CANCER September Horoscope

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Overview: As per September 2020 Cancer Horoscope, you will discover new success paths during this month. Jupiter becomes direct from 13th September, making this a favourable period for you. If you’re seeking a new job, then there are good chances that you’ll land up in a satisfactory position. But this requires tremendous hard work and efforts from your side. On 23rd September 2020, Rahu transits in the eleventh house in your horoscope. This period would bring plenty of opportunities in your professional life. During this month, you might get a chance to fulfil your desires. The flow of money will also improve. However, on a separate note, the transit of Rahu in the 12th house may cause excessive expenditure, which needs to be curbed.

Saturn’s transit in the seventh house is indicating some problem on the relationship front. You should try to maintain an amicable relationship with your colleagues and seniors. Also, try to keep control over your speech else you may fall in verbal battles with them.
Politicians may do extremely well during this month. Your political powers will be increased and you will gain a name as a politician. The transit of the Sun in Leo sign will help you in bringing your ideas to fruition.

If you’re single, then there are chances that you may fall in love with someone who is older than you. There is a possibility of fights in married life. You should try your best to avoid such conflicts. Indastro suggests you communicate with your spouse and resolve such issues.

Career: As per September 2020 Cancer Career Horoscope, the planetary position indicates a change in the job after 13th September 2020 or attainment of a transfer order at the workplace. You can also start a new business this month. If you’re preparing for a government job, then you may get uplifting news during this period. Indastro suggests that you should focus on the advertisement for your product or brand. This would be beneficial if you’re introducing a new product to the market or focusing on the expansion of the market. It also helps in increasing sales, fighting competitions and enhancing good-will. You may get new work opportunities from a foreign country. Avoid rejoining your previous company. Promotion and appraisal are also on the cards this month!

Money and Finance: As per September 2020 Cancer Finance Horoscope, this may be an average month for matters pertaining to money and finance. You may organise religious programs at your place. You should avoid travelling during this month, until and unless it’s an emergency. The planetary positions will strengthen you financially and you will get wealth-related opportunities, during this month. Avoid taking loan till 15th September 2020. This is a good time to invest money in share and stock markets provided you’re aware of the changing trends of these markets. There is a good chance that your expenses will exceed during this month, and you won’t have any control over your spending. If you do business, then you’re likely to receive new offers around 20th September 2020. So, you should continue to make good efforts in this direction.

Love and Marriage: As per September 2020 Cancer Love Horoscope, this month will be favourable for love related matters. You’re likely to spend quality time with your partner and will leave no chance to adore each other. You may plan your future with your beloved. The feelings will be mutual and you both will feel as if you’re made for each other. However, on a separate note, there are chances that your ex-lover may try to step back in your life. If you’re already with someone, you shouldn’t entertain your ex at all.

If you’re single, then there are chances that you may fall in love with someone who is older than you.
As per September 2020 Cancer Marriage Horoscope, married couples may need to give plenty of space and time to each other. There is a possibility of fights in married life, which must be avoided. Do not impose your decisions on your spouse. In order to maintain a cordial relationship, you should communicate with your spouse and resolve the issues. You will remain stressed in regards to your in-laws.

Students and Children: As per September 2020 Cancer Education Horoscope, this might be a bright month on the academic front. Your academic performance and grades will be improved as a result of the exaltation of Mercury. Those who’re seeking admission will secure a seat in their desired college. Students pursuing graduation and post-graduation will make good progress during this month. Your dream of studying abroad may be fulfilled. You need to be very focused on your studies. Final year students may start looking for suitable employment opportunities during this period. 

Family and Health: As per September 2020 Cancer Family Horoscope, the environment at home will be favourable. However, there may be some minor conflicts but these would be resolved in no time. So, there is nothing to be worried about. A sense of unity and love will prevail on the home front. You will maintain amicable relations with everyone. Some of you may organise religious programs at your place. You need to be careful as there are high odds that your friends will try to cheat you. Apart from this, things will remain great at your home and your parents will also remain very supportive throughout.

Cancer natives may suffer from some mental tensions and stress. You need to take additional care of your health this month and keep yourself away from worries. You should completely avoid junk food as this can give birth to stomach infections. There are chances that you can suffer from some skin allergies. It is better to consult a specialist at your earliest.

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