AQUARIUS October Horoscope

(Kumbha )

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Overview: Aquarius, the lord of your sign, Saturn, is in the 11th house. Mental stress due to overthinking can trouble you. Results from a new work will face delays. Your sleep might be affected and you need to take things lightly. After 12th October, Jupiter will change its sign and bring some relief. Religious work will interest you and frequent pilgrimages may be undertaken. Financial issues will mostly be resolved. Foreign travels or foreign related work might face some difficulties now. Be calm and focused if you want success. Worthless travels might stress you out. An old halted work can be restarted and might require some expenses to be made. If interested in sports, you will observe a favorable period with new opportunities coming your way. Avoid stepping into clashes, as matters might result in a legal action. You may meet an influential personality, who can boost your prospects in the future. If interested in occult sciences, you may indulge in a new research. Health of younger sibling is likely to suffer to some extent. Take care of their heart and head.   
Career: Professionally, the month looks sluggish for you. Work conditions don’t seem to be improving this month. Try to maintain diplomatic relations with foreign as well as govt. companies. Avoid working with a foreign company though, as you may be cheated. You will get the needed financial support for work. Work related stress will prevail and you might need a helping hand to get things done. If in a partnership, try not to act on your partner’s ideas till 15th October. You may come across the opportunity to enter a beneficial partnership with a female.

If in a job, sudden changes on the work front will bring delightful results till mid-October. A promotion, appreciation and rise in salary are quite likely. It is advisable not to plan for a job change this month. Focus on your performance in the current work place. After mid-October, maintain a pleasing relation with your boss. Beware of your colleagues conspiring behind your back.

Love & Marriage: Matters of love will be filled with harmony and romance this month. You will spend quality time with your lover now. A cordial bond will bring peace of mind and mutual understanding will greatly improve. Exchanging meaningful and unique gifts will strengthen your bond for life. Your life partner might turn egoistic, which can create some friction. However, deal with it diplomatically. Presenting them with a fragrant gift would bring a fresh new aroma to your romantic bond.

If married, the start of the month may see some hiccups bothering your partnership. As the month progresses, things will eventually improve. Profits and a desired salary are likely for your partner, which will improve your financial conditions. Take of their health and spend more time with your spouse.           
Money & Finance: Your financial stability seems to improve this month, Aquarius. Rewards from old investments are likely. Land or property related investments will be profitable. Spending on luxury items is depicted. Home decoration may further add to your expenses. You may purchase a vehicle as well. Buying of ornaments for wife or a female friend is indicated this month. Investments in share market are favored. Avoid taking a loan now. Money lent earlier will come back to you, though avoid lending money to anyone. Regular expenses will be easily met. An expensive purchase made recently might demand more spending.       
Students & Children: The month brings rosy results for students. You will get all the needed support for your studies, which will be a relief. Academic performance will mostly be good. Stay focused if you want success. Admission in a college or school of your choice is possible. Results in competitions will mostly be as per your expectations. Around the end of October, take care of your health and spend only limited time with friends.

Your children would be more interested in sports now. They may possibly get the chance to play at international level, and you should readily support them. Outlook towards studies will mostly be good and appreciation from their teachers is likely. You may send them abroad for further studies.       
Family & Health:                      
Atmosphere on your domestic front looks comfortable this month. Relations with family will mostly be cordial and members will be very understanding. Presence of a guest can bring happiness in the family. Parents will support you and will see an improved health this month. Your parents may come across new opportunities at work, which will bring profits as well. Your father might assist you with your work.
Your health looks mostly good, though skin problems might trouble you. Pain from an old injury can keep you down. Drive carefully and protect your head from a serious injury.

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