VIRGO May Horoscope

(Kanya )

You might not have a very easy month as there could be a rise in challenges in domestic matters, real estate issues connected with last year around September 2019 could come up again and some worry on account of Mother could build up also for you during this month. Your status and social position could be challenged a little bit and you might have to work hard to restore the balance once again in your social life and professional status. Despite the negatives there is a great blessing in this month as you will find tremendous energy and dynamism at work. You will find the drive to make new things happen and success will come in by your sheer hard work and determination as well as vision.

Many new opportunities will come in and you have to be very judicious when you take up and make some choices as there are chances that you might end up wasting time in pursuing things which are really not beneficial. If you choose your options well, there would be a good amount of progress for you. Energy and stamina could be low till the middle of the month but thereafter you would be ready to go.

Career: Career for you will be interesting but not very happening till the middle of the month. Thereafter some improvements will come in and progress will happen but hard work will continue and that hard work will give you some very good results during June, July and August 2019. You should use your team to your advantage but not let them call the shorts. Harness the energies of people around you and be a leader who make good progress at work.

Love and Marriage: Love life is going to be low and not very active. Real progress will not come in due to challenges that you face but with good behaviour and nice temperament, some interesting developments will come in during June 2019. Long term relationships could also be challenging and there could be difference of opinion and misunderstandings this month so be careful. Marriage matters are not easy as temperament of spouse will be unsteady and unreliable at times. Avoid controversy and ego as much as possible.

Money and Finances: Money matters are going to be not bad below your expectations. There would be good growth eventually after hard work. Broadly speaking finances will be just about average but pick up very nicely in the next month. Income will be better and there would be inflows from some unknown and unexpected sources this month.

Health and Family: Family life is happy although low activity and there would not be much time to spend with your family but broadly speaking there would be happy and easy trends between family members. Children might not be easy as there temperament would be difficult to understand and you might find some challenges compared to the past. Environment at home due to children could be disturbed and you need to handle that aspect cautiously this month. Overall health is not bad but low on energy and immune system so minor ailments could bother you till the 15th May 2019 but thereafter it is a very good time.

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