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Aquarius June Horoscope

Moon Sign based
You may observe some seriousness in your nature this month due to Saturn retro from 17th June and Sade Sati. You should share the feelings in your heart with someone close to you, after which you will be relaxed and have mental peace. You should go to meet or call your friends to help solve your problems. You should be careful of being deceived if you plan to buy or sell any vehicle as from 21st June, Mercury is combust. People may come to you for advice and counselling. You will get new opportunities in career and learn new things.

Your talents will increase, and you will be able to start any work that was stuck. You will feel energetic and gain recognition in society from 15th June. You may get a reward from the government or get a seat in politics. You should avoid disputes with enemies and competitors. Your partner or spouse may have an egoistic attitude towards you. You spend time at home for religious programs. You may not fulfil your dreams related to foreign companies, so avoid travelling for deals or meetings.

You should not start any new work, business or investments as Mars is debilitated. You may get a new offer from big company which will not be successful. You will show your talent in business and get recognition at your workplace for your hard work and honest efforts. You should avoid a Job change. You should avoid any disputes with female seniors. You will get new projects from MNC companies through your hard work. You will have income, gains and support from your spouse after 15th June. You will gain profits from past investments. This is a good period to invest in speculation till 21st June. You should avoid giving money to others, especially due to emotional connections. You should avoid spending money on trips, furniture or home renovation. You may spend time and money at religious places.

•    Lucky Dates for Investments: 5, 14, 17, 26, 30
•    Lucky Dates for Career: 5, 8, 12, 23, 27

Love & Marriage
You should try to avoid proposing someone if you fall in love after the 21st. Be careful of arguments and conflicts with lover due to some confusion. You should spend time to increase the romance between you and you partner and go for dates to build a strong relationship. You should be careful of some issues with your love life. You need to trust your partner for a better life. You should respect your spouse from the bottom of your heart. You should try to avoid reigniting old disputes with your life partner. You should give surprises and gifts for a better life; you will be happy and blessed from mid of the month. You should be honest and avoid any extramarital affairs. You will go with life partner to a memorable place. You should take care of your health.

Lucky Dates for Marriage: 6, 14, 15, 24

Family & Health
You will solve all the problems of your family. You should avoid arguing or disputing with females in the family. You may spend time at religious places with your family. You siblings will support you and invest in family business. You should avoid purchasing any land or home renovation. You should respect the elder members in the family. Your parents will support you. You should avoid taking stress and take care of neurology problems, if you any. You should go for a check-up if you feel any pain in your legs. You should drive slowly and carefully. You should avoid showing off your new vehicle by driving it too fast.