PISCES September Horoscope

(Meena )

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Overview: Pisces, the monthly horoscope denotes a period of restlessness for you. It would benefit you to find an area of research this month to keep yourself occupied. Otherwise, mental unrest can stress you out & make you indecisive. Tension may develop due to delays in an important task. At the start of the month, issues with the govt. can cause difficulties. Hiccups in business may result in failure to seize a big deal. Salary related confusion might also prevail. You may have to work on a halted project, which may require extra efforts. Foreign related work can also be strenuous. Religious & social work will interest you now. Your speech may reflect ego & this can spoil your relations. After mid September, a pending govt. work will come your way & you will successfully complete it. Profitable work related travels are on the cards. Profits from parental property are indicated.           

Career: The month ahead brings mixed results for your career. Any major work related decisions or new work should be taken only after 10 September. At the start of the month, avoid any misunderstandings with your business partners, as new projects may be subject to clashes. If an old worker comes back asking to rejoin your company, you should hire him.

If in a job, avoid an egoistic approach. A govt. job is possible now, where a good position may await you this month. Prospects of new job or job change look bright now. Coworkers will be supportive. However, relation with boss or superiors may take a hit. For improving your chances for a good pay hike & promotion, maintain pleasant relations with them.  

Love & Marriage: The monthly readings imply a strenuous period for love & marriage ahead. Lovers, try to keep lower expectations. Your partner may try to impose their will on you, which can be suffocating to an extent. You should remain calm & avoid overthinking. Your partner might surprise you & will otherwise, be supportive.

If planning to propose the one you love, you should wait patiently for a better time in future. An old lover might return in your life now.

If married, then differences may prevail at the start of the month. Ego clashes may spoil the fun for you. After 16 September, rise in self-esteem may fuel the fire & make matters worse. Proceed calmly & try to maintain a peaceful atmosphere on the domestic front. You will focus more on your work now. Your spouse will be more invoved with their side of the family. Rewards from the govt. are likely for your partner.      

Money & Finance: You appear to be struggling financially this month, Pisces. Confusion will exist regarding management of expenses. Your work will run smoothly though & monetary profits from the govt. are also likely. Any expected gains may be delayed or face hiccups due to confusion. Parents will support you financially. If seeking a govt. loan, you will get it. An old investment can bring gains, though they will be lower than expected. Investments are favorable only around mid September & in real estate. Avoid spending wastefully on females.   

Students & Children: The month looks passive for students. You need to keep a practical approach & focus solely on your studies now. Avoid any negative thoughts. Wasting time with friends can prove very costly in the future & should be avoided. Your hard work will fetch you success this month. If seeking an education loan, you will get it. Spend only limited time online. Success in competitions & exams is quite likely & admission in the desired college is possible.

You will spend more time with your children through trips & journeys this month. Their outlook towards studies will mostly be positive. Take care of their diet & health. Spending on them is indicated. Sending them abroad for further studies will prove to be a wise decision.   

Family & Health: Atmosphere on your family front seems to be stressed. Ego clashes due to misunderstandings are likely. Your mother will support you. Planning a family party will help sort matters peacefully & to boost everyone’s spirits. Going on a trip together can also work for you. Beware of friends who may try to misuse your trust.

A prolonged illness can trouble you this month. Stress & tension can further bring you down. Headaches are possible. Take care of your father’s health.

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