PISCES July Horoscope


Overview: Pisces, your monthly horoscope depicts a hazy picture for the period ahead. Your sign ruler, Jupiter, turns direct at the start of the month & is posited in the 8th house. This is indicative that you should avoid taking any major decisions till 10th July. Remain careful while travelling at heights this month, as an accident can possibly occur. Work will keep you on your toes this month, as hindrances may crop up & lack of peace can make you irate & stressed. You may be interested in a research now & will work on something new. Religious work may grab your attention & you may embark on a pilgrimage. Keep a watch on your father’s health till 16th July & maintain a cordial bond with him.

Your responsibilities at work are likely to rise now & you should complete all your commitments on time if you want to improve your financial condition. A withheld payment could now find its way into your pocket but this can happen only through your own wits & efforts. Be wary of a fake friend who might try to impose his expenses on your shoulders. Avoid spending time & money on such people, as it can harm your financial stability. Strictly avoid acting out of haste or excitement. Follow the advice of an experienced person if you wish to avoid losses. Foreign travels may be delayed due to some reasons, which can further hinder your work. This month you will be more inclined towards enjoyment & luxuries.     

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Career: The monthly forecast for your career denotes a stressful period. Tension will prevail on the work front now. Delays in work can hamper your goodwill & you should try to complete all your projects within the designated time. Wait till September to start any new work & venture. You may grab a big deal or an offer for a higher position now. If working on a foreign based project, then try to complete it in time to get the fiscal rewards. Work related stress will exist. You may encounter the opportunity to enter a partnership with a friend. However, avoid stepping in for now.

If you seek a govt. job, then chances of getting your dream job are there till 16th July. If already in a job, then promotion is possible for you. Maintain good relations with your boss to better your salary prospects. Post 16th July, remain careful as tension may rise at work.   
Love & Marriage: The monthly readings signify a rough period for love & marriage. Lovebirds, your partner is likely to receive a good work opportunity this month, which can create distance between the two of you. You should prove your love by supporting them & helping them settle in their new position. Post mid-July, your relation may become rocky due to lack of time for each other or lesser communication. Remain careful & approach patiently.

Singles, the period is not favorable for expressing your feelings to a loved one now, as their response will either be delayed or will not be as per your expectations.
If you are married, then you are likely to enjoy a better period now. Your spouse may need your help with their work & you should rise up to the situation. Support from your in-laws as well as your life partner will keep you satisfied this month. You will enjoy spending quality & serene time with your spouse & may undertake trips as well. If you are newly married, then lack of time for each other could result in minor quarrels. Try to maintain the harmony in your relation & everything should eventually be fine.   

Money & Finance: The period appears strenuous for your finances, Pisces. Wasteful expenses are likely to rise now, which can add to your stress levels. An unpredictable or unexpected expenditure may also suddenly show up. Your savings may suffer now, as expenses will continue to increase. Be very careful while finalizing a property deal, as chances of deceit are indicated. Avoid investing for long terms in share market for now. An old investment might give returns this month. Around mid-July, a govt. related work might demand some expenses to be made. Strictly avoid taking a loan for now if you want to avoid worthless confusion. If you are in dire need for money, then search for other possible ways.    
Students & Children: The monthly indications denote a period of hard work for students in July. Confusions related to choice of subjects might prevail. Admission in a college of your choice is quite possible. Your efforts will turn destiny in your favor. Clashes with an old friend are possible now, which will keep you stressed. Wasteful expenses will also rise. Competitions or interviews will need more efforts to be put in if you want success.

Your behavior towards your kids can be rough. Complaints from their school may further frustrate you. Be very patient while dealing with them & handle such sensitive issues carefully. They might not be able to completely understand certain aspects & you will have to keep a practical approach this month. Admission in school of their choice is quite likely.

Family & Health: Your family front seems to be facing some disturbance this month. You may have some differences with family members, which will keep you mentally stressed. Wasteful expenses are expected keep your domestic environment strenuous. A party may be organized at your home to celebrate someone’s accomplishments or rewards. You may plan a pilgrimage with your parents now & should avoid getting into any arguments with them.

A stomach or lever related problem might trouble you this month. Avoid laziness & carelessness, & get these issues checked without delay. Be careful while driving. Stay alert at higher altitudes to avoid any accident.
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Moon Sign is the zodiac where Moon was transiting at the time of your birth. Similarly, Sun Sign is the zodiac where Sun was moving at the birth time. Just like morning & night together make a day, Moon Sign & Sun Sign togetherform your complete personality.

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