CANCER April Horoscope

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Overview: April 2020 Cancer Horoscope has a lot of exciting events in store for you. You may tend to feel things out emotionally and expect a lot from the people who are really close to your heart. However, this could result in heartbreak as those people may not feel the same for you.  The Monthly Horoscope of Cancer suggests you to maintain a strategic distance from your colleagues and co-workers and avoid sharing too much of personal or secretive information with them.
From 13th April 2020 onwards, Wealth Lord i.e. Sun, is meant to get exalted in the Career house. This planetary combination will give a boost to your finances and your economic status will rise high. However, do not burn your money on pointless travels and activities because this factor can disturb your financial stability.

You will enjoy a fortunate stage of life with plenty of wealth, success, love and support. A family member might get rewarded by the government for their worthy contribution.
April 2020 Horoscope of Cancer says that you need to become cautious with regards to your speech and ego otherwise it could create confusions and disputes between you and your relatives/peers. Your rivals may try to pull you down or defame you. Consider this to be a great threat on your image and position and, move ahead with proper planning and caution.

Career: According to the predictions of April 2020 Career Horoscope of Cancer moon sign, till 13th April 2020, Career Lord- Mars will be placed with his enemy planet- Saturn in your Tenth house of Profession. This is an unfavorable position for your career and wealth prospects and it is going to bring disappointments in your life. You may face a lot of challenges on work front. You are likely to face a lot of opposition from your colleagues and seniors till this phase lasts and so you will have to be more careful at this time.

On 15th April 2020, Sun will get exalted in the Career house of Cancer moon sign. A glorious fresh start will begin, making it a favorable period to think about business expansion and development. There will be excellent opportunities for you but along with this, there would be some challenges too due to the aspect of Mars on your Profession house. This isn’t a great time to step into new partnership business.
You may not get the support of your seniors and colleagues but you should still try to maintain cordial relations with them. This would help you in keeping up amicable relations with colleagues and seniors.

Money and Finance: April 2020 Cancer Finance Horoscope indicates a promising period for the natives as far as monetary profits are concerned. This month will be financially stable and there will be no money issues to trouble you. You will be in the best position, financially and economic status will keep on improving with each passing day as new sources of income will keep on adding. However, you need to be conscious of where and how to spend your money.
The April 2020 Cancer Wealth Horoscope says that this isn’t a good time to invest in share and stocks, as the market is predicted to be quite volatilize at this time.

You are advised to accumulate sufficient funds for the Rainy Days because there is a possibility of financial crunch in the coming months. You should become wiser and manage your finances tactically so that you’re able to keep your finances under control.

Love and Marriage: According to the prediction of Love Horoscope of Cancer moon sign, love life does not seems to be a little dull and off the shore due to the conjunction of Mars and Saturn. This planetary conjunction is likely to bring a lot of high as well as low points in your love life. Single natives may finally find an end to their search for a perfect partner. But this isn’t the right time to unveil your feelings before that person. Outcomes may not be very impressive. Let this month pass by, and then you can plan a romantic proposal for that special person.

The close conjunction of Saturn and Mars, in the seventh house of marriage does not seems to be favorable for the married couples. Mars will generate a lot of aggression and stubbornness in you and these factors will together deteriorate your marital happiness and harmony, says Cancer Marriage Horoscope of April 2020. You need to be conscious of your behavior otherwise it may result in separation or will bring forth some major disputes.

Students and Children: The Education Horoscope of Cancer moon sign predicts that students may not be able to concentrate well on their studies as they are likely to face anxiety and anger issues in this month. April 2020 Cancer Education Horoscope does not promise an excellent time for the students. You may not be able to cope up with academic stress. So, you will need to adopt new methods of leaning and efficient time management skills.

From 14th April 2020 onwards, there will be some kind of improvement foreseen on the academic front. The efforts and hard work of laborious students will be taken into consideration. Make sure that you are completely focused on your studies because smallest of disturbances can distract you. Students doing higher studies in medical, law and technical field will manifest their research skills and knowledge at this time.
Family: In April 2020 family affairs of Cancer moon sign does not present a happy picture. You are likely to be involved in conflicts and confrontations with your spouse. Family harmony will be at stake and children will be seriously affected. You should try to improve your marital relations. Do not lose your calm otherwise your entire family would be adversely affected by this.

You are likely to receive support of your mother and she’ll help you resolve these matters with tact and intelligence. You may also organize get together and parties at your place as you would love to spend quality time with your family members. You will be very much devoted towards your family and will do every possible thing from your end to maintain peaceful atmosphere at home.

Health: You’re advised to take good care of your health in the month of April 2020. You may suffer from some ailments which would cause sleeping disorders and stress. These can be cured by prompt medical attention. Take good care of your family members as well.

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