CAPRICORN October Horoscope

(Makara )

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Overview: Capricorn, the monthly horoscope indicates a splendid period ahead. An exalted Mars with Ketu are transiting your sign. Your confidence will reach new heights, though you may remain irate. After 12th October, your decision making ability will improve significantly and you should consider taking all major decisions in this period. Avoid hasty or aggressive actions though or it will backfire majorly. Some stress is possible but you should proceed bravely. If in politics, you will enjoy a favorable period now. Your sharp mind will enable you to take calculated and profitable risks. If participating in debates or competitions, you will taste success. Frequent foreign travels are on the cards, though profits will be seen only after some time. Your father’s health is expected to improve now and he might face issues with the govt. due to paperwork. Expenses may rise; nonetheless, wasteful expenses will be negligible.                       
Capricorn, you may step into a new work this month. Chances are you may choose to enter a profitable partnership with a female now. If planning to start some work alone, consulting a female friend can greatly improve your odds of success. If working in creative, designer, art, decorative, or beauty areas, then sudden profits or orders can surprise you pleasantly. Existing work may be completed in time, though mental stress may exist. Working with a foreign company can benefit you significantly; however, payments may take time to reach you. Cheques or bank related transactions can remain under confusion. After mid-October, chances of a govt. job look good, but if stepping in as referral, then be careful. Your supervisors at work might create some problems for you. If waiting for a tender, you may unexpectedly receive it, which will prove to be a profitable deal. If working as a private secretary, this period looks good for you. Appreciation and promotion at work are quite possible. Coworkers will also prove helpful and beneficial for you.            
Love & Marriage: Matters of the heart are depicted under rosy conditions this month. Relation with your lover will be smooth and all expectations will be fulfilled. Your partner will support you and any prevailing issues will be resolved. Expect a surprise from your partner this month. Plan a trip or long drive together and avoid bringing up old issues. Share your responsibilities for better harmony and avoid interference from a third person.

If single, you may develop feelings for a coworker this month.
If married, strictly avoid budding of any misunderstandings, as it can turn into a fallout and result in stressful conditions. Don’t doubt your partner based on speculations of a third person. Share everything with your spouse.  
Money & Finance:
Financially, the month looks average for you. Wasteful expenses will remain in control, though regular spending will continue in the same fashion. Some mental stress is likely to bother you. Avoid lending money under someone’s influence. An old investment or a govt. related work may profit you now. Spending on your lover is depicted. Work related finances will remain stable. You may apply for a loan, if needed. Investments in share market will fetch bright results. Investing in land or property should be avoided till November. Payments from abroad may come in late after some delays.          
Students & Children: Students, you will observe a favorable month ahead. Success will be yours as a result of your hard work. You just have to remain focused and avoid being distracted by social media, friends or other such sources. Parents might feel frustrated because of your habit to waste time on such diversions. New options and chances in sports will come your way, which can make your dreams come true. Your performance at school will mostly be good. If participating in a debate or competition, prizes and rewards are likely. You may find a part time job now.
Your children will be more inclined towards television and activities other than studies. Relation with them will mostly be cordial. Stay in touch with their teachers and deal with them diplomatically.            
Family & Health:                       
Family front may remain disturbed due to financial uncertainties. The only way out is to support and help each other. You will play an important role in completion of some important domestic task. Relation with your mother might suffer to some extent and expenses on her are likely. Everyone in the family will have to spend wisely, and this might lead to some friction among family members. Father will support you. Profits for him are likely at work front.
Your health may suffer due to leg ache. Be careful while dealing with fire or electric equipment.

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