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Pisces October Horoscope

Moon Sign based
Month Overview:
Planets of Influence: Jupiter
Predominant emotions: Emotionally oriented with deep feelings

Pisces horoscope for October 2022 may see good growth and prosperity in career, there may be opportunities for new and better job and promotions will be there on the cards. Business will also grow in this phase. Finances will see growth in property and gains in ancestral property. Love life may see disagreements and arguments, whereas the married life will be stable and have an essence of love. Your health may see minor issues that will bother you due to changes in climate. Students will have desired results both in the higher studies and students of lower classes. Family life may pass through some demanding times and there will be disagreements among the family members, you need to control your anger.  
Planets of Influence: Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn
Major Trend: Better Career Prospects

Pisces Career may see have opportunities for prosperity. Jupiter, lord of career, will be transiting in house of self and bring many opportunities to raise your career. Your career will be on a rise, and in case, you are planning to change your job then you may get better position in the same office or may get a new job with better prospects. You may also get a promotion in the office and have a higher salary package. Your worth in the workplace may get a boost with your good work. Business will also see a growing trend and there will be expansion plans but due to placement of business lord, Mercury, in the house of suddenness, may give hurdles or difficulties in your profession.

Love, Marriage & Relationship
Planets of Influence: Moon, Mars and Mercury
Major Trend: Stress in Love Matters and Blissed Married Life

Pisces Love and Relationship horoscope in October 2022 will pass through some rough patches. Planetary configuration would indicate hurdles and miscommunication in love life. There may be differences in opinion between the lovers and this may lead to arguments, better for you to avoid conflicts, listen to your partner’s viewpoint and avoid interference of any third person. Married life will see testing time in this month, but will be happy and satisfied with each other’s company. You will share good understanding with each other’s problems and find solution amicably.

Money & Finance
Planets of Influence: Mars and Rahu
Major Trend: Gains in Property

Pisces Money and Finance in October 2022 may see some great opportunities for earning. Rahu position in place of wealth brings monetary gain from various sources. There will be benefits from speculative activities on the cards. There will also be new expenditures that may increase your outflow of money, therefore you need to plan your finances and then progress further. There will be gains from property related dealings that will enhance your wealth. Gains from ancestral property may also be there on the cards.  

Planets of Influence: Sun, Venus and Mercury
Major Trend: Minor Health Issues

Pisces health in October 2022 may find some tricky situations at times. Planetary configuration during this phase would indicate largely your health on better notes, however, at times, you may face stomach related problems or some issues due to changes in the climatic conditions like cold, cough, viral infections etc. You need to consult the doctor when you see some symptoms and avoid any delay in taking treatment.   

Students & Education
Planets of Influence: Moon, Mars and Mercury
Major Trend: Expected Progress in Studies
Pisces Students in this month may face some fortunate times. Students pursuing higher studies or professional courses will find this period rewarding. The students in the lower classes will also have a good period, their plans for studies will be implemented as per their desires and this will benefit them. You need to focus more on your studies and devote more time for better performance.

Planets of Influence: Rahu and Mars
Major Trend: Mixed Trends

Pisces Family may see some highs and lows. There will be peace and harmony in the family, however, due to some property related issues there will be rift between the members and arguments may take place. Rahu posited in family house give you anger and disagreements with family member. It will be advisable to control your anger and take wise decision under the guidance of elders to resolve the issue. You need to listen and understand the view of other members of the family and control your aggressive attitude. Your siblings will extend their support in this matter.