TAURUS March Horoscope

(Vrishabha )

Luck seems to be on your side this month. You would experience progress and growth all round and a general buoyancy as there would be simple luck on your side this month. Despite the good cheer all around there would also be some long standing limitation and a glass ceiling on all you do, holding back the happiness that you want to reach out in abundance. Also besides progress, an under current of anger and frustration could be present till the 21st March 2019, that could make you snap unexpectedly as well as unnecessarily at times this month. Keep a restrain on this aspect.

You will find that this month would move in many steps. The first step would come about the 5th March when your finances & speaking skills could turn unsteady, making you prone to making mistakes. A definite level of clarity would emerge after the 15th March 2019. You will also see a jump in gains from real estate and better control over all you do after the 15th March 2019. Further 22nd March 2019 onwards there would be arise in your aggression towards others. This period could see some unnecessary fights and so try and keep a restraint. Some blocks at work and love life would be felt post 22nd also and you should remain as calm as possible.

23rd March 2019 onwards will see the strongest influence on you as Saturn moves into a long term conjunction with Ketu ( Dragon’s tail ). This would bring your health & major challenges that you are facing into a focus. Pragmatism and ensuring you seek the advice of somebody you trust would help you tide over without major issues. The lack of clarity could push you towards making changes at work but you should avoid the temptation absolutely and wait for till end of April to sail out of this phase.

Career – Work will do very well as you would be in control. You will gain due to creative ideas, suport of luck in general and also support of superiors as well as people in government and authority.  Sudden progress would come due to revival of a scheme or a process you left last month. Some blocks due to spouse / partner related hassles and competition at work could disturb matters after the 22nd March 2019.

Love / Marriage –
Love life would be very interesting now as you would be in a blissful & party zone this month. The going would be great till the 21st March 2019 when you will feel that luck is supporting you in love matters. Some ego & work related blocks could be felt after the 22nd March 2019. Marriages on the other hand will experience emotional distance & physical distance too. Spouse would gain control & would have an upper hand after the 22nd March 2019. There could be frequent disagreements towards the end of the month.

Money –
Its a great month for finances. You will feel you are in full control when it comes to money matters.Gains would be present, while a feeling of abundance would also be present. Wastage of money & unnecessary expenses are possible till the 21st March 2019 & so avoid major investments or speculation. Liquidity could remain disturbed between the 5th March 2019 & 15th March 2019.

Family / Children – again a good month for family & children. Relations at home could remain disturbed though and there might be a few disagreement & verbal duels between the 5th March 2019 & 27th March 2019. Remain careful and you will have a good month.

Health – will be good throughout although an undercurrent of physical stress or an old chronic issue would remain embedded in your psyche.

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