TAURUS January Horoscope

(Vrishabha )

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Overview: Taurus, your January horoscope speaks of a pleasant time. As 2019 begins, your wishes seem to come true. Support from well-wishers would keep you away from choosing the wrong path in life. Keep your teacher or mentor close and follow their words religiously. You might have to travel for no reason frequently. A domestic issue is possible till mid-January. You may start a new work successfully. Rising competition might cause stress. Relief is likely in an ongoing legal case. If in politics, you would enjoy a successful period this month. Courage and enthusiasm would help you overcome any difficulties easily. Planning a religious trip would bring you peace of mind. Chances are you might meet an old friend in January. Take any important decisions or start any major work before 20th January 2019. New research and work on new findings would interest you. Avoid laziness, as it might cause delays in important work.      

Career: Career prospects seem slow in January. Taurus, delays are likely in work. If running a business, be careful, as this might affect your reputation and lower your chances of getting new projects. While new work is supported this month, be careful while investing in it. A work from abroad would require heavy expenses and much of your time. Chances of restarting an old work are there, though avoid investing too much of your money in it. Doing two businesses together would improve your financial condition. Working in partnership would favor you.

If in a job, January horoscope shows a mixed picture. If searching for a new job, you would get it. Taurus, if you are currently employed and looking for a job change, this month is not favorable. You might get an offer from an old job or company. Possibility of a promotion and pay hike seems low. Be patient and continue to work sincerely. A transfer does not seem likely. Traveling for work might not be profitable.       

Love & Marriage: Love and marriage life for Taurus seems rough during January. If in a relationship, quarrels with your partner are likely this month. Be polite, humble, and truthful to your partner. Sort issues diplomatically if you want your relationship to sustain.
If single, your relationship status might not change this month. No potential relationship seems possible in January. If you are in love with someone, avoid proposing him or her this month, as time does not seem favorable.

Marriage life for Taurus looks smooth. Romantic outings and trips with spouse would boost love and harmony in your relation. Exchange exotic gifts with your soulmate. Your partner seems supportive. Chances are you may start working together this month. Financial profits are likely for your spouse.       

Money & Finance: Financially, January demands care. Taurus, stay alert this month, as chances are someone might cheat on you. Make payments and monetary transactions carefully. Don’t make hasty decisions and read all documents before signing. You may apply for a loan, if needed. If waiting for repayment of lent money, you might have to put in diplomatic efforts. Avoid lending money this month. Avoid any kind of investment in January. Deal with tenants diplomatically and maintain pleasant relations with them. Frequent traveling would be expensive. Religious and charitable activities may further add to your expenses. Traveling abroad would require heavy spending. Your finances seem to improve from 20th January onwards. Matters seem mostly smooth throughout January.  

Students & Children: Taurus students need to pay attention to their career now. As January begins, laziness would cloud your mind and could result in a loss. Utilize your time wisely. Chances of getting admission in a college of your choice seem low this month. Avoid helping your friends in a fight or tussle. If trying to go abroad for further studies, you would have to work harder.
Take care of your children’s health. They might face confusion or lack of focus towards studies. Help them get back on track and if needed, find a suitable guide or mentor for proper orientation.       

Family & Health: Taurus, you might face domestic issues this month. Money related issues might cause confusion or clashes. Your responsibilities are likely to rise, leading to possible stress. Parties and celebrations with family are possible. A religious event might take place at your home.
Take care of your parents’ health. Your own health seems largely stable, with good energy and enthusiasm levels. Taurus women, take additional care of yourself. If needed, consult a doctor immediately. In case of leg aches, take rest and avoid overexerting yourself.

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