LEO May Horoscope

(Simha )

This is going to be a lucky month for you and tremendous amount of rise in status is also possible if you work hard and look at life objectively. The month will see some worry about children, health ailments connected with stomach and some investment issues. These matters might have been present last year also till September 2018 and if you find them familiar than try using the same approach as in the past as well as being patient to be able to overcome these matters. Very interesting travels are possible this month with the most of the happy and lucky times and there would be positive and lucky trends all over around you during this month.

Career: Work for you is positive and the level of luck will rise tremendously after the 10th May 2019. There would be growth and gains from many corners. Your colleagues and joint areas of work might create some hassles for you but broadly delegation to juniors would be productive for you this month.

Love and Marriage: Love life will pick up tremendously after the 10th May 2019. There would be happiness, love and satisfaction in relationships. Existing relationships will also give you some amount of stability and happiness. Marriage matters will give worry however. There would be some differences of opinion and temperament of spouse might not be very steady leading to some steady situations at times.

Money and Finances: Financial matters are happy. There would be growth, gains and positive returns. Finances will spike upwards tremendously after the 19th May 2019. Income would be good throughout.

Health and Family: Family life is happy and there would be gains, positive trends and possibilities of travel with family. Children relating matters specifically are not excited as there could be worry on account of children whether due to health or some behaviour issues but broadly speaking it’s not a very big challenge as long as you can handle the situation patiently. Health for you would be good this month. There would be positive trends and you would take up challenges very easily and avoid controversy and negative thinking. As long as that happens this month should go up very nicely.

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