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Aquarius December Horoscope

Moon Sign based
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Month Overview:
Planets of Influence: Saturn
Predominant emotions: Independent and intuitive

As per Aquarius horoscope in the month of December, this month will be generally favorable on all facets of life. You will see prosperity in job as well as in your business.
There may be some difference of opinion, and your egoistic behavior will keep the work atmosphere slightly tense.
Love life of singles will be fine but married ones may face some problems in adjusting with their spouse.
Finance part will be good and may bring gains through your career and other sources.
Students will have good analytical power and curiosity to learn new things. Family life will be generally fine during this month.  

Planets of Influence: Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury & Ketu
Major Trend: Arrogance and authoritative attitude

Aquarius Career in the month of December will remain prosperous and there will be growth in your professional life. There will be some tense moments in your job largely due to your egoistic behavior and due to difference of opinion with your seniors.
Ketu will be posited in the house of profession throughout the month and Sun accompany it till 16th December. This will be the reason for your egoistic behavior and different thinking from others.
Things will be on similar notes in terms of your business. Though there will be growth, your harsh words may create problems and some tensions would prevail. Overall, this month will give positive outcome in your profession.

Love, Marriage & Relationship
Planets of Influence: Mercury, Sun, Venus & Ketu
Major Trend: Love blossom in air for singles
Aquarius Love life will be on better notes in this month. Mercury is the lord of the house of love and will travel with Sun and Ketu in the initial days which makes you connected easily with people.
This will make it very easy for you to get love connection and links that will boom your love life. But the initial ten days in this month will face some challenges and disharmony among the love birds.
Married person may suffer in their married life due to heavy work pressure and lack of family time that will bring about disharmony in your relationships. After 16th Dec, situation will improve for the married ones.     

Money & Finance
Planets of Influence: Jupiter & Venus
Major Trend: Expansion in finance

Aquarius finance horoscope will be on positive notes in the month of December. You will earn good money, enjoy riches, and will earn money with your hard work.
However, due to some sudden expenditures, there will be a disbalance in your savings. Jupiter, the lord of the house of wealth and family nests in the house of self.
This indicates that you will have support from your family on financial matters and also you will earn good wealth from your hard work. Avoid any unnecessary expenditures and wastage of money on unnecessary things, as this may prove to be bad for your financial health.

Planets of Influence: Moon & Mercury
Major Trend: Seasonal infections may occur

Aquarius Health will be largely on better notes and there will not be any major health problems. Keep yourself safe from infections due to changes in weather which may pose a problem, if infected and cause viral and fever.
During last week of the month, there may be some hospital visits due to your health or maybe due to the health of your relative or friend.

Students & Education
Planets of Influence: Mercury & Mars
Major Trend:  Success over adversities and achieve objectives

Aquarius students may face some hurdles in the first few days of the month. Therefore, you need to be careful regarding the same. Rest of the month will generally be on better notes.
Your hard work will bring success in your exams and even in competitive exams you will fare well. Keep your concentration intact and do not let your mind get distracted from your studies.

Planets of Influence: Jupiter
Major Trend: Happy moments

Aquarius family life will be happy in the month of December. Your family will act as your strength, and you will spend good quality time with your family members.
You will take care of their needs and help them when they need your help and support - may it be financial help or even otherwise. Your relationships with your siblings will be good, as will be with your relatives.