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Phone Consultation with our Astrologer



If there is a problem gnawing at you and you seek immediate relief, you will find this facility most helpful as you would be able to talk to an expert astrologer from our esteemed panel.

When you talk to our astrologer, you can describe your problem/concern and our astrologer would provide you with immediate answers and solutions by studying that specific part of your horoscope connected to the problem or concern.


Through this Phone Consultation, our astrologer would reveal to you:

  • Reasons behind your problem.
  • Provide guidance to tide over the timeline till when the problem would persist.
  • Assure you of the time by when this problem will cease to exist.
  • Remedies to eliminate the problem and achieve positive outcome.


What is special about this Phone Consultation session?

Indastro is known for accurate analysis and interpretation of Horoscope readings. A personal conversation with a Vedic astrologer through this facility has a few added advantages, as listed below:

  • While talking to our astrologer on phone, you can describe your issue or concern well. Also, you can discuss more than one issue with the astrologer.
  • You will receive instant answers to concerns that trouble you.
  • You can talk from the comfort of your home or elsewhere, with full confidentiality.

How to book a Phone Consultation with our astrologer?

  • Once you request a Phone Consultation session with our astrologer, we will arrange it within the next 24 to 48 hours, during workdays.
  • We will confirm your appointment with the astrologer and send you their phone number at which you can call them at the time of appointment. (Note: Time will be mentioned in Indian Standard Time, IST which is 5:30 hours ahead of GMT.)
  • In case you are unable to get through, please try again since our expert will wait 30 minutes before calling the appointment off.
  • Indastro guarantees full confidentiality.


Note: You will be asked to confirm your birth chart details in advance so no time is lost when you get on the phone with our astrologer in sharing these details. We suggest, if possible, record the conversation for your long-term benefit.


Duration of sessions:

  • 25 minute session when you need to consult for one person.
  • 45 minute session when you need to consult one or two birth charts.
  • 60 minute session for more than two birth charts.


You can also opt for a Live Chat session or a Video Call with our astrologer, if you prefer.


Helpful Tips:

  • Receive instant answers for your issues & concerns.
  • Indastro maintains full confidentiality.

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