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Overview: As per Leo October 2020 Horoscope, this will be a significant month for the Leo natives as your strong will and determination will bring positive changes in your life. This month will prove to be fruitful in regards to wealth and travel. Furthermore, there would be an improvement in your communication skills, which would result in fortifying your personal as well as professional relationship.

You are likely to spend an amazing time with your friends and family. However, on a separate note, the planetary positions are going to influence your career and health for some time. Because of this, you are going to difficult challenges at your workplace.
The transit of Mars is indicating odds of accident and mishap. Therefore, you need to be a little careful during this period. Rest everything would be fine!

Career: As per Leo October 2020 Career Horoscope, planetary influence indicates that, this may be a bright period for both businesspersons and job employees. The month will bring some positive changes in your life. Business people may think about a smart and insightful strategy to increase sales and market share. You will prove to be a great leader and a very good boss.

There would also be career growth and success during this month. Your communication skills will be your most effective tool, which would help you in winning the hearts and minds of your clients. Sun will enter Libra sign on 17 October 2020 and will stay in the same position until 31 October 2020.
During this period, Sun and Mercury forms the great Budhaditya Yoga, which is one of the most beneficial yogas in a person’s Horoscope. This Yoga period is best for all those who are planning to switch their job. Overall, the month would be great for the Leo natives.

Finance: As per Leo October 2020 Finance Horoscope, Venus will enter your Wealth House on 23 October 2020 and stay there until 31 October 2020. Financially, this becomes a wonderful placement for the Leo natives. You may incur sudden unexpected gains during this period. There is a possibility that someone from the family may seek financial help from you, during this period. You are advised to spend your money sensibly by making a proper budget.

Love: As per Leo October 2020 Love Horoscope, the month has a lot of exciting events in store for the unmarried Leo couples. Your relationship will be revived during this month and you will be emotionally attached with your partner. However, ensure that you do not fall in disputes over trivial matters. Plan a surprise for your girlfriend and take her out on dates, long drives, and movies. This factor will increase your closeness and enhance the love and passion.

Marriage: As per Leo October 2020 Marriage Horoscope, Saturn will bring some disturbance in the married life of Leo natives. Because of this planetary position, some misunderstandings may arise between the two of you. In addition, there are chances that your spouse may suffer from some health problems during this period. Therefore, you should take good care of them.

Education: As per Leo October 2020 Education Horoscope, this month may bring some challenges for the students who are born under the Leo Moon Sign. However, if you’re planning to do new research, you should go ahead!

Family: As per Leo October 2020 Family Horoscope, the family atmosphere may not remain very peaceful during this month as there are odds of disputes and arguments with the family members. Your spouse or business partner may take you to the court. Therefore, you should remain cautious and try to maintain amicable relationship with everyone.

Health: As per Leo October 2020 Health Horoscope, you ought to maintain a moderate speed while driving as there are high odds of mishaps. There are chances that you may experience an ear or eye-related problem this month. Do not overburden yourself else, it could have a negative impact on your physical and mental health. Parents are advised to take extra care of their kids, especially toddlers. Try to instill healthy eating habits in your children and encourage them to eat right. Alongside, take good care of yourself and practice healthy habits that carry a big impact.
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Leo Horoscope Today

Outlook for Today

Differences in values or ways of expressing affection in your personal relationships are very noticeable now. You will be high with physical vitality and will intensify your physical needs and you will take considerations of your partner’s choice too. You will be very active and busy today. You may gain a lot of success in business/job and shall earn favors of your senior officers and authorities. This will prove to be an action-oriented day for you followed by gains in long run.

Specific Plan for Today

  • Business deals

    Favourable day for business deals through out. There could be success in partnerships

  • Love & relationships

    Quite favorable. There could be rise in feelings and bonding on attempts made today.

  • Money transactions (Loans/Investments)

    Good day throughout for all kinds of monetary activities.

  • Speculation in stocks & shares

    Average day. Gains could be moderate.

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