LIBRA May Horoscope

(Tula )

You will find that the finances will resurge after a temporary slowdown of April 2019. Work related activity would rise, there would be growth due to your hard work and expansion in many areas. Domestic and children related matters could come back and cause some worry in this month. These issues and challenges could have come sometime in 2018 also. You would see some sort of a revival. You need to find clues in how you handled these in the past and the same methods would work again now. Relations with siblings could be affected and you should avoid controversy when dealing with your co born. Hurdles would remain high so it would be better to avoid new projects and keep things as simple as possible.

Career: Career for you will be growth oriented. There would be new areas that would provide you the success that you are looking for. Broadly some differences of opinion could come up with partners or in joint areas of work. Mostly working with team members and delegating work would give you good returns.

Love and Marriage: Love life is going to be average. There would be hassles and hurdles due to ego as well as your preoccupation in life. Better results are expected next month. This month it’s better to keep a low profile. Existing relationships would be nice, happy and exciting but temperament of partner will be unsteady so be careful. Marriage matters will be slightly tough as there would be verbal conflicts as well as difference of opinion. Some improvements will come in after the 7th May 2019 when the anger and issues would go down slightly in comparison.

Money and Finances: Money matters are positive. There would be gains and many new inflows would come in from the same sources that had dried up in the past. Level of luck and opportunity in financial matters will improve after the 7th May 2019. Income would be good this month but some dip would be felt towards the end of the month.

Health and Family: Children related matters will cause worry. There could be some negativity and issues in this area. Utmost caution is required and you should avoid any sort of controversy. Major decisions should be taken with consensus. Family life otherwise will be good and there would be happiness with people around you and broadly things at home would be positive. Health would be good mostly but some challenges could be felt due to low immune system and poor stamina and vitality. Avoid exerting yourself in the second half of the month.

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