Pisces (Meena)

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You would feel very energetic and active this month and may even gain a new skill or two. However, some mental distress might persist in your life due to a female or high workload. Success in business is possible but there would be hurdles too. Market would become a lot more competitive around this time. You might make some new enemies this month or old ones may try to get under your nerves.

You would likely travel abroad this month, for business or pleasure. Thoughts of settling abroad permanently might cross your mind during this time. You would pay a lot of attention to how you look and come across. Lady luck would shower blessings upon you so you would likely sidestep any troubles. Friends would also help you a lot this month. Health however could get in the way of success, especially post 14th March. Spiritual activities and visit to religious places would offer you a lot of solace. You would also like to practice charity and make donations this month.

Career: Expect good profit in business if you work hard. Your efforts now would create some long-term prospects of growth ahead. If you take your career seriously now, your future would become a lot more stable. An offer or opportunity from foreign might knock the door. However, you need to be careful while dealing with foreigners in the first half of the month. Business partnerships would also be rewarding. You might in fact get involved in more than one business at a time. You might go abroad for work reasons after 14th March. If you were seeking a business loan, you would likely get it from a nationalized bank. You would also recover money you have lent to others.

If you are a salaried person, you would get the desired job after 11th March if you make efforts into this direction. This is a progressive time for fields like teaching, banking, law and accountancy. You would get a lot of appreciation from your boss or seniors due to your skills at work. Colleagues in fact might feel jealous of you. You would get a lot of support from your subordinates though. Your team would perform very well.

Progress would be seen in fields like social work, management, finance and astrology for you. New opportunities of career growth could come through your siblings this month so maintain a cordial relationship with them. You would be hard working and industrious this month and this approach would really help you get going at the workplace. However, there could be a few challenges too. Some colleague or opposition may try to conspire against you this month, so keep your eyes open. Overall, March is a positive month for career.  

Love and Marriage: If single, stars are moving to create chances of a new love affair for you. It could be a close friend in fact. You would spend a lot on your love partner this month because you want to build a good image and reflect a high status in front of your new found love interest. You might end up spending heavily on expensive gifts in fact. Your desires would increase during the month. There would be plenty of surprise dinners and outings. Marriage prospects are strong too. You might fix a wedding date soon.

If you are already married, you would maintain a soothing relationship with spouse. A short trip could take place too! Stay away from extra marital interests though. You would be specifically vulnerable after 11th March in this regard. Spouse may not be able to give much time to you due to high work pressure. It’s a high time for their career progress. This is the time to show your respect and not fight over petty things.

Money and Finance: Wealth prospects are substantial this month. You would however spend a lot on luxury items and beauty products. You may purchase a vehicle or car too. Long-term investments could be considered this month. Past investments would also bring positive rewards. You could also invest your money in stock market. Avoid applying for a loan in the first half though. Spouse would help you financially. Your financial journey would be smooth this month, provided you control expenses on your partner.

Children and Students: Your children would get appreciation and reward at school. Their energy level and health would also be satisfactory. Some minor misunderstanding may persist between you but things would be smooth at large. If student, expect good performance and results in exams. However, do not indulge too much with opposite sex. This is the time to concentrate on studies. Your communication skills would benefit you a lot in studies. If you are thinking to study abroad, expect some roadblocks in your way. You might in fact waste a lot of money into this direction.

Health and Family:
You would feel active and enthusiastic but at the same time, minor health troubles like headaches and knee pain could drag you down. You would experience symptoms but would not be able to diagnose the problem. Family life would remain peaceful. You might get to travel with your younger sibling this month or a family trip could occur for spiritual reasons too. Someone at home may experience health issues this month. Your father would be quite worried about you.

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