LEO April Horoscope


Leo, your monthly horoscope is out and brings signs of a month with mixed results for you. Your health could suffer till 14th April 2018, after which improvement can be expected. Financially, the period appears to move at a sluggish pace. Businesspersons should take monetary decisions carefully as fiscal disappointments are likely. Avoid taking any risks or making additional expenditures. People associated with fashion industry, creative fields etc. would observe a fruitful term with growth prospects after 20th April 2018. Attitude of children may remain harsh. You possess good mental intellect & are wise, & enthusiastic. Energy level should be good after 14th April 2018 and you may undertake some short-distance educational tours this month.

Career: The monthly forecast indicates a shining span for career in front of you, Leo. Career stability is apparent after 20th April 2018. However, your financial condition may not be upto the mark. Your pleasing nature & smiling face will impress the clients & superiors alike. You are likely to develop brilliant public relations skills that will fetch you good prospects in the near future. Relationship with boss, superiors & colleagues seems to be quite pleasing & harmonious after 20th April 2018. Colleagues will be supportive & exchanging knowledge with them can prove fruitful for you. Salary hike may occur but not to a great extent. New projects, if yielding rosy returns can be suitably undertaken. Govt. employees as well as private jobholders are likely to do well but businesspersons can face a difficult term. Be careful, as financial losses are on the cards. Business partners are likely to fail in roping in any added profits.

Career Advice - For business holders, the term is particularly unfavorable. You are thus, advised to take fiscal decisions after careful scrutiny. Avoid making wasteful expenditures or being impulsive. Think your decisions through before finalizing.

Love & Marriage: For love and marriage, the monthly readings display a hazy picture in April. Relation with spouse is likely to remain troublesome throughout the month, though minor improvements may be seen after 14th April. Romance may remain scanty, if any, for married couples.
Singles may not enjoy a comfortable term as well, since the cosmic movements do not support fresh romantic beginnings. Quarrels and clashes can prove hurtful to your bonding. Progeny appears in a hazy picture. Delivery may face hiccups. Pay extra attention and be cautious. Take proper rest.

Money & Finance: The monthly predictions for money and finances imply a dull period. Money matters seem unfavorable for you in April. Profits will be unable to match your high expectations. Chances of financial gains to be wiped off are high. Any kind of investment or trading in stock market should be avoided as it can result in huge losses. Expenses should remain under control. Spending economically will be your motto & will help you greatly. Cash flow is likely to be below expectations.

Students & Children: The monthly indications signify a healthy & prosperous period for children. Their health will mostly remain stable, and energy levels appear to remain high throughout the month. Nonetheless, their behavior may take an unexpected turn. Their speech can show hints of harshness or even sadness. Proper counseling should help them in this difficult phase.
For students seeking higher education, the term brings signs of good results. Their positive approach and optimistic outlook towards matters will make for greater learnings and knowledge. Success will most likely be theirs in almost all of their academic ventures.

Family & Health: The monthly horoscope for family and health denotes a passive term this month. Your own health appears to remain unstable till 14th April 2018. After that, some improvement would be visible. Take proper treatment and avoid carelessness.
On the domestic environment, period till 20th April 2018 looks stressed with frequent clash of opinions and arguments on the cards. However, the period after 20th April 2018 holds promise for harmony and mutual understanding to prevail on the home front. Any issues would be sorted out peacefully within this month.

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