SCORPIO July Horoscope


Overview: Scorpio, your monthly horoscope is out & the period looks passive for you. You need to avoid taking hasty decisions out of excitement, as it can cause severe damage or loss this month. Your aggressive or stubborn approach can spoil your relations. A govt. related work can cause trouble. Follow the ethical & legal route, & be very careful while managing the work involving a lot of paperwork. A land related matter can face some delays. Frequent short trips will prove to be fruitless & may only lead to mental stress & waste of time. A foreign related work or trip can be beneficial & help you expand your network, resulting in financial profits. Strictly avoid stepping into any quarrels or arguments this month, as chances are you will be accused & punished severely for others’ mistakes. Any new venture or work related expansion should be well planned & carefully thought over. Yet only the period after mid-July looks favorable for it. You will be very zealous & full of excitement, yet don’t let your enthusiasm blind you out of the logic.

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Career: Professionally, this month looks sluggish for you, Scorpio. If you are planning on work expansion or stepping into new work ventures, then the period post mid-July looks favorable to make any investments. You can expect good offers from a foreign based company this month, which will boost your future prospects as well. Your good will in the market will rise & your work will get you appreciation & fame. Frequent short trips for work are likely, but will mostly fail to produce any results & will only add to your mental woes. Businesspersons can see partnerships develop & help your work to flourish & bring success in life.

Jobholders, this period is very sensitive & you need to be very careful now. Speak carefully with your colleagues & avoid sharing any information that may hurt your job prospects. Clashes are possible with boss or superiors out of confusion & should be avoided at all costs. Keep a calm approach at work. Promotion or matters of salary hike will remain clouded by uncertainty.

Money & Finance: The monthly indications depict mixed results for your finances. Monetary constraints will prevail, yet your expenses will continue as usual. An item purchased earlier might seek financial involvement or its exchange might demand some added expenditure. Foreign travels will prove heavy on your pocket. Mid-July onwards, a govt. related work may earn you money. An old investment might also bring good returns in this period. Earnings from your life partner will further improve your financial stability. This period is not favorable for lending or borrowing of money; thus, be extremely watchful as you might be cheated upon. Results from a land related investment can face delays now. Long term investments in share market are highly supported now. 

Love & Marriage: Prospects for love & marriage look good this month. You will spend quality time with the one you love & a cordial bond may develop, leading to chances of marital discussions. However, lack of support of family can cause tension.
If you are single, an online proposal may come your way this month & you should readily accept it. If you have recently broken up, then around 16th July, chances are you will meet your new partner & shower you with love!

Married life will improve & stress levels will reduce now. You may travel together & go on a shopping spree, which will boost your spouse’s spirits. You may start a new work with your partner, which will be a relief to your spouse.     
Students & Children: The monthly forecast shows a sparkling term for students. You may get the opportunity to go abroad for further studies now. Admissions in school/college of your choice are highly likely. Rewards in games & competitions are also on the cards for you, which will make your parents proud. Take care of your health; only then will you be able to concentrate on your studies. Avoid showing off too much in front of your friends, as things may go out of hands. This month, you may support your juniors, which will be a proud & happy moment for you.

Your children will mostly be interested in playing or spending time online. As such, their studies may suffer. They may be scolded by a friend’s parents. Participation in sports & competitions is possible & you will enjoy with them. Prizes are also likely for them. Your kids will be energetic & possess good stamina.   
Family & Health: Your domestic front appears to be going through a rough period this month. Though lack of financial stability is indicated, with your support things can change for good & you may feel satisfied. Control your aggression, otherwise your relations with younger siblings may take a hit & even your father won’t support you. This can deeply affect your prospects in matters relating to heritage property & you will have to face a loss. Keep a humble & loving attitude. Parties & celebrations are on the cards & will prove to boost everyone’s spirit & bring happiness to the family.

A blood related issue may trouble you now. Keep your blood pressure levels under regular check. Be careful while driving & take additional care of your head. If a throat infection is bothering you, then avoid delays & have it checked by a doctor immediately.
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