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Taurus January Horoscope

Moon Sign based
Venus transits career house from 22nd Jan, so this is a good phase for investment in business related to beauty, garments, designing or other creative work. You may take an interest in research related work. In addition, there might be some stressful situations till 13th Jan due to Mars retrograde position. There may be some trouble in wealth and immovable properties. You might get into any court case due to Rahu-Ketu, so avoid any illegal work or unnecessary disputes.

There would be unexpected expenses on travels which would lead to stress. There would be improvement in your career due to Saturn movement in Aquarius after 17th Jan, so be ready for that with new energy. Your parent will support you and with their blessings, you may start a new course that would help you in your career.

Career and Finance
Planetary movement indicates you to be patient if you face delay in getting new project. Hasty approach in investment would be troublesome till 17th Jan. You may spend money in foreign project, but it is better to take advice of expert or senior. Any work, which had stopped in the past, can be started this month with courage, but avoid investment in it. Your hard work and efforts would give you new opportunities which you are looking for. Work promotion and salary hike is indicated this month.

Transfer is possible in this period if you are looking for. After 13th Jan, it is a favorable phase to start a partnership business. For finance, this is the phase to be cautious regarding money matters as chances of fraud are there.

Be careful and read the document, assignment or cheque properly before signing it. You can lend or borrow loan this month. Share market investment should be done after 18th Jan. Avoid land or home investment after 14th Jan. You would get passive source of income like, rent, interest etc. You may spend time and money at religious place. Your financial situation would be better than last year but avoid unnecessary expenses. If you are a student, then you should work hard to get remarkable result for admission in foreign shores.

•    Lucky Dates for Career: 5th Jan, 10th Jan, 11th Jan, and 29th Jan
•    Lucky Dates for Investment: 1st Jan, 11th Jan, 20th Jan, and 29th Jan

Love and Marriage
Taurus’s January Horoscope suggests you to not accept relationship proposal till 18th Jan due to Mercury’s retrograde motion. If you are committed in a relationship, then chances of breakup are possible due to misunderstanding. Be loyal to your partner and avoid love triangle. Maintain a distance from the person you are getting attracted towards. If you are married, then this time is not favorable for you because of the existence of a third person. Try to have a healthy conversation with your spouse to maintain harmony in your marital life. Your spouse will support you in career and finances. Trust your partner for a better relation. Avoid using harsh word while having conversation with your spouse.

•    Lucky Dates for Marriage: 2nd Jan, 20th Jan, 23rd Jan, and 29th Jan

Family and Health
Since Mercury is in retrograde motion with Sun, so misunderstanding would ruin harmony in the family. Your responsibilities might increase this month which could cause mental stress. Be careful while talking to someone in family and avoid using harsh words. You may arrange a small party at home. Take care of your mother’s and father’s health. Children’s health should be monitored properly this month. Avoid stress for a better health. Avoid overeating and take care of your diet while traveling. Leg pain is possible.