PISCES July Horoscope

(Meena )

July 2019 would be an average month. There would be some support now from home as well as your professional network, that will bringsome amount of progress for you.
The recent hurdles of the past few months should ease out after the 8th July 2019. You need to remain flexible & avoid controversy as such in day to day matters. Any form of stubbornness should be avoided as you could end up losing because of any fixedness at your end.

Domestic peace could be challenging this month as aggression at home could be high. There are chances that you might purchase real estate or move residence this month.
Damage or expenses for your vehicle or home possible after the 5th July 2019. You need to remain cautious.

Career – there would be progress now. Your network will grow & there would be a few new opportunities at work. You need to travel & meet more people for best effects now.
Work environment would be better now. There will be peace and some amount of stability at work.
Team & colleagues will be helpful. There would be new ideas & progress due to your sub ordinates. The positive phase will last till the 17th July 2019. Thereafter you might experience certain issues when dealing with colleagues. Some amount of competitiveness could be felt within the team. Avoid excessive delegation of work or sharing exclusive contacts with juniors.

Love & Marriage – Love life will be quite positive till the 16th July 2019. Sex appeal would be high & there would be positiveactivity till such time. Distances & some amount of controversy could be felt thereafter.
Existing relationships would be positive. Partner might be unsteady & unreasonable at times till the 20th. You will have a busy & fulfilling period socially till the 16th July 2019.

Marriage matters would be positive. Despite spouse being unsteady, there would be good domestic bliss and a happy phase. There would be better prospects after the 20th July 2019 in marital matters. Some amount of aggression would be felt from spouse. You need to remain cautious on that account.

Money & Finance –
Money matters will be positive. You will find gains from real estate & other such fixed money sources now. Expenses on real estate & cars etc would be high too.
Income will be better but lower than what you expect & desire. Some amount of stability would be felt in money matters.
Investments would do well now. You need to avoid any speculative investment in real estate during this period.

Students & Children – Students have a positive month now. There would be good performance overall this month. Clarity & progress would be felt after the 20th July 2019 in all education matters.
Overall issues relating to children would be positive.

Family & health – Family matters will not be easy. Aggression at home would remain after the 5th till the end of the month. Health will be below average. Chronic illnesses could create problems. You will feel a shade better after the 8th July 2019.

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