the cards. You may get some good news from your kids by the end of the month.
Family & Health: The month will open on a happy note for your family. There will be a positive and happy environment in the house because of children’s birthday or some important achievement within the family that will help the family to come together and enjoy as one. International trip with the entire family is highly possible this month. Heated conversation with your mother may also take place though you could have a good relationship with your father. Your younger brother may become a reason for some sort of good news and happiness for the family and he may also get some income as well during this period. Excessive traveling may become the reason for your constant worry. You may face blood pressure related health issuesBP or some sort of infection. Try and avoid eating out and drive safely. Extreme leg pain may force you to visit a doctor. Yoga and morning walk may prove really beneficial for you.

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