TAURUS December Horoscope


December marks the end of the year. And for Taurus, signs of low levels of energy are evident. The month may not bring in a lot of enthusiasm and should be dealt with accordingly. The chilling breeze may not allow you much comfort. Lethargy and a slow pace define this period. Family members might face some health issues and your mother should be your highest priority in terms of care and affection, particularly during the second half of the month. With a passive month on your hands, do not rush into things, as you will need to maintain a balance between your health and work duties. Financial matters should be well thought of, before final processing and slight shake-ups in career are foreseen.

Although, a sluggish month in terms of excitement, devoting your time towards family and The Divine shall boost your spirits, and belief in the cosmic powers shall allow you the internal strength to maintain your respect and fulfill your responsibilities without much harm or delay. True peace can only be achieved with compassion and belief.

Career: Career does not look in a good shape for this month. For better stability in the long run, a transfer or relocation is highly advised. For the time, avoid any quarrel or tussle with boss as the results may be disappointing and you may feel insulted. Relation with colleagues may also leave a sour taste making the work environment quite uncomfortable. Salary hike is not likely. New projects should be avoided for now. For businesspersons, cash flow seems erratic and may dampen your spirit. Indulging in a business partnership is not advised.

Career Advice -
On the career font, the month seems quite unfortunate. New job opportunities may be considered and if available, should be grabbed without a second thought.

Love & Marriage: Fasten your seat belts for a bumpy ride ahead! Marital life seems rough this month. You may even consider marriage counseling during this time. Health of spouse may deteriorate this month. All thorns and no roses can be seen on the path of romance this month. For singles, this month is not favorable for seeking new relationships due to your wavering mind. Progeny prospects are not much favorable.

Money & Finance: Financially, matters seem inconsistent. Hold on to what you have and keep your expenses in check. Family matters or treatment of illness for one or more family members may deplete your savings. Investment of any kind should be completely avoided, as financial losses are evidently present on the cards. Expenditures are likely to rise with an inconsistent cash flow.

Students & Children: Children may come under the weather. As a result, their concentration levels not likely to be too high. Their knowledge and intelligence may thrive, but shall be accompanied by frustration or aggressive traits. Students seeking higher education may face loss of focus. Distractions of ambiguous nature may divert their minds thus, resulting in dull academic results. The path to success may be filled with hurdles when participating in competitions. Patience is the word! Be patient with them. You should spend time talking to them and trying to understand their physical and mental condition.

Family & Health: Healthy eating habits shall be your best friends through December as some major health issue is likely to crop up after 20th December 2017 and need high caution. Keep a regular check on your blood sugar levels & drink sufficient quantities of water to rid yourself of urinary tract problems. Indulge in physical exercise, yoga, meditation, & breathing exercises. Health of the entire family shall be kept under constant check. Any neglect can make the matters worse. Always consider proper medical treatments for health issues as it offers a quicker and safer remedy as well as a stress-free household environment.

Health Advice - Avoid sweet & oily food items. Completely give up on junk food at least for a month.
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