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Cancer September Horoscope

Moon Sign based
Month Overview
Planet of Influence: Moon
Predominating Emotion: Nurturing, Sympathetic and Intuitive

As per Cancer September monthly horoscope 2022, your career will prosper as per your desires, you will earn good respect and gains. Business, especially from overseas, will bring profits. Finances will be on better notes and increasing, though unplanned expenses may trouble you. Love birds would have some challenges coming up and there may be lack of trust. The married life would become smooth once the issues are sorted out. Your health may remain stable and there may be minor issues like indigestion. Students would have a good time and would get desired results but control their mind in getting distracted. Family life will be blissful and there will be an essence of spiritualism in the family.  

Planet of Influence: Mars & Rahu
Major Trends: Benefits from Overseas

Cancer career will see inspiring times. Mars lord of career will transit in place of gains. Rahu posited in the place of career. There will be many opportunities for you to rise and shine in your job, you would command good respect and image at workplace. There may be some changes, change in place of work or change in job. Those, working in multinational companies, will be beneficial. Foreign assignments will bring gains in career. Business, especially related to overseas will be profitable and there would be chances that you may visit foreign land and start a business over there or expand your existing business there.

Love, Marriage & Relationships
Planet of Influence: Mars & Saturn
Major Trends: Highs and Lows

Cancer Love life will see highs and lows. Love birds would face issues related to trust and faith. Mars, lord of love, will be posited in the house of gains and aspect place of love that may give some sensual moments in love. But influence of Mars may lead to conflicts and there may be instances wherein a new relationship may bring stress in the existing one. The married couples may also face challenges in terms of trust and disagreements over trivial issues due to Saturn presence in the place of marriage and relationship. It will be prudent that you control your anger, keep your ego aside and resolve the issues amicably with discussion or may take help of some common friend to resolve the issues. Better times would prevail once the problems are sorted out.  

Money & Finance
Planet of Influence: Sun
Major Trends: Planning Your Finances

Cancer will see stability in your finances, however, towards the end of the month, your unexpected and unplanned expenditures may bring some stress in finances. Sun will reside in the place of wealth and after 17th Sep, it will move to the house of Journey and Communication. There will be profitable deals that will enhance your wealth and hike in salary may also add to the finances. Expenses need a full-proof plan to avoid financial crunch.

Planet of Influence: Saturn & Jupiter
Major Trends: Moderate Health

Cancer would see some challenges in terms of minor health issues. Your spouse health would be a matter of concern. Saturn, lord of marriage or spouse, also, lord of chronic disease. In initial days till 17th Sept, you need to be careful regarding what you eat, better to have home cooked hygienic food and avoid outside food. You need to consult doctor in case you face some issues and do not avoid any treatment or consulting with the doctor.  

Students & Education
Planet of Influence: Mars, Jupiter & Saturn
Major Trends: Blessed Results

Cancer Students will have fulfilling period. Your dreams to get success in your studies will come true. Influence of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will bring positive results for students of higher studies and research. You will be motivated to undertake intense learning of the desirable subject. However, there may be instances wherein your mind may get diverted towards unnecessary things and may have an adverse impact on your studies, therefore, you need to be careful. This is a good period to pursue research and may get good results on this.  

Planet of Influence: Sun
Major Trends: Happiness and Spirituality

Cancer family life will have happy and joyous moments. There will be deep bonding among the family members, but your arrogance may create conflicts or miscommunication within family members. This period would largely be used by you to extend your help and support to the family members and look after the elders. Second half of the month would bring spiritual deeds and inclinations that will motivate you to organize some spiritual activities in the family or there may be plans for pilgrimage along with the family members.