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Capricorn September Horoscope

Moon Sign based
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Month Overview:
Planet of Influence: Saturn
Predominating Emotion: Organized and competent

As per Capricorn horoscope, month will be generally favorable as lagan (1st house) lord Saturn will reside in own house throughout the month. Jupiter will accompany Saturn from 14th Sept to 30th Sept, all planetary transit augury optimistic results during the month. You will do well in your career and get desired rewards in the form of power, authority and increment. Finance in this month again indicates accumulation of a good amount of wealth through many sources. Love and married life will be a little disappointing this month as you may not get a response from your partner as expected by you. Students will get the desired result after a lot of hard work. Health will require maintaining a good daily routine of exercise and taking proper rest to keep you healthy.   
Planets of Influence: Venus & Mercury
Major Trend:  Growing in professional field

Career of Capricorn will bring all positive results of hard efforts. You will have expressive communication and capability to attract others towards you. You will perform your duties and responsibilities very well and get appreciation for that during the month. There may be possibility that many people of opposite sex at work will get attracted towards your sincerity and charm. Those who are in business will expand work and be able to put more effort into trade. Chances are that your deals or payment through deals may get delayed but sure that it will be turned up in a positive way.

Love, Marriage & Relationships.
Planets of influence:  Rahu, Venus, Moon, Saturn & Jupiter
Major Trend: Intimate Moments

Love life in this month will be exciting as Rahu is posited in 5th house of love in Venus sign. This combination may give many romantic relationships and you will enjoy intimate moments with a love partner. Sexual relationships may take place and you may find the right person for your whole life and plan to tie the knot. Marital life will generally be fine. Saturn and Jupiter aspect the 7th house of marriage, which makes you very devoted and sincere towards marriage. You will spend sweet moments with your life partner or go on a trip to rejuvenate your love and romance in a relationship.

Money & Finance
Planets of Influence: Saturn & Jupiter
Major Trend: Accumulation along expenditure of wealth

The Finances of Capricorn will rise and grow in the month of September. Jupiter will be in the 2nd house of wealth and Saturn lord of wealth will be in the house of self (1st house) will bless you with a good amount of money through various sources but there may be huge expenditure or some losses which will disturb your finances for some time. You may earn through your hard efforts and speculative activities. Overall, wealth will be satisfactory and at the time of need, you will always get monetary support.

Planet of influence: Sun, Mars & Jupiter
Major Trend: Mental and physical stress

In the month of September, you will be stressed due to professional and physical commitments. There may be fatigue, joint pains, body ache, and headaches are quite possible. Those who are diabetic or high blood pressure may need to take extra precaution. You should follow regular exercise and yoga practice for your wellbeing.  

Students & Education
Planets of Influence: Rahu & Venus
Major Trend: Confidence & innovative

Capricorn Students will have confidence and zeal to achieve high and high in education. You may face some obstacles in academics but this will not lose your self-confidence and self-belief. You may have some inclination towards occult science and curiosity to learn new languages or studies. Students who are pursuing higher education may get more opportunities in related fields. You may have interest in research also and do well in that.
Planets of influence: Saturn & Jupiter
Major Trend: Happy moments with some miscommunication

Family life of Capricorn will be average this month. Jupiter will be in Saturn sign in the 2nd house of the family. This will bless you with some happy get-togethers and social functions but due to your straight forward nature, you will not be liked by many close ones. More or less month will be normal.