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Daily Pisces Horoscope Fri, Apr 19, 2024 Moon Sign based


Pisces Today's Forecast

In your present business, you will not face much problems & margin of profit will keep on increasing. You may plan today to expend your ventures or enter into new line of business. If you are in service, then your working conditions will improve considerably. A promotion may come your way. Family member’s attitude will be quite cordial towards you & harmony among the family members is indicated. You will have to be ready to work hard today as this day will give you fantastic results of your efforts.

Astrology Guide

  • Business & professional Activity: Ordinary day for business transactions throughout. Avoid major decisions as they could be emotional.

  • Love & relationships: Average day. No major progress possible.

  • Money Matters: Good throughout the day.

  • Dealing in stocks & shares: Positive day but major investment should be avoided as chances of wrong emotional decision possible.

  • Travel: Favourable day throughout.

  • Purchase of new house/ car: Quite favorable. The move or purchase will be peaceful and positive.

  • Gambling: Insignificant day. It would be better to avoid gambling today.

* You might find some contradiction between the Daily Forecast & Daily Planner. This is so because the Daily forecast is how your day would go while the daily planner advices on how you should plan your day. Doing the right thing or avoiding the wrong thing helps us find success & happiness in life.

This forecast is based on your Vedic Moon Sign. If you are not aware of your Vedic Moon Sign, find out instantly for free by filling the data below:

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Planet Positions & Ephemeris for (Fri, Apr 19, 2024 ) Panchanga & Planetary Positions

Planet Position Rashi Star
Ascendent 20° 12' 29" Pis Revati
Sun 5° 42' 12" Ari Ashwini
Moon 16° 18' 46" Leo P.Phalguni
Mars 27° 10' 23" Aqu P.Bhadrapada
Mercury(R) 23° 18' 17" Pis Revati
Jupiter 27° 15' 49" Ari Krittika
Venus 23° 28' 35" Pis Revati
Saturn 21° 22' 4" Aqu P.Bhadrapada
Rahu 21° 25' 1" Pis Revati
Ketu 21° 25' 1" Vir Hasta
Uranus 27° 32' 44" Ari Krittika
Neptune 4° 22' 4" Pis U.Bhadrapada
Pluto 7° 51' 52" Cap Abhijit
Tithi Ekadashi upto 08:04 PM
Yoga Vriddhi upto 01:45 AM
Nakshatra Magha upto 10:57 AM
Rahukala 10:44 AM to 12:21 PM