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Leo March Horoscope

Moon Sign based
Sun transits with Saturn till 15th March which brings in mental tension and stress, so it is better to take a break and relax more. Your career will see a new growth as a result of your honest effort and hard work. You would enjoy a good financial status this month. Your hard work would give you desired result this month. Due to debilitated Mercury, there would be financial crunch this month till 16th March. Avoid taking short cut or illegal way for making more money. Avoid using harsh language at home to maintain peace in the family. Don’t do anything that ruin your image in society as it might affect your political position. You may take an interest in sports and extra-curricular activities. Any court cases or disputes from the past will be resolved and the outcome will be in your favor.

Career and Finance
This month will be favorable for business after 12th March. You may develop new connection and make some new contacts which will help you in you business growth. Any designing or artistic related business will flourish in this phase. You may finalize a new project in this phase.  If you are looking for a new job, then after 16th March, luck will favor you in finding a new one for you. There might be some obstacles at your workplace due to which you need to work hard. Work hard to hone your skills to be in the good books for your boss/senior at workplace.

Lord of wealth house, Mercury, will be debilitated from 16th March, due to which your financial status might not be up to the mark. Control your unnecessary expenses and don’t make investment in this period. Share market investment would be fruitful, but only limited amount. This period is favorable for land related investment due to transit of Mars. You may benefit from heritage properties.

•    Lucky Dates for Career: 2nd, 10th, 11th, 19th, 28th
•    Lucky Dates for Finance: 1st, 10th, 18th 28th, 29th

Love and Marriage
Jupiter transits own sign, but it is not positive for love life. There might be misunderstanding with your partner that will affect your relationship. Try to have an open and healthy conversation with your partner to iron-out misunderstanding. If you are married, then this month will bring tension with your spouse. Due to ego or misunderstanding, there might be rift between you and your spouse. After 15th March, the problem will start resolving on its own, so be patient. Your spouse may get a lucrative offer at their workplace.

•    Lucky Dates for Marriage: 5th, 6th, 9th, 15th, 24th

Family and Health
Family life may not see a good time this month. Expenses would be there on children’s needs. Parents may support you. You may feel active, energetic and enthusiastic this month. If you have any blood pressure related concerns, then get immediate treatment. If you are suffering from stomach infection, then it is wise to avoid junk or too much of oily food. Heart health should be monitored well.