LEO January Horoscope


Overview: The monthly horoscope for Leo brings promise for fame and prosperity with the beginning of the new year. The initial stages of the month may see a rise in your reputation. Rosy financial gains are also being indicated but some quantity may be wiped off in expenditures. Good “Raj Yoga” is being formed till 13th January 2018 in your horoscope and luck may be in your favor for most of the month. Acquiring of assets is being broadly seen. After 14th January 2018, health might be in an unstable state. Ego and self-esteem are likely to crawl and disrupt the domestic environment. Your energy level should be up to the mark. Inclination towards spirituality may lead to a pilgrimage this month.

Career: The monthly horoscope for career denotes a rough period. Difficulties are likely to crop up after 13th January 2018 thus, caution is advised in making decisions. Job change may be undertaken but it is advised that you should work in your state or city of birth. Period after 17th January 2018 is likely to see some disputes & quarrels at work front for job holders. Colleagues may not favor you fully. Tact should be deployed while dealing with superiors. Salary hike is not indicated broadly. Work environment might turn hostile. New projects should be avoided at this stage. Businesspersons may see sufficient gains but much of it faces a possibility of being wiped off. Business partners may not be able to bring in rosy returns. You should not let this hamper your relations, as this may only be temporary.

Career Advice -
Career stability may not be as per your bright expectations. Business doers are largely to be benefitted more than job doers. Some compromises & adjustments might be needed from your side. Your creativity might get you noticed by your superiors hence, don’t feel shy from expressing your ideas.

Love & Marriage: The monthly forecast for love and marriage indicates a mixed bag. Relationship with spouse would mostly remain neutral. The initial half may bring showers of romance for you. However, the period after 17th January 2018 is likely to see some temperamental issues in the relationship leading to disputes. For singles, the period up to 13th January 2018 is favorable for new relations. Progeny prospects are looking bitter almost throughout the month. Take proper care & avoid strenuous activities.

Money & Finance: Financially, the horoscope signifies a shining span in January. Businesspersons are likely to receive good financial gains but they also face the possibility of losing the accumulated wealth. Careful management of funds may allow you to strategically add to your accumulated wealth. Luck should favor your decisions if a plan is put in action.

Students & Children: The monthly horoscope implies courage and strength or children. They likely to possess boldness, and a fearless attitude. They may display wisdom, enthusiasm, & high energy levels. Their speech should depict their confidence.

Students seeking higher education may face some confusion till 14th January 2018 about the selection of specializations. However, with their wisdom & enthusiasm, they are likely to make correct choices & perform well. Your hunger for acquiring knowledge should prevail. You are likely to have positive thinking. With a healthy outlook towards studies and good levels of focus, you are likely to taste success in most of the competitions.

Family & Health: The month of January may see an overworked atmosphere on the domestic front. Though your health should be stable during the first half of the month, the second month hints at lower energy levels and catching of ailments for you. Your eyes are likely to feel the stress leading you to feel tired and often irritated.

The period after 17th January 2018 shows strong signs of disputes within the family. Patience and diplomatic use of words should be implemented.
Health Advice- Do not overexert yourself as you are prone to headaches. Eyes should be taken care of. Avoid excess of television & computer exposure. Try to avoid junk, oily & unhealthy items. Exercise regularly.

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