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Virgo September Horoscope

Moon Sign based
Month Overview
Planet of Influence: Mercury
Predominating Emotion: Masters in hiding their feelings
As per Virgo September monthly horoscope 2022, your career will be in high spirits and there would be new trends, transfers and positions. Business will be on growing trend and new ventures would bring gains. Finances would be stable and earning from many sources will be there, investments in speculative instruments will bring profits. Love and Marriage would both see similar trends and there will be a mix of stress and happy moments. Health may face some challenges as body pains and other issues may bring stress. Students will have to put in extra hard work and devote more time towards preparing for exams. Family life will be on low in this month as there would be some issues that even your wisdom would not resolve fully.

Planet of Influence: Mercury & Jupiter
Major Trends: New trends and Changes

Virgo career will come across new trends in your career and you would want to change the job that you are presently in. Mercury, lord of career, will transit in the house of self. It will bring opportunities that you may get transfer in the same job and this would turn out fruitful for you. In case, you are looking for a new job, then your requirements will be met and you would get the desired change. Business will be prosperous and profitable in this month, there may be opportunities for you to diversify your business and some new products may be launched. You may try some new ventures that will be profitable for you.

Love, Marriage & Relationships
Planet of Influence: Saturn & Jupiter
Major Trends: Mixed Results

Love life may have to face some grim situations. There will be stress in the relationship due to disagreements and misunderstandings over some critical issues as Saturn posited in house of love. Better to keep calm and indulge in good practices and this may bring things back on track. Married life would face some lows as there may be some arguments with spouse over some common issues, but this would not last long. Love and affection would prevail, however, you need to devote more time to your married life.

Money & Finance
Planet of Influence: Venus
Major Trends: Financial Gains from Many Sources

Money & Finance would see growth and enhancement in your financial status as there will be monetary gains from many sources. Venus, lord of wealth, will transit in the house of foreign land and after 24th Sep, it will move to house of self.  It may also get some sudden and surprising gains that will elate you. This period is good to earn profits from speculative investments, but take expert advice for good gains. You must make it a point to increase your savings in this period. There may be profits from your investments done in foreign land.   
Planet of Influence: Mars & Saturn
Major Trends: Stress in Health Matters

Virgo may come across some pressure in your health largely from your existing diseases. You need to adhere to the treatment as suggested by the doctor and avoid any shortcuts in same. Due to influence of Mars and Saturn, it is better to avoid any laxity in terms of health and consult a doctor as soon as you see any symptoms of any disease. Body pains, allergies, arthritis etc. could bring some problems for you. Regular exercise, taking proper rest and practicing yoga would be a better option for you.

Students & Education
Planet of Influence: Saturn, Mars and Venus
Major Trends: Hard Work and Dedication

Virgo may see some demanding moments in this period. Saturn resides in house of education which may give distractions that will take you away from your routine studies and this may adversely impact your performance in the exams. There is a need to spend more time on your studies, be dedicated and work hard than before to go a long way in improving the performance and you would be blessed with expected results.

Planet of Influence:  Venus
Major Trends: Mixed results

Family life in September 2022 will face challenges. Things would not work as per your desires and there would be stress in the relations with other family members, as Lord of family, Venus, will transit in the house of losses and after 24th Sep, it will move to house of self. Your efforts to bring peace in the family may do some improvement, but expected outcomes may not be achieved. This is the time to maintain a low profile, do not indulge in unnecessary arguments with family member in the family and listen to the suggestions given by elders.