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Scorpio June Horoscope

Moon Sign based
This month, you will fulfil all your dreams and resolve any work stuck due to hurdles. You may be busy with loads of work. You should control your language for better relationships. Avoid negativity and overthinking. Your decision shall be favourable for you. Avoid being impatient and taking decisions in a hurry as Mars is debilitated. You will make efforts to achieve success. You should avoid the habit of being impatient or it may affect you adversely. You are advised to stay away from conflicts and arguments from 23rd June as Mercury combust in Gemini. You may have achievements in politics, meet with high authorities and develop high-level connections. You should also avoid any unnecessary expenses. You may encounter an opportunity to earn name and fame from society.

It is a good time for your career and to make big investments this month. Avoid any arguments with females at the workplace. You may be involved in marketing, media and government business. You may be successful in dealing with MNC for new projects. You will get support from seniors and marketing persons. There will be struggles in this period if looking for a new job, while it is not a favourable period for job change. You may get new offers from companies.

There is no promotion or opportunity to get a good salary. Lack of support from seniors and boss. There will be profits from past investments. You may get loans for new work or investment in business. This will be a good period for investments in speculation and the share market. There may be a rise in religious travels and charity. Avoid investing money on land and other types of property after 17th June. There may also be income from heritage or the property of your in-laws.

•    Lucky Dates for Investments: 1, 5, 18, 27
•    Lucky Dates for Career: 1, 5, 14, 18, 23, 27

Love & Marriage
You will fall in love and propose to them at the right time to get a positive answer. Your ex-lover may come back, and you may take things ahead with them. You may go for meetings, coffee, night outs, and dinner with your lover. There will be more romance and meetings of yours. Surprises and gifts may be exchanged. You may need emotional support from your partner. Close friendships can also be the reason for romantic relationships. Your love relationship may turn into marriage. Married couples will not get benefits from their spouse. Try to avoid arguing with your in-laws. You will have disputes with your spouse due to money. Avoid misunderstandings and abusive language at home.

Lucky Dates for Marriage: 2, 6, 15, 24

Family & Health
Avoid disputes with your family. There may be disputes due to your comments. There will be an increase in expenses. Siblings will not support you and may have conflicts with you. There may be some property issues with your family. Parents will support you. Avoid getting into a conflict with any females at home. Pay attention to and take care of your blood pressure. Drive carefully; avoid drinking and driving and talking on mobile phones while driving. Go for walks and do yoga to relax and for better health. Take care of your mother’s health.