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Telephonic Consultation with astrologer works!

You would agree that for an immediate solution to a problem, it needs to be described well and talked off with an expert with required experience & expertise. The one-on-one interaction with the astrologer can help you get immediate answers and peace of mind. For specific concerns, the astrologer studies that part of your horoscope which answers the cause behind that concern. He would tell you the duration by which that phase will pass off and what you would need to do to make your life better if an immediate result doesn’t look evident from the positions of planets. The telephonic conversation with the expert Vedic astrologer gets you the answers in no time you have been seeking for long.

How to go about it?

You can request for the consultation session with the astrologer. Generally, the session is arranged within the next 24 to 48 hours during weekdays. We confirm your appointment with the astrologer and send you his telephone number which can be called at the time of appointment. In case you are unable to get through, please try again since our expert will wait 30 minutes before calling the appointment off. You would be asked to confirm your birth chart details in advance. We would suggest having an open discussion with the expert and if possible you should record the conversation for your memory.

For one person's reading usually 25 minute session is sufficient. For more than one, we recommend 45 minute session. Kindly note that if your preferred time of appointment is not available, we get back with an alternate timing or ask you for an alternate timing option. All the time mentioned here is Indian Standard Time which is 5 1/2 hr ahead of G.M.T.

Why you should book a telephonic session with astrologer?

The telephonic session with an astrologer should be requested when you want a speedy understanding of your issues and concerns. It should also be taken up when the gravity of your problem can best be understood and resolved by an open discussion. You should go for it for bringing down your stress level and get a peace of mind.

You could go for a session for Web Chat with astrologer. This is for the patrons who prefer web chat over a discussion on phone.


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