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Pisces December Horoscope

Moon Sign based
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Month Overview:
Planets of Influence: Jupiter
Predominant emotions: Sensitive and compassionate

As per Pisces horoscope, the month of December will be generally fine. Career will see a growing trend especially from links of foreign land or if you are a part of MNCs etc. Even business will do good.
Love and marriage will be on happy notes. Love partner from a foreign land may attract you. Married natives may feel some issues in their personal lives.
Financial stability will be there in this month. It better to avoid any unwanted expenditures during this phase.
Health must be taken care of as there may be chances of an accident or some blood related problems which will pose some problems.  
Students will see better time and for higher studies, this month is favorable. Family life will be little challenging and difficult to maintain harmonious relation with family.

Planets of Influence: Jupiter, Sun & Mercury
Major Trend: Growth and success from overseas

Pisces Career will be very beneficial for those who have work related to foreign land or those who are working in MNCs. There will be good growth in your job from foreign land.
After 16th Dec, the Sun will enter in house of career and stay there till the end. This will bring success in competitions, benefits from govt or authorities etc.
Sun is placed with Mercury from 10th to 16th Dec that will make your communication very influential.
Business will also do well during this phase. There will be many opportunities that will bring gains leading to stability in your work.

Love, Marriage & Relationship
Planets of Influence: Moon, Mercury & Sun
Major Trend: Smooth and emotional bond

Pisces Love life will be sweet and smooth in this month of December. You will be emotional in your relationships and will come closer to your partner.
You may get attracted to a person of foreign origin who may become your love partner.
Married life will remain good during this month. However, Mercury, the lord of marriage and spouse will sit together with the Sun in the 1st week which will bring arguments and will affect your relationship.
However, the balance of the month, things will be smooth and harmonious. You may plan a visit to abroad and spend quality time with your life partner.

Money & Finance
Planets of Influence: Mars
Major Trend: Average results in terms of wealth

Pisces Money and finance during this month of December will remain average. Married persons will get some benefit from your in-laws that may come in the form of some financial help or support at the time of need.
Try to avoid investment and unnecessary expenditures as this may pose a problem. Even though inflows will be there, there will also be equally opposite expenditures that will deplete your finances.
You must plan your earnings and expense for better sailing through this month.

Planets of Influence: Mars & Sun
Major Trend: Hypertension and body ache may disturb you

Pisces health horoscope will be little problematic in the month of December. You need to be careful about your health during this month as some blood related problems may exist during the month.
Some accidents may also take place. Therefore, avoid driving and performing any adventurous activity during this month. If it is unavoidable, then drive slowly and carefully or take a driver instead of driving yourself.
Mars is placed in house of chronic disease and the Sun is the lord of house of disease. These positions may bring problems related to your heart or blood during this month.

Students & Education
Planets of Influence: Moon, Mars, Sun & Ketu
Major Trend: Hard work and determination

Pisces students will do good in their studies during this month. You will study with proper planning and in a systematic way.  
Those who are doing higher studies may face some problem during the month as Ketu is posited in house of higher studies.
However, this will not be a very big issue and you will overcome it with ease. Therefore, nothing to worry about. Keep doing your hard work for better results.  

Planets of Influence: Mars
Major Trend: Disagreements and conflicts

Pisces family life will not be very harmonious during this month of December. Mars (planet of destruction) is the lord of family house and is not well placed in your horoscope.
This may give harsh and blunt speech and tendency for arguments which is not a healthy indication for smooth relations with anyone.
Those who are married may have very strained relations with their in-laws in this month. You need to be calmer and patient when you are with your near and dear ones.