May Taurus Horoscope Moon Sign based

taurus Aries
This month Jupiter’s transit in your sign will bring excitement and enthusiasm, but do not spoil the work done by getting too excited. Any actions and decisions must be taken very thoughtfully. The time is not right to start new work, but if any work related to buying or selling a house was stuck or pending, then it will be completed.

After May 19, you can buy a house or initiate work related to decoration of the house. This month, you will give yourself time and spend money to pamper yourself. However, you are advised to drive a vehicle carefully. Also, due to the exaltation of the Sun, your mother will get full support till 14th of May, and she can get the desired government post. You yourself can occupy a good position and you will get support in finance or bank related work. But avoid taking or giving out any loan at the end of the month.

Due to Saturn, the lord of business, this month is good for any work. But there may also be some kind of confusion in partnership which will create a state of tension in the mind. You will have to work wisely because of Rahu’s placement with Mars. If you must take a loan for work, it will be available on time. But you should not help anyone with money owing to your emotional attachment. There may be confusion due to some kind of politics in the job sector.

Success in promotion can be witnessed at the end of the month. A new job will be available this month and the prospects for a government job are excellent. This is the right time to change jobs but avoid being too clever or egotistic in front of your boss.
Lucky Dates for Career- 5, 10, 11, 29

Love & Marriage
You may observe obstacles in romantic relationships, failure if you express your love to someone, discord due to the arrival of a third person, and lack of coordination due to Mercury being debilitated and with Rahu till 10 May. You are advised to take care of any situation before it gets worse. For any work, take advice from your lover after the 10th and help them with their finances.

There may be troubles in married life due to ego and disputes, creating a lack of happiness in married life. There may also be mutual tension due to some kind of misunderstanding owing to Mars’ placement with Rahu. For unmarried people, if any new relationship comes, be careful about it.   
Lucky Dates for Love & Marriage- 2, 20, 23, 29

Money & Finance
If you must do any transaction, do it in after 10th of the month only and avoid giving money to anyone after May 19th. Be patient regarding the work situation and there may even be ups and downs in the financial situation. There are chances of receiving government help.

Note that a decision taken in haste will be harmful and the financial situation will improve at the end of the month. There is a hope of profit and blocked money will also come back. However, the expectation will not be fulfilled yet and do not give money to your friend or elder brother, otherwise the money given will not be returned.
Lucky Dates for Money & Finance- 1, 11, 20, 29

Students & Children
Students can make a good start in their studies but will not get success in the beginning of the month. There are chances of success with hard work but only after May 10, and loss may occur due to overconfidence. After May 10, any desired achievement in the field of education is possible. Your friends will also be fully supportive of you, and you will get support from parents. Efforts related to foreign education will be successful. The expectation of government benefits in education will be fulfilled.

However, the expectations from children at the beginning of the month will not be fulfilled. Take full care of their health, drive vehicles with caution, and too much internet will also lead to loss of time. Children will receive the news of desired success only when Mercury changes its debilitated sign on the 19th of the month.

Family & Health
Some arguments with elder siblings are possible, but the matter will be resolved by sitting together and talking. You will have to meet relatives living abroad. After a long gap, there will be a small get-together, in which mutual love will increase with the support of parents. The period is good for your health but be careful about your father's health. If you leave the house out of anger, some kind of accident may occur.

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