TAURUS July Horoscope

(Vrishabha )

An excellent month awaits you. Recent slowdown & reversals at work would give way to rapid progress and growth for you. This is month when money, position, expression and the circle of trust around you would rise.

New opportunities that were in the air but not consummated, should progress after the 8th July 2019. Along with these new progress, would come new expenses on infrastructure & travel.
You will gain well by excellent expression and even support of family. Despite this blessing in relationships and partnerships you could struggle. There could be a power struggle and much against your wishes, you could get into frequent verbal spats with partner. You need to be extra cautious till the 20th July 2019.

Career – will resume its rapid march forward after the 8th July 2019. New opportunity will come up while older ones would resurface and fructify now. You need to be careful about losing a major project around the 8th. You can plan progress & other projects in the second half of the month.

Work environment would be dynamic. There would be growth in new areas. Turbulence & some sort of verbal conflict with colleagues could be present till the 20th July 2019. In all positive for work as seniors & government officials could give you good support.
Team will be active and be of much use to you. Colleagues will bring in gains & growth. You might feel some sort of competition from within the team too. Keep your eyes open, but overall you would remain in control.

Love & Marriage – Love life would be under pressure. Misunderstandings & issues would remain in life. Improvement would be felt after the 17th July 2019 when the pressures would subside. In all work & ego pressures might take a toll on love.
Existing relationships would be under pressure since partner would be unsettled and quarrelsome at times. Avoid controversy till the 20th July 2019 at least.
Marriages would be better after the 5th July 2019 as spouse would get a bit better. However verbal conflict could increase with spouse.

Money & Finances –
Money matters would be very positive this month. You might find finances swinging till the 20th July 2019  but overall gains would be substantial. A rise in expenses & financial commitments could be felt after the 5th July 2019. You should avoid extravagance & wasteful expenses. Chances of losses through speculation possible too.
Income will be good this month.
Investments would be gainful but there would be swings till the 20th July 2019. Avoid any risks in finances.

Students & Children –
Students will have an eventful month. There could be confusion in certain lessons you learn. Difficulty in comprehending what you learn could be present till the 19th July 2019. Better period for students after that. You would do very well in an exam towards the end of the month.
Children might have minor illness or other such related issues. You should maintain a balance in your relationship with children assume distances could build up too.

Health & Family –
Health will be positive. Just avoid very spicy or hot food this month.
Family life will see a rise in aggression after the 5th July 2019. Relations within family could be strained.

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