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Scorpio October Horoscope

Moon Sign based
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Month Overview:
Planets of Influence: Mars
Predominant emotions: Mysterious & passionate

As per Scorpio horoscope, the month of October will bring mixed results. You career will bring benefits and will also see positive outcomes of your efforts. Business will also bring profits. Time will be favorable for both love and married partners, their bonding will be further strengthened and they will enjoy their time together. Monetary gains from speculative markets will enhance your wealth and your savings will also stabilize. Health will be good and only your digestive system may be upset a bit. Students will be happy to get good grades. Family life will see some challenges and you would have to control your speech.       

Planets of Influence: Sun & Mars
Major Trend: Prosperity

Scorpio Career in the month of October will bring a favorable outcome especially for government employees or if you are engaged in some government projects/dealings. You may get new opportunities in your job, your superiors may give you some key responsibilities due to their trust in you. However, your peers may try to tarnish your image. Business will also prosper and bring good gains. New ventures will yield better profits and partnerships would also be beneficial.  

Love, Marriage & Relationship
Planets of Influence: Jupiter, Venus, Rahu, Sun & Mars
Major Trend: Unconventional relationships

Scorpio singles will be blessed in this month of October as they will meet their lucky charm for whom they had been waiting for long and may even get tied in a nuptial knot. Married natives will lead a happy life this month, there will be close and strong bonds with their spouses. Happy quality time will be spent together during this month. Trust between the couples will increase, they will come closer and will care for each other.     

Money & Finance
Planets of Influence: Jupiter
Major Trend: Enhancement of wealth

Scorpio natives in this month of October will see a boost in their finances. There will be good gains and profits flowing from your investments in speculative markets as Jupiter is the lord of the 2nd house of wealth and 5th house of speculation and nests with Saturn, which is the lord of the house of property and personal assets. New sources of income may get established with the help of your near and dear ones and this will bring earnings in the long run for you. You should however be careful in investing and choose a stable option to invest in, after studying the related parameters and a proper analysis. You should use this favorable time to increase your savings which will add to the stability in your finances.

Planets of Influence: Mercury, Mars & Sun
Major Trend: Restless & fatigue

Health for Scorpio during the month of October will remain stable. There will be no major health related issues, though minor problems like physical and mental stress with back pain, indigestion etc. may bother you. Avoid having unhygienic outside and junk food as this will harm your health. Instead have healthy home cooked food and do a lot of cardio exercise like brisk walk, jogging, cycling etc.

Students & Education
Planets of Influence: Jupiter & Saturn
Major Trend: Desired Results

Scorpio students will have a favorable time during this month of October. Your hard work will be paid off as they will get good grades. Your performance will be a good morale booster for your future studies. Students who are pursuing research will prosper this month and their research paper may get completed.

Planets of Influence: Jupiter & Saturn
Major Trend: Misunderstanding due to your words

Family life for Scorpio in this month of October will bring some challenges as Jupiter, the lord of the house of family will be in the 3rd house of communication with Saturn. You need to control your emotions and temperament while conversing with your family members to maintain a good and calm atmosphere in the house. Relatives will be looking forward to meeting you during this month and they may even extend a helping hand towards you. You will be respecting your elders and taking care of their health.