LEO November Horoscope

(Simha )

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Overview: Leo, your November horoscope indicates improvement in your social image. You would actively participate in social work to help others that would earn you appreciation and popularity. Finances condition seems better now and income is likely to rise. Purchase of a house is on the cards and you might invest in it. Foreign trips would be profitable and help you expand your network. Friends may help you find new work opportunities in November. New business related openings are on your way this month. Your leadership skills would earn you a good position now. Courage and a strong will power would earn you success in most of your endeavors. Destiny would favor you and peace of mind would prevail. Be prepared, as a heavy purchase might demand a good amount of money.              
Career: Leo, November seems a splendid month for your career. Your hard work and sincere efforts would bring the desired work growth. Chances are your hobby might turn into an occupation and you may start earning from it. New work would see a good start, while existing work would bring better income and profits than before. Your employees would support you in your efforts. If working in a partnership, clashes are possible with your partner. Frequent work related short trips would keep you busy. New work projects from abroad are likely. On-time completion of projects would improve your reputation. After 15th November, a govt. project is likely to bring you good income.

If in a job, this month seems stressful. You would need to work harder, yet the desired income does not seem possible. Colleagues might not support you. Misunderstandings with seniors might lead to arguments. Wait patiently for a raise in salary. Avoid a job change merely out of confusion.
Love & Marriage: Leo, your life seems to flourish in November. If in love with someone, you may express your feelings at the start of this month. A positive response is quite likely. If you fall in love with a friend, propose immediately.

If in a relationship, spending quality time with your lover would remove any confusion or doubts and strengthen your bond. Plan a surprise gift to make things even better.
Marriage related matters might take time and lower your spirits.
Marriage life seems rough. Old issues might lead to clashes. Proceed diplomatically, Leo and take care of your partner’s health. Try to sort matters as soon as possible or it might cause permanent damage.
Money & Finance: November looks financially favorable for you, Leo. With improvements at work, your income and profits would considerably improve as well. However, rising expenses might trouble you and you may find new sources of income. As November starts, areas of cosmetics, beauty and art would see good incomes. Short trips might prove expensive, yet would bring good income prospects. Avoid investing in speculation this month. Land related investments look beneficial. A lawsuit might result in wasteful spending. A pending govt. work would be cleared after making some payments. Avoid taking a loan this month. You might have to spend on a vehicle.

Students & Children: Leo students seem to focus on materialistic luxuries this month. Spending for enjoyment is quite likely. Laziness might lead to wastage of precious time. Prepare well for competitions or you will have to reappear for the same exam. Keep your anger in control and avoid arguments with anyone.

Your children might become lazy this month. Take care of their health now. Maintain a cordial relation with them. Appreciation from school or college would boost their confidence. A scholarship is likely around the end of November. Admission in a school or college of their choice is likely, though after some delays.   
Family & Health:                      
Your family front looks peaceful this month, Leo. Respect and harmony would prevail. Your family would contribute in your work. A family trip is on the cards. You might plan to buy a new house.
Take care of your mother’s health from mid-November onwards and avoid any arguments with her. Clashes with father are possible due to misunderstandings. Excessive traveling might stress you out. Stomach related ailments might trouble you. Keep your anger in check and regularly check your blood pressure.  

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