April Virgo Horoscope Moon Sign based

virgo Aries
This month, keep your anger under control and avoid making hasty decisions. Impulsive actions due to anger may lead to disruptions in your work. This month will be filled with enthusiasm due to the influence of Rahu and the Sun till 13th April. However, despite this, you may struggle to find mental peace, due to which you may want to go for outings just for relaxation. You will be busy with your work, leaving little time for yourself which will cause you mental stress. Before embarking on any new endeavor, seek advice from your seniors as it will benefit you. There is also a possibility of profit from land-related activities. Success will come through hard work and dedication. Beware of self-deception and avoid becoming overly emotional, as this may lead to misjudgements regarding others' intentions.

Career and Finance
This month, it would be better not to make work-related decisions based solely on your judgment due to the transit of Mercury with Rahu. Mercury is retrograde till 25th April, which could lead to flawed decisions. Making such decisions may affect your reputation negatively. This month, there is a demand for you, if you are employed, then you should work hard and out in best efforts as Saturn transits job house. To minimize mental stress, focus on your tasks diligently, as this will eventually lead to relief. 

This month, there may be tension in your financial situation, leading to unnecessary expenses and strain in interpersonal relationships due to the transit of Venus with Rahu till 25th April. It's important to avoid egoistic attitude and showing off during this period. Refrain from making promises that you may find difficult to keep later. If you are considering investing in land or purchasing property, this month may bring great success. However, the share market may experience mixed results, so it's advisable to seek advice from a senior before taking any steps in this regard.

•    Lucky Dates for Career- 12th, 15th, 21st, 24th, & 30th
•    Lucky Dates for Investment- 3rd, 6th, 9th, 18th, & 30th

Love and Marriage
This month, you will feel the importance of your partner as Saturn, the lord of love, is in conjunction with Mars. This will require you to prioritize spending time with your partner to enhance mutual understanding in your relationship. Avoid letting ego hinder your love and connection. Conflicts may arise in your married life due to ego clashes as Sun transits with Rahu. It's crucial to show respect and understanding towards each other in your marital relationship. Moreover, your partner gets a promotion after 15th April which will bring happiness to your life.

•    Lucky Dates for Marriage- 3rd, 6th, 12th, 15th, & 24th

Family & Health
This month, you may experience tension and mental stress, which could affect your work performance. It's crucial to prioritize your health during this period, as distance from your partner may increase stress levels. Family peace may also be elusive. If you are dealing with knee or back pain, ensure to take breaks for rest. Additionally, if you find yourself getting tired quickly, consider incorporating exercise and walking into your daily routine, as it can help reduce stress.

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