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Taurus June Horoscope

Moon Sign based
This month you need to be careful about your relationship. Avoid showing off and being over-confident. Avoid making any decision as Mercury is combust from 21st June which will affect your decision-making ability. It is wise to have a discussion with your seniors or elders before making any decision. This month is not favorable for starting a new business or for a job change due to retrograde Saturn. You may start a pending research work in this period. Think before talking to anyone. You may purchase a new home or vehicle during this period. This is a favorable period for government projects, work, or jobs. You may get a good position in your political career after 15th June when Sun transits Gemini. With your wit and intelligence, you will come out of any disputes. There might be more travel this month.

Career and Finance
This period is not favorable to start a new work after 21st June when Saturn is in career house. There might be more obstacles and disputes in your way. This month is not good for partnership work or starting a part-time business due to debilitated Mars. Avoid taking loans for business investment. You may crack a new project, but it is wise to work with a priority-based plan. This period is not good for a job change and maintaining distance from your junior. Don’t trust anyone blindly at your workplace. There might be short travels regarding work in this phase. You can prepare for a government job.

You can spend money on your enjoyment and luxury things. Any stuck money will get resolved this month. Avoid spending money on friends and showing off. Past investments will reap great rewards this month. Avoid taking loans for business purposes after 21st June. This is a favorable period for short-term investment in speculation and the share market. Any land investment may be profitable for you from 15th June. You may benefit through heritage properties. If you are a student, you may get admission in the desired college for your higher studies.

•    Lucky Dates for Career: 5, 6, 14, 24, 30  

•    Lucky Dates for Investments: 3, 5, 14, 23

Love and Marriage
This month is not favorable for your love life from 3rd June to 7th June, so try to maintain a distance from your partner. You may fall in love with someone but avoid proposing to them in this period after 21st June. Be loyal to your partner and have a clear conversation when in doubt. You should help your partner in their work. You may on a long drive with your partner to spend quality time with each other. You may see some ups and downs in your marital life. Avoid discussing any past mistakes with your spouse. Try to maintain harmony with your in-laws and have a healthy conversation with your spouse to iron out misunderstandings. This month is favorable for getting married.

Lucky Dates for Marriage:
2, 6, 15, 24

Family and Health
You may not get support from your siblings, but there will be a good relationship with your family members. Small get together and parties at home will rejuvenate your relationship. After mid of the month, you may renovate your home by taking help from your family members. Your parents will support you and appreciate you for your hard work. It is wise to involve your parents in your major decision. There might be stomach or throat infections in this period. Be careful about your health if you are diabetic or have thyroid.