SCORPIO April Horoscope


The monthly horoscope is here for you, Scorpio & things seem to move slowly in April. Career wise, a good period can be expected till 14th April 2018, especially for Govt. job employees. After 14th April 2018, an increase in competition and opponents can harm your work interests as well as peace of mind. So be cautioned. Financial gains may remain only mediocre. Health of children might need your attention.

Romance will be in air for married couples mainly after 20th April 2018. Good conjugal life is being seen with spouse after 20th April 2018 & harmony is expected to prevail. Your speech will be harsh & offensive this month & you may even have an inclination towards intoxication or addiction. Try to keep your aggression and sudden urges within control. Energy levels look good throughout the month. Your spiritual inclination is likely to take a back seat in April.

Career: Scorpio, your monthly horoscope for career kind of shows a bleak picture. Career stability seems to be somewhat lacking this month. Govt. job employees can experience a wonderful period though, for others the prospects do not look so bright. You should work in or near your birth town only. Your relations with boss, superiors, & colleagues do not appear too rosy. Ego clashes with boss may occur. Your colleagues tend to avoid you because of your quarrelsome nature may not prove to be helpful in times of need. Salary hike is unlikely. New projects should be taken only if extremely bright returns are projected. Businesspersons may likewise, face a tough time as gains from business can remain less than satisfactory. Your business partner’s tactics to attract clients are not likely to be fruitful.

Career Advice - The term is not favorable on the career front. Avoid taking professional risks & take all
decisions after careful scrutiny. Remain patient and keep your aggression under control.

Love & Marriage: The monthly horoscope for love & marriage implies a positive term ahead. Relation with spouse is looking suitably good & will see more improvements after 20th April 2018. Good mutual understanding & bonding will prevail. The period after 20th April will add spice of romance to your already flourishing relation.

For singles, the month looks unfavorable. Any beginnings will only be short-lived & feelings of disconnect in areas likely to take over eventually. Progeny prospects can face hiccups. Normal delivery may not occur & cesarean is possible. Take all the necessary precautions.

Money & Finance: The monthly forecast for finances depict a hazy picture. Trends in money matters may not completely favor you in April. Financial gains may not match your expectations. Stay away from making any kind of investments or trading in stock market, as the consequences would be terrible. Expenses are likely to be directed more towards spouse & their comforts. Cash flow will be mediocre.

Students & Children: The monthly indications for students & children denote a transitional term. Children’s health is likely to remain unstable for almost throughout the month. As such, their energy levels will mostly be low. Their speech will reflect hints of ego in it, while their behavior can become aggressive at times.

For students seeking higher education, lack of focus and concentration will lead the way. Distractions from opposite sex can deviate them from their career paths. Parental check is needed to bring them back on track. Success in academics will require a lot of hard work.

Family & Health: The monthly predictions for family & health brings forth a comfortable atmosphere in April. Your own health will mostly remain stable. Some minor ailments may occur but you will still show quick recovery.

The domestic environment though apparently can remain a little tensed during the first half, the latter stages promise a peaceful and friendly home front. Mutual understanding and bonding among members will prevail.

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