May Leo Horoscope Moon Sign based

leo Aries
The Sun is exalted till 14th May. As you are fearless by nature, this period will inflate your ego and bring fearlessness, but do not fight with anyone or lose your relationships due to ego, as the loss will be felt later. You will work with self-confidence and courage and will also get success. The dream of getting a higher position is also likely to be fulfilled. There is a possibility of sudden financial gain this month. From the middle of the month, you will spend time with a friend.

With Mercury in Aries from May 10, you will suddenly get money or get some pending work done, for which you had lost hope. The dream of going abroad will be fulfilled. This month, due to some reason, mental problems may also trouble you or there may be some dispute related to the house which may spoil the atmosphere of the house. This will create misunderstandings, which will also cause mental problems.

Jupiter is in the house of career, and it will be a suitable time for business, to start new work, and if you are interested in garments, beauty, luxury items, creativity, art and designing, then your work will start during this time. And those working in these sectors will also get benefits. You will get some government achievement which will give you new opportunities in your work field. People working in partnership can also start new work. 

The time is not right for people doing jobs, as they may take any wrong decision. There will be a delay in getting a new job and do not think about changing jobs now. There may be problems with the people you are working with, and you will have to work harder to get a job in a foreign country.
Lucky Dates for Career- 6, 18, 21, 25

Love & Marriage
It is likely that your relationship with the person you love may break for some time, something will happen because of you, or you will forget your promise which will cause sourness. An old friend or ex may also return. Your partner may give you a surprise gift and you will have to forget everything and move ahead.
If a love marriage has been decided, then there may be some obstacles in it. There will be arguments among married people about not spending time at home. For singles, there may still be a delay in getting married, and those with marriage already fixed may have to face delay. Take care of your life partner's health as they will remain mentally disturbed due to delay in work. You must support them during this time.
Lucky Dates for Love & Marriage- 5, 15, 23, 24

Money & Finance

After May 10, the time will be good regarding money and the expected income and profit will be evident, but before that, do not take any crucial decision regarding money. If you have to take a loan, then the work may get spoiled while being completed or there may be obstruction or delay due to some reason. Some mental problems may also arise regarding the loan.

You may get back any old investments and do not think about new investments this month. You will spend money on furnishing your home. If you have bought a new item in the last month, then it may suddenly cause trouble, it is possible that a lot of money may have been spent on it.
Lucky Dates for Money & Finance- 6, 16, 20, 22

Students & Children
Students will get benefits related to their career and will get an opportunity to do business related to the education they are pursuing. You will benefit from physical and mental hard work. You will get an opportunity to complete the course which was left incomplete. If you must take a loan for studies from the government or any bank, that too will be available on time.

At this time, control your anger and ego, otherwise your friends may get angry with you, and you cannot stay away from your friends for a long time. There will be an atmosphere of happiness at home if children receive any prize or award from school as they may participate in an activity related to sports. Children will have a deep interest in the media and will demand new clothes.

Family & Health

After May 10, the family atmosphere will improve, before that, there will be arguments over issues which will cause mental problems at home. Due to your name and fame, friends will come to your house and create a sense of relief. You will be busy on short journeys. Take full care of your mother's health and she may face problems due to an accident. Father will receive some government award or position. Your health will improve but mental problems will persist. Money will also be spent on any chronic disease that is ongoing. Leg or stomach pain may also occur.

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