LIBRA April Horoscope


Libra, your monthly horoscope is out & it brings forth a mixed bag for April. If you are a government employee, you are likely to receive favors from authorities this month, as rosy financial gains may be generated after 14th April 2018.

Destiny may not favor you, though. Success will come but only after prolonged hard work, sincere efforts & a lot of patience. Expenses are likely to remain under control. You may see rise in the number of opponents as well as competition for your business. Business holders face the chances of observing professional disappointments. Thus, caution is advised along those lines. Romance will be in air for married couples till 20th April 2018. Cordial relation with spouse is generally seen. Take proper care of health after 20th April 2018 as some health ailments can be faced this month.

You are quite knowledgeable and wise, full of optimism and positive thoughts. Your nature will mostly remain pleasing. Your energy level & resistance power appear to remain good. You are bold & fearless in general & possess a spiritual corner this month. You may go for short trips seeking adventure with family & spouse which will give them good change from their routine activities.

Career: The monthly forecast for career depicts a hazy picture. Work front does not appear to be too comfortable. Intense events are indicated, and the work environment may not be soothing. Your relation with boss, superiors, & colleagues is likely to be troublesome. Arguments and quarrels can take place. Change of job or relocating yourself won’t do any good for you. Salary hike is quite unlikely to occur. New projects should not be undertaken at this stage. Business doers may experience lowered gains this month. Efforts of business partners to bring in profits will most likely go in vain. Business holders can face hardships this month, with lesser chances of accumulation of wealth.

Career Advice - The time appears to be unfavorable. You should remain calm and avoid taking any risks or impulsive professional decisions. Always consult your partners before making the final call in any career related decision.

Love & Marriage: The monthly readings for love and marriage show a rosy term for conjugal life. Relation with your spouse looks in a satisfactory zone by the grace of Jupiter. Though your spouse to be egoistic to some extent, you are likely to skillfully handle the situation and enjoy marital bliss fully till 20th April.

The time is highly favorable for singles as well. New beginnings will bear fruits and a strong bonding can develop. But just keep your aggression under control. Progeny prospects seem quite good after 14th April 2018. Jupiter should grace you with safety and strength, and matters related to childbirth should sail smoothly. Take complete rest and avoid carelessness.

Money & Finance: Financially, the monthly indications look good in April. Trends in money matters appear favorable after 14th April 2018. Good financial gains can be expected & a rise in savings or accumulation of wealth is also likely. Your expenditures remain within safety limits this month. You could make investments but only after 14th April 2018, as the time would be favorable. Trading in stock market should be strictly avoided as only losses would be incurred. Cash flow will stabilize & remain satisfactory in the latter half.

Students & Children: The monthly predictions for students & children mark a period of improvements. Health of children looks to generally remain under pressure this month. Improvements to some extent can be expected in 2nd the half of month. They will be full of wisdom, & depict good knowledge, logic & analytical point of view. Their speech will mostly be pleasing.

For students seeking higher education, the initial stages of the month can bring hiccups though; the latter half will bring better opportunities & greater success in academic ventures. Outlook towards studies will mostly remain positive.

Family & Health:
The monthly horoscope for family & health implies a rough period. Your own health appears to generally remain unstable. Problems related to private parts or the urinary tract can pull your energy levels down. Keep a check on your blood sugar levels. The span after 20th April can further deteriorate your physical state. Thus, exercise caution.

Domestic environment is not brightly denoted. A feeling of detachment will prevail between family members and lack of peace is likely. Proceed with patience and try to communicate more often with members of the family.

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