TAURUS May Horoscope


Overview: The monthly horoscope is here, Taurus & it brings loads of excitement & zeal. Nonetheless, do not be carried away in spirits or it can spoil the fun! This period is not favorable for any new commitments or projects to be started. Any pending work related to sale or purchase of property is likely to be sorted. Any expenses towards the domestic front should be made well before 16th May. You will pay attention to your appearance and personality this month, and may spend lavishly for self-satisfaction. Be careful while driving. An exalted Sun favors relations & progress related to your mother. She will be supportive & may even be posted as a govt. employee in the field of her choice. You can also expect a promotion or change of post for yourself. Avoid lending or borrowing of money at the closing stages of the month.

Career: Due to Saturn in retrogression, there could be unfavorable conditions for new beginnings. Business partnerships may cause a stressful scenario. Make well calculated professional decisions. Loans, if needed, should be approved easily, though avoid helping anyone financially in this period. Office politics will be on a rise, & you should do well to stay away from it. If you are looking forward to a promotion, it could fructify towards the month end. Possibility of a job change is also there after 16th May. For govt. employees, the time is favorable; however, avoid an attempt of change of job. Act truthfully & naturally with superiors at work.

Love & Marriage: The monthly readings for love & marriage depict a hazy picture for you, Taurus. Relation with spouse may deter due to frequent quarrels & arguments. Misunderstandings can cause troubles for married couples. Patience & clear communication will prove helpful. Spouse can become a source of gains or profits this month.

The term is not very favorable for singles, as a debilitated Mercury can hamper harmony in relations. Trust your partner & avoid relying on outside sources for better stability in relations. Avoid hasty decisions. If awaiting marriage proposals, carefully scrutinize your partner’s background before taking the final call.

Money & Finance: Financially, the monthly predictions signify a lackluster span in May. Monetary trends do not appear much favorable. Lending or borrowing of money should be strictly avoided, especially after 16th May. Giving loan to elder brother or friend could turn into a bad debt and you may not get it back. Financial gains are likely towards the closing of the month, yet profits will be lower than expectations. Investment or trading in stock market is to be strictly avoided this month, as loss of capital is denoted. Govt. related matters can bring in fiscal rewards. Flow of income will fluctuate throughout the month.

Students & Children: The monthly indications for children brings promising results, but only after sheer hard work. The initial stages of the month might see their health suffer to some extent. As such, lack of focus can hamper their results. Nonetheless, after 15th May, improvements are likely. Concentration levels will rise & academic success can be expected. Parental check & discipline will be needed though, to keep them away from distractions.
Possibility of studying abroad is high this month. Any support needed from the govt. will also most likely be received.

Family & Health: For the family front, the period looks mostly peaceful. Your own health may remain stable this month. However, health of your father might need attention & care should be taken. The relationship with elder siblings may suffer. But can be improved by keeping the channels of communication open.

Domestic environment is likely to run in a smooth manner. Minor clashes may be resolved peacefully. Celebrations & family outings are possible. Long distance friends & relatives might surprise you with their visit.
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