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Libra October Horoscope

Moon Sign based
Month Overview:
Planets of Influence: Venus
Predominant emotions: Highly sensitive
Libra horoscope for October 2022 may see your career to be rising high and business would expand with good prospects coming from foreign land. Finances will be average and there would be a need to develop new sources of income. Love and marriage will face challenges and may be average in love and romance with lack of understanding and coordination. Your health will be stable with old ailments getting cured this month. Students will perform well in the exams and in competitive exams. Family life will see mixed trends, there will be good relationships between the members, and at times, there would be some misunderstandings.
Planets of Influence: Moon, Mars and Rahu
Major Trend: Prosperity and Expansion

Libra Career may see good prospects in your professional life, there will be good gains from your assignments in the foreign land and this will boost your career. New job changes may be there for you and in case you are a fresher, then you would get a job in this period. Influence of Rahu in house of business will give prosperity and popularity with expansion of business and it would be better if new expansion plans are undertaken in foreign countries as this would be more favorable and profitable for you.   

Love, Marriage & Relationship
Planets of Influence: Saturn, Mars and Rahu
Major Trend: Moderate outcomes

Libra Love life will be mixed and stressful in October 2022. Love life would go through some misunderstanding and miscommunication, especially till 23rd Oct. Though, love birds will enjoy each other’s company in this period and would cherish the happy moments spent together in later part of the month when Saturn, lord of love, would be progressive, but stress between love life would be constant. The planetary positions and combinations would be favorable to convert the love relationship into marriage. Married couples on the other hand may face some uphill tasks in maintaining cordial relations with each other due to presence of Rahu in place of marriage and spouse. But you need to control your arrogance and aggressive attitude.  

Money & Finance
Planets of Influence: Mars and Venus
Major Trend: Average Finances

Libra Money and Finance in October 2022 may have some highs and lows. Mars is the lord of wealth and would transit in place of fortune bring opportunity to earn money from many sources. You will get your stuck money in later part of the month. Your expenditures may cause a trouble for you, though they may be for a noble cause, however, they would lead to money crunch. Your income from different sources would help you stabilize, and foreign sources would be more profitable in this regard. You need to develop new sources of income for accumulating more wealth.

Planets of Influence: Jupiter and Venus
Major Trend: Steady Health

Libra Health may be on better notes, however, minor ill health may be there. Jupiter, in house of disease, would give strength to fight any sort of health ailments. Though your health generally will be stable, old ailments that were disturbing you may also get cured in this period. You need to be careful and save yourself from the minor health issues by keeping your fitness level at a high level and maintain a good and nutritious diet. There are chances that you may get infected from some climate related infections like cold, cough, fever, viral infection etc.    

Students & Education
Planets of Influence: Saturn, Mercury and Venus
Major Trend: Good Performance

Libra Students in October may find themselves on a better platform to do well in the studies, their exams, and competitive exams. Initial part of the month would be Saturn, lord of education, would be in retrograde. Your preparation for the exams will be better in this period, you would plan and do your studies and clear all your doubts from your teachers, and this will boost your confidence level. Students doing professional courses would perform well.

Planets of Influence: Mars and Saturn
Major Trend: Ups and Downs
Libra Family may have some ups and downs. Your relationship with the other members of the family may be good and cordial, all members will respect you and your wisdom. You will be the main pillar of the family who may take initiative to organize some function in the family. You need to work on your anger and argumentative attitude for smooth sailing. Towards the end of the month, there may be some issues that may bring discord among the members in family.