Career Cartography Report

Career Cartography Report


If we observe patterns, we mostly see that a person does well in a certain place, or their destiny flourishes at a specific place. The fact is, magnetic waves of a place do boost the potential of a person, influencing them and making them successful.

For instance, setting up a business or doing a job in a particular city or location can bring tremendous planetary support that you might not get if you do the same in any other place.

Career Cartography Report maps out the countries, cities and locations on the globe that are highly beneficial (or challenging) for different aspects of your professional life.

How does a Career Cartography Report work?

  • Your planetary relocation chart, better known as the Astrography Chart, is assessed to know which place suits you better and where your stars could shine.
  • Vedic Astrology holds that different regions on the earth are supposedly governed by specific signs and planets. Hence, your place of birth is important in casting your birth chart.
  • By analyzing directions with respect to your place of birth, our Vedic astrologer will find out areas on the globe that will prove to be highly lucky for you and bring success in matters related to your professional life. It will also map areas that are not compatible and, hence, would bring unnecessary hurdles and challenges in your life.
  • This study is done by specifically analyzing the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 10th and 11th houses, along with other aspects in your birth chart, like assessing the strength of your Lagna (Ascendant), Yogas (planetary conjunctions) that support your success in other cities or your birth city, homeland or other countries.

Benefits of the Report

  • Indicates the time and place for your peak success in professional life.
  • Specifies the country, city and even particular directions that will be highly auspicious for you to work in or set up your own business.
  • Indicates whether it will be beneficial for you to relocate for work or not; and if it is, will highlight the right time.
  • Provides remedies to lessen the intensity of struggles in professional life.
  • Provides suggestions to boost career growth & success.

Important Note

To get your Cartography Report prepared, you must provide us with your birth details, especially the place of birth as well as your current location at the time of query.


Helpful Tips:

  • Time and place for peak success in professional life.
  • Country, city & particular directions highly auspicious for your work.
  • Right time to relocate for work.
  • Suggestions for growth & remedies to mitigate struggles.

Report Size:

12 Pages