Detailed Horoscope Reading

Detailed Horoscope Reading

Detailed Horoscope Reading assesses:
  • The basic strength of horoscope & your level of luck
  • How the 9 planets effect your life
  • Results of 12 houses of your horoscope.

What is Detailed Horoscope Reading?

A horoscope is drawn as per the time, date & place of your birth to unravel the mysteries of your life. It’s a key which can unlock the reason behind all events that have happened in past and are going to take place in future. It's interpretations by an expert Vedic astrologer can give you a wealth of information on just about everything of your life. It can give you not just the reason behind why the things are, the way they are and how they will continue to shape up in future but also the 'ways & means' to correct them if some of them happen to be not so favourable. So if you want to understand more about your life and what’s in store for you, Detailed Horoscope reading with predictions is the most suitable for you. 

Why you should order Detailed Horoscope Reading?

Have you ever thought, why two individuals react so differently to the same situation. The reason behind it is their ‘Moon’, the planet that rules the instincts and reactions. It's strength and position in a birth chart varies from person to person. Similarly, of the two young men of near equal caliber going at par with each other, only one seems to make it big while the other has to change his goals. This can be explained by reading their horoscopes to find out their level of luck, growth and progress which is ruled by planet Jupiter, whose strength in the birth chart again is different for both of them. All such ‘finer reasoning’ of life events & landmarks can be interpreted by your Detailed Horoscope Reading.

So if you need to unbolt the door to future events in the area of Career, Money, Wealth, Health, general outlook, love, relationship and just about everything that’s in your life, your Detailed Horoscope Reading with predictions will remain a friend and a go-to-reference guide for life!

You can choose from the options below to unravel your life mysteries:

Helpful Tips:

This reading would cover the following aspects:
  • Your personality, looks, attitude & temperament
  • Family life, speech & communication, thinking patterns.
  • Career, money matters, success in investments, income sources & level of affluence.
  • Parents, siblings, level of happiness & domestic harmony.
  • Children, status, creative power.
  • Health, debts, enemies, competition
  • Marriage / partnerships.
  • Unearned wealth & property luck; Gains and inflows from various sources
  • Interest in religion & spirituality, level of morality; karma & deeds
  • Sexual desires & their fulfillment
  • Losses, expenses & events beyond your control.

Report Size:

12 Pages