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Aquarius October Horoscope

Moon Sign based
Month Overview:
Planets of Influence: Saturn
Predominant emotions: Feeling of detached and lack of empathy
Aquarius horoscope for October 2022 may find the period favorable and rewarding for your job as you may get out of turn promotion. Business from foreign deals may be profitable. Finances will see increase in your wealth and property; gains from ancestral property are also there. Love and marriage would be on better notes and there will be good and loving relationships, there will be better understanding between the partners. Health may face minor issues like eyes problems or body pains, and generally health will be stable. Students will see good time for higher studies and the dreams of studying abroad may get fulfilled. Family life will be blessed; religious function may be organized with the help of all the members in family.  
Planets of Influence: Mars, Sun and Saturn
Major Trend: Fortunate Period for Career

Aquarius Career will be progressive and prosperous. Your job will be rewarding as your luck will be in your favor and your work will bring appreciation for you from your seniors. There will be out of turn promotion and award for you. You may get new higher position at workplace. Your business may also be profitable and your delas with foreign based firms will bring unexpected profits.

Love, Marriage & Relationship
Planets of Influence: Mercury, Venus and Sun
Major Trend: Happiness and Love

Aquarius Love and relationship horoscope may remain under the blessings of the almighty. Influence of Venus and Mercury, there will be close bond between the love birds, you would help and support your love partner in all possible ways and means. Married life will be blissed, good understanding and mutual support will exist in the relationship. You need to be happy and discuss all the issues with your partner and resolve the issues collectively.    

Money & Finance
Planets of Influence: Jupiter and Venus
Major Trend: Growth in Wealth

Aquarius Money and Finances will be on a growing trend in October 2022. Jupiter, planet of expansion, would be in the house of wealth will help in increasing wealth during this phase. There will be opportunities for you to earn from speculative activities and get profits on your investments. You may gain in terms of property deals and that may include buying or selling of land or building. Overall wealth will get accumulated and there may be gains of ancestral property. There will be financial gains from foreign deals also that will boost your financial status.  

Planets of Influence: Mercury, Jupiter and Sun
Major Trend: Sound Health with minor health ailments

Aquarius Health may face minor challenges and apart from this, your health will be stable. Sun and Venus will be transiting in the house of chronic disease may give physical stress and you may face some issues related to your vision, body pains, leg pains etc. You may even face headaches due to over stress at workplace and long working hours. You need to take control of the issues with doctor’s consultation and be careful.  

Students & Education
Planets of Influence: Mercury, Venus and Ketu
Major Trend: Expected Results

Aquarius Students horoscope will bring great opportunities to pursue studies as per your expectations. Mercury, lord of education, will be in house of suddenness may bring sudden obstacles or hurdles. You would be blessed with good marks in the competitive exams and may get admission in the reputed college as per your desire. Your chances to study abroad may also see the light of the days when your admission to reputed foreign institution is confirmed. Placement of Ketu in the place of higher studies may again bring hurdles on your way. 

Planets of Influence: Jupiter
Major Trend: Memorable Happy Moments

Aquarius family will bring delightful and memorable moments. Influence of Jupiter on the house of family will support you in enjoying good relation and happy moments with family members. Family function will be there and there may be addition of member in your family during this month. You would share close bond with all the family members. Property related matters may see some fruitful decisions for you. There will be occasions to organize auspicious religious functions in the family or events may be organized to welcome a new member to the family. Overall, there will be peace in the family.