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Daily Libra Horoscope Tue, Jun 22, 2021

Moon Sign based

Libra Today

Good quality time in form of family/romance environment around the home and party place will be visible and all kinds of relationships will prosper but you are advised to channelize your relationships according to your priority. Mutual understanding and care for each other will be your strength in personal relationship. You will be action oriented but all the ideas, you wish to implement may not turn out as profitable as they seem to you. Your business / job will not flourish & any haphazard decision for expansion could meet with career setback. Employees will get a bad deal today and their working conditions are likely to be less supportive.

Today Libra: Specific Plan

  • Business deals

    Favourable day throughout for all kinds of deals.

  • Love & relationships

    Favorable day overall.

  • Money transactions (Loans/Investments)

    Good throughout the day. Money will prosper by deal made today.

  • Speculation in stocks & shares

    Positive day. There will be gains in both long investment and speculation (subject to birth chart)

  • More

Today Ephemeris / Panchanga for Tue, Jun 22, 2021

Tithi Dwadashi upto 10:22 AM
Yoga Siddha upto 01:52 PM
Nakshatra Vishakha upto 02:23 PM
Rahukala 03:53 PM to 05:38 PM  
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