Aquarius (Kumbha)

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Aquarius, luck is somewhat favorable this month but still you may encounter some hurdles. Your energy level may be low and you may not feel as bold and courageous as before. Siblings and children may also feel low on the health front. On a positive side, you would feel spiritually inclined and might even plan a spiritual journey or pilgrimage. 

Short trips may not turn out well for you. You seem to have a money-driven attitude. There could be some profitable foreign trip to increase your wealth and prosperity. In terms of relationships, the first half of the month is not good for health of spouse. However, you would see a lot of improvement in the second half. The period after 16th November 2017 is also promising for Government related matters. Career and business could be areas of concern this month as there is possibility of disappointments, obstructions etc. Meditation and divine worship would help get through this time peacefully.

Career: Some disappointments & obstructions are likely to be there on the career front. Relationship with boss or superiors does not look smooth.  You may run into some arguments and disputes with seniors. Colleagues may also try to dominate you. This could keep you disturbed at work. The period after 16th November may be somewhat better if you are in a government job. If you are in business, expect a good rapport with business partner.

Love & Marriage: Your married life is under the cosmic scrutiny now. Relationship with spouse may be strained due to ego issues.  While the first half of the month holds some romantic opportunities, health of spouse would be strained. Married folks should also be cautious in pregnancy related matters. This month is not much opportune to indulge in a new relationship if you are single.  

Money & Finance: Financial opportunities look average this month. On the positive side, you would acquire some monetary gains despite facing a rough work environment. Investments this month may be gainful. However, expenses on personal needs may increase. You may also spend on spiritual activities and on acquiring mysterious knowledge. Cash would however flow both ways. You just need to restrict your outgoing money to maintain balance.

Students & Children: Children’s health does not look much promising this month. They might have some physical suffering. Their behavior could be unpredictable and aggressive at times. You may need to tame it down with love and affection. Students, you would see mixed results. Your communication skills may not be as impressive this month. You may not be as logical now.  Energy level would be low and enthusiastic about studies may go down. Success in competition may not come easily.

Family & Health: Personal health would remain stable, thanks to gracious Jupiter. Some health related problems may be felt but mostly manageable. Family atmosphere would be cordial and you would share a friendly bond with your father. Some occasion or sacred ceremony may also take place at home. On the down side, health of siblings could cause concern but they would recover quickly as they seem to have good resistance power.


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