TAURUS November Horoscope

(Vrishabha )

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Overview: Taurus, your November horoscope indicates a time for self-improvements. You would focus primarily on your health and personality. Expenses on your looks are quite likely. Avoid hasty actions and over confidence, as it might lead to a loss. Remain alert against a rival, particularly after 10th November. Don’t trust people blindly and avoid being overly emotional. If running a newly started business, delays are possible. Stress due to a domestic issue is possible till 15th November. Take care of your father’s health. As November starts, a possible loss or misunderstanding due to a woman is possible. Delays at work might make you irate, though be patient. Frequent travels are likely. Chances of going abroad look strong. Near the end of November, a property related profit is quite likely.
Career: Taurus, your November horoscope suggests caution at work. Step into a new work very carefully. Regular delays might be stressful. You may restart an old or incomplete work, though avoid investing in it. Around the start of November, confusions are likely in a govt. related work. Rough behavior with your employees can lead to a possible loss. Work related loans should be considered after mid-November. Try to complete all projects within the specified time.

If in a job, you would observe a favorable period. Chances of a job change look favorable. You may rejoin an old job. You may get the desired transfer. Coworkers seem mostly supportive, though relations with seniors or boss might suffer. If aiming for a promotion, work harder to reach the desired position.              
Love & Marriage: Taurus, matters related to love and marriage would see a rosy period in November. If dating someone, relation with your lover seems good. In case of a fight, keep your ego aside and look for a quick resolution. Solve matters with love and spend more time together. Plan surprise gift for them. Around mid-November, problems due to a female friend might trouble your relation.
An old lover might return in your life, though consider them only a friend now and nothing more.
Marriage life seems good, yet keep your ego in check. Maintain a work-home balance and spend more time with your spouse. Your spouse would get new work opportunities that would improve their income and your financial condition.
If seeking marriage proposals, wait patiently and avoid taking a decision this month.
Money & Finance: Financially, you would enjoy a stable period, Taurus. You may spend on items of luxury this month. Spending on your spouse is likely. Avoid spending to show off or impress anyone. You would get the desired salary this month. Work hard and sincerely. Loan related matters seem favorable. A govt. loan might face delays till 15th November. Long-term investments in share market look favorable after mid-November. Avoid opening an old investment now, as it won’t be much profitable. You may invest in real state after 15th November. Avoid spending too much on friends, since they may only be focusing on your money              
Students & Children: Students seem to enjoy a comfortable period in November. Good focus levels would bring the desired results. Prepare well for competitions to get success. Spending too much time on the internet might affect your results. Your efforts to go abroad for further studies would bring successful results. Beware of a fake friend who might try to hamper your focus and spoil your results.
Health of your children looks stable mostly. You may plan a trip with your family, where your bonding with kids would greatly improve. Praise them in front of their friends to boost their confidence. You may send them abroad for higher studies. Prizes are likely at school.         
Family & Health:                     
As the month starts, family relations seem cordial. A family trip is on the cards. Party and celebrations on the domestic front is quite likely. An ongoing property dispute would see peaceful resolution. Till 15th November, some stress is likely due to your mother’s health. Bonding with your mother seems to suffer, yet try to maintain cordial relations with her.
Health wise, a throat or stomach related ailment might bother you and cause delays in work. Take care of your health and eat healthy. A prolonged illness might trouble your father, thus, be careful.

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