VIRGO January Horoscope

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Overview: Virgo, your January horoscope speaks of a slow pace of things. Your sign lord Mercury conjuncts Saturn. Success would require hard work and focus. Luck seems to favor you. Avoid pushing today’s work on tomorrow. Take all important decisions after consulting with your seniors. Stress levels seem high from 6th to 13th January. Planning a trip with a friend or lover would help you relax in this period. Hobbies and creative work would grab your attention. A foreign trip is on the cards, though it might not yield any profits. Finances look stable. You would spend more on yourself during January. Working hard to fulfill your wishes seems likely. If working in the field of clothes or designing, your creative ideas would enhance your reputation & bring you appreciation. If you are involved in an ongoing court case, things may take time to settle. By the end of January, you would become more diplomatic. Religious journeys and spending on charity are possible.          

Career: Virgo, avoid starting a new work this month. Keep all your promises to improve your reputation. If working in a business partnership, take all decisions after mutual consent of your partner. If planning to start a new work or investment, proceed very carefully. Opportunity to work with an international company would come your way. Timely completion of projects would earn you a good reputation. Fields of arts, designing, fragrance, and books are likely to see good profits in income. Near the end of January, take well-calculated decisions and avoid sharing your work details with anyone.

If in a job, your focus seems low at work, as January starts. A new job is not likely this month & your search would take time. Avoid taking impulsive actions at work out of anger or emotional outbursts. Maintain cordial relations with coworkers. Strictly keep a low profile and avoid becoming the center of attraction for your seniors. Relation with your boss seems fine. Chances of a salary raise and promotion are high.                         

Money & Finance:
Financially, January seems bright for you. Though expenses are likely to rise, a steady growth in income would keep matters smooth. Virgo, be patient if you are waiting for a blocked payment, as things would take time. Avoid taking a loan this month. However, if you urgently need to borrow money, consider bringing someone along in the deal. Land related investments seem profitable. Profits from old investments would boost your financial condition. Avoid share market investments. If you possess an old policy, try not to get it cleared & let it rest for some time. Expenses on house or vehicle are likely. Family functions and events would add to your expenditures. Possibility of spending on an old study is also present. Time favors your odds for gains through parental property. Avoid investing a big amount in a new work. A promotion and new sources of income are likely.

Love & Marriage:
Virgo, your love life seems stressful during January. If in a relationship, doubts and misunderstandings are likely with your partner. Try to talk as less as possible.
If single, chances are an old lover might try to reconnect with you. Avoid keeping high expectations from such a bond and treat them only as friends. If in love with someone, be sure of your feelings before you tell him/ her how you feel; this could be mere infatuation.

If married, your marriage life seems cordial. Religious trips with your spouse seem likely. Frequent short trips would help you spend romantic time with each other & bring the desired profits. Keep your ego aside in case of clashes and sort matters peacefully as soon as possible.

Students & Children: Virgo students, be very careful this month. Lack of focus could lead to confusion. You might rethink about your choice of subjects, yet take any decision carefully. Spend your time wisely & control your expenses. Scrutinize the market well before buying an expensive item to get the best price. Clashes with your seniors are possible. Avoid taking any major decisions by the end of the month.
Virgo, your kids might lack concentration this month. Confidence levels seem low. If planning to go abroad for further studies, things would take more efforts and time.  
Family & Health: Maintain cordial relations with family members, Virgo. Your domestic responsibilities are likely to increase along with your expenses. Spending on home decoration is likely. A religious event at home would demand your financial involvement. Parents seem supportive. Difference of opinions with children might lead to arguments near the end of the month. For peace of mind, plan a family trip.
Stomach related issues might slow you down. Some undetected ailment would cause stress and confusion. Take care of your diet. Be careful against a blood related issue.

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