CANCER September Horoscope

(Kataka )

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Overview: Cancer, your monthly horoscope is here & brings signs of some confusions ahead. Rahu is transiting your sign. Uncertainties are likely now. Avoid any clashes or jumping to conclusions without prior knowledge. Social respect & success is likely for is likely for you, as you get the opportunity to improve old relations. During the first half of the month, any ongoing property disputes will be resolved. Luxuries, home decoration, & expensive clothes will be the focus of your spending. Till 16 September, there are chances for you to be honored with a promotion or rise in position. Support from political figures may come your way, however, avoid overthinking or putting yourself into a state of confusion. Foreign trips are possible now. Take any important decisions only after 9 September. If part of an ongoing lawsuit, the results are likely to be in your favor. If you are planning to go abroad for work, then it may happen by the end of the month. Religious work will interest you & may lead to some spending.  

Career: The month looks sluggish for your career. At the start of the month, avoid taking any crucial decisions before 9th September. Mental stress will prevail. A govt. related work will see completion tshi month. Income related profits are likely, as new projects will come your way. Avoid stepping into new partnerships now & be careful about any ongoing partnerships. In case of any arguments, try to sort matters peacefully as soon as possible.

A job change is not favored. Seniors at work will be cordial & helpful. Colleagues will mostly be supportive. If in a govt. job, a promotion is likely for you. After mid September, the period looks beneficial for those working in MNC’s.          

Love & Marriage: The monthly readings depict mixed results for love & marriage. Any confusion with your partner will now be sorted & harmony will be restored. If the condition is very bad & looks beyond repair, then keep a clam temperament & let things quietly settle till November. If possible, maintain a safe distance & allow matters to settle themselves.

Prospects of love marriage may face hindrances & matters may be delayed.
Marital relations may observe a strenuous period now. Petty issues may cause clashes & it would do you good to instead stay at a distance from your spouse to avoid volatile situations. Take care of your partner’s health.

If working towards a divorce, then matters may be settled now.

Money & Finance: The month looks splendid for your finances, Cancer. Financial stability is broadly indicated & expenses appear to be in control. If seeking a loan, you will easily get it. Any pending govt. work may also be sorted. New sources of income & profits are possible for you. You will be able to fulfill your financial responsibilities as well as spend on your enjoyment. Avoid lending money to anyone. A loan can be taken succefully now. Investments in real estate are favored. An earlier withheld payment may come back to you.         

Students & Children: The period looks stressful for students. Your focus on studies will be somewhat deterred. Wasteful roaming around with friends will further affect your performance. Avoid stepping into fights or clashes, as it will give you a bad name. Restlessness can make you forget things or cause confusion in exams. Proceed with a calm & composed approach.
Your bonding with your children may suffer to some extent. They will mostly remain irate, which can reflect on their studies as well. If seeking govt. aid for studies, you will get it. Expenses on children will reduce now.   

Family & Health : Family front looks mostly comfortable & peaceful. Family will support you. A gathering is on the cards now that will boost positivity on the domestic front. A religious event may occur this month in your home. Relation with friends & siblings will be cordial.

Take care of your health & avoid over-straining yourself. Relief from prolonged illness is expected. Health of your parents will improve now. Drive carefully & remain watchful at heights.                        

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