SCORPIO August Horoscope


Overview: Scorpio, your monthly horoscope brings mixed results for August. The ruler of your sign, Mars is retrograde & transiting your 3rd house with Ketu at the start of the month, which will result in wasteful short trips this month. You are likely to become hasty & aggressive. Anger & frustration will cloud your mind. You will indulge in religious work but without any interest. Purchase of a vehicle or house is likely to be delayed. If waiting to receive lent money, then matters may remain under confusion. Avoid any clashes this month. Differences with younger siblings may prevail now & things may get out of hand.

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After 10th Aug, foreign trips are possible, leading to a rise in income as well as expenses. Your anger can spoil relations & you should be careful. Work related to house can face some delays. A retrograde Saturn transiting in house of finances can affect your financial stability negatively. The combined effect of Mercury & Rahu can bring sudden profits from Parental property or if interested in occult sciences, you may begin a new research. Avoid hasty decisions now or advising others. Focus on your own work, as the month appears to be very busy. If interested in politics, the period after 15th August seems to bring rise in position & status.  
Career: Professionally, the month looks only mediocre for you. You may invest in your current work this month. New ventures or projects should be stepped into only after mid-August after consulting an expert. Avoid any new partnerships with a woman. Existing partnerships with females may face some clashes now. Work related profits are indicated. Projects from abroad are likely & you should be careful to complete all commitments in time. You may start working with an influential person that will greatly benefit you.
Job related stress is likely now, making you irate & unfocused. If applied for a govt. job, you may get it. Clashes with boss are possible this month & you may fall prey to office politics. Rise in pay is not indicated. Work related short trips are possible.

Money & Finance: Financially, this month looks splendid. If working in the fields of consultancy, finance or teaching, then a good income is likely for you. Flow of funds looks good. Household work may demand some expenses & minor hiccups are likely. Avoid lending or borrowing of money this month. You are courageous yet emotional. Thus, avoid making financial commitments under someone else’s influence. Long-term investments in share market & real estate are favored. Some expenses on vehicle are possible.

Love & Marriage: The monthly predictions denote a rosy term for love & marriage. Lovers, you will experience a romantic period with plenty of lovely outings now. You might not be able to fulfill some of the demands of your partner, which may result in minor quarrels & will only add a new flavor to your tale of love. Next month onwards, chances of marriage related talks are also on the cards.
Singles, the period is favorable to open your heart in front of a loved one.

Marital life looks peaceful. Keeping low expectations can further boost harmony. Your partner may get new work opportunities now. Discuss all matters with each other before making a final call.

Students & Children: The monthly indications signify a period of growth & development for students. Your focus looks good & outlook will mostly be positive towards studies. Success in interviews is likely & you may be selected for the desired college/ job. Your efforts to study abroad may be successful now. Expenses appear to remain on a rise now. Friends may help you find a helpful course now.
Your kids will face a period of improvements. They will share their feelings openly with you now. You will share a cordial bond with them. Expenses on them are likely to increase.

Family & Health:                    
Family front appears to enjoy a cordial atmosphere this month. Family will mostly be supportive. At the start of the month, you may get in a tussle with your father, but eventually matters will be peacefully sorted. Friends will help you sort matters easily. An auspicious event may take place on the domestic front now, which will result in celebrations & festivities. Expenses on children are likely to rise, thus effecting your financial stability. Foreign trips with family are possible now.

Throat infections can affect your health now. Eat only homemade food & keep a check on your diet. Check your blood pressure levels regularly & avoid stressing too much over petty matters. 

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