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Overview: Cancer, your November horoscope brings mixed results. Rahu is transiting your sign. Confusion might prevail and make indecisive. Avoid taking any major decisions now. An ongoing dispute with someone would see peaceful resolution. A religious trip with children would bring you closer to them. Around mid-November, design or art related work would come to you that would improve your reputation. You may buy a new house or vehicle this year. Your contacts would expand and meeting people from high society would help you in future. From 15th November onwards, you may get the support from a high level govt. official. Work related travels might take you abroad and bring chances of a promotion. You would live a luxurious life, Cancer. Your November horoscope shows Jupiter transiting Scorpio. Students would observe good academic results. Prizes and accomplishments at school are likely.                
Career: As November starts, new work is likely to keep excited. New work proposals would motivate you to work harder. If confused or unclear about something, then push that work for later. Work related travels might take you abroad. Chances of new projects from a foreign company are there till 10th November. If working in partnerships, you may face some delays. Avoid hasty actions. After 15th November, you might grab a govt. project that would profit you greatly. You would get a govt. loan if seeking for it. If a job offer comes your way from abroad, don’t waste it and capitalize on it. A job change looks favorable this month. A promotion in your current job seems likely. If seeking a govt. job, you would get it. Arguments are possible with coworkers. Around the end of the month, a raise in salary is quite likely. Boss would appreciate your work and prospects of your promotion would improve.          
Love & Marriage: Matters related to love look bright in November. Any ongoing issues would be resolved and spending quality time with your lover would improve your bond. Trust would be stronger than ever.
Chances are an old lover might return in your life. You too should let go of your ego and sort things out. You may find a new partner this month, though it would not be a serious association. Don’t be too emotional about it.
Marriage life seems disturbed, Cancer. Doubts and misunderstandings would cause stress. Try to ignore petty matters. If planning to work with your spouse, wait for some time for a better period. If facing any ongoing issues with your spouse, take initiatives to solve all issues peacefully.
If unmarried, suitable proposals might come your way, yet you might not be ready to get married.
Money & Finance: Financially, November seems favorable Cancer. Work profits would accompany new work opportunities. Your efforts and hard work would bring your success. If seeking for a govt. loan or support, you would get it after mid-November. As November starts, avoid lending or borrowing of money. From 8th November onwards, expenses on home decoration, luxuries and self-enjoyment are indicated. Foreign trips would add to your expenses. Investing under speculation after careful research would bring desired profits. Property and real estate seem favorable for investments. Purchase of a house is on the cards. Near the end of November, rewards from an old investment may come to you. Your father might help you financially.
Students & Children: Cancer students, your November horoscope suggests you proceed carefully now. Manage your time carefully. Around mid-November, undesired results might dishearten you. Work hard to get the subjects of your choice. Social media and enjoyment might lead to wastage of your time. Expenses on wasteful luxuries are possible. Prepare well for competitions to get the desired results. After 16th November, results would match your expectations. If seeking govt. loan for studies, you would get it. Your odds look good to study abroad this month.

Your children would enjoy a favorable month, Cancer. You may plan to send them abroad for further studies. Take care of their health and spend more time with them. They might win prizes in sports in November.  
Family & Health: November horoscope speaks of possible stress on your family front at the start of November. Yet you would succeed in controlling things diplomatically. An auspicious event is indicated after 8th November, which would boost harmony. Bonding with siblings and children seems to improve considerably. Parents seem supportive and their health looks mostly stable. A dispute related to parental property is possible till 15th November. You may plan a trip with friends after 15th November.
Be careful against an old illness that might trouble you while traveling. Stress, skin infections and stomach related ailments are possible.   

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