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Leo December Horoscope

Moon Sign based
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Month Overview:
Planets of Influence: Sun
Predominant emotions: Self-awareness and conscious about physical appearance

Leo monthly horoscope for December 2021 reflects many opportunities for career growth during the month. Your subordinates will respect and help you. Businessman would expand their business as desired.
Love will be blooming in air and romantic activities will fill the day. For married people, life will be full of love and harmony. However, some short-lived confusion may be there.
Financially, this period is good for gains from speculation markets. Your risk-taking skill will bring you gains.
Health will be on better notes. Minor issues will be there but nothing too serious. Try to keep your anxiety away.  
Students pursuing higher studies need to work hard and put in their best. This month is good for appearing in competitions and exams. Research students will also see some challenges.
Family life will have lots of challenges during this month. Your harsh and aggressive attitude may spoil the good moments in the family. You will share good time with your father and have a strained relations with in-laws.  

Planets of Influence: Rahu, Venus & Jupiter
Major Trend: Gains from many sources

Career horoscope of Leo in December will bless you with new opportunities in your career. Rahu in the house of career will give you earnings and opportunity from more than one source.
You have the capability to break the limitations and think beyond that to achieve desired goals in life. You will be good leader or boss. Your subordinates will respect and support you.  
Sun will aspect the house of career from 1st to 16th Dec and will bless you with power and position at your workplace. Businessperson will be able to expand their work and you will achieve your set objective or target related to work.

Love, Marriage & Relationship
Planets of Influence: Venus, Sun, Mercury & Jupiter
Major Trend: Congenial relation with partner

Love life of Leo will be cheerful in the month of December. You will spend lovely romantic times with your love partner. Venus will be in the house of love from 8th Dec.
You may meet new people and have the possibility to attract towards them easily. You may share good understanding with your love partner. Also, there may be chance to choose your life partner.
Married couple will share harmonious relation and understanding between them. At times, some confusion may take place but no need to worry as it will be vanishing soon.

Money & Finance
Planets of Influence: Mars & Mercury
Major Trend: Average Growth

Finance of Leo would be average in this month. Mars in house of wealth makes you a risk-taker. This position of Mars gives you skills to do well in speculation investments.
You will be over energetic and need to channelize yourself in money making activities and accumulating wealth. You should be well-planned in financial management and accumulate/save money to avoid financial crunch in upcoming time.

Planets of Influence: Mars, Jupiter & Saturn
Major Trend: Minor health

Health horoscope of Leo in the month of December will be generally fine. You will enjoy pink of health. Planet transit augury nothing serious health issues.
Minor health issues may take place but soon they will be cured with medical treatment. Time to practice yoga and meditation on regular basis to avoid restlessness and anxiety.
Keep yourself away from junk food and take healthy diet for sound health.  

Students & Education
Planets of Influence: Venus, Sun & Mercury
Major Trend: Blend of creativity and imagination

Leo students will have favorable time as Sun will be in the house of education from 16th Dec. It will bless you with sharp mind. The presence of Venus in this house will give you an artistic bent and quick learning.
Leo students who are pursuing education related to entertainment, hotel management, interior designing will do well. For competitive exams, this month is good, and you will achieve desired result.
Research students may get some obstacles, but overall time will be favorable. Those who are pursuing higher studies must keep their temperament cool and channelize their energy and stay focused to achieve objectives.  

Planets of Influence: Mars & Mercury
Major Trend: Hostility & resentment

Family life of Leo will be average in December. Mars posited in house of family may give you aggressive attitude with family members. Your blunt and harsh language may create differences with parents or siblings.
There may be family get-together and fun time at home. But your aggression may spoil the fun time. You will get support from your father, and you will be devoted towards him.   
Married individual may have strained relationship with their in-laws. You should try to keep cool and calm, and also avoid any argumentative situation.