Taurus (Vrishabha)

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You may be a socialite and love to play the host. And this month, “more the merrier” seems to be the mantra of your life. You would have an active social presence. Planets also afford you with a satisfactory income this month, which you would use extensively to fulfil your desires and get the comforts and luxuries you want. Watch out for wasteful expenses after 15th April though. Your mother and elder brother would become your pillar of strength if you are thinking to launch a startup or start a new project. You may also initiate some career related moves that relate to foreign dealings. These efforts would likely bring positive reward and new income channels.

While this seems to be a positive period overall, you may have to spend on litigation or disputes with opponents and enemies and this added expense could leave a hole in your pocket. If married, you may plan a foreign trip this month with your spouse. Business partners may also travel abroad for expansion. While you become all social and easygoing on the outside, you would be a lot more reflective and spiritual on the inside. Your interest in occult sciences would also increase during this time.

Career: Now is the time to grab that perfect job close to your home town, but you would need to make some serious efforts.  Until 15th April, you also have strong possibility of transfer, which could also eventuate as a job change. Your salary prospects would also improve now. Boss would be very supportive so you could definitely eye on that promotion still. Colleagues may also help you out in personal matters this month. High work efficiency and positive temperament would get you places. Things could be a bit demanding for those in business. You need to keep a tab on your workforce as there could be some issue behind your back. Partnerships would be more favourable after 13th April and after 15th April, income prospects would also improve.

Love and Marriage: Thinking if you could just turn back in time and set things right? Well, Venus presents you the opportunity to do so. An ex-love could resurface this month and you should accept it with all your heart. If you are already with someone, you would leave no stone unturned to make an impression (may end up spending heavily). Cosmos is flooding you with passion and sensuality so expect lusty romance this month. Married couples would have a smooth life too, but things would be much better after 13th April. Planning a surprise for your partner could go a long way into rebooting your married life. If unmarried, it’s also time for wedding bells to ring. You might get a decent marriage proposal.
Money and Finance: Money is on your mind this month! With Sun-Venus combination in your income house, your own needs and desires would remain under the spotlight this month. At the same time, you would also want your family to flourish with luxuries and possessions. Serious efforts would be needed to boost the income and you seem to be well ready for it. Time to rejoice if you are in a creative field as exalted Venus in your house of income and gain is going to be supportive to your efforts! You should trust your efforts when luck favors you, as luck & efforts together seem to make it a good month financially. More...

Children and Students: Children might feel a bit low in terms of health. There could be some unexpected health issues or accidents, for which they may have to take a break from studies. Your own behaviour as a student could be a bit overconfident after 17th April. This isn’t the most opportune time if you are expecting results but success in competitions is very likely. You may be in need of extra guidance or tutorials. Education abroad could be possible if you make efforts. There could be some education related expenses too. You should take care of your health too.

Health and Family: While you would largely enjoy a sound health, some temperament issues could persist after 13th April, which could in fact trigger anxiety too. On the home, first half of the month would also be a bit difficult front as there could be disputes among the family. Your friends would help you a lot in resolving family feuds. Siblings would be quite supportive too this month. A new member may also make way into your life this month or a family occasion would bring you all together, fostering a sense of belongingness. Chances of getting ancestral property are in the cards too.  


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