CANCER January Horoscope


Overview: The January horoscope indicates a saggy start of the year for Cancer. Accumulation of wealth is not broadly denoted. Speech may depict hints of pride or arrogance. Debts should neither be taken nor given during this period, as cash flow might remain inconsistent with an expected rise in expenses. Career may see a bright picture with better professional prospects ahead. Your energy level should remain satisfactory throughout the month. Money is likely to be spent on family matters or on your spouse. Domestic environment may face minor disruptions. Children are expected to be energetic & full of stamina. You may develop an aggressive outlook towards life in general, and spirituality may take a back seat. Some business related travels may be undertaken this month but they may not prove much fruitful.

Career: The monthly horoscope for career broadly denotes stability for almost throughout the month. Job doers may see a better phase in comparison with businesspersons. A change in job should be avoided during this period. Your sincerity and hard work may get you noticed by your superiors, leading to a cordial relation with them. Relation with colleagues however, may not be up to the mark. Chances of salary hike seem quite bright. New projects may bring about rosy incentives & rewards. For businesspersons, gains in business might not be up to your expectations as expenses are likely to rise. Thus, better management of funds is needed. Any professional partnerships should be avoided during this period as it may hamper your reputation.

Career Advice - Work with complete dedication & enthusiasm. Your hard work is likely to be beneficial for you as well as your company.

Love & Marriage:
The horoscope for love and marriage doesn’t show a rosy image for Cancer. Relation with your spouse is expected to go through a rough span. You may begin to question your trust in each other. Lack of mutual understanding might hurt the very foundation of your relation. Singles may not observe any development of fruitful prospects as the period is unfavorable for any new beginnings. Progeny prospects may face hiccups during this term. All necessary precautions should be taken.

Money & Finance: The January forecast predicts a period of caution for finances. There are indications of financial losses for you. Partnerships may turn sour and you may face deceit during this period. Hence, be very careful and use your own wisdom, instead of relying on others’ advice. A legal issue might demand heavy expenditures from you. Investing in stock market may get you some gains but only after 17th January 2018, should prove profitable. Expenses should be kept in check as cash flow is expected to remain inconsistent.

Students & Children: The month of January brings good health and high levels of energy for children. They may possess good knowledge and understanding of matters especially after 17th January 2018. Children’s behavior however, may be unpredictable & likely to remain in mixed state.

Students seeking higher education are likely to perform well especially after 17th January 2018. They may come out as winners in most of the competitions.

Family & Health: The monthly horoscope for family and health signifies few ailments for you in this period. You are likely to acquire chest related problems, which may worsen due to the changing weather. Lack of peace of mind is broadly denoted during this month.
Domestic environment might not be quite pleasing. Some differences & misunderstandings are likely to crop up with siblings causing you to lose peace of mind.

Health advice – With winters around, proper care should be taken in terms of clothes and eating habits. Meditating every day for at least 15 minutes should bring you peace of mind and relieve mental stress as well.

In the face of events denoted by the horoscope, you may wish to seek astrological remedies by Pt. Punarvasu.

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