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Taurus April Horoscope

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Taurus Monthly Horoscope: Overview
Planet of Influence: Venus
Predominating Emotion: Inclination towards luxuries and comfort

 As per the Taurus April monthly horoscope 2021, this month will come with mixed results. Taurus natives will find a lot of opportunities throughout the month and will excel in their respective fields. The horoscope is indicating growth and prosperity in your professional life. The unmarried couples in a committed relationship will enjoy romantic moments together, and your love life will bloom like a beautiful flower. The Taurus natives will receive gains in the initial days of the month. However, on the other hand, expenses will see a high rise in the second half of April 2021. The planetary positions during this period will lead the Taurus native to have unexpected expenditure.
According to Taurus April monthly horoscope 2021, Health will not be a concern, and you will feel relieved this month. April 2021 would be a lucky month for the students and children. The planets in the Taurus monthly horoscope will lead the native to a peaceful and harmonious domestic life. The Taurus natives are going to spend blissful moments with their family and friends in April 2021.
Taurus Career:
Planet of Influence: Saturn & Jupiter
Major Trends: Slow and Steady growth

As per Taurus April career horoscope 2021, the Taurus natives will surely be lucky this month, as they will get the desired results of their hard work. You will a lot of opportunities this month, which, if utilized properly, can help you reach great heights in your profession.
Saturn has the Lordship of your profession/career/occupation house. Jupiter will enter the tenth house of your horoscope on 6 April 2021. Some remarkable events will unfold on the career front that will prove a milestone in your professional life.
Natives will not only get desired support from their colleagues but will also get appreciation from their seniors. However, these favorable results will not come all of a sudden. You need to be patient to get the return for your effort.

Love, Marriage & Relationships for Taurus 
Planet of Influence: Mars, Ketu, Venus & Mercury
Major Trends: Unpleasant situations may arise due to aggression

As per Taurus April love and marriage horoscope 2021, the month will bring you closer to your love partner as Mercury- the lord of love house- will be in the Eleventh house of gains along with Venus, creating blissful moments in your love relationship.
There is even a possibility of you tying the knot with your long-term partner this month. There is a connection between Sun, Venus, and Mercury. However, there are chances that some unnecessary arguments may arise between the two of you. Keep your anger under control if you wish to maintain a cordial relationship with your partner.
As per Taurus April marriage horoscope 2021, Mars is ruling your marriage house, and it will be posited in the 12th house of your horoscope. However, on 14th April, Mars will move to the first house of self and stay there until 30th April. It will aspect house of marriage from both the positions.
Ketu will remain posited in the house of marriage throughout the month.
Your marital life may not be very smooth, and your plans may not work as per your expectations. You will face a lot of struggles in maintaining a harmonious relationship and a good understanding with your spouse. Avoid any act of confusion, and be polite in your speech to ensure happiness in your married life.
Taurus Money & Finance Horoscope
Planet of Influence: Mercury & Jupiter
Major Trends: Gains and growth

As per Taurus April finance horoscope 2021, Mercury is having the Lordship of your second house, and it will remain posited in your eleventh house of gains during the first half of the month. This astrological connection between the second and eleventh houses will be quite significant for your zodiac sign. You will find profits coming to you during this period. This combination endows you with multiple income sources, which will raise your savings.
You may learn a public speaking course this month. Some of you may even become a public motivational speaker.
From 16th April to 30th April, the Lord of wealth house will be in the house of losses. As a result, expenses will see a high rise during this period. Therefore, it is advisable to maintain a balance between income and expenditure.
Health Horoscope Taurus
Planet of Influence: Jupiter
Major Trends: Minor ailments

As per Taurus April health horoscope 2021, you may face some minor health-related issues this month. However, if you keep a balance of your diet and physical exercise, these health issues will not harm you much.
The monthly horoscope indicates that some planetary positions may lead to rapid weight gain. Hence, it is advisable to keep exercising/walking regularly. You or your family member may require nursing after 10th April. Even though nothing serious is likely to happen, yet you should still take care of your and your family member’s well-being throughout this month.
Taurus Students & Education Horoscope
Planet of Influence: Sun, Venus & Mercury
Major Trends: Growth and progress

Taurus, your April education horoscope 2021 indicates that the month will bring favorable results for the Taurus students and children. Mercury has the Lordship of your education house, and it will be posited in the house of gains from 1-16 April. Mercury will accompany Venus and Sun in both houses.
These planetary combinations will direct you to a successful path. Your hard work and consistency will give you the rewards this month. Aspiring students preparing for competitive exams or admissions in any university abroad will get the desired results.
Students pursuing higher studies will make decent progress on the academic front. However, they will need to put in the extra effort.
Taurus Family Horoscope
Planet of Influence: Mercury
Major Trends: Emotional connection with family members

As per the April family horoscope 2021, you will maintain a good bond with your family members during the first half of the month. After 15 April, you may face challenges in maintaining a harmonious relationship with your near and dear ones. However, this will be a temporary phase.
The natives of the Taurus sign will host a get-together at their place. Some auspicious programs may also be held at your place. You will stay connected with your long-distance family members and friends.