AQUARIUS February Horoscope

(Kumbha )

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Overview: The lord of your sign, Saturn, is keeping an eye on your moon sign while transiting with Venus in the beginning of the month. As a result, this month may begin with good income and might be full of joyous moments. You may venture into a new work along with your current work that could be beneficial for you.  You could get bored of being in one place and may plan to go on a trip. These trips may come as an expensive affair and will not fetch any profit either. You may spend plenty on yourself but for other expenses, you might spend miserly. If you plan on going on a vacation, it will be a wasteful one in terms of both time and resources. This month work needs a lot of dedication and complete focus and with utmost seriousness; success will be knocking at your door. Try and avoid taking any decision while being over-excited about it or influenced by others. And stay away from arguments and conflicts as much as you can.

Do not spend any money on the house or the vehicle and also try and stay away from investing money anywhere at all; it may incur you major loss. Your suggestion may become the reason for success or gains for your friends and there are high chances that you may make new friends in the long run. People who have been planning to enter politics may be able to make it as this is a good time for them to make a move. You could also get an opportunity to get a promotion to a senior position this month and would get all the support needed to reach there as well. Ancestral property gains are also visible on the cards. Those who belong to the research background, there’s good news for you as you would get recognized for your work along with an opportunity to get associated with new research for which you might be interested. Your father may come to your financial aid this month and there will be small little religious trip taking place throughout the month for you. Try and avoid getting overconfident for any of your work or decision and try focusing on your work more and give a good long thought before taking any hasty decision.
Career: Your work could be a little more stable than before and you would feel excited about your new work. In order to expand it, you would have to put in a lot of effort to get good profits and success from the new planning. You may not experience any difficulties on the financial front; the income will remain stable and on time along with decent profits. Be careful on the business front as there are high chances of facing some sort of issues with your business partner until the mid of the month that may cause some sort of problem in the smooth flow of the work. Things will start getting better in the second half of the month.

You may get a new project which you will complete in time but the income may get a bit delayed than the expected time. Your efforts to get a good job offer may get fulfilled after the mid of the month. You may have to face some sort of confusion at your current workplace and may also have to wait before taking any decision at all. Salary discussion with boss may take place. If he asks you to wait for the same; in such case, you may need to focus on your work. You may feel a little discomfort and confusion among your co-workers and be careful to stay away from office politics.
Money & Finances: Your financial condition seems to improve this month and may get better than before as you could spend openly. As a result expenses for the month may also shoot up. You may also have to spend money in order to clear any kind of allegation you’ve faced. Your work might get you good income but there are possibilities of it getting delayed a bit. Work related to cosmetics and designing could also be a good source of income for you. By the mid of the month, you may benefit from your ancestral property or from an old investment that has matured with the time. Try and avoid taking any financial loan by the mid of this month. Also refrain from getting involved in the matter of house, land or property nor plan to purchase else you may get into a situation of unwanted arguments. Interior decoration of the house may prove to be a costly affair for you. It is a good time to invest money in share market. You may get financial support from your friends and brother.
Love & Marriage: The life lived in love will never be dull. So this month, your life will be filled with the crimson colors of love and romance. You may spend plenty of quality time with your partner or lover and will confess your love to them. There are chances of you spending money over some luxury items that you may buy for your partner. This month, you both may plan to go out for a long vacation and will also spend time together on romantic long drives. You will remain empathetic towards your partner and could also suggest him/her for their work.  Your partner may plan to help a friend by the end of the month. You too need to understand the friendship and support your partner instead of suspecting him/her. Your partner may not keep well during this month so you need to take care of your partner as well as of the sweet relationship you two share. Try and take out some time to spend some romantic moments with your partner so that he/she may forget their worries and enjoys the moment with you. Those who are married; time is not in your favor as you may have to face a difficult time together. A small misunderstanding can play a barrier between you two. This may also affect your work as well and cause you mental distress. Your partner may have to go on the extensive work-related trip because of which you two may not get the chance to spend time together. Things will get better after the mid of the month.
Students & Children: Good news for those students who plan to go abroad from higher studies; you may get an opportunity to make your dream come true. They will focus on their studies and will most probably also keep their expenses under control in the foreign country. The chances of getting a part-time job during your course in the foreign countries look bright. You may also choose to go for higher studies to a different place as well. Try and focus on your studies only and shrink your social circle and activities for now as there are high possibilities of you getting anxious because of some particular friend of yours. Give your total support to your children if they are planning to participate in some sort of competition. Your kids will completely focus on their studies with the zeal of doing something extraordinary this month. They may also get interested in entertainment and could win an award in sports. This will provide them with a new opportunity and interest in sports.
Family & Health: You may get to spend good time with your family as things look good at the home front. You will spend time together as one family with the utmost love and you will get full support from your siblings. There could be a religious activity at home this month. You need to be careful about your mother’s health as it may deteriorate and you may have to spend on your mother’s essentials. There will be a small celebration at your place as your father’s achievement at his office and the family may get together to enjoy this moment. You may suffer from a headache or skin related problems. There could be a medical condition that will be difficult to discover delaying your treatment further. Do not be indifferent towards it and try to consult an ayurvedic doctor for your problems. You could also go for alternate therapy.

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