SCORPIO April Horoscope

(Vrishchika )

April 2019 would be a positive month for you. You will be creative and achieve a lot, but would remain way too aggressive for proper dealings with people close to you. New ideas and creative thoughts would rush in. You would do well to keep a clear perspective.

It is a period to plan out your strategy well. It a time to avoid increasing your efforts and taking risks unnecessarily as the level of luck is just about average now.
You mid and decision making will be in a state or worry and confusion. Avoid major decisions till the 16th April 2019.

Career – will be in a phase of growth and new ideas. If you can shed your ego, career would grown well after the 15th April 2019. There would be new avenues which would open up and hard work will bring very good gains now. Support would come from friends and family. New ideas should be encouraged.
Work environment will be average but you might be on a short fuse. Avoid controversy.
Team members will bring in rich returns although you will find them volatile and not fully coherent at times.

Money & financial matters would be very good. You will get a good flow of funds although liquidity would be erratic till the 16th April 2019. You should make the most of events and try and finalize all deals as soon as possible, since a slowdown could come after the next month.

Income will be good throughout.

Investments will give rich returns, although speculation should be totally avoided.
Family & health – family life will be very good, although there would be phases of aggression and some politics. Avoid controversy or a fight.

Health will be good throughout. Patients of hypertension should avoid anger.

Love & marriage – Love life will be good throughout. Sex appeal & confidence will rise after the 14th April 2019. Great time to meet someone new.

Relationships will be happy but very busy. Love will be in the air but you need to control the events around you and any sort of controversy. Better phase after the 14th April 2019.
Marriages will be very happy and positive throughout. Social activity could rise and there could be some stress post 14th April 2019.

Second half of the month would be better than first half of the month.

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