VIRGO July Horoscope


Overview: The monthly horoscope is here, Virgo & your own hard work will shape your destiny now. Pull up your socks & be ready to work for success. Courage & confidence will lead your way now. Offers from abroad would come your way. Your network would expand now & help you earn new projects & improve your financial stability. A govt. related work that was earlier facing hindrances will be sorted this month & will fetch you name & reputation that you deserve. Being involved with a social work will greatly improve your social image. Fruitless trips & journeys will add to your expenses as well as stress, which can make you irate & frustrated.

This month, your brave & zealous approach will bring opportunities of progress & improve your ability to understand situations & take appropriate decisions. You may find new directions for work related matters. Spending on your pleasures, luxuries, expensive jewelry & decorations are also on the cards. Avoid becoming too intimate with a close one as it can be a hurtful experience. Chances of deceit are also there. As such, exchange of funds should also be made very carefully. Plans to purchase a vehicle or house may face delays. If you work with your father, then your relation may remain on rocky terms. 

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Career: Professionally, the monthly forecast indicates a period of confusion. Uncertainties at work can cause mental stress & lead to lack of focus at work. Offers from abroad are quite likely for you. Make sure to deliver on time in order to improve your financial situation & enhance work prospects. If you work in a partnership, take all decisions by keeping your partner in the loop; otherwise an old deal may turn sour & cause much loss. If you work with your father or a fatherly figure, then chances are that you may spoil your relations due to clashes.

Jobholders, the period looks good for salary. However, avoid absolutely any kind of arguments at work. Clashes with colleagues can turn ugly. If you are seeking a new job, then matters may take time. Remain patient. Continue with your hard work, as eventually your efforts will be noticed & bring you the much deserved appreciation of your superiors & a possible promotion.   

Money & Finance: For money & finances, the monthly indications depict a mixed period. Financial stability will improve, yet post mid-July, frequent exchange of funds can cause some trouble. Foreign related projects should be completed in time to better your finances. Stay away from making investments for now. An unexpected work offer may land your way & will be beneficial monetarily. Completely avoid taking any loan this month, as matters will be delayed & all you will be left with is tension. If the need for borrowing money is highly critical, consider borrowing it by the end of the month. Expensive purchases will leave a hole in your pocket. Possibility of spending on friends is also there. 

Love & Marriage: The monthly predictions for love & marriage signify a hazy picture for July. Lovebirds, you may not observe a pleasant period, as chances of quarrels are high & matters might escalate to the possibility of a breakup. Remain careful. Try to maintain a safe distance from each other till dust settles. Keep your anger as well as stress levels in check.

Confessing your love to someone at the beginning of the month may not be a very good idea, as the response might be delayed. You may feel attracted to someone at work now or a proposal may come your way on the work front.

Married couples, you will enjoy a mostly harmonious period. Your spouse is likely to receive a promotion this month, which will lead to celebrations. An old lover might return in your life, but remain faithful & focus only on your spouse for a happy & peaceful life.     
Students & Children: For students, the period looks a little unsettling. Your concentration levels appear to be low, confusion may cloud your mind & your memory power may suffer. An auspicious event may require some time of yours. Only a single-minded approach towards studies can help you achieve your goals. Avoid spending too much on pointless wandering with friends. Possibilities of getting admission in a good college are on the cards, but will only be finalized by the level of hard work you are willing to put in. You may come across the chance to work along with your studies.
Your kids might irritate you this month & would prefer spending time away from them. This can make them complaint more. Their focus will  improve towards studies & you should treat them with love & care. 

Family & Health: Family front looks peaceful this month. However, your peace of mind may remain affected. Plan a trip abroad with your family for better prospects, yet keep a hold on your expenses. Take care of your mother’s health. Clashes with father are possible.
Your health might be affected by a prolonged illness. Issues with legs & waist may further hamper your condition. Take care of your wellbeing & avoid stressing too much over petty matters. Traveling too much can also be a cause of strain.      
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Moon Sign is the zodiac where Moon was transiting at the time of your birth. Similarly, Sun Sign is the zodiac where Sun was moving at the birth time. Just like morning & night together make a day, Moon Sign & Sun Sign togetherform your complete personality.

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