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Overview: Virgo, November monthly horoscope indicates a period of self-awareness for you. As the month starts, you would spend on self-enjoyment and relaxation. After 10th November, work would keep you busy and stressed. Your intellectual decisions would profit you. After 15th November, if planning to start a new work, consulting your seniors would be beneficial. A property related profit is possible. Keep your anger in control and avoid hasty decisions. Maintain cordial relations with everyone. Your enthusiasm and confidence look good. Traveling would help you find peace of mind. After mid-November, arguments with parents are indicated and you should remain calm. Make use of every opportunity that comes your way. Hard work and sincere efforts would bring you success. Beware, as a close one might cheat you.
Career: As November begins, a new work would bring you desired profits, Virgo. If working in jewelry or music related fields, you may expect splendid profits this month. November brings promising new opportunities if you are a singer. Be very careful while making monetary transactions in November. A commission-based work would add to your finances. If working in partnerships, benefits from your partner are likely. Profitable new projects would be beneficial.

A job change might take time. Clashes with coworkers are possible. You might feel irritated on the work front. Seniors might help you earn appreciation from your boss, which would improve your prospects for income raise.    
Love & Marriage: Virgo, your monthly horoscope brings mixed results for your love and marriage life in November. Remain calm, as clashes with partner might cause stress. Ego and anger can spoil your relation beyond repair and you should keep them in check. Try to help your partner with their work and talk to them patiently.
Avoid expressing your feelings to the one you love, as this is not a favorable time.
Marriage life seems better. You may plan to travel together and spend quality time together. Foreign trip is also on the cards. Arguments with your in-laws are possible. Take care of your spouse’s health.
Money & Finance: Financially, November seems good for you, Virgo. Work related income looks good. Music or creative work would bring financial profits. However, live a moral life and avoid immoral ways of earning. A land related money might take time to reach you. Long-term investments are favored. Avoid investing in speculation. Money put in business would bring good income. Around mid-November, income from abroad is quite likely and you might spend wastefully on foreign travels. Be careful while going out with friends, as it might leave a hole in your pocket. Money invested for children might end up being wasted.       
Students & Children: November looks average for students. You might remain irate and aggressive. Clashes with friends are possible. Wastage of time might disturb your academic performance as well. Focus and work hard for competitions ro results would disappoint you. You might miss getting admission in the school or college of your choice if you don’t concentrate now.
Differences with your children are possible this month, Virgo. Take care of their health. They might be irate and their studies might suffer. Plan a family trip during their holidays for betterment.
Family & Health:                      
Atmosphere on your family front looks peaceful in November. Relations look cordial. Parties and celebrations are likely. You would help eliminate any ongoing issues. A foreign trip is also possible. Around 10th November, you might welcome a new family member. After mid-November, relations with your mother might suffer. Avoid getting involved in a land related matter within the family. Things will be sorted automatically.

Your health seems to improve now, though anger might cause stress. Planning a trip would bring peace. Exercise regularly and practice yoga. Take care of your children’s health.            

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