LEO September Horoscope

(Simha )

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Overview: Leo, your monthly horoscope depicts an energetic & enigmatic period ahead. You will be a courageous leader now; however, stay clear of any ego clashes or stepping into fights with others. At the start of the month, Sun & Mercury are transiting your sign. Take unbiased decisions if you want success. If seeking govt. aid, you will get it this month. Your confident & aggressive approach will fetch you positive results in almost all the ventures. Rise in position is also depicted for you. Financial gains will come thorugh hard work. After mid September, you ay step into a partnership with a friend. Saturn will be direct then. Your hard work will yield the desired results. Unexpected gaining of wealth or clearing of a blocked matter is likely now. You may finally be able to travel abroad. A family issue or dispute may spoil the domestic environment & thus, cause stress. Occult sciences or research may interest you now. Avoid wasteful confrontations. If part of an ongoing lawsuit, you should try to push the date further.

Career: Professionally, the month looks mostly good. New projects & beginnings will see a splendid start. If you work in the field of garments, beauty, luxury items, creativity, art or designing, then all matters will proceed smoothly, profitably & on schedule. Support from the govt. can boost your career prospects now. If working in partnership, you may start a new work but don’t stress yourself over minor delays.
If in a job, take well measured decisions, as a loss is possible. A job change may take time to finalize & thus, you may drop the idea for some time. Colleagues may become a cause of stress & this month, you may land on the wrong side of your boss. You will have to work harder & wait patiently to get a job abroad.

Love & Marriage: The monthly forecast implies a rosy term for prospects of love & marriage. Lovers, any differences in relations will now be sorted. Your initiatives will bring back the lost harmony. An old lover might also return to you to sort things out. Suprises & gifts are likely from your partner & relations will be cordial again.

A love marriage may face delays or hiccups now.
If married, lack of time for family will result in clashes. Take care of your spouse’s health & support them emotionally this month, as they may be facing work related stress.

Money & Finance
: Your finances seem to be facing a bright period this month. Expected salary & profits are likely. Make all important transactions in the presence of an experienced & trusted person. A laon related matter can be disrupted at the last minute, thus be careful & avoid stressing over it. Old investments may bring you good returns now. Avoid investing in real estate. Expenses look to be under control. Home decoration, luxurious short trips, & your hobbies will occupy most of your expenses & bring mental relief.         

Students & Children: The monthly readings depict a fruitful period for students in September. Career related profits will come your way & chances of working in the field of your current education may come your way. Mental & physical hard work will bring you desired success. You will get the opportunity to finish any pending or withheld work. If seeking help from bank or govt., you will get it. Keep your anger & ego in check, as it may spoil your relations with friends.

Your children will win accomplishments & prizes at school. Sports & media will catch their attention now. They may demand for new clothes now, which will add to your expenses.     

Family & Health: Your family front looks under comfortable conditions this month. Any prevailing issues will be sorted now. A rise in your reputation will lead to celebrations & parties. Frequent short trips will keep you occupied.

Take care of your mother’s health, as an accident is possible. Drive carefully. Your father may receive an accomplishment or position in the govt. sector. Your own health looks mostly good; however, stress will prevail. A prolonged illness can lead to some expenses. Remain careful around fire. Aches in legs or stomach are possible.         

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