VIRGO July Horoscope

(Kanya )

You will find yourself back in the driver’s seat this month. This month would be creative for you. There would be an expansion in the your scope of work while support would be available from various sources too. Overall you will feel in control and remain quite dynamic in all you. A special focus would be on career throughout this month.

Your sub conscious might have been quite disturbed during the last few months. An improvement in thinking and a certain amount of positivity in your outlook would be felt after the 8th. Still worry & negative thoughts would persist & you should remain careful.

Career – will be active this month. You will remain dynamic & result oriented mostly. Creativity at work would be good. You will get many rich ideas this month. At the same time an expansion at work will happen. You will find that the scope of your work would rise. This would bring in next activities and rise in your status too.

Work environment would be still stressful. Improvements would come in after the 8th but overall, you might experience challenges at work.
Team would be very helpful. You will find colleagues helpful & hard working. There could be some unnecessary aggression though. Work delegated would be carried out diligently, by the team.

Love & Marriage – Love life would be very exciting now. You will experience your sex appeal higher than usual. Socially you will have a busy phase till the 17th. A dip could come in love related matters after the 17th but still positive period overall.

Existing relationships would experience challenges. You will find the older issues might improve after the 8th but overall a strain & overload of mental baggage could be felt this month too.
Marriage matters will be positive. Spouse will do well & you will feel a positive energy in marital matters. You need to avoid being aggressive unnecessarily during this month.

Money & Finances –
Money matters would be positive as gains would be high. You will however experience some outflow of funds due to old debts or other such related issues. A new source of income can be developed now.
Income would be good throughout.
Investments might bring some concerns. Avoid any new or major investments now.

Students & Children – Students will have a challenging month as there could be certain psychological pressures that could create hurdles. Exams might be better if taken after the 8th.
Children will be happy. Minor family issues could come about leading to concerns. Avoid verbal conflict with family now.

Health & Family – Health will be positive mostly. Family life would see stress, although an improvement over the situation of the last 4 months would be felt now after the 8th.  Avoid verbal conflict at all times.

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Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, depicted by Virgin, not prudish essentially but upright, in the sense that you have a higher-than-average consciousness of the good and bad. Purity matters for you but more in matters of cleanliness of the environment! You are more likely to be most compatible with practical signs, such as Taurus and Capricorn than those ruled by emotions such as Cancer or disorderly like Sagittarius. You may be confused to be shy and introvert as represented by your symbol the Virgin, but Mercury rules you, giving you communication. The Virgin is often represented carrying a sheaf of grain, since it is a sign of harvesting time (late summer). Your life is a constant battle to split wheat from the chaff, trying to peck the good from the bad. Moreover, Mercury’s ruler-ship gives you ability to reflect upon the details closely, helping you carve your path to purity on a subconscious level. Purity does not here mean celibacy but a subconscious cleanliness,... Read More