LEO March Horoscope

(Simha )

March would be a challenging month as there could be many issues that might come up. Besides the challenges, the bigger issue could be the struggle with negativity and pessimism that could be more difficult to handle towards the end of the month. It would be a good idea to try & dispel the negative notions. If you are able to dispel this negative mindset, it could help you cross issues successfully over the next 18 months. This month could also be a move towards reconnecting with friends and enjoying your social life much better than before.

The month could bring gradual changes, as March progresses. 5th March 2019 onwards you will find a change in your finances, that could unsettle issues. Some crunch on liquidity could be felt after the 15th March 2019. You should keep finances and family matters rational. Even marital matters could remain challenging due to an old issue revisiting you after the 15th March 2019.

22nd March 2019 onwards you will find better control in all you do and a marked dynamism in your activities. Ego could rise and problems could go up with partners and spouse as a consequence.

Career – work will be challenging till the 22nd March 2019 as you could be plagued by competition as well as minor health problems, that could bog down work. Improvements would come in after 22nd March 2019 when you would assume control. High activity, dynamism will help you get things done and make rapid progress at work.

Love / marriage –
Love life will be damp mostly as you could be under work pressure as well as suffer lack of affinity with your partner. Ego & fundamental questions could also open up after the 22nd March 2019 that could bring challenges in your love life. The real success mantra at this stage in life, is trust and faith on yourself as well as your partner. Marriage matters could also suffer from trust deficiency. Post 22nd March you could also find ego & work pressures in marriage matters.

Money – finances would be good mostly although liquidity and cash flow could be poor after the 5th March 2019. Some financial pressures due to joint finances could come into sharp focus after the 15th March 2019. Speculation & equity investments should be avoided at all times.

Family / Children – family life will be good mostly till the 15th March 2019 after which strain in marital matters could spoil the outlook till the 27th March 2019. Children related matters would be good as the month starts but some worry or bad news could spoil the outlook after the 23rd March 2019. Be careful and keep a sharp outlook as the current developments might turn long term, if not handled well.

Health –
would be mostly good. A dip in your immune system & stamina would happen after the 15th March 2019. Mental health & positive thinking is required to help you move ahead in a happier state of mind.

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