LIBRA March Horoscope

(Tula )

March would be a positive and dynamic month for you. You will find your energy levels, bot mental & physical, high giving you the push and ability to make things happen in personal as well as professional matters. This month will see you in control with excellent expression that will convince nearly anybody who is in touch with, to go with your thought process and suggestions. Further you will develop a high level of precision & intuition in your work starting this month. This special trait will help you the whole of 2019.

Activity at work could be mind boggling and that might push you to make some incorrect decisions. You should avoid rushing into decisions that are based on insufficient research or facts as that could take you on a wrong course in life.

This month will see gradual changes after the 5th March 2019 as you might take some unsteady steps due to competition at work. Avoid taking more loan than is necessary. 15th March 2019 Onwards there would be a dual change. On one hand worry will go up suddenly on account of children and a financial decision / investment decision taken in the past, while on the other you will feel consolidation and control over your work progress. You should clean u your work environment and not let the stress effect work as that would get resolved before the end of the month.

22nd March onwards you will find yourself creative, romantic and very positive. You would turn short tempered too and pick up some unnecessary fights. Its a good time to indulge in yoga and exercise to keep your mind & body stress free.
23rd March 2019  onwards you could feel a rise in resentment towards siblings & some wrong communications that could lead to confusion in life.

Career –
this month is good for work. You will make good progress at work as long as you don’t take hasty decisions. There would be good progress within the team. Travel will bring in good progress for your work.

Love / marriage – love life would be very positive. There will be happiness and content. 22nd March 2019 onwards its the beginning of an exciting phase. If you are looking for love, then the time has come now. Marriage matters would be tough as spouse would be in a a belligerent mood. Stay away from controversy. Silent resentment could make you say things which you might not really mean.

Money – finances would be great this month. Good inflows and gains possible.

Family / Children –
again its a very good month for family life. Children related matters however could be stressful after the 15th March 2019 . Avoid taking any wrong decisions in haste.

Health – will remain good throughout, although anger after the 22nd March 2019 could be a spoil sport.

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