AQUARIUS August Horoscope

(Kumbha )

Overview: Your moon sign Lord Saturn is in retrograde/reverse motion and is having an aspect/influence on your moon sign. There will be various hurdles and troublesome paths in your life which will cause delay in your work. You won’t be able to complete assigned tasks on time. Even if you submit your assignment on time you will have to work on it again because it will contain a huge amount of blunders.
So as to avoid these unfavorable circumstances you should focus on your work with profound concentration and devotion. Avoid pointless trips and outings during this period instead focus on your work very sincerely and put a great deal of endeavors otherwise you will confront continuous failures and embarrassment.

Abstain yourself from any sort of disputes with your colleagues and seniors till 10th Aug 2019. Focus on your goals and future planning.
You will build a keen interest in politics and will take a functioning part in various political activities. As a result you will set up several government contacts. Your social work and charity will enable you to win a descent name in the society.
By the end of this month, there will be an improvement in your character. You will build more confidence and start believing in your decisions. Your past disputes with friends will arrive to an end.

Career: During the initial stage of August, there would be some sort of stress with respect to your profession or business. Avoid taking any abrupt decisions during this time otherwise this can make you doubt your self-esteem. Do not accept any partnership proposal till 10th Aug 2019. Maintain a strategic distance from people who pass on negative vibes. Do not participate in any sort of politics or conspiracy against your colleague/ colleagues. Do not spill out your work strategies or plans before your colleagues or seniors in the light of the fact that your secret rivals might plan something against you so as to slander you.

In case you’re intending to begin another business association, you can proceed with your thought after 10th Aug 2019. You may get business deal from government. In case you’re running a business related to hardware, there are high chances of profits.
There will be an advancement both salary vise and position vise. In case you’re intending to change your job or to apply for transfer to your desired location, it will be successful.

Money and Finance: This month is good with respect to monetary gains and financial stability however there will be few snags in your way which will cause a delay in the pay procedure.  Stay away from any sort of risky investments. Previous investments, if any will be incredibly profitable during this month. You will spend a significant part of your income on your career or a new business venture. Speculative investments and share markets will be profitable after 10th Aug 2019. A work related foreign trip will be extremely gainful.

You will spend a noteworthy piece of your income on your house renovation, furnishing and on purchase of a vehicle as well. 

Love and Marriage: You will experience warm contentions and misunderstandings with your spouse till 15th Aug 2019.This time frame won’t be great regarding your relationship with your partner or spouse. There will be very less communication which will offer ascent to plenty of misconceptions.
In case you are having a secret crush on someone and you’re intending to spill it out, wait! This isn’t the right time. You can propose him/her after this month. You are most likely going to confront your ex partner at a public place. If he/she initiates on having a conversation then you should give a chance to them. However, if you’re already dedicated to someone, try to maintain a strategic distance from your ex. Likewise, keep yourself away from extra marital affairs.

Mid August will be filled with love and romance. Your misunderstanding and conflicts will be settled. There will be an improvement in your relationship. You will build a lot of understanding and adoration for each other. You might plan out a trip or a short outing in order to spend more quality time with each other. Your partner will get new opportunities in his/her professional life.

Family and Health: You will build a good bond with your parents, siblings and relatives. You will cherish some great moments with your family members. There will be numerous get together and house parties which will function as a cherry on the cake. Evade debates with your companions and elder siblings. Nobody will acknowledge your unimpressive behavior so keep a control on your language and tone while having any kind of discussions with them. There is a possibility of some sort of disputes regarding ancestral property. Your mother will be your support system throughout this period and you will have her back at each progression.

Mid of this month involves your concern regarding your father’s health. This will increase your responsibilities towards him and your family as well. Therefore you must handle the whole situation maturely and cautiously.
Simultaneously take care of yourself too. You will experience sudden pain in your joints and legs but this would be cured with the help of proper medication. Morning walk, balanced diet and yoga would be very beneficial in this case.

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