CAPRICORN January Horoscope


Overview: The January horoscope depicts a passive month at hand dear Capricorn. Your health may need your undivided attention during the latter half of the month. Destiny may not fully favor you & you should rely on your hard work for results. Competition & opponents in business may increase. You may develop professional foreign links before 13th January 2018 with your concerned profession. Expenditures may be needed for the betterment of Work environment. Your married life will be lacking spice.

Period till 17thJanuary 2018 may see quarrels among family members. A “Dhan Yoga” signifying financial gains is being formed in your chart after 17th January 2018 which implies financial gains & overall prosperity. Your personality depicts mixed temperament, which may change depending on which person you are dealing with. You are likely to be diplomatic. You may engage yourself in some social work or deeds of public welfare.

The monthly horoscope for career denotes a mixed bag. Career stability may be lacking this month as the planetary combinations suggest. Foreign linkups may be formed professionally during this period. There will be some temperamental issues with boss, superiors, & colleagues, & work environment may not be up to the mark. Salary hike is not broadly highlighted. New projects should be avoided at this stage. Losses in business are on the cards, with an expected rise in competition.

Career Advice-
Don’t indulge in disputes & quarrels at work place, otherwise loss will be yours. If in a partnership, don’t trust your business partners blindly. Keep a check on them & be careful while signing any contractual document. Business partners themselves may not prove much beneficial for you. Differences & clash of opinion is likely to be there.

Love & Marriage: January horoscope brings indications of mixed flavors ahead for love & marriage. Relationship with existing spouse may face sharp turns till 13th January 2018 as your spouse is likely to display an aggressive attitude. This may hamper your peace of mind but should only be a temporary phase. During the latter half, situation is likely to improve with plenty of romantic opportunities on the horizon for married couples. For singles, the period may bring chances of new beginnings but this may only spice up your life for a short term. New partnerships may only be short lived. Progeny prospects are not brightly denoted this month. Pregnant women should take precautions care & ample rest.

Money & Finance: The monthly horoscope for finances brings about a hazy picture. The initial half of the month holds signs of financial losses. Even though the latter half holds promise for gains, your funds still face the danger of being wiped away due to speculation. Thus, any financial risks should be avoided during this period. Accumulation of wealth may see hurdles on the way. Investments should be made only after 17th January 2018. Any trading & speculation should be completely avoided. Expenses may hike during this month & are likely to be directed towards family front as well as the work front. Expenditures should be done in a controlled manner & saving of money should be encouraged. Cash flow may remain satisfactory but accumulation of wealth may remain lower than expected.

Students & Children: The monthly horoscope brings about a bright term for children. They are likely to remain quite energetic & full of stamina. Children’s speech would be quite diplomatic, & demeanor would be logical, & analytical. They may also display a good IQ. For students seeking higher education, distractions may stray you off your path to success. Parental guidance may help to bring them back on track & to get the desired academic results. Success in competitive exams would require hard efforts. Proper study regime should be made & followed.

Family & Health:
The monthly horoscope signifies a sluggish period on the domestic front. You are likely to be prone to problems in knees & legs, which may require some medical help.

Health Advice-
You & your spouse might face lack of mental peace. Yoga, meditation & breathing exercises may provide much relief to marital distress & provide both of you with mental poise, clarity of mind, & better concentration levels. Leading a sedentary lifestyle may further worsen the condition. The initial stages of the month may see minor disputes on the family front but by the grace of Jupiter, matters should be sorted out peacefully.
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