LEO July Horoscope

(Simha )

An excellent month for you once again. This is a month to cash in on gains on all the good work & efforts made by you in the past.
You will be in an expansion mode and create new opportunities wherever you go. Networking would be good and there would be many new opportunities as you go along now. The special part about this month is that your income will rise yet again, substantially. There would be growth in finances from various areas now.
Since the entire focus would be on work & finances now, not many issues would be felt in other areas of life.

Career – A very positive period operates. You will experience growth yet again, although a slightly slow period operates till the 17th July 2019. Thereafter growth & focus at work would be right back. The recent aggression at work would give way to a more mellow & calm way of working for you.
Work environment would be aggressive & expand. Some balance & calmness would come back into work after the 8th July 2019.
Team & colleagues would be very helpful. Some team members might bring in some excellent leads at work. You might experience aslight power struggle with team members after the 17th July 2019.

Love & Marriage – Love life will be positive. You will be high on activity & desire. Sex appeal would jump up after the 17th. You could find love & a busy period socially after the 17th July 2019.
Existing relationships will have a great period. There would be fun & hectic socializing now. Great month overall.
Marriages would be positive too. You will have a good period along with spouse, socially till the 15th July 2019. Thereafter a dip & distance could come due to work pressures or some differences in opinion.

Money & Finances – Money matters would be positive. You will find very good gains. There would be substantial savings and inflows now.
Income will jump up a few notches now.
Investments would be very positive too & give you some excellent returns. New investments would also give good returns now.

Students & Children – A very positive month for students. You will excel in studies as well as other activities. Some confusion due to work overload and lack of clarity in thinking would be felt till the 20th July 2019. Try not to be over confident, as mistakes would occur.
Children will be happy. There would be a great time with children.

Family & health –
Family life will be great too. A very nice month filled with fun. Health will be good throughout. A dip in energy& stamina could be felt after the 16th July 2019.

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