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CANCER February Horoscope

(Kataka )

Overview: Saturn and Sun both are forming a conjunction in your moon sign. Being malefic in nature, they will invite perplexities thereby, putting you in a confused state of mind. During this entire period, you’ll have to move ahead with precautions as there will be need to carry out tasks with a calculative approach otherwise you might not be able to execute them in the preferred manner. If you’re planning a leisure or work trip, make sure that you go by the set budget. Also, drop this plan if it isn’t such a necessary one.

This isn’t the right time to take decisions in the flow of emotions or over-confidence as things may turn up against you. After 15th February, positivity will discover a way in your life and you’ll have the power to achieve victory over challenges. You might show interest in social activities and volunteer to help the poor and needy.
We would advise you to keep a control over your pocket and abstain from flaunting in front of friends or associates. Try to maintain amicable relations with your spouse/beloved for peaceful and harmonious marital/love life.

Career: During the initial phase of February 2020, Cancer natives will have the vitality and confidence to invest their time and resources in the productive areas of life. With the same zeal and passion, you’ll be able to complete your projects and assignments beforehand. February 2020 will prove to be a gainful period and you’ll be able to fulfill most of your desires and wishes.  You’ll finalize a number of decent business deals however; consult a reliable senior before taking any major decision in professional life.
Atmosphere at work place is likely to get degraded as your colleagues and rivals may turn up against you. These stressful situations will impact your work performance as well. In the same way, your seniors and boss will most possibly turn up against you and you may fall in a pit of arguments and misunderstandings.

Money and Finance: Cancer, you may feel tensed with regards to finances as monetary prospects seem unfavorable in the initial phase of this month.  This situation requires you to become reasonable and calculative enough to spend cautiously. Stop flaunting otherwise you may fall under debts and you will face hurdles in the recovery process. The first week of this month is perfect to place resources in share markets and real estate. If you were planning to buy a residential property, in that case your dreams might get converted into reality.

You may likewise buy a new vehicle during this month. In case you’re intending to take a financial assistance, this is the perfect time to opt for a bank loan.  Your bank will turn its lights GREEN and you’ll get a loan of your desired worth. The last few days of February 2020 will prove to be gainful as Cancer natives will get plentiful of income resources during this period. Your financial status will get enhanced and you’ll have the power to fulfill most of your desires.

Love and Marriage: Cancer, during the first few days, your love life seems to be pretty much decent and harmonious. Difficulties will begin creeping in from 9th February onwards. If you develop feelings towards someone, you should unveil your emotions without any delay.
Existing love relations will go off pretty well and the partners will be deeply involved with each other. 2020 February Horoscope predicts a romantic period for Cancer moon sign. Your partner might look upon you for financial assistance
The time period till the mid of this month sounds unfavorable for Cancer natives. Your life partner’s disturbed professional life could affect your personal life as well. At this point of time, you should show love and support towards your spouse in order to create a peaceful atmosphere on home front.

Students and Children: Students, your hard work will eventually pay you off and you’ll start witnessing excellent outcomes in your academic career. In case you’re preparing for some competitive exam, an astonishing period is awaited for you! Children will show keen interest in extracurricular activities and parents shouldn’t stop their kids from participating in such events. Instead, motivate your child to do better in whatever area they step in. At the end of the day, they will make you feel proud by their dedication, determination and excellent performance. 

Family and Heath: There are odds of disputes till the mid of this month. You’ll have to put efforts in order to mend the faded family ties. Plans get together at your place. Increased level of communication will be an added advantage, carrying you considerably closer to your family members. This will help in removing misunderstandings from your personal relations. You may organize religious events or you could also go on a pilgrimage during the same period.
A past disease or infection could show its effects once again. Therefore, you must take precautions well in advance before your physical health gets affected to a concerned extent.

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