Lucky in marriage!
Fortune is known to change after marriage. That’s the reason marriage is acknowledged as an important milestone of life. It is either known to bring in a meteoric rise or a slide in destiny. You can generally ponder over a lot of people known to you and their life that has undergone tremendous change after marriage. Marriage either brought them immense luck and prosperity or reduced the stature than before.

It is a fact that the ‘luck’ is linked to marriage, which is regarded as an important aspect or phase of life on earth. This is also well substantiated by Vedic astrology. After marriage, luck, status & position can get a tremendous push upwards as some planets placed in specific configuration in the birth chart manifest their results in the mid years of life. For instance, it could be due to Jupiter or Venus responsible for a special Raja Yoga in a chart that manifests results in the years after marriage. We have seen how the lives of several business, political, film & art related personalities have transformed after marriage. The career of Bollywood Great - Amitabh Bachchan, who was in a phase of struggle before marriage saw a meteoric rise after marriage. The political fortunes of Abraham Lincoln, Bill Clinton & Barack Obama also shined after marriage.

Luck & Marriage Reading
The luck in marriage follows path similar to working in joint/ partnership projects. Luck in marriage reading covers the following:
  • The level of luck you would get because of marriage.
  • Timings in life when spouse, partners or joint rather than the solo projects would give you the success you are seeking.
  • Astrological remedies, if required
  • Suggestions on improving your luck.

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