Cancer (Kataka)

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Cancer, you would shine out this month, with a new exuberance and force. But make sure that you use this energy constructively. Don’t let anger ruin things for you. Career shows signs of quick recovery but be watchful in terms of finance. Money should be a priority at this time. Do not overlook any cash-spinning opportunities and keep acquiring new sources of income whenever you can. Your financial state may waver and you would need this money later as is evident in Cancer monthly horoscope for October.

This is a good time to experiment with new ventures as gains are expected. New connections made during this month would also pay off. In fact, a new correspondence, contract or agreement could be the source of happiness at this time. As long as you maintain a calm attitude and cordiality, your contacts would benefit you. Being high-tempered could spoil your image and cause strain in relationships, both at work as well as home. At this time, love, marital and family relations need your attention too.

Cancer career forecast in October

Your enthusiasm would reach new heights and this would help pursue your career goals successfully. You would find it easy to complete tasks and meet deadlines on time, swiping off laziness like dust, especially after 13th.  Lady luck is in favor as indicates monthly career horoscope for Cancer. You would likely take some wise and logical decisions. A practical and tactful approach is seen in terms of achieving ambitions. And you would be diplomatic with colleagues too, especially in the first half of the month. With the kind of clever outlook you have, it seems you would get desired recognition for your work. But do not expect a salary hike yet. October is also positive for businesspersons but beware, your business partner might backstab.

Love and marriage predictions for October

The first half of the month seems lust-ridden when your carnal urges may climb to a level beyond control. This sensual passion and vigor suggests an eventful and romantic love life but make sure that you don’t go overboard. If single, you might start a love affair with someone who is quite older in age. The period after 13th October does not seem much promising for love partners. For married folks, some quarrels and disputes are expected to take place along with physical dissatisfaction towards the end of the month. Progeny prospects do not look much favorable either in your monthly love horoscope.

Money & Finance

Monetary trends seem average in your monthly money horoscope for Cancer. Financial gains would be less frequent after 9th October which could slowdown inflow of money. Payment halts and delay would be prevalent in money matters. You might have to consume your savings or accumulated wealth too after 17th October. Nonetheless, financial situation would improve towards the end of the month. New investments, especially those done after 9th October could bring loss and wipe off your existing savings. But overall, you would manage your money wisely. Family would also be supportive financially and you may benefit from some government related work too.

October for Children & Students

October is a positive month for children’s health and wellbeing. However, they might throw tantrums and be easy to anger. Their relationship with father would be cordial, but not so much with mother. In studies, they would maintain good concentration in the first half of the month. Interest in construction, hospitality and defense would increase now. If you are pursuing higher studies, the period until 13th October looks promising, when your enthusiasm and dedication would help you make good progress in studies. Your mental powers and intellect would also improve.

Health & Family

It’s time to take care of your health Cancer. Some chest related issues could keep you troubled this month. Mental confusion would also affect your level of happiness to some extent. At the same time, family members may also run into differences & disagreements, especially after mid of the month. This could be due to ego issues too. Mother may have some feet related issues after 9th October and spouse would also feel low towards the end of the month.

Health and prosperity of the family are affected this month. You could request Pt. Punarvasu for astrological remedies to pacify the negative impact.


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