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Capricorn May Horoscope

Moon Sign based
Month Overview
Planets of Influence: Saturn
Predominant emotions: Responsible and practical thought process

Capricorn May horoscope will be on positive notes. You will see a good rise and growth in your career marked with additional responsibilities and promotion. Business will also expand, and government related projects may bring gains. Love life may face some challenges due to your harsh speech, but marriage life will be stable.  There will be deep bond between the life partners. Finances will remain on a rising trend in this month. Your health or some elder person’s health in may face some challenges. Students will get good grades owing to their hard work. Family life may see mixed results, with first half being stressed and second half seeing a good time.  

Planets of influence: Ketu, Venus and
Major Trend: Rising trend

Capricorn career in May 2022 will taste a lot of success and gains. Your good work at job and excellent speaking skills will bring appreciation form peers and seniors. Ketu in the house of career may bring new responsibilities. Sun aspects the 10th house of career till 15th May and may bring some government related project and chances of your promotion for you. You will be blessed with power and position and benefits from government or authorities. Business will also see growth, expansion, and diversification in new fields. You may get some Government project and will be able to achieve desired success in your field. Keep your approach more practical rather than emotional.  

Love, Marriage & Relationship
Planets of influence: Venus, Moon and Jupiter
Major Trend: Happy married life

Capricorn love birds may face some challenges and it will be an uphill task to maintain love and affection in your relationship. Your speech and harsh words may hurt your love partner and create stress in your bond. Married natives, on the other hand, will have a very favorable period. There will be love and affection and your bond will get strengthened.  

Money & Finance
Planets of influence: Saturn
Major Trend: Stable finances

Capricorn finance for the month of May 2022 is likely to pose no threat or problems for you. Due to Saturn connection with 2nd house of wealth, there may be delays in returns and hurdles in getting your own money. Flow of money will be there, and new sources of earnings will also get added to enhance your wealth further. Your investments in foreign land will bring good returns during this month. Better for you to avoid any unwanted expenditures and loans.

Planets of influence:  Mercury and Sun
Major Trend: Average health

Capricorn health in the month of May 2022 may face some ups and downs. The first half of the month may see some issues related to your blood, eyes, mental stress, and anxiety. You may suffer from physical and mental stress, which may lead to related problems. You need to be careful and not over think, in addition to getting adequate sleep. Second half of the month will see improvement in your health and any problems that you have been facing will get cured. You need to be careful regarding the health of elders in the family.

Students & Education
Planets of influence: Venus, Mercury, and Sun
Major Trend: Different approach of learning and knowledge

Capricorn students in the month of May 2022 may have a smooth sailing in terms of their studies and you will get good grades for your efforts. You will be creative and innovative in learning as Venus is the lord of the house of education. You may also face some challenges in managing the financial part in terms of fee and scholarship, which will also get resolved soon with the favorable placement of planets and transit. For higher studies after 10th May, there may be some hurdles due to Mercury retrogression. However, keep your efforts going as you will get success. For research, the time is good, and you should maintain good temperament to complete your research work.

Planets of influence: Saturn
Major Trend: Highs and lows

Capricorn family life will remain average in the month of May 2022.  Saturn is the lord of family in your chart and posited therein for this month. Saturn may create misunderstandings and miscommunication due to your blunt speech. The tone of your voice can out things in a wrong perspective leading to differences in relationships. There may be some issues related to property that would spoil the atmosphere in your family. Lack of trust could result in conflicts and misunderstandings. However, in second half of the month, these issues will be resolved and the harmony among your family members will be restored.