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Career Analysis Report

Career Analysis Report


Career Analysis Report precisely tells you how you will fare in your career over the next 15 years and some suitable ways & means you would need to get there. Career Analysis Report covers the following aspects:

  • Your strength in career, your personality type, goals in career.
  • Your compatibility with your superiors and subordinates & work partners\
  • Career routes - areas suitable for success in work / least amount of resistance (we give a list of areas / industries suitable for you)
  • Suitable mode of earning you living: Business (with or w/o partner)/ Profession work without manufacturing like consulting / sales etc or job
  • What would be most suitable: Job/Service - Private/Government
  • Business / Profession: Area of work - manufacturing, consultancy, agency, service industries, research, etc.
  • What kind of product / category is suitable: art & culture, banking & investment, chemical engineering & architecture, luxury items, entertainment, metal / mining, farming, real estate, research, science & technology etc.
  • Predictions for the next (up to)10 years in career including time of promotion / transfer / problems / set backs & period when you should avoid changes and need to be cautious.
  • Helps you find your periods of highest growth or golden period professionally.


Helpful Tips:

  • The comprehensive analysis will help a person who seeks answers for the reason behind the low points of his or her professional life.
  • Answer to key question of change of line, job, from job to business or vice versa and many such aspects are covered in this most comprehensive career reading.

Report Size:

12 Pages