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Significance of Divisional Charts

The concept of divisional-charts, of which D 10 is a part, is unique to Vedic Astrology. Divisional Charts’ analysis lends accuracy and a deeper understanding of one’s future, not found in any other form of Astrology. To draw a D 10 Career Chart, a sign is divided into 10 equal parts. This divisional chart, which is based on 10th division of a zodiac is known as Dasamsa also. Studying a D 10 chart is like magnifying your horoscope 10 times to predict things around your actions & career.

Since Career & Profession are the most important aspect of life after personal life & health, their study and a deep analysis using D 10 chart lends so much more accuracy & reliability to results. To predict the career progression and your business status and all other aspects related to highs and lows of your career/ profession, we would analyze -
  • The planets’ strength in 10th house with secondary clues from planets in 6th and 7th house
  • The planets aspecting the 10th house
  • The D 10 Chart

Importance of study of D 10 Chart for Career

The position of your major period or dasa planet in your D 10 Chart is crucial. For instance, if your horoscope shows Jupiter dasa and Jupiter is in 6th house in your D 10 Chart, then this position, along with other Vedic interpretations collectively determines your status & potential in career. A D 10 Reading is very important to measure the real strength of your professional potential & level of success you would achieve in life.

The 2nd house position of your dasa planet governs the resources available for career and business and related activity. If dasa planet is located in 3rd house, it indicates initiative taking ability, communication and creativity at work. The 4th house placement signifies the satisfaction and comfort levels at work and in your job, whereas the 5th house goes for fame and name one makes in his career and profession. 6th and 7th house are for service and partnership/business respectively etc. So if 6th house is stronger than 7th, one would go for making a career in job and not business, such finer analysis is made possible by reading your D 10 Chart.

The D 10 Career Report

This complex and intuitive report would paint an actual picture of your career and profession. It will cover the assessment of your horoscope in terms of your job status and business progression. It will include the evaluation and analysis of your D 10 Chart, strengths and weaknesses, the best career path for you, remedies and the period of highest growth for you in business and career.


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