LEO July Horoscope


Overview: Leo, your monthly horoscope has spoken & the month brings a blend of various flavors for you. Unexpected opportunities of making money may suddenly come your way & can greatly improve your financial conditions. Be watchful towards your wealth now, as there are possibilities of you being cheated upon. Till mid-July, your hard work will bear good financial profits & rise in reputation. You will reinvent your social image now. Any work you undertake should be done at your own risk & as per your own understanding. Avoid taking advice from anyone for such work & do not share your ideas with others.

Expenses are likely to rise this month & if you are not careful, you might not be able to control wasteful expenditure. You will meet influential people this month, who may help you progress in the near future & thus, boost your confidence. Post mid-July, planetary combinations favor foreign travels, yet remain alert, as you may be cheated in the work that takes you there. You will be very enthusiastic with quick thinking & grasping capability. However, avoid being aggressive or hasty in your actions, as it will almost always lead to losses. If involved in a lawsuit, then matters might remain unclear for now. Proceed with caution. Loan related issues might trouble you now. Drive carefully.

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Career: The monthly forecast denotes a period of growth for your career. Things will greatly improve on the work front, though any new work or efforts towards expansion should only be made from mid-July onwards. A smoother period for such work begins only from September onwards. Projects taken under partnership may see delays. Destiny may not fully favor you, yet all your endeavors will see success, courtesy your energetic & industrious approach. If you work in the fields of jewelry, media, garments, art, or creative work, then you may observe a bright period. New contacts will boost your business prospects.
Jobholders, the month appears strenuous for you. Clashes with coworkers are likely & misunderstandings can harm your goodwill at work. Frequent travels for work are indicated, which will add to your stress. A job change is not advisable & you should continue with your current job. Strictly avoid any arguments with your boss or superiors this month.
Love & Marriage: The monthly indications point towards a rough term for love & marriage. With Saturn transiting the house of love, friction is likely to prevail with your partner. It would be better not to hide anything & share your heart out with each other. Keep a humble & warm approach & avoid hurting each other. Even the slightest of comments may cause a permanent rift in your relation.

Singles, you need to be patient now. Expressing your feelings for someone might not be a good idea & the response can be delayed. Moreover, avoid stepping into a love triangle trying to get more out of the situation. You may end up losing your own dignity. Conditions are expected to improve post mid-July.
Married couples, hold your horses! Your own anger will lead to quarrels & cause tension at home as well as on the work front. You should look after your spouse.
If you are looking to get married, then matters may face delays.  

Money & Finance: Financially, the month of July will bring mixed results. Fiscal conditions will largely improve, yet your expenses will refuse to come down. Wasteful spending will add to your stress & you should avoid spending out of haste or for showing off. A new work will improve your financial condition. Your success will reflect your hard work & efforts. Be very careful while lending or borrowing of money, as a monetary loss or betrayal is indicated after mid-July. Land related work or investments may not be beneficial this month. Investing in share market will not bring delightful results, but losses might also remain minimized. Foreign travels will demand hefty expenditure. A friend may need financial support but think very carefully before making a decision.   
Students & Children: For students, the monthly predictions depict a period of diligent efforts. Pull up your socks & keep your preparations top notch, as competition is likely to remain tough. Kick laziness & confusions out of your schedule if you wish to succeed. Avoid wasteful spending now. Spending too much time & money with friends can also disrupt your balance. Overconfidence needs avoiding too. Results may be filled with uncertainties. Chances of getting admission in a college of your choice are present, yet keep other options handy to be on a safer side.

Academic performance of your children is expected to be better now, yet a lack of energy may keep them dissatisfied. Prizes & accomplishments are possible in sports & games, which will push their confidence.    
Family & Health: The atmosphere on your family front may remain unpleasant this month. Your temperament can put you in troublesome relations with your family now. Remain cool headed & responsibly spend time with family. House related matters can cause some strain & planning a family trip will help you find peace.

Pay attention to your father’s health & avoid any clashes with him. Your own health may suffer now, as blood pressure levels may create problems. Drive carefully & avoid stressing over unnecessary matters. If fever or an infection strike, actively seek medical help & avoid lethargy.   
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Vedic astrology reckons Moon to be the prime significator of human mind. Moon is the closest heavenly body to earth. The magnetic influences of all other planets reach us through the Moon. These influences whether physical, psychological or supernatural affect our mind directly or indirectly, and can best be predicted by studying the position of the Moon. The Sun, that governs features of the external human body may or may not respond to these psychological and supernatural influences.

Moon Sign is the zodiac where Moon was transiting at the time of your birth. Similarly, Sun Sign is the zodiac where Sun was moving at the birth time. Just like morning & night together make a day, Moon Sign & Sun Sign togetherform your complete personality.

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