PISCES March Horoscope

(Meena )

March would be a growth oriented month where you will find your luck as well as new opportunities would support you. This month would be a level of activity and would keep you busy. There would also be a high level of focus on career & professional opportunities. Mostly you will find yourself on an upward trajectory when it comes to career. Despite all the positive, you might feel disturbed and angry on a sub-conscious level. This could make you speak harshly or lash out at people close to you. The trend is high till the 21st March 2019 & so it would be better to be cautious.

This month will see gradual changes as you move along. 5th March onwards you will feel a rise in worry and niggling feeling of something being out of place. It would be useful to evaluate things around you and try and settle things down. If you miss the opportunity, a larger worry in financial matters might come up after the 15th March 2019.

Also 22nd March 2019 onwards you will see a new growth cycle as well as possibility of travel to improve work prospects. Mostly this will give you a good boost.

Lastly 23rd March 2019 onwards you might start thinking about making some unconventional changes at work. This new trend is not helpful to you & you should avoid making any strategic moves since this changes could bring some setbacks at work in the long term

Career – There will be luck & progress. New areas will open up & you will see good growth. You should consider getting a career coach or a person you can give you strategic direction in the next few months. Its a period of hard work. Try your best to cover as much ground as possible.

Love / marriage –
Love life will be great as the month begins. You will be high on sex appeal and hectic socializing. New love possible, if you are looking. There would be a slow down after the 22nd & so make the most of the time before that. Marriage matters would be unsteady. While you will socialize well still an undercurrent will run after the 5th March 2019, that could spoil your outlook. Dip in relationships could be felt after the 15th March 2019 & so avoid controversy and unnecessary issues this month. War of words would be a very bad idea.

Money – finances would be unsettled a bit since liquidity would be poor and at the same time, you might end up spending un unnecessary things and areas. Avoid spending on luxury as that could spoil your balance in finances very significantly. Keep away from real estate investments.

Family / children –
family life will be somewhat aggressive. Avoid controversy as much as possible. Matters relating to children would be good. Just avoid negativity & over administration of authority upon children.

Health – low energy / stamina could be felt as the month opens up. Due to lower immunity, coughs / colds etc could also come up. Good improvement will take place after the 15th March 2019 in health.

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Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac wheel - the dreamer, the hopeless romantic, the psychic, and the most sensitive of all. Pisces is a Latin term for ‘fishes’, which is the symbol of Pisces too. Their intuition is strong, thus Pisces act like a psychic sponge, absorbing the emotional undercurrent surrounding them. They tend to paint a rosy picture of the world, and when faced with harsh reality,... Read More