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Overview: Scorpio, after 12th October, Jupiter transits your Moon sign. Before that, you might remain irate and out of focus and you should avoid being aggressive or taking hasty decisions in this period. After 12th October, some relief is expected. This month, you may profit from a govt. related work. Follow a moral path of living and avoid taking illegal shortcuts to success. A land related work will not face any more delays. Frequent short trips are likely, but will only add to your stress and will mostly be worthless. Foreign trips may fetch you work related gains as well as expansion of contacts and new projects. Avoid any clashes this month, otherwise you may have to face major losses. New work beginnings may be planned but only before mid-October. Excitement and zeal will remain high, yet remain careful and alert. If part of an ongoing lawsuit, be careful & expect good riddance around November. If undertaking a pilgrimage, avoid any kind of show off. Spending on a female is depicted.            
Career: Professionally, this month looks sparkling. New ventures and work related investments should be made only before mid-October. Offers from a foreign company may come your way, which will benefit you largely. Your reputation will improve in the market and chances are one your products may become famous now. Frequent short trips may stress you out and should be avoided. If working in a partnership, you may benefit due to your partner. If working with a female partner, then exceptional gains are likely.
If in a job, then the period appears to be sensitive. Proceed carefully. Try for a job change only around November. Be careful of what you speak about with your coworkers. If facing confusions with boss or seniors, then you can expect some relief this month. Prospects of promotion or salary hike might still remain uncertain. Don’t lose hope and be patient.
Money & Finance: Financially, the monthly forecast displays a rosy term for you, Scorpio. All money related work will proceed smoothly. Expenses will continue in the same fashion. An old or a foreign purchase might require more spending. Foreign travels will prove to be expensive. At the start of the month, you may benefit from a govt. related work. Returns from an old investment may might cause confusion. If married, then income of your spouse can help you sort an important task this month. Avoid taking or giving loan this month, as you may be cheated. Land related investments will bear positive results. Long-term investments in share market are favored.   
Love & Marriage: Scorpio, you will spend a romantic time with your lover this month. Serene trips with your partner would further boost harmony. You may plan to take it a step ahead and think about love marriage.
A social friend may turn into a lover for you now. If you receive a proposal, you should readily accept it.
Chances of an old lover returning in your life are high & things may take a positive and romantic turn.
If married, marital harmony will prevail and stress will be reduced. Foreign trips and expensive gifts for partner are quite likely. You may step in to a new work with your spouse, which will be a relief for your partner.   
Students & Children: The month looks favorable students. Admission in a college of your choice abroad is quite possible. Awards and prizes in games and competitions are on the cards. Stay away from lethargy and overconfidence to improve your focus. Avoid being self-centered with your friends, as it may lead to clashes and quarrels. New opportunities in sports will bring you success and fame.
Your children will be more inclined towards games and internet surfing rather than studying. Their friends might help them in achieving a new milestone. Fresh chances are likely in the fields of sports and competitions, followed by prizes. This is a favorable time to send them abroad for further studies.         
Family & Health: Family front looks comfortable this month. Financial conditions will be soothing. Family will be mostly supportive. Relations will be cordial. However, keep your anger in control to avoid arguments, as bonding with younger siblings may suffer. Benefits from parental property are possible in the near future. Parties are on the horizon this month.
If suffering from blood pressure related issues, then remain alert. Drive carefully. Take care of your head and feet. Blood related issues should be dealt with care.    

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