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Taurus September Horoscope

Moon Sign based
Month Overview
Planet of Influence: Venus
Predominating Emotion: Requires time to hold feelings.
As per Taurus September monthly horoscope 2022, there would be many opportunities for growth of career with support of your fortune. Business will also prosper and gains from overseas will be there. Finances will be on a rising trend, but you need to control your expenditures. Love life will see some highs and lows as some challenges would prevail in initial part of the month, but later, it would improve.

Married couples would see some disagreements. Health may need your extra care as there may be some health issues that will trouble you. Students will have expected outcomes, though those pursuing higher studies may see some uphill trends. Family life will see some assorted results and your intervention will improve the situation.

Planet of Influence: Saturn & Mars
Major Trends: Growth and Prosperity

Career will see favorable results. The period will bring numerous opportunities for growing your career as the lady luck will be by your side as Saturn, lord of fortune and career, will posited therein. Your actions will be well supported by your fortune, though you may face challenges due to retrograde Saturn.

Your good work will be appreciated by your boss and peers alike, your image at workplace would get a boost. You may even win some rewards and get incentives. Your promotion may also come in this period but along with some obstacles. Business will also be profitable and prosperous, good deals will bring gains. 

Love, Marriage & Relationships
Planet of Influence: Mercury & Mars
Major Trends: Mixed Results

Love life may see good results in later half of the month, but initial part may bring some challenges in terms of disagreements and harsh exchange of words as Mercury, lord of love, would be in the place of love in retrograde motion. Things would on better lines towards the month end. Married life may face some issues related to arguments and conflicts Mars, lord of marriage, posited in house of ‘self’, better to hold back your anger at this time and try to resolve the issues by talking.

Money & Finance
Planet of Influence: Mercury
Major Trends: Highs and Lows in Finances

Money & Finance will see gains along some challenges. Journey of Mercury, the lord of wealth, will be well-posited, but from 10th Sep, it would be in retrograde motion. There would be good opportunities for income that would improve the finances, however, on the flip side, your expenditures may also remain on the higher note. But soon, the situation would get on better side under the influence of Sun and Rahu. You may see gains from foreign land which will further give you a higher platform in terms of wealth. Some expenses on hospital may also be there.

Planet of Influence: Venus, Jupiter & Mars
Major Trends: Extra Care Is Needed

Taurus Health may see some challenges. Mars aspects the house of chronic disease and due to this, your health would need your care and attention in this phase. There may be some health-related issues that would bring trouble; hence, consulting a doctor at the initial stages is advisable. You need to avoid any outside food, stick to a healthy diet plan and regular exercise is a must to improve your immunity. Adhere to the prescribed treatment as directed by the doctor for early recovery.

Students & Education
Planet of Influence: Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter
Major Trends: Assorted Results

Students may see some highs and lows in studies. You would be performing well in the exams in this period and your graph would show a rising trend, but due to retrograde Mercury (lord of education), you need to remain focused and take help of your mentor and teacher whenever you get stuck in study related things. Students pursuing higher studies, may face some challenges, therefore, they need to work hard to achieve their goals.

Planet of Influence: Mercury
Major Trends: Highs and Lows

Family life of Taurus will find some high moments as well as come across some lows as Mercury, lord of family, will be in retrograde motion from 10th Sep and give miscommunication. Second half of the month will come as an awaited happy period, since the initial days would be marred with misunderstandings and arguments among some family members. This is the time when you would take a lead in resolving the issues and bring joy and harmony among the members.