LIBRA July Horoscope

(Tula )

July would see the last of the challenging period this month till the 17th. You will overcome some amount of personal hardships experienced over the last four months after the 8th. Further certain blocks at work would also improve after the 17th July 2019. Second half of July would see a powerful period with progress and gains from multiple sources.

Luck will tend to be good this month. Anger & certain pettiness in life would give way to better luck & a more pleasant temperament this month.
Fear of the unknown would bother you however and would remain more accentuated till the 20th. Improvements in your mindset would come thereafter.

Career – will see certain blocks due to ego or hassles that authorities might have till the 16th July 2019. Progress, support of people in authority and growth in new areas would become possible after the 17th July 2019.
Work area would be lucky & quite positive. There would be good luck & harmony at work finally.
Team will be quite supportive too. Some new lucky breaks & opportunities could come about.

Love & Marriage – Love life will be difficult & opportunities blocked till the 17th July 2019. Thereafter an amazing time in love. Sex appeal will jump up tremendously.
Existing relationships are better after the 8th July 2019. Commitments will improve now.
Marriages will improve after the 5th July 2019. Aggression towards spouse would become better now. Spouse will do well as level of luck would go up.

Money & Finances –
Money matters would be good after the 5th. Good gains and luck in finances would be felt.
Income will be good throughout. There would be a rise after the 16th July 2019.
Investments might have caused some concerns after the 8th July 2019. There would be gains & growth in investments after the 8th July 2019.

Students & Children –
Students would see improvements in the pressures felt after the 8th July 2019. There would be good results in exams and all after this period. A positive month mostly.
Children relating matters will be better now. An overall improvement would be felt this month. Children will do well & there would be luck for them.

Family & Health – Family life will be positive after the 5th July 2019. Issues felt in the last few months would subside now.
Health will be quite favorable this month.

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