CAPRICORN April Horoscope


Capricorn, the monthly horoscope signifies mixed results in April. You may undergo thesis or research work on a subject of your choice after 14th April 2018. Period up to 20th April 2018 is favorable for people pursuing a career in creative fields, glamour field, or fashion industry. Period after 14th April 2018 however, can see health issues for a family member & it will need your attention. Singles can indulge in new love affairs & expect success in finding suitable partners. Fate may not favor you fully this month. Health of your spouse can suffer & affect your relationship with each other. Spiritual pleasures can bring a sense of detachment for you from the worldly pleasures. Physically, you may ail & your energy level appears to remain low throughout the month.

Career: As per the monthly forecast, career prospects vary largely as per the domain of work. People engaged in creative fields, glamour field, or fashion industry will experience a fabulous period & growth till 20th April 2018. Others are expected to see only mediocre progress in April. Your wisdom & knowledge make you a good consultant, & these qualities will get you appreciation on the work front. No major reason for change of job is foreseen. Your boss & superiors will be supportive as you share a good rapport with them. But your relation with colleagues can suffer at the hand of office politics & back biting. Salary hike or any kind of appraisal may occur. New projects can be suitably undertaken depending upon your capacity &rewards you will receive on completion of projects. For business holders, fate may not be favorable as financial disappointments are possible. Your business partners may take rash & impulsive decisions, leading to fiscal losses.

Career Advice - Businesspersons need to keep the actions of their associates and partners in check, and not to trust them blindly. Jobholders should maintain a diplomatic and calm approach for better career prospects.

Love & Marriage: The monthly indications for love and marriage show a thorny picture for you, Capricorn. Your relation with spouse seems to be in a deteriorating state throughout the month. Your spouse may develop a rebellious attitude & can act against your will this month. Married couples will lack peace of mind this month & spice of romance will mostly be missing.

Singles can observe a favorable term after 20th April & may see new affairs flourish. Progeny prospects need to be handled with care till 20th April. Chances of cesarean are high, and ample rest is advised. After 20th April, conditions are much more favorable.

Money & Finance: Capricorn, the monthly predictions for money and finances show a hazy picture this month. Money matters do not seem to favor you completely. Your expenses can easily slip beyond control, causing financial instability. Accumulated wealth faces the possibility of being wiped off, hence be careful while finalizing any monetary decisions this month. Economical spending is highly required and savings need to be emphasized. Any kind of investments should be strictly avoided this month. Trading in stock market can be done but only after 20th April 2018. Cash flow is not likely to meet your expectations.

Students & Children: The monthly readings for students and children imply a healthy term ahead. Children’s wellbeing is expected to remain in a satisfactory zone this month & will be more stable after 20th April 2018. Their behavior will be diplomatic while their speech will mostly be polite and pleasing.
For students seeking higher education, distractions & diversions of mind towards the opposite sex are likely, especially after 20th April 2018. Their outlook towards studies and life in general may take a lethargic turn. Parental check is needed and strict discipline should be imposed, if needed.

Family & Health:
The monthly horoscope for family & health doesn’t show a very bright picture. Your health does not look in a stable state this month. Problems with the lower body or skin related issues can keep you down. So don’t neglect your health at any cost & consult a doctor, if needed.
Domestic environment looks at peace, mostly. Despite a few minor clashes indicated, the cosmic powers should keep the situation under control & grace you with a comfortable family front this month.

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