CAPRICORN December Horoscope

(Makara )

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Overview: Capricorn, December horoscope speaks of a period of hard work and patience. Luck might not favor you, yet success would be yours through sincere and diligent efforts. Responsibilities are likely to increase now; continue to work patiently. You might remain irate around mid-December and this could affect your relations as well. Rise in expenses would further add to your stress. Work or an item from abroad would result in heavy expenditure. A pending govt. work is likely to complete this month. Romance would keep your love life eventful. Personal luxuries & entertainment would be your prime focus. Drive carefully to avoid a possible accident. Avoid becoming a witness or being involved in arguments. Sports and extracurricular activities would earn you prizes & rewards. If part of an ongoing legal case, you would get some relief this month. Social work would interest you and earn you name and fame.
Career: Capricorn, December looks good for your professional growth. If you are a business holder and have recently started a new work, you would get the desired results and profits in December. Work atmosphere as well as your outlook towards work looks pleasing. Despite a satisfying life, mental unrest might make you angry and frustrated. Yet be patient. Good work profits and gains await you in the near future. If planning to start a new work, some delays are likely. If working in partnership, your relation with partner might suffer due to misunderstandings. An old and pending deal or project would see completion.

If in a job, December looks bright. Promotion and the desired salary are on the horizon. If planning to work abroad, you may get the desired work offer. Appreciation from seniors and boss would make for peaceful working conditions.
Love & Marriage: Capricorn, your love life seems fun-filled and cordial. If in a relationship, relation with your lover would see showers of romance and frequent long drives.
If single, you may find a potential partner on the work front. Their presence would relieve you of any stress that you may feel otherwise.

Rahu transits your marriage house. Capricorn, your marriage life would face some confusion during December. Frequent clashes are likely and you might remain irate for no actual reason.
if looking to get married, verify all details carefully before finalizing a proposal. Chances of an inter-caste marriage are likely. Stay away from an extra marital affair.     
Money & Finance: Capricorn, your finances seem disturbed in December. Expenses are likely to rise. Wasteful spending would add to your stress. Trips or purchases from abroad would be expensive. Still, good profits are likely to keep your financial condition stable. Avoid all kind of investments till 12th December. You might have to repay an old loss in December. Don’t consider purchasing of a house, land, or vehicle in December, as a loss or stress is possible due to it. Be extra careful around mid-December. A female friend would help you financially. Spending on a female is likely. Loan related matters look favorable. Speak politely with your mother, as a property related dispute with her is possible. Father would help you financially during December.   
Students & Children: Capricorn students, December demands careful management of money. You might spend lavishly on your enjoyment. A female friend might lead to distractions from studies. Maintain a balance between friends and studies. Choice of career selection seems good. If planning to study abroad, some difficulties are possible this month.

Capricorn, bonding among your children would improve during December. However, avoid getting angry at them out of frustration. Expenses are likely on them. They may get admission in a college of their choice. Results would match their efforts. Around mid-December, results might suffer due to health issues.
Family & Health: Capricorn, your family life seems rough this month. A heavy expense for family could leave you stressed. Speak softly for betterment. After mid-December, tension with the govt. could cause problems at home. Expenses on children or celebrations for them are indicated.
Your health looks mostly stable, though frustrations would keep you tensed throughout December. In case of skin issues, immediately consult a doctor. Plan a family trip to sort things out peacefully and for peace of mind.

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