D9 Navamsa Reading

Significance of D9 Chart

Your horoscope can reveal not just the fated events of your life but also the hidden facets of your inner personality. Its the D9 Chart that helps zoom into your life aspects upto 9 times to reveal priceless insight on your marriage, your life after a certain age, fortune turnaround and real strength of planets of your horoscope. While D1 (or your birth chart) gives out your current situation you live in and what you do; your D9 Chart is the hidden strength of your destiny that finally calls the results of your deeds. The D9 Chart not only talks about your marriage & relations but also determines how strong all planets actually are in your horoscope, thus serving a dual & crucial purpose.  

This makes the D9 Chart the most important of the sub-divisional charts in Vedic system. Your destiny in love matters, relationships as well as the luck, description & nature of your life partner is determined by the 7th, 5th, 2nd & 12th houses in your horoscope (D1 chart) with the prime importance held by the D9 sub-divisional chart, also called the Navamsa.

Results of D9 Chart

A Navamsa Chart throws up some significant combinations & results that are not apparent with a straight study of your 7th, 5th, 2nd & 12th houses & what they reveal on the first look. The results of your D9 Chart help determine the correct description, level of mental & physical compatibility for you in relationships, reasons for success / failures in love and helps accurately time the events that would take place in your love / married life.

A good reading of D9 Chart can describe deep psychological traits, your true sexual orientation, face & body description, complexion, defects, profession, education & many vital features of your life partner. The much talked about break up of Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt can be seen through the D9 Chart, while D1 doesn't show any cracks. Mars is the 7th lord in D9 chart of Angelina pointing towards aggression in marriage & marital discord. 

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The Indastro exclusive D9 Navamsa Reading covers:
  • Description of your life partner based on your birth chart.
  • Assessment of your D9 Chart - to check the physical & mental attributes of your partner, your sexual orientation, general luck in such matters
  • Prediction for the period specified - from 2 to 15 years on matters related to your marriage & love life
  • Your general attitude towards relationships and the kind of life partner you could attract.
  • The true strength of planets as well as the results one can expect in relationships.
  • Suggestions on how to maximize happiness in love & marriage considering the D9 chart
  • How to avoid problems in relationships & remedies.
  • you can ask any 1 specific QUESTION related with your marriage/ love relationship.

This is one of the most crucial & extremely rare initiatives by www.Indastro.com to bring real Vedic astrology to its members!
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