TAURUS April Horoscope

(Vrishabha )

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Overview: According to April 2020 Taurus Horoscope, the transit of Venus will bring many positive changes in your life. Your health will improve, finances will be enhanced and uplifting outcomes will be regulated. During this month, your applied efforts will bring solid and visible results into your life. It will give you clarity of mind. Income flow will also improve and with this, you will be able to fulfill most of your materialistic desires.

A positive period is expected regarding love relationships. You will be very well focused on your relationship area and will spend a lot of quality time with your partner. There will be a whole lot of space for romantic moments and conversations. These factors will carry you both considerably closer to one another and you will once again; fall head over heels in love with each other.

You seem to build an unimaginable fascination for spiritualism in this month and will take interest in religious activities. This will bring positive vibrations into your life and you are most likely going to experience some unexpected (positive) events happening in your life. On 15th April 2020, Sun will enter Aries zodiac which could make you confront some undesirable circumstances. Your rivals may plan to defame your positive image so be extra cautious otherwise you may get caught up under unfavorable situations, says the April 2020 Taurus Horoscope.

Career: According to April 2020 Career Horoscope of Taurus moon sign, Saturn is placed in the Ninth house with Mars and Jupiter, which is in a debilitated state. Professional outcomes may not be very encouraging due to this transitory effect. There could be some issues between you and your business partner which will hamper your ongoing business and related activities. This isn’t a good time to step into a new business venture as odds of monetary losses are quite prominent.

The April 2020 Taurus Career Horoscope advises you to keep a control over your speech and aggression otherwise there are chances that you may fall into verbal combats with your co-workers and business partners. This period may not be very entertaining for some of you. There will be a lockdown in most parts of the world during the month of April 2020, which will automatically hamper your ongoing business activities. Patience and perseverance are a must to fight back against these situations.  

Love and Marriage: As per the predictions of April 2020 Love Horoscope of Taurus moon sign, you will go out of your way to express your love and compassion towards your partner. Your love bond will be strengthened in a way that no one will have the power to break it by any means. The happiness of being together will be reflected in your life and the transit of Mercury will further enhance your relationship in this magical month. Due to the blessings of Lord Venus-the significator of romance- you will enjoy some sensual moments together. Both, you and your partner will love spending quality time with each and will be fond of going out on dates, drives and movies.

The passionate telephonic conversations will carry you both considerably closer to each other and some of you may even plan to introduce your partner to your parents. Singles, there’s uplifting news for you as well. You will most likely come across your soul mate in this month and, this could be your golden ticket to ‘Happily Ever After’.

April 2020 Marriage Horoscope of Taurus moon sign is marking out a challenging phase for the married couples belonging to the second sign of the zodiac. You should try to resolve the matters. Keeping patience and controlling your temper will enable you to enrich your domestic life.

Money and Finance: 2020 April Wealth forecast for Taurus moon sign advices the natives to plan financial strategies as there is likelihood of you exceeding your budget, which may later prove to be very disappointing. The presence of Rahu in your birth chart can make you inclined towards quick money earning sources through speculative activities.

Income flow will further enhance from 15th April 2020 onwards as your economic status is likely to get strengthened over this time period. You may invest your resources in real estate areas and will bear good fruits out of them, says the April 2020 Finance Horoscope of Taurus moon sign.

Students and Children: On academic front, things seem to be quite favorable for those hard working students who have invested their time and energy into certain areas of academics or sports, says the April 2020 Taurus Education Horoscope. The bars will be raised quite high and you will have to work harder accordingly, if you wish to verify a seat in your desired college. Avoid burning your valuable time and resources on pointless activities. Your friends may try to distract you but you should maintain your concentration and try to manage your time in such a way that your studies are not at all affected. You may learn new skills through online courses, during this month. However, you will have to be sincere and earnest if you wish to excel in these particular areas.

Family and Health: April 2020 Family Horoscope of Taurus moon sign predicts a tough time and hardships on home front. There will be unpleasantness in the family due to conflicts between you and your parents. The interference of outsiders may further create a lot of disturbance in the family. You may feel a lack of peace and an atmosphere of restlessness may prevail as the month kicks in.
If you focus on your work, you may not be able to spend quality time with your family members. For this reason, you should manage both work and family in a way that neither of the two gets affected.

Your health is likely to fluctuate in the month of April 2020. However, if you take good care of your health, you will manage to stay physically and mentally fit. But, for that you need to maintain a work-life balance. Channelize your energy in the right direction; this will help you a lot.

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