SCORPIO December Horoscope

(Vrishchika )

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Overview: Scorpio, your December horoscope points at a high-energy and action-packed period. Your energy and excitement levels look very good. As December starts, your horoscope witnesses 4 planets in conjunction. Change in your ways of thinking would make you a better decision maker. A positive outlook and helping others would be a part of your nature. Success in a new research is likely in December. Success would demand more hard work and more efforts. Rise in expenses as well as your traveling is likely this month. You would spend to show off in front of others. Focus on saving money. Trips abroad are possible. If trying to settle in a foreign country, chances look good this month. Speak softly and thoughtfully to maintain cordial relations with everyone. Stress related to your parents is likely. Frequent short trips are on the cards this month.
Career: Scorpio, career prospects look average in December. Rely on hard work instead of destiny. Professional decisions that you take this month would prove beneficial and help improve your prospects. You may work abroad or travel abroad for work related matters. A female friend might help you grab new work offers and appreciation. Work related profits and a desired salary are on the cards. If you have been planning to start some work, you would be able to do it in December.

If in a job, you may have to struggle this month. Take things slowly and patiently. Avoid any career risks or major changes during December. Be very careful and alert at work. Focus only on your job. Avoid arguments with anyone and concentrate on your promotional goals.     
Money & Finance: Scorpio, December horoscope shows a significant increase in your expenses. Spend wisely and economically. A female friend would help you improve your financial condition. Avoid investing in a land related work, as a loss is possible. Share market looks profitable for investments. However, invest only if you are absolutely sure. Trips abroad would prove expensive. Parents might not be able to help you financially this month. An old monetary transaction might become a subject of argument. Avoid taking a loan in December. Charity and religious work would interest you. If married, your spouse could help you in a financial matter. Profits from in-laws or inheritance property are possible.
Love & Marriage: Scorpio, your love life seems to flourish in December. If in a relationship, you may go on a long vacation with your lover. You may plan for a love marriage, though your partner’s parents might not agree on this. You would have to work hard to make sure that your lover’s family accepts you as a part of their family.

If single, December horoscope brings good news for you. You are likely to find a suitable partner, who would propose you soon.
Marriage life looks peaceful. Relation with your spouse seems full of love and romance. You may plan a foreign trip with your soul mate to spend quality time together. Financial help from your spouse would further strengthen your bond. New work offers for your partner are likely.       
Students & Children: Scorpio students should get ready to grab every opportunity that comes their way. Hard work and sincere efforts would fetch you the desired results. However, results may take time to reach you. Avoid spending too much on friends. Focus on your studies and think less about the opposite gender. Wasting your time on social media could prove dangerous. You may choose an additional subject to study this month, which would require hard work and a disciplined approach to get good results.

Scorpio, your children might face distractions due to friends or spending too much time on sports. Make sure they spend their time wisely and help them follow a strict time table. If interested in sports, you may prepare them to play at higher levels. They might also be interested in a deep research in December.       
Family & Health: Scorpio, your family life seems average in December, with chances of arguments. Doubts or misunderstandings might create problems. Speak softly to avoid spoiling matters further. Around mid-December, stress levels may reach boiling point. Be very careful and patient in your approach. Instead of spending time away from family to escape the situation, try to diplomatically bring everyone together. Family might not be able to help you financially. A friend or outsider might help you relieve of your stress.

For your health, December seems somewhat rough. Blood pressure related ailments and stress might slow you down. Headaches or body acne might trouble you. Avoid eating very hot food. In case of a chest or breathing issue, immediately consult a doctor.

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