Weekly Virgo Horoscope June 16, 2024 till June 22, 2024 Moon Sign based

This week, you must adopt healthy and open communication with your partner so that your relationship can become stronger. It is likely that your ex-partner may return in your life. This week, a few problems in marital life are indicated and both of you should manage life together.

At this time, there may be a dispute with someone regarding money, and you must avoid being argumentative. This is a suitable time to invest in the share market.

If you wish to start a new business, this week will not be favourable for you. There may be confusion in starting a project this week. For those employed, this period is not positive and do not think about any change as struggle in obtaining new job is indicated.

This week, you may face a dispute with a friend, causing disruption in your studies and making your mind wander. You will receive satisfactory results in your new research.

If you were worried about an old problem, you will get relief from it. You will be traveling a lot during this time; hence you should be careful about your diet while going out, as throat infection is indicated.

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