Libra (Tula)

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Libra, your personality would be highly impressive this month. You will be very particular about your appearance & looks in the month of November, as indicated by your Monthly Horoscope. Your vigor and vitality is also high, however sometimes, the energy may become too intense. Spiritual inclination would increase this month. Some spiritual journeys are also possible.  However, you might feel low on the health front, especially until 16th November. Afterwards, some relief is expected.

Financially, the first half of month doesn’t look much promising, as there is possibility of loss. Thereafter, you would observe stability in money matters. Nonetheless, expenses on family matters are still indicated this month. In love matters, you would feel more romantic and passionate. You may also spend on your spouse a lot this month. Love life would remain in a happy state but career could take a downward trend. You would have to work hard to attract success. Some business related trips abroad are expected too. Overall, this is going to be a hectic month as far as career is concerned.

Career: Jobholders may experience a lot of ups and downs in career. Job change may happen due to stressful work environment. Relationship with boss would be inimical. Behavior of colleagues would not be too co-operative either. On the positive side, salary hike is possible, though not as much as you expect.

New projects should not be undertaken this month. On the business front, some rise in accumulated wealth is indicated.  Business partnerships would work favorably and bring positive returns. Influence in foreign countries would grow. Foreign travel will prove to be successful and you’ll make some new links and agreements.

Love & Marriage: Relation with spouse would remain pleasant this month. Romance is in the air for married couples. This is also a rosy period for singles as there is possibility of having a new relationship. Those married also have promising progeny prospects. Overall, this is a positive phase for love and marriage matters.

Money & Finance: Money matters would be more favorable in the second half of the month as financial gains would multiply after 16th November. However, you may also spend heftily this month. There is a need to balance income and expenses. If you want to invest, the period after 16th November 2017 is more favorable. Cash flow to remain quite satisfactory.

Students & Children: Growth of children would be satisfactory and they would also enjoy a positive state of health. They would become more disciplined & knowledgeable. However, their behavior may become harsh if they are opposed.

If you are a student seeking higher education, you would enjoy good academic progress. Success in competition is also indicated. The subject areas of interest this month could be engineering, mediator, management, administration, electronics etc.

Family & Health: Your health may suffer to some extent until 16th November 2017. You should not over exert yourself in order to increase financial gains. Allow proper rest & relaxation. Relationship with parents is likely to go smooth throughout the month. However, some disputes & differences are likely to prevail between you & siblings. This month, you are likely to be in a jolly mode & indulge yourself in merriment, enjoyment & having lots of fun with near & dear ones.


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