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AQUARIUS November Horoscope

(Kumbha )

Overview: November 2019 is going to be a golden period for the Aquarius moon sign natives as you’re likely to receive plentiful of opportunities at your doorstep. Your determination and will power will be quite high and your decision making abilities will be at its peak. Be set up to put in good hard work as your luck will favor and support your endeavors. Jupiter is supposed to transit through your gain house from 5th November 2019 onwards. During this period your business will flourish and you’ll climb steps of success and advancement.

You will take an active part in politics as well as charitable acts. It is seen that you’ll build an unimaginable fascination for spirituality and in this way spend your time in religious events and places.
Foreign work trips done during this period will turn out to be very fruitful and give you desired results. If you’ve built connection with a friend residing in any other country, it could be beneficial for the growth of your business/profession.

In case you’re involved in a court case since a long time, you’ll be relieved of this trouble and will turn out to be victorious over your rivals. So, now you’re free to do things as per your liking and can also migrate from one place to another without any legal bound.
Venus is transiting in your tenth house till 20th November 2019. Work related to beauty, garments, designing will be amazingly productive and will likewise fetch handsome profits to the owners.
Make an attempt to continue maintaining cordial relations with your dad till 15th November 2019. Your father will be your pillar of strength and help you come out of perplexities in a wonderful manner.
This is an ideal time to get back to an incomplete research work left which was behind in the past.

Career: If you’re planning to put your feet in a new business, the period after 10th November is perfect to transform your ideas into reality. The most productive fields in this month are going to be the ones related to beauty and cosmetics. The most idealistic time to place assets is 10th November to 20th November 2019. Before implementing your ideas and plans, make a point to counsel your father or a reliable senior to ensure that you’re moving in the right direction where risk factor is negligible.
This business will enable you to earn good reputation in the society. However, if you’re working with a business partner, make an attempt to maintain amicable relations by waving off goodbye to minor issues and arguments.

Your rivals will be very active during this month and they may try to lower down your morale. You need to strengthen your confidence level and move ahead with a strong mindset.
Fresher who are searching for a job have great chances of verifying a position. In case you’re unsatisfied with your job, you can likewise change your current place of employment in this month. Prepare a list and reach out to different companies and try to schedule interviews with them. By the end of this month, you’ll find yourself in a satisfactory place.

Love and Marriage: Existing love relationships will wind up being happy and cheerful. Positive energy and love will flow in all respects wonderfully and the partners will be contended and satisfied with each other. However, avoid confusions and misunderstandings in this month in the light of the fact that there could have an adverse effect on your relationship.  Romantic dates and long hour conversations will be a part of your daily routine. 

Married life seems to be off track till 15th November 2019 as the couples will be having clashes and disputes over petty issues. This disturbance will make you both distant from each other. Maintain a strategic distance from aggression and ego. A single unimpressive word can ruin the entire scenario.
These difficult situations will be lowered down after 15th November 2019 and an improvement will be observed. The married couples will start putting efforts from their end and in this way will work towards betterment of their relationship.

Money and Finance: Wealth brings happiness and satisfaction in lives. This statement is true to some extent. An upgraded financial position will empower you to fulfill your goals and objectives without worrying about going out of savings. You’re likely to greet some fantastic income opportunities in this month. You’ll have a chance to expand your business due to your excellent financial status.

If you were intending to buy a new house or property, this is an ideal time to proceed with this thought. Things will be sorted out with great ease and you’ll not face any kind of difficulties at all.
This is going to be a turning period of your life in positive terms as you’re likely to receive an ancestral property having an extraordinary worth. Speculative investments should be considered after 20th November 2019.

Students and Children: 2019 looks to be a period of growth and progress for your children. A positive approach towards studies would bring them desired results. If you want to be self dependent in terms of finance, this is a perfect time to start a part time job/work. Control on overconfidence is required to come out of confusions and perplexities.
Parents shouldn’t stop their child from participating in sports events as they’re likely to win hearts by their amazing performance. They would look upon you for support and guidance and hence it is your duty to be there for them at all times and in every possible situation. Chances are that they might complete a course that was left incomplete.

Family and Health: November 2019 is marked as a time of celebration and harmony at home front. Religious events will be held at your place and you might plan out a spiritual trip with your mother.
You’ll confront some distressing situations on the record of extra expenses in the family. Your mom will turn out to be your pillar of strength, supporting you in all aspects of life.  
There is a possibility of discord with siblings till 10th November but these would be settled within no time.

Health of father should be taken into consideration and make a point to adopt healthy eating habits for yourself too else you might suffer from stomach infections. In similar manner control your speed while driving to avoid any kind of mishap.
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