LIBRA November Horoscope

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Overview: Libra, November horoscope suggests you maintain a balance in your life. You seem to focus only on your enjoyment, as your work would suffer this month. Laziness would be expensive. Work related confusions are likely. Be patient and calm. Be courageous and willing to work hard. If interested in politics, you would get the needed support. Participation in social work would earn you appreciation and rise in reputation. Family relations might suffer though. Avoid clashes with anyone to save your time and money. Stay away from traveling near the start of November, as an accident is possible. Stress might affect your work.
Career: Libra, be careful while starting a new work this month, as hasty actions might lead to a loss. Existing work might face confusion and profits might remain lower than expected. Work partnerships seem good this month. A new business deal might take time to bring benefits; remain patient. Work related stress might prevail. Traveling for work is possible, though avoid a sudden or unexpected trip.
If in a job, November seems good with chances of a salary raise. Continue to work sincerely. Time looks favorable for a new job. You would get the desired results and income this month. Coworkers seem supportive. Relations with seniors and boos look pleasant.
Love & Marriage: Your love life might suffer this month, Libra. Lack of time for your lover would lead to arguments. Be patient and control your anger, as a break up is possible. Plan a trip together, yet speak softly and thoughtfully.
If you have recently proposed to someone, response would take some time. Wait patiently. If you come across a proposal, respond carefully.
Marriage life seems rough, as ego clashes would spoil the harmony. Interference of a third person might worsen the condition. Keep a soft and calm tone. If traveling with your spouse, avoid fighting over past issues. Take care of health of your spouse.
Money & Finance: Financially, November seems average for you, Libra. Work related uncertainties would affect your income negatively. Delay in payments would be stressful. Remain calm and work patiently. Loan related matters look favorable this month. Old loans would be easily paid back. Avoid investments of any kind for now. An old investment might profit you this month. Wasteful expenses are possible on the domestic front. Siblings and friends would support you.       
Students & Children: November brings signs of improvements for students, though results might not match your expectations. Laziness can severely affect your studies and you should wasting time. Mental stress would prevail, which might affect your focus. Prepare well for competitions if you want success. Around mid-November, efforts to study abroad would succeed.
Domestic issues might stress y our children. They would prefer spending more time with friends online than with family. Treat them with care. If interested in sports, prizes are likely.
Family & Health:                   
Family life looks comfortable this month.  Libra, any ongoing issues at home would be resolved. Love would prevail. However, a house related confusion is likely. Parties and celebrations are indicated. Relation with your mother might suffer. Father seems supportive and he would help you financially.
Be careful while playing, as you might hurt yourself. Laziness and stomach related problems might cause difficulties. Take a break and plan a family trip for relaxing.     

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