1. What’s in it for me?
  2. You have a better control on outcome of an event when started in Muhurtha
  3. Week areas in a horoscope can be corrected by initiating processes in Muhurtha

What is Muhurtha?
Muhurtha refers to an auspicious timing of starting anything significant. Muhurtha is a valuable tool available exclusively in Vedic Astrology! It is that 'right time band’ for the initiation & commencement of an idea or an all important process so that the accomplishment of the same is assured. Starting a key event or a project on a Vedic Muhurtha has the destiny changing power.
As you would agree that some events in our lives are so significant that their success is vital to our progress in life like marriage and starting out a business. Planets can help us assure the success of such major life processes thru this unique tool called 'Muhurtha'. The possibility of success of an event or a business idea can be enhanced many folds by choosing the 'right time band ' of starting the event.

How do we benefit by starting key events in Muhurtha?
While we have little control over the time and date we are borne, which more or less decides the future pattern of life for us, but we can surely choose Muhurtha as the time for starting the key events for better control on their outcome and success of the events.

Muhurtha is a very powerful tool that can even be used to overcome an obstacle or dosha present in your horoscope by fixing the time of occurrence of key events of your life. For instance, even for a native with a weak chart for marital life, the marital bliss can be restored by tying the nuptial knots in the auspicious Muhurtha. The logic is that this will ward off the negative energies as a result of debilitation of certain planets.

You can ask for Muhurtha for the following events of your life to ensure their accomplishment:

  • Marriage
  • Moving into new house
  • Starting new business/changing  job/starting on a new job/ incorporating a new company
  • Making investments
  • Start learning a new skill /education
  • Long travel / business travel
  • Filing claims /applications (lawsuits for victory)
  • Attacking the enemy (making hostile bids/ taking aggressive action / war)
  • Coronation (swearing in of Heads of State)
  • Starting medication for speedy recovery
  • Starting construction activity (laying of foundation stone)
  • Sowing of seeds (starting working on farm)
  • Starting religious events
  • Other events

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