PISCES April Horoscope


Pisces, the monthly horoscope is here for you and planning is what needs to be emphasized. You possess good mental intellect & your creative ideas would be quite appreciable especially after 20th April 2018. However, your health is likely to suffer throughout the month. Thus, exercise caution. Avoid lending or borrowing money this month as financial losses may occur. Health of mother & spouse can demand your attention. You will believe in economical spending especially after 14th April 2018. Career front is being weakly denoted & not enough success would be achieved. Your inclination towards spirituality to take a back seat this month. Some fun related short trips may be undertaken especially after 20th April 2018. The month appears to be largely passive, and proceeding with a prior planning will help you greatly in this period. Practice patience.

Career: The monthly forecast for career depicts a rough phase in April, Pisces. Career stability is not broadly highlighted. Your relation with boss, superiors appears to be problematic. Difference of opinions can lead to difficulties on the work front. Your colleagues especially after 20th April 2018 would prove quite useful to you. They will be supportive and cooperative. Changing of job or relocating yourself may not help you much. Salary hike is not so largely visible this month. Avoid taking up new projects for now. Businesspersons are expected to face similar hiccups. Gains in business may not be too rosy. Business partners may not succeed in fetching the desired profits.

Career Advice -
Career prospects appear to be bleak in April. So try to adjust accordingly. Avoid taking any risks in this period. Take all career related decisions after careful planning and logical analysis. Keep a calm and patient approach on the work front.

Love & Marriage: Pisces, the monthly readings for love and marriage imply a thorny period ahead. Your relation with existing partner will remain spoiled to much extent. Be practical & diplomatic in your approach. Feelings of detachment may arise & lack of patience is seen. Spending quality time together and spending on lavish dinners can sober things down and bring back the lost flare in your bond.

Singles should not indulge in love affairs this month, as it will only hamper your peace of mind. Frequent disputes over minor issues may occur& the results may not be pleasing. Progeny prospects are likely to face difficulties. Complications in delivery are indicated. Take ample rest and avoid any risks.

Money & Finance: The monthly indications bring forth a satisfactory period for your finances, Pisces. Even though you don’t have rosy career prospects this month, yet financially, a better picture is being denoted. Do not spend much money on improving your work front, since it can result in financial instability. Accumulation of wealth will see a rise especially after 14th April 2018. Financial gains appear to be mediocre. Refrain from making any investments or trading in stock market, as they will ultimately lead to losses. Expenses will mostly remain controlled and within safety limits. Cash flow will only be satisfactory and lesser than your expectations.

Students & Children:
The monthly predictions for students & children denote a period of challenges. Health of children appears to remain unstable in April. Mental poise will be disturbed & ailments will require proper treatment to be cured completely. Their behavior can depict an egoistic approach & self-esteem.
Students seeking higher education may also lack peace of mind, as they face distractions of lust & obsessions. Outlook towards studies seems negative. More focus level is needed to get success in competitive exams. Practice Yoga & meditation to see significant improvements.

Family & Health:
The monthly horoscope for family & health signifies a hazy picture. Your own heath will mostly remain unstable this month & you may have to face stomach related problems. Consume food only from hygienic sources. Don’t lead a sedentary lifestyle & indulge in proper exercise regime. Take healthy & nutritious diet, and avoid being careless with your body.

Domestic environment seems to be unharmonious throughout the month with frequent disputes & quarrels likely to arise. Some aggression may also prevail. Lack of patience can make things worse. Use of diplomacy and patience are highly advised while dealing with family members.

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