PISCES May Horoscope

(Meena )

You would find that artistic thoughts would prevail in your mind this month. Your own nature and your sub conscious will be very happy and satisfied during this month. New ideas and creative thoughts will also prevail. Some old issues at work may be some tax matters or legal issues with their origin in 2018 could come up during this time. Luck would be pretty high this month and you will find support from many quarters. Religion will feature in your list of things and you might find yourself more spiritually inclined than usual. Travel for work is possible and there would be gains from travel also. You should avoid issues at home as fights could escalate in domestic matters during this time towards the end of the month.

Career: Career will be in a happy phase as you will find support and luck from various quarters. There would be gains especially from overseas sources. Legal hassles at work are possible so you need to be careful and some people in authority could turn against you so you need to be careful on that account. Team and colleagues are going to be positive and will be a source of growth and gains for you. Good amount of gains would come from delegation of work to your subordinates after the 10th May 2019.

Love and Marriage: Love life will be pretty happy. This is going to be a very blissful time till the 10th May 2019. Thereafter it is also a positive and happy phase and relationships will be very rewarding this month. Long term existing relationships are also going to be very happy and give you lot of peace and comfort after the 7th May 2019. Marriage matters would be positive too but there could be some worry on account of things that you speak after the 19th May 2019. Domestically there could be issues at home therefore controversy should be avoided at all times. Spouse could be angry and some discomfort due to confrontation could build up towards the end of the month.

Money and Finances: Money matters are positive. There would be gains from many sources. Financially you would find that there are chances of an inclination towards investing in real estate. You should consider this decision very carefully and decide only after you cross this month as at this time there could be some wrong data and content for you in terms of making investments. Income will be good throughout this month.

Health and Family: Family life will be happy but some discontent and distortion of events would happen after the 7th May 2019. Avoid controversy at home and with family members since extended family could get drawn into a controversy during this time. Children related matters are happy and mostly you will find positive and happy trends throughout. Your own health is also going to be positive and broadly speaking this is an easy and happy month for you.

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Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac wheel - the dreamer, the hopeless romantic, the psychic, and the most sensitive of all. Pisces is a Latin term for ‘fishes’, which is the symbol of Pisces too. Their intuition is strong, thus Pisces act like a psychic sponge, absorbing the emotional undercurrent surrounding them. They tend to paint a rosy picture of the world, and when faced with harsh reality, they retreat to the dreamland. This Pisces Horoscope Reading is based on Moon Sign, a very important Astrological Mark to know your future. Are you a Pisces Moon Sign? Find it out instantly.

Symbolized by two fishes swimming reverse to each other, Pisces tend to have dual nature, kind of devil v/s angel. Pisces is a mermaid, tender at heart but when attacked, they can quickly turn into Piranha. They can exist in two different entities, such as life v/s death, dream v... Read More