AQUARIUS July Horoscope


Overview: Aquarius, your monthly horoscope has spoken & it brings mixed results for you in July. Your Moon Sign lord is retrograde in the 11th house and aspecting your Moon from there. This can make you change your decisions time & again, but will eventually prove fruitful for you. Results may be delayed though. Stress levels may rise now, depriving you of sleep. Religious work & journeys will find space in your schedule now & might even lead to some expenses. A foreign related work or project may face hindrances now & wasteful travel can cause tension. An old closed work can start again & might even demand some expenses. Strictly avoid overconfidence or hasty actions. If interested in sports, then this period will be better for you. You may get the opportunity to play outstation. Avoid confrontations & clashes of all sorts, as a minor issue may turn into a lawsuit. You will meet a high profile personality this month & it can help you progress at work. If interested in occult science, then you are likely to step into a new research. Younger siblings may face health issues now. An accident is also indicative; thus, remain careful.  

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Career: For career, the monthly forecast implies a mediocre period. Situation at work will continue as it is. If working with a foreign based company, keep an apt behavior & stay alert about your duties. You should avoid stepping into a new project or work with a foreign company. You will get the needed financial support for work this month. You might need assistance at work & you must keep your ego aside & seek help if you wish to succeed. Keep your business partner in the loop & follow their advice to earn more profits. You may get the opportunity to step into a partnership with a female now, & the work will be profitable for you.
Jobholders, by mid-July, you are likely to come up with a plan at work that will click with your boss & boost your chances for a possible promotion, along with appreciation & rise in pay. Avoid looking for a job change & improve your performance at your current job for better results. Post mid-July, maintain a cordial bond with your boss. Be wary of any controversies that your coworkers may be brewing against you behind your back.

Love & Marriage: Prospects of love & marriage are depicted under hazy conditions this month. Lovebirds, you will spend quality time with your partner with plenty of romantic ventures on the cards till 15th July. However, post that, confusion may crop up & minor issues would lead to clashes & stressful conditions. Your partner may develop an egoistic temperament & you will find it more convenient to stay away than to sort things out. Keep your ego aside & gift your partner a fragrant symbol of love after planning a surprise. Avoid making plans for a long trip for now.

If you are married, then the beginning of the month will be pleasing for your conjugal life. Your spouse will gain profits & a satisfying income at work, which will improve your financial conditions. After 16th July, sensitive issues can possibly hamper family peace. Health issues may also cause problems. Be careful.  

Money & Finance: The monthly readings denote a period of betterment of your finances. You may profit from an old investment now. Investing in land or a house will be profitable. Your expenses will be directed towards luxury items, home decor & decoration. Your plan to purchase a big car might finally come to life! Buying of ornaments for your wife or a female friend is also indicated. If any confusions prevail regarding investing in share market, then consult an expert & proceed. Avoid taking a loan this month. If you had lent money to someone & are waiting for it to be returned, then expect some excuses to come your way & don’t fall prey to their lies. Flow of funds looks good. A recently made hefty purchase might demand some more expenses to be made.

Students & Children: The monthly indications for students imply a progressive period. If you are seeking support from the govt. or bank, then you are likely to get it. Confusion related to studies may prevail now & focus may lack. Yet you are likely to perform well in exams & competitions by your own wits. Admission in school or college of your choice is quite possible. Be careful towards your health by the end of the month & try to spend lesser time & money on friends.

Your children will focus their energy on playing this month. Opportunities may come their way to play at a higher level & you should remain supportive & encourage them to take it further. They will remain watchful over their studies as well & gain teacher’s appreciation. If you are trying to send them abroad for higher studies, then your dream is likely to come true.

Family & Health: Your family front appears under comfortable conditions this month. Love, respect & support will flourish among the family members. A new member or guest will grace your family front with their presence & the atmosphere will turn jolly. Your parents will support you & your mother’s health will improve. Your parents are likely to encounter new opportunities at work, which will benefit them financially. Your father can possibly support you with your work.

Your health looks mostly stable now, yet skin infections may occasionally trouble you. Pain from an old injury might create problem. Drive carefully.     
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Why Moon Sign?
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Vedic astrology reckons Moon to be the prime significator of human mind. Moon is the closest heavenly body to earth. The magnetic influences of all other planets reach us through the Moon. These influences whether physical, psychological or supernatural affect our mind directly or indirectly, and can best be predicted by studying the position of the Moon. The Sun, that governs features of the external human body may or may not respond to these psychological and supernatural influences.

Moon Sign is the zodiac where Moon was transiting at the time of your birth. Similarly, Sun Sign is the zodiac where Sun was moving at the birth time. Just like morning & night together make a day, Moon Sign & Sun Sign togetherform your complete personality.

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