Libra (Tula)

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Libra, you would feel wiser and smarter than ever and your personality would be even more versatile and bright after 13th October. If you put in efforts and use your courage effectively, gains are likely to follow. However, temper may get out of control at times and you may let out some hurtful words. This could emotionally affect someone you are close to. You don’t want people to avoid you, that’s something you being a Libra cannot handle so it’s better to put some filter on your speech. This would help avoid unnecessary conflicts this month. October is also a period when you should pay attention to your health, as indicated in Libra monthly horoscope. Energy level may dip a bit and you may not be able to make the best use of your mental capabilities. Don’t be negligent towards your wellbeing.

Career front is a bit weak and you would have to work hard to bring desired changes. Finance is also an area of concern due to rising expenses. A business idea may blow your mind but spending on it blindly could be detrimental to your overall financial health. Better money management is the call of the hour! When it comes to spending, you need to rank your expenses, from unavoidable to wasteful. Spending on entertainment and luxuries would give you a sense of happiness this month. Time to scrutinize your expenses Libra, especially until 13th October. To maintain better workflow and growth in career, you should also focus on building a better work environment by cementing the creaks in your work relationships. Some travels related to business/work are on the cards too. Overall, the coming month seems busy and eventful.

Libra career forecast in October

Some issues are clearly visible in your monthly career horoscope Libra. Something may earn you a bad reputation at work. You might create some new enemies, with whom your work interests conflict. It might be a good idea to work sincerely and attentively. Avoid any laziness or lopsided attitude at work now. There won’t be any special favors for you and it would take a lot of work to improve your career prospects. Intense exchanges with boss could worsen the situation so better stay calm. However, after 13th October, you would silence your haters, probably through an achievement. If you hold a partnership business, careful handling is required when matters involve your business partner. The best career advice is to bury your impulse & anger and be more diplomatic in your ways. When situation demands, sometimes you have to praise a fool.
Love and marriage predictions for October

Romance is in the air Libra! The period up to 13th October is pleasant and promising when it comes to matters of the heart. Monthly love horoscope suggests that relationship with spouse or love partner would remain cordial with high dose of sensuality and passion. In terms of physical pleasures, the first half of month seems exhilarating for love couples while the second half is more promising for married folks. If you are looking to tie the knot, circle any date in October, as it’s an auspicious month. Married couples can also plan progeny, but period before 26th October seems more favourable.

Money & Finance

Financial gains would be at par with expectations during the period until 13th October. During this time frame, your savings and wealth would also grow as indicates Libra money horoscope for the month. Thereafter, you could become too extravagant and expenses may spring out of control. In terms of investments, avoid locking your money for the long term this month, nor indulge in short-term trading or speculation. To attract financial success, only hard work can get you gains as you expect. Since you have a bold attitude and ability to complete what you undertake, use this ability wisely in earning and managing money. Cash flow would remain erratic throughout so you would need a lot of balancing.

October for Children & Students

Growth of children would be satisfactory in October. They would become wiser and smarter, and energy level would remain high until 13th October. Understanding with children would improve. Students seeking higher education would also see a positive phase. It won’t be wrong to say that your exam results would be worth a praise this month, especially after 13th October. Your rank and merit would improve along with overall performance. Success in competitive exams is also indicated, thanks to gracious Jupiter.

Family & Health

In terms of personal health, some feet related problems could trouble you after 9th October. You should also guard against issues in intimate areas.  Your monthly horoscope indicates health related expenses Libra.

On the family front, a sense of detachment may be felt. Travel abroad for business is expected in the first half so you might stay away for a while. Disputes and differences may rise during this month, calling for your sincere involvement to reach resolution. Spending on domestic needs would also increase.
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