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Leo September Horoscope

Moon Sign based
Month Overview
Planet of Influence: Sun
Predominating Emotion: Intelligence and self-awareness  
As per Leo September monthly horoscope 2022, you will have mixed results. Your career will be on better notes and see enhancement in your profile and status. Business will be profitable through team effort of your employees. Finances will be stable and there is a need to keep a balance between earnings, expenses and investments.

Love life will be a bit disturbed and there will be some misunderstanding with your lover. Married life would also see some challenges, but it would be resolved soon. Students may see some rewarding times and get good results in competitive exams and plan their leisure activities to avoid wasting time meant for studies. Family life will see a responsible role on your part and this would earn you respect.

Planet of Influence: Venus, Mars & Saturn
Major Trends: Benefits from Overseas

Career may see a rising trend. You would perform well in job, as Mars is placed in care house which will give you high energy and passion. It blesses you with promotion and rewards, salary hike and incentives. Your status in the job may get alleviated to a better and higher position which will add to your profile and bring additional responsibilities and perks. Business will also be on better notes, but there may be some hurdles which you need to tackle for making the business profitable. Your business will prosper with your hard work and complete support of your team, therefore, you need to have faith on them and their capabilities.

Love, Marriage & Relationships
Planet of Influence: Jupiter & Saturn
Major Trends: Control over Aggression
Love life see happy moments in the second half of the month, however, at times some stress in love matters would be visible as Mars aspects on house of love. This is the time you need to avoid any harsh words and arguments with your lover and spend good times to strengthen the bond. Married life on the other hand may see some challenges, exchanges of bitter words would be there, and this would spoil the relationship, but your indulgence to improve the things would bring happy moments.

Money & Finance
Planet of Influence: Mercury
Major Trends: Balancing Your Finances

Money & Finance may come across moderate outcomes. Mercury, lord of wealth, will reside therein from 24th Sep. There will be good inflow of money from various sources, hike in salary would be there. You need to control your expenses, especially the ones that have not been planned. While investing, you need to be careful, invest in small denominations and avoid any huge lumpsum investment in one go will be fruitful. You must avoid borrowing money this month and postpone any such plans if you have. There is a need to keep a balance in your earning and expenses.

Planet of Influence:
Major Trends: Moderate Health

Health in September would see some challenges in terms of minor health issues. You need to be careful regarding what you eat and the source of food, better to have home cooked hygienic food and avoid outside food. There may be issues like gastric problems or indigestion, therefore, need to be careful. You need to consult doctor in case you face some issues and don’t be careless when it comes to treatment or consulting with the doctor.  

Students & Education
Planet of Influence: Jupiter & Mars
Major Trends: Assorted Outcomes

Students will face some assorted results. You will have good endurance and high energy to work hard due to Mars influence. They would be motivated to study hard and perform well in the exams that they appear, including the competitive exams slated for this period. But at times, there may be lack in your focus on studies and would be diverted towards sports, games and other activities leaving less time for studies. You need to control such activities to an extent so that it won’t bring hurdles in your studies.
Planet of Influence: Mercury
Major Trends: Moderate Family Life

Leo family life will see some happy moments and may also have a share of stress due to Mercury, lord of family, reside therein. Your indulgence in family matters will be visible this month as you would help the children pursue their goals and help other family members morally and financially whenever they need. You would play a key role in resolving the stressed issues in the family along with the support of elders and this would bring respect and good image among the family members and in social circles.