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Overview: April 2020 Leo Horoscope predicts that during this month, Leo moons will be stacked with positive energy and therefore, will blossom like a beautiful flower. Salaried employees as well as independent entrepreneurs will do exceptionally well in their areas of work. This month will be good for all the hard working people who work with diligence, concentration and focus. You will spend lavishly on extravagant things and will maintain your royal status. Your leadership qualities will be enhanced during this month and this will help you in taking accurate decisions based on your intelligence and tact. The conjunction of Saturn and Mars is likely to influence your professional life. Your April 2020 Leo Horoscope is advising you to keep a control over your temper otherwise there could be disputes happening between you and your colleagues/seniors.

On academic front, a lot of effort and perseverance may be required, for the upcoming exams, says the April 2020 Horoscope of Leo moon sign. During this phase, you may be able to clear the past misunderstandings with your friends. You may need to invest extra time and energy to ace the competitive exams. Focus, concentration and hard work will be the mantra for students during this month.

Career: According to April 2020 Leo Career Horoscope, business related to marketing, decoration and cosmetic will prosper. New opportunities will be highlighted during this month but you could face stiff competition at work so you must be prepared to come up with unique ideas and plans. This month will be very favorable for businessmen, as your enterprises may achieve phenomenal growth and success. You may achieve your goals and objectives in this month. If you have been planning to invest in your online business with a motive of expansion, then this is the right time.

Atmosphere at job front may not remain very cordial during this month. You are not going to get the support of your colleagues and seniors. They may carry out devious ways and methods to destroy your image and reputation in the organization. All of this could create a lot of mess and give you stress and tensions. From15th April 2020 onwards, things will begin settling down as Sun would move to your Ninth house of Fortune, thereby creating strong chances of promotion and appraisal for you.

Money and Finance: Chances of getting blessed with unearned income are quite strong in this period, according to April 2020 Money and Finance Horoscope of Leo moon sign. Your business will reach new heights during this month and this will enhance your economic status. Your Finance Horoscope does not support your urge of buying expensive gift items for female friends/ partner.  Avoid investing your money in speculative areas or property matters, risk of losses are likely. You may face an uncontrollable desire to buy luxurious goods, during this month.

You will start getting some unexpected income sources after 20th April 2020. This will be very favorable period for Leo moons as your pending tasks will be completed by this time and your financial status will enhance, with each passing day. This may be due to the wise investment choices that you would have made in the past. 

Love and Marriage: Leo, your love life will be like a roller-coaster ride, taking you through a period of highs and lows. It seems like an upsetting phase for you as you’re likely to face confusions and misunderstand with your partner. Love life may take a toll sideways as you will be focused on your career and finances. April 2020 Love Horoscope of Leo advices you not to expect too much from your partner otherwise you might end up ruining your happiness and prosperity and can also suffer from anxiety and depression. You should try to understand your partner’s point of view and give enough space to them. Do not force things upon them and let them rule their own life.

During this month, romance and love may be missing from your married life as stars predict a difficult phase for the married couples. You may feel frustrated and disappointed with your spouse and this can create a wall between you both, says the April 2020 Leo Marriage Horoscope. Try to resolve the ongoing issues by spending quality time with your spouse and enhancing the intimacy level.

Students and Children: As per the April 2020 Education Horoscope of Leo, this will be a fantastic month for the natives as it is likely to bring new opportunities for the students. Your knowledge will be enhanced and you will get a chance to learn new tips and tricks in this month through online courses. Concentration, diligence, hard work and focus will pay off but there will be delay in getting the positive results. Those pursuing higher education in Hotel management, Designing and Media courses, may achieve excellent results in this month. This month may turn to be a blessing in disguise for all the hard-working students who have invested their time and resources in different areas. Outcomes will mostly be positive and encouraging.

Family: April 2020 Family Horoscope of Leo predicts that you will get healthy support of your family members throughout this month. Beginning of the month indicates smooth sailing for the matters related to domestic life. You may plan to purchase a new house but according to your Family Horoscope, April 2020 is not a favorable month to invest money in land or property. There will be some obstacles involved and therefore, such dealings could result in heavy monetary losses. Those who have been trying to get hold of their heritage property may receive uplifting news in this month.

Hot arguments with mother may create disagreements which will keep you tensed. On the other hand, your father will prove to be very supportive and will help you resolve the issues with your mother.

Health: In the month of April 2020 you may suffer from minor health ailments. Therefore, you must take good care of your health at this time. Likewise, you should abstain from junk food and give due importance to daily exercise and yoga, suggests the April 2020 Leo Health Horoscope.

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