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Capricorn June Horoscope

Moon Sign based
You may be very stressed as from the 17th as Saturn is retrograde. You should trust your hard work and not take unnecessary stress. You should avoid spending on yourself this month. You will take up several responsibilities and have a lot of work. You should be confident and courageous. You should take care of your eyes and head this month. You may feel stressed and loaded with work due to Sadde Sati. You may observe an increase in expenses from 17th June. You may have some confusions and disputes with your family. You should avoid legal disputes with the government, so be careful and complete all your paperwork after the 15th. You will take interest in politics and research work. You should avoid driving at heights and going for mountain trips. You should think before you speak and pay attention to the way you talk with others. You may get involved in games and other outdoor activities. There may be some conflicts and involvement in court cases.

Try to avoid big investments and starting a new work as Ketu is in career house. You may face arguments with colleagues. This is a good period for you to indulge in designing, art, cosmetic, garments, and other creative work. However, it is not a good time for job change. If you are a fresher, you should avoid joining a new job after 23rd June. Your boss and seniors may not support you. You may get a new proposal of project from your company. You should avoid extra expenses this month after 17th June as Saturn is retrograde. There may be some obstacles in earning regular income. Your financial condition may not be good this month. You may lose excellent opportunities this month due to your carelessness. You may take an interest in speculation and lottery. You should avoid purchasing any property or land. You should avoid spending money on jewellery.

•    Lucky Dates for Investments: 3, 5, 8, 17, 26
•    Lucky Dates for Career: 5, 8, 17, 23, 27

Love & Marriage
You will be passionate about your love life and spend time with partner. You will spend some romantic time, give surprises, and have deep love for each other. You may go on long drives, dates and flirt with each other this month too. You may fall in love with a friend if you are single; try to avoid proposing till 23rd. You may not have harmony or romance in your marital life. You may organize religious activities at home. Your spouse will support you with emotions and money. You should try to surprise them with gifts to make them happy.

Lucky Dates for Marriage: 6, 14, 24

Family & Health
There may be a rise in disputes with family due to unnecessary expenses, confusions and ego. You should avoid disputes and government-related issues. You may plan religious trips with family and organize religious activities at home. You should take care of your mother’s health and avoid any conflicts with her. You may spend money on small birthday parties and to enjoy with your children. You should exercise and do yoga to relax. You should take care of your body, especially your eyes, skin and head. You should drive carefully; avoid rash driving or driving under the influence of alcohol.