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Cancer October Horoscope

Moon Sign based
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Month Overview:
Planets of Influence: Moon
Predominant emotions: Inclination to care for others
As per Cancer horoscope, the month of October will be good for your career. Your hard work will bring a good reputation and better position for you during the month. Business will also be rewarding and there will be profits and expansion of business. Love and marriage life will see some challenges as there will be arguments and misunderstandings leading to some friction in relationships. Finances will have to be handled with some caution else it would be difficult to strike a balance between income and expenditures. Precautions must be taken to keep a good health, but make it a point to see a doctor for even the slightest of ailment. Hard work will be the essence for success in the month for the students. The family life will be generally smooth and there will be cordial relations among the family members.          

Planets of Influence: Mars & Sun
Major Trend: Hard work and Prosperity
Cancer career in the month of October will be on positive notes. Mars, the lord of the 10th house of career, will be posited with Sun in the 3rd house of communication and travel. Your proficiency in work will earn you a good reputation. Your peers will praise you and you will enjoy their support. With your good repute will come added responsibilities or you may get promoted to a higher profile. While all this is going on, your focus should not deviate, as you still have potential to go higher than the present position. You need to be cool and calm for better results. Business natives will also see some good opportunities to earn and expand their business through some new ventures.
Love, Marriage & Relationship
Planets of Influence: Venus, Ketu, Saturn & Jupiter
Major Trend: Ups and Downs
Cancer will see the month of October to bring average results in love relationships. Love birds may have to face some ups and downs brought about by strained relationships. There will be some arguments that may spoil the mood. Married natives may also face some misunderstandings that may result in friction between the couple. Control over the speech would decide the nature of the relationship during this month. It will be good if harsh words are avoided.
Money & Finance
Planets of Influence: Sun, Venus & Ketu
Major Trend: Average Finances
Finances for Cancer in this month of October will be average. The inflow of money would be limited, hence it would be advisable to control the expenditures so as to strike a balance between the inflows and outflows of finances. Any crucial financial decisions should be put on hold for the time being and wait for a favorable period to come. Investments in the speculative markets may be favorable during this period.
Planets of Influence: Saturn & Jupiter
Major Trend: Cautious Approach
Cancer Health in this month of October will see some challenges. There will be some health issues that will need doctor’s consultations. Hence, you must visit a doctor without any delay. Keep a good and hygienic environment around you, eat healthy and fresh food and do regular exercise and meditation for good physical and mental health. As it is said, ‘Prevention is better than cure’, therefore doing all this will be helpful.  
Students & Education
Planets of Influence: Venus, Mars & Ketu
Major Trend: Success through Hard work

Cancer Students in the month of October will come across a time that will require a lot of hard work and focused efforts towards your studies. This will go a long way in helping you to attempt any kind of exam that is scheduled for this month. Any laxity on this aspect may bring about a setback for you. This is the time when you must fall back to your teachers and seek their help in studies towards understanding the subject better.     
Planets of Influence: Sun & Mars
Major Trend: Argumentative and arrogant

Family life for Cancer during the month of October will bring some good times. There will be good and close bonding between the family members and you will care for their needs and help them.  But due to your aggression and ego, you may at times have some friction with them which may spoil the atmosphere at home. The relatives will also be extending their helping hand at the time of need.