TAURUS July Horoscope


Overview: Your monthly horoscope is out, Taurus, & the period ahead looks much more comforting than the previous months. Luxuries & enjoyment will be the center of your expenses now. Renovation & matters of home decor will keep you in high spirits. Chances of buying a luxury car are also on the cards. However, avoid taking any hasty actions, as a risky step can lead to losses. Consult an elder or experienced person before proceeding. Important matters may face some delays.

Nonetheless, trust your hard work & believe in your efforts. Maintain cordial relations with your father. You may embark on a foreign trip this month, but make sure not to fall prey to misunderstandings or doubts. A wasteful journey can leave you deprived of money & time. Financial as well as professional stability might remain under questionable conditions & a cause of concern. A deceitful deal can trap your money. So be careful about where you choose to invest. If you are involved in politics, then you may benefit this month; however, the results might not match your expectations.   

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Career: The monthly forecast depicts a period of confusion on the work front. Results may come in late & any work you do will deliver the income or profits in a delayed fashion. You may also encounter possible hurdles on your way, which can lead to stress & frustration for you. Do not take any steps out of aggression or haste. Before 10th July, be watchful of your actions, as you might be falsely accused. Clashes with workers are possible this month & consult someone you trust before taking a step. Partnerships may also suffer at the hands of your temper.

If you are in a job, the job is likely to keep you on your toes this month. A new job offer may come your way, but you should pursue a job change only after July. You should continue with your current job. Coworkers will be supportive. However, your relations with superiors or boss may take a hit. And salary could get delayed this month.
Love & Marriage: Love relations are expected to observe mixed results this month. Lovebirds, you may face differences in your relation now & misunderstandings can spoil the harmony. Keep all channels of communication open with each other to clear all doubts as soon as possible. An outsider can create confusions in your bond & you should remain careful.

If single, if you are planning on proposing a loved one, chances are you will have to wait for their response. If you are looking to get married, then a love marriage may be approved but matters will face some confusion.
Married couples, conjugal life appears under rocky conditions. Arguments & quarrels will lead to a stressful environment. Avoid reviving any old issues now. Your in-laws might cause disruptions.
Money & Finance:
Financially, the monthly predictions indicate uncertainties this month. Your income levels look good, yet uncontrolled expenses may rise & cause confusion. Home decoration & vehicle will demand expenses be made. Your enjoyments will also drain a lot of your funds. You may apply for a home or work loan this month & should expect timely approval. Avoid overspending on luxury items to bring stability. Strictly avoid lending money to others, particularly under someone’s influence. This is a favorable period to invest in property or real estate. Putting money in the share market is not advisable though. Children may also demand heavy spending. Mid-July onwards, any new ventures or projects at work may face difficulties to begin.

Students & Children: Student will observe a better period than previous months. However, overconfidence should be strictly avoided if want to save yourself from losses in the future. Till mid-July, results will remain as per expectations, however, beyond this period, outcomes may take a dip! Be well prepared & keep all the necessary items with you before stepping out for competitions & exams. Keeping in mind that you already know everything can greatly cost you in future & such thoughts should be shunned completely. Spend carefully on your enjoyments.

Your children will spend most of the month traveling. Your bond with kids will be mostly cordial & keep your anger in check to maintain this relation. Admissions are quite possible in a school or college of choice, however, electing fields for specialization might cause confusion.

Family & Health:                      
Your family front may face some confusing times ahead. Relations with family members can be troublesome & you must keep your speech in control. A guest may make a pleasant appearance & will bring joy & celebrations along!

Your health looks mostly stable now, yet mental stress can deprive you of peace. An accident is also possible & can cause you much damage. Be extremely careful while traveling around water bodies.
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