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Virgo June Horoscope

Moon Sign based
There might be more expenses for your own needs. You might remain stressed due to more travels as Mercury is placed with Rahu till 7th June. There might be more responsibilities for you, so work hard to accomplish your target. Your willpower will be strong, but you should avoid taking any major decisions after 7th June. You may get indulged in any work that enhances your communication skills. You will lead your team and win any debate. You will get a name and fame from 23rd June. You can win over your competitors. There might be a delay in getting expected outcomes in court cases which will disturb your peace of mind. Travels will be fruitful, but control extravagance. You may take an interest in occult science and research-related areas.

Career and Finance
There might be tension in your career, so avoid starting any new work or making any major deal after 21st June as Mercury is combust. There might be some unexpected changes at work, or your colleagues might cheat you. Put in more effort to complete any work and don’t depend on your luck. You should take help from your senior. You will crack a new deal or project on foreign shores after 15th June. Put in more effort and work hard to complete your project. Your partner will help you in your work. Avoid job change after 17th June as indicated by retrograde Saturn. Your colleagues might create trouble for you. If you get any job proposal from a past company, then it is wise to ignore the proposal and look for a new change. This time, you will get a promotion or Government job. You may get transferred to a desirable place. You may have short travel related to work. There might be more expenses on court cases, furniture and luxuries.

This month is favorable for loan recovery, but avoid taking loans. Control extravagance and spending money on travel. You may have a good financial status during this period.  Avoid speculation and share market investment. Past income will reap great rewards in this period.  You will get sudden income from heritage property and part-time work. Spend money on home renovation. If you are a student, then you will get approval for your study loan.

Lucky Dates for Career: 2, 5, 14, 23, 21, 29

Lucky Dates for Investments:
12, 18, 25, 27

Love and Marriage

There might be confusion with your partner. An old acquaintance may come back into your life, but it is wise to don’t accept their proposal. Try to trust your partner and have a clear conversation when in doubt. After 17th June, this period is not favorable for proposing to someone. It is wise to spend time with your partner and share gifts to each other to rekindle your relationship. You will get a marriage proposal this month if looking for the same. You will support your spouse in any new work.

Lucky Dates:
3, 12, 14, 24

Family and Health     
This month is good for the family, but there might be more expenses. Your sibling will support you and you will spend time with your friends and may go to parties and get together. You may go on a travel with your family. Avoid arguing with females at home. Any problem related to heritage property may get resolved this month. You may spend money at religious places. You might suffer from leg pain or backache. Practice Yoga to reduce your stress. Be careful while driving.