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Overview: Pisces, November horoscope shows a busy schedule for you this month. Yet you would make time for self-entertainment and enjoyment. You would stay in touch with a female friend. Destiny seems to favor you and you would work diligently towards your goals. Till mid-November, work related stress is likely to prevail. A work might take multiple attempts to be completed. Control your speech and speak wisely at all times.

Avoid making unrealistic promises that may be hard to keep. Luck is by your side; work hard to capitalize on every opportunity. Avoid making hasty decisions under anyone’s influence. Frequent work related travels are likely. Success would require a sincere and disciplined approach. You may apply for a home loan after mid-November. Courage and enthusiasm levels seem good. If part of an ongoing lawsuit, result is likely to be in your favor. Argument with a friend is likely around the end of the month.
Career: November horoscope brings mixed results for your career, Pisces. With the start of this month, work related matters seem to proceed smoothly, though delays are possible. Work related stress would prevail. Traveling for work might face difficulties and your purpose for traveling might remain unfulfilled. If in a partnership, take any work related step after consulting with your partner. Taking advice from your mother would also benefit you. New projects from abroad are possible, however, completion of such projects might face delays. You may apply for a work related loan after mid-November, if needed.
If in a job, this month looks promising for a salary hike and promotion. Relations with boss and seniors seem pleasant. Minor quarrels are possible, yet things would resolve quickly. Keeping a decent behavior would work in your favor. Coworkers seem helpful and supportive. New offers from NC’s might come your way this month.
Love & Marriage: Pisces, your monthly horoscope speaks of possible confusion in your love life. Doubts or uncertainties with your partner might stress you in November. Spend more time with each other and exchange gifts for restoring the lost harmony. Involvement of a third person might further affect your bonding negatively.

If you are single and in love with someone, proceed carefully before expressing your feelings. If needed, take help from a motherly figure. Chances are a good proposal might come to you this month. You should readily accept it.

Your marriage life looks better in November, Pisces. You may plan a trip with your spouse and spend quality time together. Your life partner might get new work offers this month. A pending govt. work is likely to be completed now. You may get the chance to work with your soulmate this month. Your in-laws might help you financially in November.       
Money & Finance: Your finances look in good shape in November, Pisces. However, increase in expenses might prove stressful. Investments in land related projects seem profitable. You may benefit from parental property this month, especially from your mother’s share. After mid-November, govt. related profits are possible. Continue with the hard work. Your father might help you financially. While carrying out monetary transactions, maintain proper paper work. If planning to invest in speculation or share market, consult your father first and then proceed. Monetary profits seem quite likely, yet confusion may prevail. Investments made earlier would profit you in November. Your monthly horoscope indicates possible spending on the domestic front. If working in the fields of export garments, beauty or education, this month looks quite profitable.    
Students & Children: Pisces students, November horoscope emphasizes on working on your focus. Concentrate on your studies; otherwise, your results might suffer. Confusion and stress due to lack of notes might trouble you. A worthless fight with a friend would disturb the atmosphere at home. Focus completely on your studies if you want to fulfill your dreams. Desired results in competitions are likely if you are willing to work hard. Consult your mother before choosing a career path.

Matters related to your children might cause confusion. Handle them with care and affection. Keep an eye on their activities and maintain a time schedule to help them manage their time efficiently. You may plan a family trip this month. Your dream to send your kids abroad for studies would take more time and efforts. If participating in sports, prizes and accomplishments are quite likely for your children.
Family & Health: Family front looks stressed this month, Pisces. Speak very carefully and softly. Near the end of November, a religious event at home may bring peace and make things better. You too should try to solve matters peacefully. Prevailing issues with your father would resolve. Lack of support from elder siblings might make you feel lonely.

Your health looks mostly stable this month, Pisces. Confidence and courage would allow you to take calculated risks and succeed in your endeavors. Be careful against any ongoing knee related problems. Exercise regularly and practice yoga for improvements.       

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