Libra (Tula)

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Libra, you will make the best use of your balancing skills in stabilizing income and expenses. The focus would remain on improving savings. Career and business matters would take precedence this month. July also promises possibility of sudden gains Libra so be on the lookout. You might get an unexpected luxurious asset or item. A foreign trip is also in the cards for you. However, delay is expected if you were looking to buy a house or vehicle.

Positively, it seems income prospects would remain satisfactory throughout. Planets are fueling your desires and at the same time affording you with a lot of energy and positive health to fulfill them as well. This is a good time volunteer Libra and do good to others. This will offer a lot of satisfaction to you.  All is not rosy however. You might want to ensure that you are able to fulfill commitments before making them. Otherwise, you may have to deviate from your word. Any health issue should also be taken care of in a timely manner.

Career: A long-awaited promotion might knock the door or you will get the much desired pay hike. Your reputation and recognition will increase at work. Chances of landing foreign projects are there too. Business will be profitable at this time but there might be high competition in the market. Your enthusiasm to start a new venture will pay off well in the second half of the month. At the same time, you need to be very cautious in sowing your money into the new business. Partnership activities also demand caution starting from 11th July.

Love and Marriage:
Your tendency to comment and criticize could distance you from partner. You should not force your feelings on your partner. It would pay well to be considerate of  his or her emotions. If you are single and like someone, don’t hesitate to voice out your love. Planets will give you much confidence and candidness. You might not get an immediate positive response but keep your hopes alive. Until then, celebrate the feeling of being in love.

If married, some cracks are possible in your smooth relationship due to recurrent disputes. Travel would definitely help fill this gap with feeling of love. On a positive note, you two might get into a business together. Spouse may show more involvement with their family at this point and this is certainly not a matter that you should be fighting about. Health of spouse could tumble after 11th July so take care.

Money and Finance: Financial opportunities abound this month and sudden stokes of luck are expected in money matters. While possibility of income from share market or speculation is there, it might not prove to be the most lucrative step considering the long-term savings prospects. You will spend a lot on renovation and infrastructure this month. This could also be due to a change of residence. July also brings possibility of getting a new source of income. If considering investments, property sector may prove fruitful for you. This is also a good time to get rid of past loans and apply for new.

Children and Students: Children might encounter some obstacles in their education. Their mind may waver and be prone to distractions at this time. On the positive front, bond with you would become stronger. Together, you will spend wonderful time and create memories. Libra students might reconsider their choice of subject now. Your application for education loan for higher studies would get approved too. However, refrain from spending too much at this time.

Health and Family: July will bring a lot of respite in health matters. A chronic disease troubling you for long would begin to subside. From 11th July onwards, you need to be a bit more careful in terms of your dietary habits. Overall, you will be energetic and vigorous. Home will work as a perfect retreat for you. Pleasant vibes in the domestic environment would keep you happy. However, some issue might occur in family during the period until 11th July and to overpower these challenges, you will need to keep your speech in control. Mother’s health could keep you worried too.
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