CAPRICORN July Horoscope


Overview: Capricorn, your monthly horoscope is here & brings mixed results for you in July. Mars & Ketu are transiting your sign, which will definitely boost your confidence but might also make you irate. Indecisiveness or incorrect decision making will be a common problem that you will face now. Thus, avoid taking any major decisions this month. Avoid taking actions out of aggression or overconfidence, as it will only lead to losses. Currently, the first phase of Sade Sati is in progress for you & Saturn, the ruler of your sign is retrograde till 7th September. As such, stress & work pressure will prevail. If you work in political field, then you will enjoy a satisfactory period now. You will be sharp witted & ready to take the risky path to success. If participating in a debate or competition, then avoid overconfidence & prepare well.

Frequent foreign trips are on the cards, which may take time but will eventually bear positive results. Watch over your father’s health post mid-July. A govt. related work might be delayed due to some paperwork. Thus, be careful. Wasteful expenses are likely to reduce & funds would be out to the correct use now. Your family is likely to label you a miser this month.   

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Career: Professionally, the monthly forecast depicts a favorable period mostly. New work prospects may come your way now. There may be an opportunity to enter into a partnership with your friend, however, you should avoid stepping into a partnership or starting a new venture. If you work in creative, designer, art, decorative, or beauty related fields, then unexpected or sudden work offers may come your way, which will greatly improve your financial stability. Any prevailing work commitments would be fulfilled within the designated time, yet mental stress will exist. Working with foreign companies will be beneficial for you, though, the payments could be delayed. There might be some confusion regarding a payment made via cheque or a direct bank-to-bank transaction & you should clear it as soon as possible.

If you work with the govt. or hold a govt. job, then the period till mid-July looks good for you, as you are likely to be appreciated by higher authorities at work. If you were waiting for a tender to disclose, then you are likely to grab it & the results will also be fruitful. If you are looking for a job change, uncertainties will prevail this month. Your current job is likely to face issues after 15th July, where a fallout with your seniors might harm your image on the work front. It would do you good to remain quiet in case an argument breaks out. Probability of a pay hike or a promotion is quite low. Coworkers will also remain selfish & speak with you only out of need. 

Love & Marriage: The monthly readings show a rosy yet sensitive term for love & marriage. Lovebirds, you will hold high expectations from your partner, which can eventually hurt your partner. But don’t worry, as the solution is showering them with surprises. You may even go on a long drive but strictly avoid creating a stressful atmosphere. Try to lend a helping hand to your partner, which will be a relief for them & improve your bond. Strictly avoid any third person to interfere with your personal matters.

Married couples, keep a clear & open communication to avoid misunderstandings, as matters may escalate & cause tension on the domestic front. Remain extra careful after 15th July, as minor arguments can turn into a major fallout. An outsider may try to create misunderstandings in your conjugal life & you should be careful not to doubt your partner because of this. Share everything with your partner to avoid such tensed situations in the future.

Money & Finance: The monthly indications show a mixed period for finances. Financial stability will mostly prevail, as wasteful expenses will remain under check. Yet tension is expected to prevail. Avoid lending money to a friend this month, as finances & friendship is never a good combination & might eventually cost you your friendship. A govt. work or an old saving can bring you monetary profits. Gains from work will further add to your savings. Strictly avoid taking or giving any loan this month, even against any materialistic objects like jewelry, papers, etc. You may invest in the share market but only by the end of the month. Any land or property related work should be postponed till November. A payment from a foreign related work may be delayed but will eventually come your way.  

Students & Children: The monthly predictions signify a strenuous period for students. Results may not be as per your expectations or efforts. You will be more focused on the outside world than on your studies. Plenty of your time is likely to be wasted on social media & online surfing. Your friends will pull you further away from studies & your parents will remain concerned as such. You may receive good opportunities in the fields of sports & you should focus your energy systematically. You can further take part in competitions where your dreams will be fulfilled by performing well in front of your teachers.

Your kids will be more inclined towards television & other activities than studies. Their behavior towards you might also be a little rough. Treat them with care & stay in touch with their teachers to stay updated about their performance. Maintain a cordial atmosphere at home & with your spouse for a better development of your children.    
Family & Health:                    
Your domestic front appears to face mixed results now. Financial instability is likely to prevail & matters may be sorted only through your cooperation. Your involvement will also prove pivotal in completion of important tasks of the family. Relation with your mother might remain stressed & some expenses may have to be made towards her. Father will support you & will possibly receive work related profits, which will support your condition too. Children related stress will prevail. A female might become a cause of disruption of peace in your family.

Your health may suffer to some extent now at the hands of skin infections. Pay attention to early symptoms & have it treated as soon as possible. Pain in legs may also trouble you. Beware of fire or electric shocks.
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