LEO January Horoscope

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Overview: Leo, your January horoscope indicates a period of unrest for you. Till mid-January, some anxiety might prevail. Avoid taking hasty actions till then and strictly follow your own instincts. Take care of your health and avoid carelessness. Land related work might result in a loss, thus be careful. Good gains from old investments are likely this month. For peace of mind, you may indulge in your hobbies. Foreign travels are likely now. Though they would add to your expenses, they would result in higher profits and income. Drive carefully and patiently. Stay away from any arguments or quarrels. Work related travels quite possible. Your hobby might turn into your profession in January. Control your expenses and avoid showing off. Hard work and dedication would fetch you success in most of you endeavors. Focus and keep a stable mindset at work. Tension might exist. Beware of your rivals. Don’t break your promises. If in politics, stress is likely. Remain calm and treat everyone as equal.

Career: Leo, January would bring you professional success. Business related to designing, decoration or clothes would see good profits. If earning through vehicle or commissions, your gains are likely to improve. A pending project from abroad would clear and would bring additional income. Consult your mentor or seniors before starting a new work. Any withheld work would now complete and financial help for new work would be readily available. If working in partnership, your relation with partner might suffer. Near the end of January, difference in opinions may further deter your bonding with business partner.
If in a job, you may be inclined towards a job change. Confusion might make you indecisive. Control yourself and avoid considering a change of job. Hard work and sincere efforts would fetch you raise in salary and a possible promotion. Don’t say Yes to an offer of transfer. Think well before accepting a new work project. In case of differences with your colleagues, better stay quiet.        

Love & Marriage: Leo, your love life seems rough in January. If in a relationship, a stressful bonding might make you irate. Your partner seems supportive and you should reciprocate the affection to make things better. Lack of time for each other could further cause problems. Try to make time for each other out of your busy schedules.

If looking for a new partner, you might have to wait patiently. If in love with someone, propose to him or her only after 15th January.
Marriage life looks disturbed during January. Communication gap with your spouse might widen. Try to spend more time with each other, yet speak as little as possible. Your self-imposed discipline at home could cause disruptions.         

Money & Finance: Financial position for Leo appears stable this January. Old investments would bring you good rewards. Land related work would benefit you, though avoid investing in land or real estate. Spending on home decorations & religious work is likely. Investments in share market for long terms seem good after mid-January. A partner might help you financially. Keep your expenses under control & avoid spending to show off. Invest in your business carefully and in limited amounts. Wealth gains from your father are possible along with possibility of rewards from inheritance property. Strictly avoid lending or borrowing of money. Health of your mother might demand spending. Do not invest near the end of January. A female might help improve your finances.

Students & Children: Leo students need to focus on their careers and work hard. Laziness might cause delays and distractions. You might feel stressed. Avoid wasting your time with others. Desired results would require sincere efforts. Control your expenses & buy only those books that are needed. Your monthly horoscope for January indicates a positive time for studying abroad. Avoid changing your subjects this month.

Leo, your children seem to face distractions & lack discipline in January. They would make new friends. Plan a trip with your kids and teach them the importance of this time politely. If needed, find a suitable mentor for them who could guide them on the right career path. Take care of their health, as digestive issues are possible. This is not the right time for them to think about changing their subjects.        

Family & Health: Family life seems average in January. Lack of support from family might keep you worried. Consult your elders before planning to spend on your home or family. Parents would support you emotionally as well as financially. A family gathering at your house would bring everyone closer & help in a peaceful resolution. A new family member would change the atmosphere at home & bring happiness.

An old disease or ailment could trouble you during January. This could result in stress and delays in work. Pain in your legs and low energy levels would further slow you down. Keep a check on your diet after 22 January, as chances of a throat infection are present in your monthly horoscope. Be careful against a possible skin infection.   

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