LIBRA September Horoscope

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Overview: Libra, your monthly horoscope brings mixed flavors for you. The time demands you to maintain a balance in your life. Plan for ahead before taking any decisions. Your mental & physical prowess will greatly improve. Luxury, beauty, garments, art, & cosmetics will interest you more & you will feel happier & relaxed. Your efforts & hard work will fetch you name & fame, though avoid trusting people blindly or taking important decisions under someone’s influence. Your profession will flourish. Focus more on work than on enjoyment & entertainment. Interest in social work will bring you honor. Those in politics will get the public’s support. You will easily win over any competition this month. Around mid September, you may receive an offer to work on an important project or work. At the start of the month, income may come in through govt. sources. On 16 September, Sun will transit Virgo. Income from foreign sources is possible now.

Career: You may face some confusions on the work front now. Results may remain lower than expected & may cause stress. You need to be courageous & risk taker if you want success. Areas of decoration, food related work, creative, art & designing work will see good profits this month. If working in partnership, relations with partner may take a hit. Avoid starting a new business now.

If in a job, this period looks good for you. A rise in post & salary are likely at work. Govt. jobholders will see a successful period. Relation with boss will remain pleasant. Personal relations may develop at work & you may spend more time with each other.       

Love & Marriage: The monthly forecast depicts a rosy term for love & marriage prospects. An old romance might be reignited in your life, as chances are an old lover may cross your path again while on a short journey. You should support your partner now & spend more time with them. You may spend on luxury items for your partner this month.

Singles, be very careful before stepping into a new relation. If you have proposed to a loved one, you may have to wait for a positive response.

If married, the disruptions are likely now. Lack of support & cooperation may further hamper the harmony. Involvement of a third person can create rift & you need to be very careful about it.
Plannign a trip with your spouse will bring some relief & help boost positivity in your relation.
If looking to get married, carefully scrutinize a proposal before finalizing.

Money & Finance: Financially, the period looks strenuous. However, all your work will proceed smoothly. Avoid making any land related investments or purchases now. Vehicles may add to your wasteful expenses. Lent money may come back to you now. Large investments in share market should be avoided. Only opt for long-term investments. New sources of income are likely & profits are also indicated, yet unexpected expenses will keep your savings down. You will get the desired support from the govt. If seeking a loan for work, you will get it. You may provide financial help to your friends or siblings now. Expenses on luxury items are highlighted. You may spend on your lover this month.
Students & Children: The month ahead appears to be filled with success & progress for students. You will enroll in a new course of your choice & it will help you greatly in future endeavors. Your studies will proceed smoothly.

Your kids may lose confidence & may be filled with doubts now. You should help them get rid of any stress. A pending course is expected be cleared now. If you wish to send them abroad for further studies, your dream will come true. If you receive a complaint from their school, handle it diplomatically without getting angry at thrm.

Family & Health: Family front looks somewhat disturbed this month. Misunderstandings may lead to clashes & stressful situations. Younger siblings will somehow handle the situation. Disputes related to parental property will end in your favor. A female may be the cause of concern. Keep your speech in check.

Your health looks average now. Stomach or skin related ailments can keep you disturbed. Spend more time with your children & pay attention to their health.

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