CANCER July Horoscope


Overview: Cancer, your monthly horoscope for July brings signs of uncertainties this month! Confusions are likely to prevail now. Overconfidence can take a heavy toll on you & you must avoid taking any risks in July. You may develop new sources of income & there is a huge chance that a pending work is cleared or started this month. The planetary combinations look favorable for purchasing land or vehicle.
Investments in real estate will also bear fruitful rewards. If you are involved in an on-going lawsuit, then you may expect some relief. A new legal issue may also crop with govt. authorities & you should remain very careful if you wish to avoid it. You should avoid taking frequent trips abroad if they are work oriented since they might not be very rewarding & will only add to your expenses.

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Till mid-July, you may spend  worthlessly on a govt. related matter. Post 15th July, expenses are still likely to remain high & it may become hard to trace your spending, thus causing confusion. All major decisions should be taken by the end of this month. Avoid falling prey to hoax or a deceptive scheme, as chances are that a close one can cheat you or work against your interests & create hurdles. Keep your anger in check or your own position might be affected by it.     

Career: Professionally, the monthly forecast implies a period of struggle for you. So buckle up. You will have to work diligently now, as results will only be reflective of your hard work. Irritations & frustration at work can lead to lack of peace. Try to fulfill all your commitments within the designated time to boost your prospects in future. Clashes with workers are quite possible now. You may start a fresh project with a foreign based company.

If you have recently started working on a job, then the period appears pleasant for you. Salary will be as per your expectations. However, if you are working with a company for quite some time, then lack of freshness at work can make you irate. Coworkers may not be supportive this month. If you are eyeing a promotion or a higher spot in your work field, then things may take some time & you may rejoin an old job or service this month.

Money & Finance: The monthly indications depict a rosy term for your finances. Hefty profits & a satisfactory income are highlighted, yet expenses will continue to flow in a similar fashion. Some unexpected or unwanted expenditures are also possible, & you should remain watchful of your funds. You will be able to repay borrowed money or a loan now, which will ease off some pressure. If you seek to take a loan now, then wait till the end of the month. Avoid investing in the share market, as it will only add to your stress & prove to be worthless. Expenses towards house & vehicle are also denoted. If lending money to someone, be very alert & cautious. Money related trips are on the cards, nonetheless, avoid making long journeys. Short trips will be beneficial & improve your financial stability. Your parents will support you financially now.

Love & Marriage: The monthly readings signify a strenuous period for love & marriage. Lovebirds, your relation is likely to turn sour due to frequent clashes now. Difference in opinions can push your bond on the verge of a break up. If matters turn bad, it would be better to remain quiet & let the dust settle. Things are likely to turn smoother after October. Till then, remain calm & avoid stressing over it. If you are planning on taking a trip or a shopping spree with your partner, it would be better to avoid it for now.
Singles, the time is not favorable for you to express your feelings to the love of your life. Patiently wait for a better time in future.

If married, you may face a rift in your relation. A newly formed bond might also suffer at the hands of misunderstandings & end abruptly. Relatives might create differences between the two of you & you need to be careful, not to blindly trust anyone. To make things better, support your spouse & help them in their work whenever needed.  

Students & Children: For students, the term appears to be troublesome. You are likely to remain irate & frustrated this month, which can lead to arguments with friends & may even give you a bad name among friends. Lack of peace of mind is likely & can severely affect your studies. If applying for competitions, then fill in the forms timely to avoid late submissions. Results will mostly be as per your expectations.
Your kids are likely to get admissions in school or college of their choice & academic performance will be at par. Be careful about their behavior though, as chances of a dispute with others are possible at school. Tenderly guide them to maintain a decent & respectful behavior.  
Family & Health:                      
Environment on the family front looks good this month. Parties & gatherings are indicated in plenty. Any old issues are likely to be sorted out & love & respect will remain on a rise. The presence of a guest will further improve the conditions & result in a joyous mood. However, keep a soft speech or you may lose on your relations. Parents will fully support you & may even help you financially now.
A prolonged illness can cause tension. Stomach ailments are also possible for you. An old injury can put you in a fix & you need to remain careful towards it.       
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