CANCER May Horoscope

(Kataka )

You would see a very high level of activity this month in work and best part would be the amount of luck available to you this month. You might find yourself feeling blessed as many things will fall into your favour without making much efforts. Challenges could emerge for spouse and some health issues from last year could also come up during this month. You have to be careful and remain cautious and patient throughout this month on these matters. There is a need for control on expenses as you are spending more than necessary. There should also be guard against possible losses as there could be issues connected with financial matters. New investments should be avoided. However new ideas and big projects are around the corner so make preparations and you will be very successful in these matters throughout this month.

Career: Career would be positive as there would be gains and you would find yourself in a good position relating to people in authority and government related matters throughout this month. There would however be challenges as a slight dip in new opportunities would be faced and you might find yourself angry because of which you could lose opportunities or connections with people. People around you and the team would be pretty helpful and it’s a good time to delegate work and let the others take the front seat when it comes to dealing with outsiders.

Love and Marriage: Love life is going to start on a good note but there would be blocks, challenges and some issues after the 7th May 2019. Ego and work pressures could be one of the major reasons. Long term relationships could also face challenges, anger and pressures. Marriage matters are mostly good but spouse would experience pressures which could translate into some issues for you in your life.

Money and Finances: Money matters are going to be positive mostly in terms of inflows however expenses are very high and new investments are risky and financial transactions should be totally avoided as there could be substantial chances of losses. Income will remain satisfactory.

Health and Family: Family life is happy and there would be an increase in your status as well as happiness quotient in family matters. Children related matters could be challenging as health of child could be upset and it might end up getting into some controversial situation with one of the children so be careful and avoid controversy as much as you can. Overall health is going to be good, there might not be any major issues but worry and strain due to people around you is possible and due to that you need to careful throughout this month.

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Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, the ‘child’ of the Moon with an inherent desire to ‘parent’ the rest of the world. You are a sensitive, caring, and intuitive person, and consider your ‘home turf’ as the most important thing in the world. You are a water sign ruled by Moon, thus your emotions have a tidal pattern. Thus you are most compatible with signs that can bear with your mood swings and be patient with you, Aries is certainly not one of these. This Cancer Horoscope Reading is based on Moon Sign, a very important Astrological Mark to know your future. Are you a Cancer Moon Sign? Find it out instantly.


Cancer zodiac sign is represented by the crab. You are self-protective at times, tender person at heart, soft under the shell like a crab. ... Read More