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TAURUS February Horoscope

(Vrishabha )

Overview: Taurus, your sign Lord, Venus is exalted in the eleventh house of Income. You’ll get bundle of opportunities throughout this month. Your financial status will get enhanced and you’ll have the power to fulfill most of your dreams and desires.
However, try to curb pointless expenses by cutting down unnecessary expenditure. Taurus, you seem to be inclined towards spirituality and the same factor will influence you to go out on frequent religious trips. Keep a control over your tongue and try not to fall into a verbal combat with anyone otherwise your peace of mind could get hampered to an extreme level. Abstain from placing assets in land or property related matters as odds of land related disputes are detected by 2020 February Horoscope.

Career: Taurus, this is an ideal month to commence a new business partnership. In case you were planning to step in any such venture, you can proceed with your plan. Business meetings will take a progressive shape as you’re going to receive some amazing deals from reputed organizations and clients. Your professional life will get intensified and you’re going to climb stairs of success and advancement. Business related to garments and cosmetics will be amazingly gainful in this month. If you’re involved in any such field, you can expect humongous gains and benefits.

Those who are working as an employee will have to make attempts to stabilize their position and reputation in their organization. Your rivals may try to pull you down and demolish your image by one or the other means. Hence, it becomes very necessary to maintain harmonious tie-ups with seniors and boss so that you have a strong back in case everyone stands against you.
The period after 15th February 2020 is perfectly ideal, in case you want to change your place of employment. And, those who are willing for a fresh career start will also get plentiful of job opportunities with preferable pay-scale. However, do not expect to receive hikes or promotion as this is not likely to happen in February 2020.

Money and Finance: Taurus, during this entire month you’ll have to cut down on pointless expenditure. If case you’re expecting a salary hike, in that case you’re up for disappointment. However, this month is absolutely beneficial to put resources in safe investments. There are chances of receiving ancestral property which would hold an extraordinary worth.

You’ll be able to recover from the burden of any past loan. And, in case you need financial assistance, at that point you can take loan from bank, ensuring that your bank will turn its lights GREEN and provide you a loan of your desired worth. This isn’t a good time to place assets in property/land related investment. After the mid of this month, you’ll receive financial support from your parents end. Make a point not to involve any of your relative in your existing business. Monetary matters should be kept away from personal relations otherwise your valuable bonds could get demolished.

Love and Marriage: Cupid will most likely strike its arrow into your heart as there are strong chances that you might kick start off a new love relationship with someone from professional background. However, you’ll have to hold up these emotions as this isn’t a favorable time to unveil your feelings until 14th February. Take this Valentines as a perfect opportunity to plan a romantic love proposal for your beloved.
Existing love relations will continue moving on a smooth track as partners will be truly compassionate and loyal towards each other. Utilize this beautiful period to spend a lot of quality time with each other. Plan dates, drives and movie nights on regular basis.

During this month your married life will get better in contrast to the previous month. You’ll step out of irksome situations and work together to find solutions for maintaining harmonious relationship. Your spouse will bring the best in you and will stand beside you in your worst times. As a result, you’ll witness a positive change in your married life and your In-laws will also wind up being extra polite, supportive and humble towards you. As a result, your married life will get better during the month of February 2020.

Students and Children: Students, ‘Hard work is the ultimate key to success and accomplishment’. Do not sit around wishing that things were easier. Be prepared to invest long hours and a lot of hard work. At the end of the day, all the hard work that you put in will eventually pay you off. Make a point not to burn your precious time on pointless activities because time once gone never returns back.

Those who wish to verify a seat in desired college/university shall be willing to put equivalent efforts in their preparations. If you were intending to pursue higher education from overseas, the last few days of February 2020 might bring uplifting news for Taurus moon sign.
Parents should try to maintain harmonious relations with their kids. You need to be supportive and motivating enough to enable your children experience rocky paths without any fear. Along with this, you’ll be required to keep a watchful eye over your children in order to make sure that they are in the company of people. The same goes for their well being as well. Make them adopt healthy lifestyle and dietary patterns so that they lead a happy and healthy life.

Family and Health: February 2020 will prove to be much better in comparison to the previous month. You’ll be relieved of past family issues. Your parents will wind up being supportive in all your endeavors and they’ll help you establish sound relations with everyone around. Abstain from falling into disputes with younger siblings. Ignore minor issues and so not exaggerate such matters. You may go out on a pilgrimage with your mother. This month isn’t favorable for solving matters related to heritage property. So put any such discussion on hold until next month.
There could be certain issues related to stomach or neck. You should maintain strategic distance from stressful situations. For this, you can plan a leisure trip with friends or family members.

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