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Month Overview
Planet of influence: Sun
Major trend:  Domineering behaviour 

As per Leo January 2021 horoscope predictions, the month will bring mixed results for the Leo natives. However, on a positive note, this seems a good time for the students who are preparing for some competitive exam. You will remain focused on your studies.
Leo professionals will receive a lot of opportunities and open doors during this months’ time. However, your work will be inconsistent which may cause a slight delay in the outcomes. There could be some challenges too but these would not create much trouble. There are thick possibilities that Leo natives will witness decent growth and development on the work front in January 2021.

The January 2021 Leo horoscope indicates that your economic situation will be fine this month. This is likely going to be a great month as far as your financial matters are concerned.
On the family front, everything will be good and sorted. You may plan a trip with your family members to spend some quality time with them.
Talking about your love life, the horoscope promises to be favourable. Your love life will be revived during this month. You might have to face slight ups and downs in your married relationship but all these issues will be resolved as the month progresses.

Planes of Influence: Venus & Rahu
Major trend: Fame and power

As per January 2021 Leo Career horoscope, the planetary positions indicate that Leo professionals will make decent progress on the professional front. During this month, support of luck will be obtained and you will be able to climb the ladder of success. Undertaking a professional trip will be prosperous for your career. Jupiter with its 5th house aspect would look at your house of the profession throughout the month allowing you to attain professional success. The Leo natives may face some difficulties in their professional path as the troublemaker Rahuis posited in your career house. However, you will make progress gradually. Moreover, those who are contemplating to expand their business will be graced with success during this time.

Leo, your career horoscope January 2021 advises you to maintain a healthy relationship with the senior officials for your own benefit.
Love, Marriage & Relations
Planets of Influence: Jupiter & Sun
Major trends: Misunderstandings till mid-month but blissful relationship thereafter

Leo, your love, marriage and relationship horoscope promises to be good with some challenges; however, these would be resolved as the month progresses. Jupiter governs your love house this month and will stay in the house of disputes throughout the month causing misunderstandings between you and your lover. You may have some indifferences with your partner, which may lead to unnecessary arguments and fights. Despite being in a committed relationship, you may get attracted to someone else. You are advised to maintain a strategic distance from the opposite sex if you do not want to ruin your current relationship. Leo marriage horoscope 2021 says that there is a good possibility to find your perfect match this month.  . Married natives will face some differences with spouse as Saturn is the lord of spouse house and travel in house of disputes throughout the month. But by end everything will be solve and smooth.

As per Leo Horoscope in January 2021, will bring good time with some hurdles. Jupiter is lord of love house and will reside in the sixth house of disputes may bring some misunderstanding and differences in single natives love life. You may attract more than one person at a time but avoid this, otherwise, you may indulge yourself in a big problem.

You have to choose a good person and understand the importance and role of his/her in life and value your relationship seriously. Avoid any sort of ego and aggressive behaviour. This is the time to care for your lover and spend quality time love partner. Chances to meet your soul mate in January.

Money & Finance
Planets of Influence: Mercury & Jupiter
Major trend: Growth and expansion

January 2021 Finance & Money horoscope of Leo moon sign indicates that the month is going to be average in terms of wealth related matters. Mercury will be your ruling planet which governs your financial matters at this time. Planet Mercury will nest in the house of disputes throughout the month causing misunderstandings between you and your parents/siblings with regard to the financial matters. This would continue creating problems and stress in life if the matters are not resolved on time. However, on a positive note, there are chances of you receiving economic benefits through real-estate dealing.

 Planet of Influence: Jupiter
Major trend: Thick possibility of health issues

January 2021 Leo Health horoscope indicates that Leo natives may remain troubled due to some health issues. You would need to take good care of your health, as the planetary positions do not seem to be in a favorable position this month. Jupiter, which rules the house of longevity and chronic diseases, may cause problems like indigestion, obesity, or abdominal pains. It is best advised to maintain a healthy eating pattern throughout the month to avoid future health complications. You will have to be very careful regarding health as planet Jupiter will reside in the house of diseases throughout the month.

Also, Jupiter will conjunct Saturn in January 2021 making you prone to depression and anxiety. The health horoscope January 2021 urges you to stop thinking about the matters very deeply else, it could have an adverse impact on your mental health. You should stop dwelling on negative thoughts and improve your overall mood.

Students & Education
Planet of Influence: Jupiter
Major trend: Focus and concentration

Leo, your January 2021 Education horoscope predicts a favourable time for the students and children who are born under Leo moon sign. Those who have been preparing for competitive exams have great chances of attaining academic success during this months’ time. Leo children and students will remain satisfied because of their prosperous academic life. The primary students will also be seen establishing good focus in their studies. Natives pursuing graduation may also do well in their studies. Work diligently and good results will flow in.
Planet of Influence: Mercury
Major trend: Analytical approach required

Predictions based on January 2021 Leo Family horoscope reveal that your domestic life will remain average this month. Mercury, which governs your family matters at this time will be posited in the house of disputes causing misunderstandings between the family members. There may be some indifferences between you and your family members. However, Lord Mercury would help you handle things in a practical and tactful manner.

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Leo Horoscope Today

Outlook for Today

You will have to keep a cool temperament in your personal and professional behavior to avoid any unpleasant confrontation. Career options will require tremendous workload and pressure from creditors will disrupt daily routine so little alertness will make you easy in your professional front... Take care of your finances with all your tact and shrewdness and this may give way to long travel which will be very fruitful in your career ventures. You will be required to take care of your health as your workload will be very tiring .You are advised to follow good diet and exercise regime for good health.

Specific Plan for Today

  • Business deals

    Good day throughout. There will be progress in deal completed today.

  • Love & relationships

    Happiness in then area. There could be long term connected on relationships initiated today.

  • Money transactions (Loans/Investments)

    Good throughout the day.

  • Speculation in stocks & shares

    Positive day. Good for long term investment. Not favourable for speculation.

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