CANCER April Horoscope


Cancer, your monthly horoscope is here and it indicates a passive period in April. Good accumulation of wealth is broadly seen after 14th April 2018. Career stability appears to prevail after 14th April 2018 & good financial gains can be expected after 20th April 2018. The period looks promising particularly for govt. jobholders. Health of siblings & children might suffer. Caution is advised for the same. Expenses will remain mostly under control. Items of luxury & material comforts are likely to be acquired. You will lack peace of mind & can have a rebellious attitude. Your desires may reach new heights and can make you greedy. Be extremely careful, as you are prone to developing an addiction. You can act illogical sometimes. Energy levels look good throughout the month. A growing sense of spirituality can take you on a pilgrimage this month.

The monthly forecast for career displays a tough time ahead. Career stability prevails but mostly for Govt. employees. Private jobholders & businesspersons may face professional difficulties. Relations with boss & superiors may not be too cordial, and can be further damaged by your aggressive nature. You may become egotistical at work, and intolerant to any interference with your ways of working. Colleagues may remain unsupportive. Differences or misunderstandings are likely to crop up. Govt. employees may enjoy a pay hike, while other professionals have lesser to no chances for the same. Changing of job or relocating yourself will not help you much. New projects should be avoided at this stage. Businesspersons can suffer financial disappointments. Thus, all monetary decisions should only be finalized after due considerations. Business partners and associates appear to remain non-profitable in this term.

Career Advice -This month, your work front demands a check on your ego and aggression. Implementing a diplomatic approach can prove beneficial and bring better prospects for your career. Remain patient in this rough phase, and work towards developing strong and diplomatic professional relations, which will help you in future.

Love & Marriage: The monthly indications imply a thorny period for love and marriage. A feeling of detachment from your partner can spoil your conjugal life. Health of your spouse appears to remain unstable and they will prefer isolation in this term, further affecting your bonding. Romance will mostly be missing between married couples.

Singles should not waste their time indulging in new relations this month, as the time is not favorable. Any new beginnings will only end up in a mess, leaving you mentally and emotionally stressed. Progeny prospects are depicted under rough conditions. Delivery may face difficulties. Take ample rest and follow the doctor’s advice religiously.

Money & Finance: The monthly readings for money and finances denote an average span in April for you. Only after 20th April, will you start to witness a positive flow of profits. The term is likely to see a rise in your efforts towards saving of money. Those in Govt. job or those engaged in Glamour World are likely to have wonderful gains & a fortunate position financially. Those in fashion industry, hotel line, and/or export-import trade are expected to do well on the financial front. Investments should be made only after 20th April to get beneficial returns. Trading in stock market is to be strictly avoided. Your expenses should mostly be in controlled manner. Cash flow will improve after 20th April 2018, yet for the entire month it may only be mediocre.

Students & Children: The monthly predictions for children and students point towards an average phase in April. Children’s health appears to remain unstable almost throughout the month. Their behavior will be harsh and is likely to depict aggression and anger. For students seeking higher education, the term is unfavorable for academic performance. A negative outlook towards studies may develop. The period after 20th April 2018 is showing diversions & distractions, which will need some parental control. For better results, a lot of hard work and dedication will be needed.

Family & Health: The monthly horoscope for family and health signify a sluggish term ahead. The cosmic changes put your own health under strenuous conditions, due to the ill effects of Rahu/Ketu. Chest related issues can keep you down. Your peace of mind is likely to be hampered. Indulging in yoga and meditation can help you boost your morale and even improve focus on all fronts of life.
Domestic environment looks peaceful. No major conflicts are apparent. Some minor issues or quarrels may crawl in during the latter half of the month, yet matters should be sorted easily and peacefully.

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