LIBRA July Horoscope


Overview: Libra, your monthly horoscope is out & the period looks passive for you. A retrograde Jupiter in your sign can make you change your decisions frequently. You might rethink over the decisions made in the past. With the start of the month, frustrations are possible for you & matters might become strenuous. Indecisiveness at work can cause confusion. Laziness will have the best of you & be troublesome. Avoid taking any decision out of overconfidence, as lack of clarity can mislead you & things may not be what they seem. You should not show off & spend wastefully to impress others.

Do not overindulge in religious matters; keep limited interaction. If you are into politics, then the period will bring difficulties, yet possibility of success prevails. A land related issue can put you in a fix; do not trust anyone blindly, not even your relatives. If planning on purchasing a vehicle or house, keeping all documents ready will greatly benefit you. The period is favorable for foreign travels, yet documents & preparations should be made well within time to avoid hurdles. Try to keep a calm temperament or you will only stress yourself out. Keep a practical & rational approach.

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Career: Professionally, the monthly forecast depicts a sluggish period. Avoid stepping into new work or ventures now. Also, if in doubt, it is better to wait than to take decisions in a haste. Accept change & change with it, if you really wish to grow. Work related travels will frequently take you abroad. A new offer is likely to come your way from a foreign based company & you should work on it diligently, as hindrances may crop up. Partnerships are not brightly denoted now. Avoid entering new partnerships & if working in existing partnership, then avoid taking any major business decisions for now.

Jobholders, this month will be better for you, as compared with the previous month. A pay hike is possible but only through sheer hard work. Promotion prospects will remain uncertain. Post mid-July, clashes are possible with boss or superiors at work. Be careful. You may feel inclined to rejoin an old company, but this would not be beneficial for you.
Money & Finance: The monthly indications point at a mixed period for your finances, Libra. Financial conditions will face many variations now. Monetary confusion will prevail, which can cause severe mental stress. A govt. related work or project can be profitable for you. Though be careful, as post mid-July a govt. related work is also highlighted to face difficulties. If you are seeking a loan, it will be granted easily. If trying to get back your lent money, then you are going to need a plan! An ongoing lawsuit can demand expenses to be made. Strictly avoid investing in real estate or share market in any way. You may invest in other areas but only after due consideration.

Love & Marriage: For love & marriage prospects, this month appears rough. This is not a favorable time to open your heart to a loved one, as you may have to wait for long for a positive reply.
Lovebirds, you might not be able to spend much time together now & will have to face your partner’s wrath. If you plan to go shopping together, then chances are your opinions will collide & quarrels may break out with your partner.

If married, then take care of your partner’s health. Your spouse can suffer from work pressure & you should lend a helping hand whenever possible to ease the stress. Failing to show your affection & love might add to their woes & make things worse.    

Students & Children: Students may face a time of distractions & hurdles now. You need to utilize your time to improve your focus. Laziness can lead you astray & your interest in studies may suffer. Spending too much time with friends can prove costly for your academic performance. Instead, prepare notes in time & revise your work. If you have just got admission in a college away from home, then things will take time to settle & till then, confusion may prevail regarding studies.

Your kids will be less interested in studies now. Their lethargic approach will lead to wastage of time, yet you should handle them with care instead of scolding them. Keep an eye on the amount of time they spend with friends. Their health is likely to suffer to some extent. Thus, remain cautious.

Family & Health:           
Your domestic front seems to have an unpleasant atmosphere this month, Libra. Clashes among family members are possible. Your speech will be the primary cause of stress & if you wish for matters to improve, then you need to work on your temperament. Father might not support you now. Take care of your mother’s health.

Spending time with friends will cause some expenditure to be made. A female friend might occupy most of your time. Health will improve now, though stomach or chest related issues might resurface. For improving your focus, avoid overthinking about petty matters.  
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