Pisces (Meena)

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The month ahead is not much promising, as you would not feel good about your health. Career problems are imminent too. Nonetheless, your intellect and wisdom would support in making the right decisions. Business acumen would also improve in this period. You know how to express your emotions clearly to other people, which would bring clarity. In fact, your relationships would become your strength as long as you don’t let ego rule your temperament. Overall trends are average in Pisces monthly horoscope.

You would be more tactful and wise. You know how to handle things, and all your actions would be based on logic and analysis. Business expansion or career betterment seems to have become a priority at this time. And that’s what you should focus on indeed, because career demands attention. You may also travel frequently due to business, especially to foreign countries. Broadly speaking, the period after 13th October requires a thoughtful approach and control on impulse and aggression. As long as you do that, things shall remain fine.

Pisces career forecast in October

Career may be instable due to some unexpected issues. Dissatisfaction may pervade and you might feel lack of interest in what you do. Work pressure and responsibilities would increase, and sometimes, things could be too much to handle. These trends may further aggravate after mid of the month, as indicates your monthly career horoscope. Pisces, you want change in your work atmosphere, but changing your job would not be as easy as it seems. If you still plan to change, make sure you prioritize work environment over salary prospects when considering new offers. If you plan to continue with current employer, make efforts to seal the creaks in your work relationships. There is a need to work on improving your bonding with boss.

Love and marriage predictions for October

Love relationships seem to be in a sinking state. While desires would increase, fulfillment may be limited. Pisces, monthly love horoscope predicts dissatisfaction and confusion in love life. Moreover, chances of deception are there as your partner could cheat on you. For singles, this is not the best time to indulge in new partnerships. There could be emotional setbacks and mood swings. Love matters would keep you mentally upset and you would be prone to taking wrong decisions so take it slow. For married, sensual pleasures abound. After 9th, physical satisfaction would get a boost.  However, progeny prospects are not good.

Money & Finance

Your money horoscope for the month looks average. Positively, October promises financial gains from trading and speculation, time to play your luck Pisces! However, the month is not much favorable for long-term investment. Income prospects would remain average. You will have to work hard to attract money. Some wasteful expenses are indicated too, especially on intoxication and enjoyment.  Nonetheless, despite these tendencies, cash flow would still be somewhat satisfactory. Savings and wealth accumulation would continue to grow at a steady pace.

October for Children & Students

Children may feel confused this month. However, their speech would be skillful and influential. The period until 13th October is favorable to take part in debates. However, on the behavioral level, you might notice rebellious tendencies in your kids. Their temperament could be unstable and prone to mood swings.
If you are a student, expect obstacles in your education endeavors. Nonetheless, your mental powers and intelligence would increase. You would be mentally active and sharp. While results are likely to be average overall, you would do well in competitive exams during the period before 13th October.

Family and health

On the health front, you may feel withered and shrunken. Just as plants need water to brighten up, you also need some dietary & lifestyle changes to revive your state of wellbeing. This month could mark the beginning of a serious illness too so take necessary precautions to avoid any health setback this month. Make sure to pay heed to your stomach and eat well.

In domestic matters, the period after 13th October is not much smooth. Ego issues and clashes would become frequent visitors to your home, causing an invisible but fatal distance. Everyone at home would consider him or herself as supreme and these dominating tendencies may squeeze love out of your family like juice out of limes. This is the time to be happy with what you have and use it to your best advantage. Take care of siblings as well, as they might suffer in terms of health.


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