CANCER July Horoscope

(Kataka )

July might be a challenging month for you. Pressure due to financial commitments, a general low feeling and detachment could keep you disconnected with people around you.
High activity and issues in domestic matters would ease out to some extent after the 8th. You need to be careful about a major showdown at home close to the 8th July 2019.
A gradual rise in spirituality and religion could be felt now.

Energy & stamina could dip close to the 16th July 2019, while you need to take care of your anger & temper most of this month.
The worrying trends would ease out to some extent after the 20th July 2019.
Despite all the worries & issues, you will look & feel attractive throughout the month.

Career –
would be slow. You might feel challenges and unnecessary hassles. There could be many times when you could feel frustrated enough to change your line of work. I would advise you not to think on suchlines.

Work environment would be somewhat pensive & you could feel disconnected with people around you. There could be opportunities to work in a foreign environment too during this period.
Team & Colleagues will also be low on activity. You should avoid controversy or wrong speech till the 20th July 2019. Avoid over dependence on others.

Love & Marriage – Love life would be very exciting & positive. You would be a social magnet and attract people towards you easily. New relationships for some after the 18th July 2019.
Existing relationships could take a downward turn. You need to control your aggression when dealing with partner.
Marriage matters should improve now since temperament of spouse would turn steadier and easier after the 8th. Unrest at home would continue. You need to be diplomatic enough to handle the situation.

Money & Finances – Money matters would be better after the 16th July 2019, since you will get a slight grip over your expenses. Liquidity would be quite poor throughout and you need to control your expenses & financial risks. Losses in speculation & an extravagant streak could put you back on the financial front.
Income would be good & will improve even further after the 17th July 2019.
Investments would be below average. New investment or speculation could bring in losses. You need to be careful & cautious onthis count.

Students & Children – Students would experience pressures. Certain anger or pressure situations could spoil your performance. Be cautious and remain focused. Exams, if they happen to be after the 18th July 2019 would turn out to be good.
Children related issues will see anger, distances and concerns. Health of children could be spoilt too. Be cautious.

Health & Family –
Health would be below average this month. Stamina & energy could be poor till the 16th July 2019. Latent,unexpressed anger could create hassles for you after the 5th July 2019. You need to keep a close lookout.
Family life will be quite positive. Some distance withextended family will be present & issues at home could persist till the 8th. You should be at your diplomatic best.

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