CAPRICORN August Horoscope

(Makara )

Overview: Your moon sign Lord Saturn is in retrograde/reverse motion. This will cause anxiety and irritation. You should avoid over thinking as this can affect your mental stability. Keep yourself away from any sort of new venture during this period. Likewise avoid unnecessary expenditure.
You will not be in your correct state of mind and will suffer from stress and confusion. You won’t be able to focus on your goal and will look at things with a negative perspective.
Abstain yourself from any sort of abrupt decisions because this van put a big question mark on your decision making abilities and you will eventually lose your confidence by the end of this event.
The time period after 16th Aug 2019 is good for the politician and government workers. There are chances of promotion and appraisal.

You will receive an ancestral property during this month. There is travel on your cards. You will plan out a spiritual trip with your parents and relatives.
You will develop affection for your colleague.
You need to take care of certain facts. Firstly, maintain a strategic distance from any sort of police enquiry or court case. Secondly, try to control your temper and harsh words as this can have an adverse effect on your love life. Third and last, plan your tasks in advance otherwise this can cause failure in personal as well as professional life.

Career: You will confront certain challenges in your professional life. You will be most likely involved in heated arguments with your business partner. There will be a room for whole lot of misunderstandings and misconceptions. There is a lot of travel on your cards with respect to your business or profession. But the outcomes won’t be that fruitful. You will confront a lot of politics at your work location. Your colleagues will team up against you in order to defame you in front of your boss.

These conditions will stabilize after the mid of August. It is advisable either to start a new business venture with a female partner or to involve her in your current business. This month is profoundly ideal for those who are passionate about art and designing. Your boss with be highly impressed with you for your hard work and loyal commitment towards your ventures and as a reward will offer you promotion both position vise and salary vise. In the event that you’re hunting for a job, your female friend will play a great role in finding an appropriate job for you. In case you need humongous capital for your business, you should opt for bank loan. Your new venture with foreign companies will be very profitable for you.

Love and Marriage: The time frame till 15th Aug 2019 won’t be that great with respect to your love life. There will be space for whole lot of heated arguments and misconceptions which will result in communication gap between both of you and will also cause a lot of fuss and irritation. Do not expect any sort of support from your partner till 15thAug. After 15th Aug you will see a change in these awkward situations. Things will start falling at their place and a comfort zone will be developed between you and your partner. He/she will start sharing his/her problems with you. Conversations will increase which will improve your bond. In order to normalize the whole situation you should plan surprise for your partner. Avoid discussion on previous topics. You will plan out an abroad trip with your partner. You shall maintain balance between your professional and personal life. By the end of this month, you will find yourself in an extremely happy place.

Money and Finance: Your pocket would be somewhat tight during this month because of various unnecessary expenditures. In case you’re expecting to look for help from your spouse’s parents, there will be a big NO from their end.
You will receive an increment in your salary which will smoothen out all the unfavorable financial conditions. You will get an ancestral property after 15th Aug 2019. Any sort of previous dues will be cleared during this month but you won’t be able to save any of this amount as you will spend the entire sum on purchase of a land or property.
In case you are intending to take any sort of loan from bank, you will get it very easily.
Speculative investments and share markets will be very profitable.
There will be open doors for a lot of monetary gains. You will spend a significant part of your pay on purchase of luxurious interiors for your home.

Students and Children: You should prioritize your studies and focus on their goals and objectives. If they you so, nobody can stop you from achieving what you want. You hard work will pay you off and you will perform extremely well in competitions and exams. You will take a keen interest in social work. There will be sure shot improvement in your performance as compared to the last month. You will suffer from some sort of stress because of female friend/friends. In order to avoid any such state, try to maintain a strategic distance with your female friends during this month. In case any of you is planning to pursue higher studies from abroad, keep your bags packed. You will easily get a bank loan of your desired value.

Parents should motivate their child and boost their morale. They should believe in their child and support them at every step. You should be prepared to spend a significant piece of your income on your child’s education and other events such as school/college tours.

Family and Health: During the initial phase of August, there will be a room for a lot of heated arguments and misunderstandings among the family members which will cause a lot of fuzz and cold vibes.
In order to normalize the situation you should try to build bond with your siblings and relatives.  Spending quality time with them will help you to clear out all the misconceptions.

After 16th Aug 2019 you will receive full support of your siblings and they will help you to solve dispute regarding your ancestral property. Your parents will be very supportive throughout this difficult phase.
You will organize your father’s retirement party and will invite all your near and dear ones.
Be cautious of your health. There is a possibility of skin infection and leg cramp. Likewise abstain yourself from any sort of stress else you will suffer from major headaches. Meditation will be very beneficial for you.


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