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Month Overview:
Planet of Influence: Moon
Major trend: Sentimental and warm-hearted

As per Cancer January horoscope 2021, the month will come with fruitful results. The Lord of profession house, Mars, will be in the house of profession blessing you with career growth and development. Cancer natives who are doing business will make decent progress at this time. Your economic situation will be excellent and you will yearn more towards financial inclination. On the family front, the situation will be good.

Students and children belonging to the Cancer moon sign will face some hurdles on the education front; however, they will easily overcome the challenges as the month progresses. Married life in general could be exciting for many of you. You will have to be very practical, mature, and realistic in marriage matters during this particular period.
Cancer moon, your health will be a matter of concern during this month. It is best advised to take precautionary measures throughout the month to keep the health issues at bay.
Planets of Influence: Mars  
Major trend: Audacity and charisma

January 2021 Cancer moon career predictions reveal that Mars is your ruling planet for career and professional matters. During this month, Lord Mars will stay in your profession house throughout the month. You have to be very careful and tactful in your speech. At the same time, you would need to be very careful, realistic, and practical in professional matters. You will see career growth and improvement during this months’ time. Cancer moon sign natives who are doing business will get a chance to expand their business to other cities and countries. Avoid taking unnecessary stress and tension otherwise, it can have an adverse impact on your health.           
Love, Marriage & Relationships
Planets of Influence: Mars &Ketu
Major trends: Unnecessary arguments may cause problems

Predictions based on Love, marriage and relationship horoscope say that the month will have mixed results as far as matters related to your love and married life are concerned. Mars will be your ruling planet and will govern your instincts towards love and romance. Moreover, Ketuwill be posited in the love house this month. This combination may give rise to a lot of misunderstandings and cause stress in relationship whether its love or married relationship.

On the marriage front, the situation will be slightly challenging. Saturn will be in its own sign and conjunct Jupiter causing arguments and conflicts between the married couples. The marriage horoscope 2021 advises the Cancer natives to be extremely careful about their life partner’s emotions. Do not allow a third person to sow the seeds of misunderstanding and discord between the two of you. You should spend quality time with your spouse and be extremely careful about your partner’s emotions, suggests the January 2021 Cancer marriage and relationship horoscope.

Money & Finance
Planet of Influence: Sun
Major trends:  Financial growth and stability

Finance horoscope of Cancer horoscope will bring a lot of opportunities for the Cancer natives in January 2021. You are likely to become financially stable in the last parts of the month as Sun, the lord of wealth will enter your house of business during this period.

The Money and wealth horoscope January 2021 states that your family atmosphere will remain positive because of which you will be able to focus on your work and make progress on the financial front. Married natives will easily get financial help from their partner in times of need. Consequently, you will remain satisfied with your income and earnings. You may plan to invest your money in speculative activities, which would bring fruitful results in life.
It will be quite better if you keep a track of your finances and curb the unnecessary expenditure, suggests the Cancer money and finance horoscope 2021.

Planet of influence: Saturn
Major trend: Depressive feeling at times

As per Health horoscope of Cancer sign, January 2021 will bring mixed results. Lord of longevity house, Saturn, will reside in the house of spouse, causing health troubles to your spouse. Along with that, there are high chances that you may experience some health problem this month. It is best advised to take all the precautionary measures to avoid any future health complications. The month is indicating a sudden unexpected health issue. Moreover, there is a tendency to get involved in accidents this month so be very careful while driving and crossing the street. You should practice yoga and meditation during this month and encourage your family members to do the same. Keeping a positive attitude is very important, as it would help you to put an end to many of your health-related problems this month.

Students & Education
Planets of Influence: Mars &Ketu
Major trend: High confidence but restlessness

According to the January 2021 Education horoscope of Cancer moon sign, the students, and children are likely to make decent progress on the academic front. The education horoscope of January 2021 indicates that the Cancer moon students will remain focused on their studies throughout the month. Children will do their best to attain their academic goals and objectives; however, some challenges might strike their path in the mid-month. Even though there would be troubles and difficulties, yet the Cancer natives will overcome all the challenges through their hard work and determined efforts. The education horoscope of Cancer moon sign suggests that you should listen to the valuable advice of your seniors and make your move accordingly.

Planet of influence: Sun
Major trend: Authoritative behaviour and aggression needs to be controlled  

As per family horoscope of Cancer moon sign, January 2021 will bring average results for the Cancer natives. Sun, which will govern your family matters at this time, will stay in the house of disputes till 14 January 2021 giving rise to controversies ad unnecessary arguments. This particular planetary placement will cause stress and confusions in your domestic life. The initial period will be slightly challenging with respect to family matters. This is the reason why you would need to be very practical, mature, and realistic in domestic matters to ensure happiness in life. The planetary positions might bring in good possibilities of marriage or childbirth in the last parts of January 2021,

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Cancer Horoscope Today

Outlook for Today

You will be blessed with the grace of good mindset in your personal and professional ventures and you will put in lot of efforts in your ventures. You will be virtuous and will gain a lot from your career and career ventures as travelling will give extra earnings and make you financially strong. At times your approach will be with mixed feelings and you will be dominating in the home front but your spouse/partner will be willing and supportive and you will have deep love and bonding for family and partner but you will have to work for the betterment of relations in the long run.

Specific Plan for Today

  • Business deals

    Very favourable for all kinds of business deals and new ventures throughout. This day will see positive position in the long term.

  • Love & relationships

    Positive day. There will be happiness although preoccupation of work could be present.

  • Money transactions (Loans/Investments)

    Good throughout the day.

  • Speculation in stocks & shares

    Quite favorable. There will be success in long term investments although speculation will be moderate.

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