SCORPIO February Horoscope

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Overview: It is imperative that you control your anger this month as the lord of your moon sign - Mars is transiting in the sixth house that may get you into unnecessary and inevitable arguments. If you are already stuck in some sort of argument; you may expect some relief for the same. This month will be full of high energy and enthusiasm for you. As the Sun is transiting into the third house along with Ketu; you may go on a short trip that will be a mere wastage of your time and may even become the reason for unwanted stress. It is highly advised that you do not take any decision in hurry or over-excitement. Your anger and ego may cause you serious damage in the form of stress and anxiety this month. You are most likely expected to half-heartedly participate in some religious activity as well.

If you’re planning to buy a house or a vehicle, there are high chances that you would be  able to do the same this month. You may also easily get a loan, if you have applied for. There are possibilities of you having a difference of opinion with your sibling/s as a result of which you may avoid talking to each other. You could possibly go on an international trip this month which might open up new income opportunities for you along with expenses shooting up.  Since the Saturn is transiting in your wealth house, you will have to be super careful with your finances; especially while spending money. An unexpected benefit of ancestral property might come your way this month and you may also get interested in an intense research project. It seems you’re headed for a very busy period due to a hectic schedule this month. For those who are interested in politics, time after 15th February 2019 seems to be fruitful as you can also expect a rise in both your rank and respect.
Career: It is advised to make an investment in a new work or business in the second half of the month. Try and avoid planning or starting any new work or project in the first half of this month and do not blindly trust your employees. Let no one influence you or your thought process when it comes to your new work or project. If you feel something is going to prove beneficial for you in the longer term; consult your father or your senior whom you can trust to give good advice. Avoid getting into a partnership with a particular female and if you already are in a partnership with one; there are high chances of you getting into a serious argument with her. Possibilities of financial gains are visible in relation to your work. There are high possibilities of you getting an international project as well but in order to earn profits out of this opportunity; you will have to meet your daily set targets within the given time frame.

Keeping control on your tongue is a must this month and if you’re the boss of a company; it is imperative that you keep your ego in control. You may get good job offers in the second half of the month that may prove beneficial for you and will also give a new definition to your career. Job-related stress might lay low and you will work with undying enthusiasm and energy. If you’ve been looking for a government job then there are high probabilities that you might be able to bag one this month.  If you were having issues with your boss then all those issues will probably get resolved by the mid of the month. This may also be good for you as your discussion for a salary hike that was pending with your boss might just take off. You may fall victim to office politics as someone may try to ridicule you at the office but with your presence of mind and wittiness, you’ll emerge a champion. You may go on multiple short work-related trips.
Money & Finances: This might just remain a financially sound month for you and you may also reap the fruits of your hard labor. If you’re into counseling or are a consultant by profession; there are high chances of getting a salary hike. Government based work might also be favorable. You may spend wisely but your expenses will be high as you’ll not refrain from buying all that you want. The expense of a religious place can be seen in the cards. House and maintenance related issue may also need your attention and some well-thought expenses could take place.

Avoid any kind of money transaction done in excitement at all times. You may be extremely emotional and brave during this month and hence, it is strictly advised that you do not get into any sort of commitment with anyone at all. You may endow in a long term investment plan and if you are about to receive funds or profits from an old investment, make sure you use that money in a different long term investment as well. Investing money in share market could also fetch you huge profits. Maintenance of an old house or vehicle might prove a costly affair for you. It just might be a good time for you in terms of ancestral property gains. There are high chances of a new children related expense to come up.  
Love & Marriage: This month you will bask in the warmth of love and romance and may also plan to go out on a trip with your partner where you could spend some quality time together. This might just lift up your spirit as well. Your partner will meet all your expectations that will further make your days most memorable. You may also try and help your partner in their job because of which your partner will have more respect for you than before. Sweet little lovers’ tiff might be an ongoing process for you two. You might start liking someone in a special way and may plan to spend your Valentine’s Day together. Just keep in mind that cheating on your partner might not be a good plan for you. Marriage preps might be on the card for you as there will be light discussions taking place this month every now and then. For married people, life might just sail smoothly for you two. Avoid keeping high expectations for anything at all else it may create a rift between you two. You might go on a religious journey with your life partner throughout this month. You will be happy for your partner’s new job opportunity or achievement at work.
Student & Children: It will most likely be an academically good time for students as they will be able to concentrate well on your studies and may also get a positive response for any of the interviews that they have recently appeared for. There are high possibilities that you could score exactly what you have been expecting which will further help you in selecting a good college of your choice. If you plan to apply for an international institute for higher studies then there are high chances that you would get through the selection process. This could be a costly affair but you may also get a loan approved. Your friendship may also prove beneficial as you may get to know of some new course that will be beneficial for you in the long term. Time will remain good for your children and they may open up and talk to you transparently. There will be good coordination between your kids and they will ace new heights which could open up new opportunities for them. They might get admission in a college of their choice. There are possibilities of your children getting a new opportunity in the sports field. The expense on kid’s education and other miscellaneous activities might cost you a little more than regular this month.
Family and Health: Your family might stay supportive this month; they may also conduct a small get together for a new achievement of yours at work in order to be a part of your happiness. A religious event could be conducted at your home. Visiting religious places with your parents might also help you in relieving your tension. Your friends may be helpful in getting your work done. You may also conduct an auspicious function at your home that will create a festive mood at the home front. Your children may also get the new opportunity or new achievement that will make you happy and proud of them. There are high chances that you may go on an international trip with your family. Do not even think of ignoring any problems related to your stomach and try to avoid dining out as much as possible. Even when you’re at a party; try consuming as little food as possible. Be careful as there are chances of you developing a blood-related problem and do not over think about things as it won’t do any good to you especially your health. You may suffer acid refluxes so be a little careful about it.

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