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Taurus Month Horoscope:  Overview
Planet of Influence: Venus
Major trend: You will give regard to your relationship

Predictions based on January 2021 horoscope for Taurus moon sign reveal that the month may bring up lucrative deals for businessmen. Luck will favour you for most of the month. You are most likely going to make decent progress and growth during this period.
Most of you will be able to increase your income inflow during this months’ time. However, on a separate note, there are strong chances that you or a close family member may experience sudden health issues in January 2021. It is best advised to take precautionary measures throughout the month.
According to the January 2021 Taurus horoscope, love life could be exciting for many of you as the planets will remain in a playful position throughout this month. The initial period will be very good in terms of marriage and love.

The education horoscope ofTaurus moon sign states that this month will be good and fruitful to Taurus students and children. The New year is all set to bring positive changes for Taurus natives.
The January 2021 Taurus marriage horoscope advises you to be very practical, mature, and realistic in marriage and love matters to ensure a happy marriage and love life.

Taurus Career
Planets of Influence: Saturn & Jupiter
Major Trend: Growth & Discipline

Taurus, your January 2021 career horoscope promises to be favourable for your professional life. The planetary transits and aspects will produce fruitful results during this months’ time. If you have been facing career-related issues until now, then you will see an improvement during this month.
Saturn, which governs your professional activities, will enter the house of fortune along with Jupiter creating a balanced flow on the professional front. However, there may be some delay in obtaining positive results. Nevertheless, you will attain professional growth and development.

Love, Marriage & Relationships for Taurus
Planets of Influence: Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn
Major Trends: Misunderstanding and communication gap till 28th but smooth relations thereafter

As per January 2021 Taurus Love, Marriage, & Relationships Horoscope, the month will not be very promising. There are strong chances that you will face ups and downs and troubles in your love life. This is because, Venus, the Lord of Love, will enter the house of secrecy on 4 January 2021. This placement of Venus will cause some problems in your relationship till 28 January 2021.
Mercury will be your ruling planet for love and romance and it will transit in the house of fortune with Jupiter and Saturn creating auspicious circumstances on the love front. If you are single, this might be a good time to find your soul mate. There may be some delay in the process but the end result will be good.

Predictions based on January 2021 Taurus marriage horoscope reveal this is likely going to be a challenging time as far as your married relationship is concerned. Mars will govern your house of marriage/spouse causing stress and problems in married life. Also, Ketu will nest in the 7th house of spouse bringing about difficult situations on the marriage front. It is best advised to be very careful in your speech. You would need to handle the difficult situations maturely during this period. Mars will be in the house of hospitalization/losses throughout the month. As a result, your spouse may experience health problems during this months’ time. Overall, in the marriage department, you might have a difficult time.

Taurus Money & finance Horoscope
Planets of Influence: Mercury
Major Trends: Handle money matters wisely 

As per January 2021 Taurus money & finance horoscope, you will receive economic benefits during this months’ time. Luck will favour you in all possible ways as the planets will have a positive influence over matters linked to finance. If you are planning to invest in speculative activities, then this is a perfect time. While you might be tempted to increase your income by unethical means, finance horoscope warns you not to do so. It is best advised to monitor your expenses and handle money matters carefully.

Health Horoscope Taurus
Planets of Influence: Jupiter & Venus
Major trend: Health problems related to throat and abdomen

Taurus January 2021 health horoscope predictions indicate that your lord of disease, Venus, will be in the house of chronic diseases from 4 January to 28 January 2021 causing health problems related to throat, liver and kidney. Health issues such as thyroid and diabetes are likely to occur during this period.
The placement of Jupiter,  in the ninth house of your horoscope as a lord of 8th house is indicating that your father may experience health problems in January 2021. However, you will have a speedy recovery as Sun will be in the 8th house helping you strengthen your immune system.

Taurus Students & Education Horoscope
Planets of Influence: Mercury & Jupiter
Major trend: Analytical approach and inclination to holistic studies

Predictions based on January 2021 education horoscope reveal that the month will come with mixed results. Students and children belonging to Taurus moon sign may face challenges and trouble this month. You may not be able to focus on your studies due to some disturbance. You may be inclined to philosophical studies, history, management courses, or religious studies. Those who have been planning to start a research program will be able to do it now.

Family Horoscope:Taurus
Planet of Influence: Mercury
Major trend: Smooth relations with family members

The January 2021 family horoscope predicts a favourable time for the Taurus natives. Mercury, which governs your family matters, will stay in the house of luck and fortune throughout the month creating a peaceful atmosphere at home. You will get support from your family and the planetary placements will surely create atmosphere happiness in your family life. However, in the initial days, you may have some differences with your father or elderly family member. This is because Saturn will conjunct Mercury in the ninth house. However, the presence of Jupiter will help you get rid of stress and misunderstanding.

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Taurus Horoscope Today

Outlook for Today

Today will be tough in terms of your career gains. Today indicates problems in your career ventures which may create hassles with your business partner. If you are in service you will be required to work with honesty and efforts for your career and your work will be noticed by your seniors. Home front will also demand your attention and you will make manipulated efforts for the betterment of personal relations. You will feel tired after taking steps to reduce stress in overall scenario but you are advised to take care of your health.

Specific Plan for Today

  • Business deals

    Very favourable for all kinds of business deals and new ventures throughout. This day will see positive position in the long term.

  • Love & relationships

    Positive day. There will be happiness although preoccupation of work could be present.

  • Money transactions (Loans/Investments)

    Good throughout the day.

  • Speculation in stocks & shares

    Quite favorable. There will be success in long term investments although speculation will be moderate.

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