LIBRA January Horoscope


Overview: The monthly horoscope for Libra points towards a glittering period ahead. Good financial gains are being denoted after 14thJanuary 2018. Formation of “Dhan Yoga” in your horoscope after 14th January 2018 may further facilitate monetary profits in this month & prosperity would increase. Financially, a flourishing condition is denoted this month. Destiny is likely to be in your favor for almost throughout the month. Good mental intellect would exist. This would further help you gain financially.

Expenses should remain under control. Domestic environment may be not up to the mark leading to lack of peace of mind even at work place. Your personality would comprise of a mixture of wisdom, enthusiasm, creativity, energy, stamina, good vigor, & vitality. You may be inclined towards learning & acquiring knowledge. Your speech could have a temperamental touch & should be kept under the scrutiny after 17th January 2018. Spiritual inclination may lead to a pilgrimage. Business travels may be undertaken however, they might turn out to be fruitless.

Career: The monthly horoscope denotes somewhat grey period for career. You may not find peace of mind while at work. A job change or relocation may not benefit you either. Government jobholders may observe a more favorable period than private sector Job doers. This should however, not affect your financial stability in general. Aggressive issues may be incurred at work front between boss & colleagues. Undertaking of new projects should be completely avoided at this stage. Business persons on the other hand, might experience destiny turning the profits in their favor during this period. Dealing with business partners may not be much beneficial. Some bitterness or heated conversations may take place between associates.

Career Advice- Job holders may face a harder span as difficulties are more likely to cross your path during this period. You should measure your words after 17th January 2018 as they may land you in trouble. Your image & reputation will be at stake. Thus, be careful.

Love & Marriage: The monthly horoscope for love implies the beginning of the year with a bloom of romance. You may experience a smooth marital life during this period provided, you keep your speech in check. Otherwise, arguments & quarrels are likely to disrupt an otherwise healthy relation. You seem to be a romantic person but your lack of ability to express it at the appropriate time may turn the tides against you. Singles looking forward to new beginnings should also take note and select their words carefully. Any vulgarity or use of inappropriate words can turn your luck & character down. Progeny prospects are not denoted as too bright. Care should be taken.

Money & Finance: The monthly horoscope for finances highlights a positive period for your funds. Substantial financial gains are indicated & you will be quite economical in spending to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

Accumulation of wealth may see a rise after 17th January 2018. Monetary matters should mostly be in your favor during this month. You may have power & resources, & have materialistic achievements as well. Investing in Govt. bonds may yield favorable results. Trading should better be avoided as loss of capital is highly possible. Cash flow & accumulation of wealth should mostly be satisfactory.

Students & Children: The month of January brings signs of challenges for children. Their health may suffer with the changing seasons almost throughout the month. Parents should pay attention towards the eating habits and clothing habits of their children.

Students seeking higher education are likely to follow discipline & hard work. Their energetic, enthusiastic, & wise demeanor may help them achieve success in almost all the competitions. By the grace of Jupiter, they are likely to develop a good outlook towards studies.

Family & Health: The monthly horoscope hints at minor ailments during January. There may be problems in your private parts or an infection in the urinary tract. Ladies may have to suffer from some kind of Gynecological disorders. So proper care & caution is needed. For health issues, consult a good doctor & follow his advice religiously. Domestic environment may face signs of disruption as clash of opinions & choices would prevail between family members. Elders of the family may mediate the situation for a peaceful resolution. Family vacations may boost everyone’s spirits & calm the fire.

Libra 2018 Horoscope

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