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AQUARIUS February Horoscope

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Overview: Aquarius, as stated by your 2020 February Horoscope, you have entered the first phase of Sade Sati when Saturn transited in the twelfth house of your moon sign. This marks the beginning of your struggling phase as you’ll be required to put in a lot of efforts throughout this period. But eventually your efforts will be taken into consideration and your hard work will not go in vain. You’re likely to decent gains along with good income flow.

You’ll be able to maintain amicable relations with professional associates and thus will enjoy working in a healthy work atmosphere. A lot of golden opportunities will knock your door and in due course you could also commence a new start up with a motive of earning side income along with your regular pay.
If you’re intending to take an international work trip, try planning it after the mid of this month for promising outcomes. Your parents will wind up being extremely supportive and encouraging. Aquarius, your leadership qualities will get enhanced from 16th February 2020 onwards as Sun is going to enter in your moon sign. Your political powers are likely to get intensified and you may get inclined towards social work and welfare. Your unimaginable interest in spiritualism will take you on a positive path and instill peace in your life.

Career: You’ll have to put in efforts from your end in order to take hold of the opportunities that are going to cross your way. Your career is likely to get enhanced as you’re expected to climb stairs of success and accomplishment. Your hard work will get acknowledged and you would receive humongous benefits throughout this month. Though this month will prove to be challenging one for you but you’ll have the courage and will power to accomplish over these obstacles.

You would get certain opportunities for freelance work which would amplify your financial stability. Foreign trip done in this month will wind up being extremely beneficial for your business or professional image. You’re likely to impress the clients with your commendable presentation skills and as a result would get hands on amazing deals and projects.
There is a possibility that you might not be satisfied with your current job and make a thought to change your place of employment. We would advise you to adhere to your job and wait for a better time. In the meantime, try to maintain relations with everyone around. You’ll witness a positive change in your work environment from the mid of this month. Things will start getting settled. Your hard work will be acknowledged and you’ll begin receiving favors from your boss and seniors.

Money and Finance: February 2020 is sounding pretty great as far as financial prospects are concerned. There are chances of getting benefited by unearned income sources. You might not be able to accumulate decent amount in this month. However, this can be adjusted by balancing expenditure in such a way that you are in a state of no loss.

Lord Jupiter will bless Aquarius natives with handsome profitable opportunities. February 2020 seems a good month for placing resources in share markets. This is a favorable time to earn decent gains from past investments. Those who are involved in business related to cosmetics and designing work are likely to be earning humongous gains in this promising month.

Love and Marriage: During this month love relations tend to be somewhat sweet and sour as Aquarius 2020 Love Horoscope is stating odds of ups and down in your love life. You may undergo a challenging period with your partner but at the same time your stars are going to favor you with ample of chances to mend your relationship. For that, first you’ll have to bid farewell to your ego and aggression so as to close entryways for any further confusions. Avoid interference of third person in your personal matters. This Valentine’s, plan a perfect surprise for your beloved so as to make her fall in love with you all over again. This will help you to rekindle your love bond.

Marital life of Aquarius moon sign is expected to take a rough turn in the month of February 2020. You’ll be required to keep a control over your speech so that you do not fall in a verbal combat with your spouse. You should value your spouse and try to build a trust factor in your relation. Plan a surprise getaway with your special someone. This will carry you both considerably closer to each other and at the same time will strengthen your marital bond.

Students and Children: 2020 February Horoscope suggests that you would be graced well due to the hard work and efforts you put in during this period. If you’re planning to pursue higher education from overseas, in that case you might get favored by your lucky stars. Your commendable performance will take you steps closer to your dreams. Your examination scores looks promising and you would get desirable outcomes in academic career. Make a point not to burn your valuable time on pointless activities. Rest everything would be just fine.

Parents are advised to be their child’s support system, motivating them at every required step. Your child might need extra guidance and you’ll be responsible to arrange the best tutors for them. In the same way take care of their health and make sure that they stay fit and fine.

Family and Health: February 2020 is all set to bring positive changes in your domestic life. This month will be full of positive vibes and happiness. Your family members will be extremely cooperative. You can expect them to support you in all your endeavors. 2020 Family Horoscope promises an exciting time ahead. You’ll have the power to build amicable relations with your siblings. You may organize get together at your place. During the same time, your religious inclination is about to get deeper and serious.
Health wise, there could be some issues related to skin allergies or headache. In case homemade remedies fail to work, at that point consult a medical specialist.

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