TAURUS September Horoscope

(Vrishabha )

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Overview: Taurus, your monthly horoscope is here & brings excitement & enthusiasm for you. However, you also need to avoid overexcitement & maintain a calm approach to make the most out of every situation. Work in a planned manner & take calculated decisions. New work or ventures are not supported now. Any hindrances related to sale/ purchase of a house will be sorted. You will spend on yourself, your wardrobe & possibly on a new vehicle. Sun is in its own sign i.e. Leo. Any on going tussles will be resolved now. Your mother will fully support you. She may be appointed to a desired govt. post this month. A promotion may see you moving to a better position at work too. You will get the needed support for a bank related work. Travels will occupy most of your time this month & will fetch you good gains. Saturn in the 8th house aspects your career house. Delays & minor losses at work may crawl in. Thus, proceed carefully. Good profits are depicted, with controlled expenses, which will boost your financial stability. Parental property might become a cause for disputes. A new research may interest you.

Career: Your career prospects are depicted under hazy conditions & you should proceed with care. Saturn, the lord of house of profession, is in the 8th house. Don’t trust people blindly. Partenrships may face confusions, leading to stress. Take well-measured decisions. If seeking a loan for professional work, you will get it. If seeking to repay an earlier loan, you will be able to do it comfortably. New projects will be highly profitable for your finances as well as reputation. Clashes with workers are possible.
If in a job, you will see success & growth now. Prospects of a new job will see positive developments. A promotion is also possible. If in a govt job, the period seems to bring splendid results for you. You hard work is likely to get you a higher post. You may seek a job change, as the time looks favorable. However, strictly avoid stepping into arguments with your boss.

Love & Marriage: Love & marriage prospects appear to be facing mixe results this month. Any hurdles in love relationships will be eliminated now.

If you plan to propose someone this month, chances are you will get a positive reply. However, interference from a third person might create confusion & ause clashes.

Mercury is posited with Sun. Ego tussles can spoil the harmony & you should act before it is too late. Any new work should be started only after discussing it with your partner. Support them financially.
Married life will see frequent clash of opinions & egos, leading to lack of harmony & stress. Misunderstandings can further make things worse.

If looking forward to get married, new proposals may come your way but you should remain watchful & proceed with extreme caution. Do a detailed background check before taking a decision.

Money & Finance: Your financial condition looks to be improving this month, Taurus. Monetary transactions one now will be profitable. A withheld or pending payment is likely to be cleared now, thus boosting your financial condition. Personal enjoyments will be center of your expenses. You will successfully clear any pending loans. Hasty decisions should be avoided, as they will most likely lead to a loss. Financial condition will eventually improve by the end of the month. Matters will mostly be in your favor, reflecting possible gains, however, your expectations may not be fulfilled & an investment might not bear the desired fruits. Real estate is a suitable option for investing with the help of a friend or elder sibling. Purchase of a house or land is possible.

Students & Children: The monthly readings denote a rosy term for students. Initial stages of the month might not bring the desired success, however, after that, successful new beginnings & achievements are indicated. Your hard work will bring the needed opportunities, though stay away from overconfidence. Friends & family will support you now. Your efforts to go abroad for further studies may bring you the desired results now. If seeking govt. help for studies, you will get it this month.

At the start of the month, your kidsm may not be able to match your expectations. Take care of their health. A lot of their time will be wasted on internet & social media. Mercury is exalted now. Children will eventually get the desired success in academics.    

Family & Health: Your family front appears to facing minor disturbances now. Qaurrels with younger siblings are indicated, though talking things through will bring peaceful resolution. Relatives from abroad may visit you this month. After a stretch of clashes, a celebration or party on the domestic front will make things better & boost harmony in relations.

Your health looks mostly stable now. However, health of your father might need your attention. Cold, cough, or blood sugar related problems should be dealt with urgently.         

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