VIRGO September Horoscope

(Kanya )

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Overview: Virgo, your monthly horoscope is out now & the period ahead looks sparkling for you. Mercury, the ruler of your sign, is transiting the 12th house from your sign. Fulfill your duties responsibly. Your grasping power will remain excellent & you will be able to express yourself effectively now. Your decision-making capabilities are expected to fetch you positive results. Career prospects look mostly good this month. A direct Saturn aspects your house of profession. Any confusion at work is likely to be sorted. You will get the desired results; however, some delay is likely. You may need someone’s help to get things done. If in politics, success is expected, along with support from the govt. & your desired position. Family atmosphere will mostly be pleasing & any issues will eventually be sorted peacefully. Occults sciences & research will benefit you. Profits are highly likely now, though stay away from laziness. Foreign trips will be fruitful & beneficial.    

Career: Your career prospects seem to be improving & progressing this month. Any delays or hurdles are likely to be cleared now. New projects & deals will come your way & proceed smoothly. Coworkers will be supportive & help in relieveing of stress. Destiny will favor you on the work front. Financial condition seems to be improving as well. Partenrships are expected to run smoothly & any decision should be taken after discussing with them. Work related travels would be profitable.

If in a job, things will be smooth, though minor delays are possible. A job change is possible now & the new job will keep you satisfied. If already working at a new job, then you may face the dilemma of switching back to your older job, as the new one would require more efforts & hard work. Chances are good for govt. jobholders. Coworkers will be cooperative & boss will appreciate your work. You may work for a foreign company now, where you may receive appreciation & appraisals.               

Love & Marriage: The monthly forecast for love & marriage shows a rough term ahead. Lovebirds, your relation may take a hit at the beginning of the month. Maintaining a safe distance & keeping a diplomatic approach will eventually sort thigns out. In case of minor clashes, plan a surprise for your partner to boost their spirits. Avoid lying or being overly sarcastic.

Marriage prospects may be finalized now with the help of a family member. A friend from abroad may turn into a possible marital match for you.

If married, the period looks better than before. Before stepping into a new work, take support of your spouse & likewise, help them in all their endeavors.       

Money & Finance: Financially, the period looks brilliant. All matters will proceed with ease. Monetary profits are likely. Flow of income will mostly be positive. Wasteful expenses are not broadly indicated. However, be careful while lending money, as a loss is possible. Make only well calculated investments. Investments in real estate are favored after 10 September. Share market may not fetch you good returns now. An old house or property may bring you profits. Parental property may become a source of gains now. Any money related problems with a govt. work would now be sorted. Avoid taking financial help from friends, as it may cost you your friendship.

Students & Children: The period looks strenuous for students. Mental stress is quite likely at the start of the month. You may face issues in grasping & retaining information during exams. Don’t trust others with your notes & avoid sharing them with anyone. If seeking loan for studies, you will get it. Success will come only at the hands of your hard work & your image is likely to improve.

Your kids may feel stressed due to pressure of studies. Competitions may further cause tension. Sports will attract them. They may maintain a distance from you now & you should try to spend more time with them now.       

Family & Health: Family front looks to be facing a pleasing period this month. Parties & celebrations will keep everyone in a relaxed mood. Children may become a reason for stress. Relations with younger sibling may take a hit now. Clashes are possible due to parental property. You may undertake a pilgrimage with family.

Take care of health of your children. Drive carefully. Remain alert while working with electricity. Your mother’s health should be your top priority. Stomach ailments are possible now.

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