LIBRA January Horoscope

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Overview: Libra, January horoscope looks quite promising for you. Financial condition seems splendid. Blocked payments would come to you now and add to your savings. Rahu transits your house of profession. Work related confusion is likely to prevail. Plan any major changes only after March 2019. Work related travels might face hurdles, though your work would proceed smoothly. After mid-month, avoid stepping into arguments with anyone. If you are involved in an ongoing legal case, you might get rid of it after a financial settlement. Sudden gains are likely during January. Rewards from parental property are also likely. Relations with your siblings seem mediocre. Avoid taking any major decisions near the end of the month. Arguments with spouse are possible due to financial issues. Start any new work after careful research to avoid problems later. Confidence seems low. If you run a buy & sell business, be very careful during January if you want to earn good profits. If in politics, you might face some opposition & friction this month. Sudden gains are possible through a high ranked officer or higher post.

Career: Libra, proceed carefully in your profession. If running a business in partnership, consult your partner before starting a new work. Avoid working a new project till March 2019, if possible. If in the field of jewelry, design, education or creative work, January seems to bring favorable time for you. Traveling for a new project is likely, though matters may take time to complete, & you might have to make multiple trips. Speak politely with your business partner, as it can negatively affect the work environment. A pending project is likely to complete this month. New orders would bring good financial profits. If you grab a big deal or project, proceed carefully.

If working in a job, new responsibilities at work could increase the workload. You would find it hard to maintain work-home balance. If looking for a new job, you may find good offers. A promotion seems quite possible in January. If you seek a job transfer, talk to your superiors at work now. Chances look good.           

Love & Marriage:
Libra, your love life looks average in January. If you love someone, avoid proposing him/her this month, as you would have to wait for long to get a response. Try expressing your feelings near the end of the month or possibly next month.
If in a relationship, stress is likely till mid-January. After that, planning a trip together would help you come closer and boost harmony in your bond. Your partner’s family might need you soon. If needed, help them out morally & financially.

Marriage life appears rough. As January starts, financial issues might lead to clashes with your spouse. Help each other in the daily chores as well as professional work, if possible. After mid-January, your life partner seems supportive. With help from your spouse, your confidence levels & work performance would greatly enhance. Try to resolve any ongoing issues with your soulmate peacefully.
Students & Children: Libra students, you need to manage your time wisely. Laziness would cause delays & hurdles during preparation for exams. If you were waiting for your results, you would get the desired outcomes, with possibility of getting admission in a college of your choice. Consult your teachers before choosing subjects. Performance in competitions is likely to be as per your expectations.
Libra, January shows a rosy period for your children. Your bonding with them seems pleasant. They would share their problems with you and consult you before taking an important decision. If they feel lonely, try to guide them patiently and help them find a solution to their problems. Expenses on children are likely to rise.

Family & Health: Libra, your family life would depend on your way of talking this month. Speak softly and politely to keep everything smooth. Try to spend more time with your family. Take care of your parents’ health as well as needs. You may plan a pilgrimage with them. Bonding with your siblings seems to suffer. A big religious function at home would bring everyone closer and you could use this opportunity to make things better.
Your health appears to improve during January, with good energy levels likely. Be careful against possible infections. Keep your diet in check.     

Money & Finance: Your financial condition looks good this month, Libra. Your January horoscope looks promising for getting back the lent or blocked money. Getting the required support would boost your confidence. If you had taken a loan, ways to repay it would become clearer now. Avoid investing in land related work & stay away from buying a house this month. Spending on a vehicle is possible. Share market does not seem profitable. Your father could help you financially this month. Sudden monetary gains are likely. Expenses seem within control. Your spouse might gain profits from your in-laws. Large investments in your own work are not advisable in January. Earlier projects would bring in good income.

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