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Month Overview
Planets of Influence: Saturn
Predominating Emotion: Confusion and aggression

Aquarius January 2021 horoscope indicates that you will have to face ups and downs in life. Saturn will be your ruling planet and conjunct Jupiter in the house of expenditure throughout the month. Later on, Mercury and Sun will also join these planets. Sun will stay in the house of income till 14 January 2021 creating auspicious circumstances in your life.
According to the January 2021 Aquarius horoscope, businessmen may get a chance to expand their business during this time. However, when Sun will enter the 12th house of losses, it will bring about unexpected expenditure causing problems on the financial front.

This seems a good time for the students who have been planning to study in a foreign country as the planets are in a favorable position. Married natives may give differences between you and your spouse and create unnecessary issues between both. It is best advised to avoid arguments and maintain a harmonious relationship with your life partner.
The Aquarius horoscope January 2021 indicates that you may be worried about your partner’s health. Try to get your partner on board with a healthy lifestyle change.

Planets of Influence: Mars &Ketu
Major trend: Courage and passion leading to success

Predictions based on January 2021 Aquarius career horoscope reveal Mars is your ruling planet of the profession and governs your career-related matters at this time. Ketu will be posited in the 10th house of the profession throughout the month creating unnecessary issues between you and your colleagues/seniors. The planetary positions may make you an aggressive person or make you short-tempered leading to some disappointment initially. There is a thick possibility that you may make a business trip this month.
Aquarius moon sign, your January 2021 career horoscope advises you to avoid any sort of partnership in this month as it may cause problems in the long run. You will work best at your own pace.

Love, Marriage & Relationship
Planets of Influence: Mercury & Sun
Major trend: Unnecessary arguments at times

January 2021 Love, Marriage & Relationship horoscope predicts a challenging time for the Aquarius natives. Those who are in a committed relationship may start controlling their partner at this time. Aquarius natives may become controlling during this period and start dominating your partner in an unhealthy manner. This may give differences between you and your partner and create differences between both.

Single natives belonging to the Aquarius moon sign would need to be very practical, mature and realistic in the matters of love. There are thick possibilities that you might develop strong feelings for a colleague/friend/neighbor during this period.
Married natives would spend quality time with their spouse and may plan some leisure trips together. However, you will have to be very calm and patient in your conversation and speech to ensure happiness in your married life.

Money & Finance
Planets of Influence: Jupiter
Major trend: Mixed results

According to the Aquarius January 2021 money and finance horoscope, this is going to be an average month in terms of wealth and finance. The lord of wealth, Jupiter, is in the house of losses, says the Aquarius monthly wealth horoscope. As a result, you may be hit by an unexpected expense during this period. You should take a closer look at your budget and try to cut back on your expenses and look for ways to trim your unnecessary spending. Your friends and family will provide financial support in times of need. You would need to invest wisely to balance your returns. Also, be very practical, mature and realistic in the money matters to ensure financial stability in life.

Planets of Influence: Mercury
Major trend: Health issues  

As per Aquarius January 2021 health horoscope, you are likely to experience the ill effects of some health-related issues in this month. This is just a temporary phase. The problems won’t last for a very long time. The planetary positions indicate that you will have a speedy recovery. A closed family member is likely to be hospitalized because of a health issue.

Aquarius monthly horoscope advises you to take all the precautionary measures and maintain a healthy eating pattern throughout the month. Practicing yoga and meditation will help you stay in the pink of health.

Students & Education
Planets of Influence: Mercury
Major trend: Academic growth and progress

On the educational front, the New Year will bring mixed results for the Aquarius students and children. There may be some hurdles and challenges, however, you will overcome them as the month progresses. Mercury, the lord of education house, will enter the house of foreign places on 5 January 2021 and conjunct Saturn and Jupiter in the same house throughout the month. This planetary combination will create auspicious circumstances in your life. This is an opportune time to plan your higher studies if studying in a foreign university is a part of your plans. Those who have been waiting for exam results will get uplifting news in the initial parts of January 2021.

Planets Influence: Jupiter
Major trend: Harmonious domestic relations

The January 2021 family horoscope of Aquarius moon sign states that you might have to face ups and downs in your domestic life during this period. However, you will fulfil the needs of their family members in the best possible way. You may plan a short trip with your siblings to enjoy quality time with them. Your family members and friends will support you in times of need.

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Aquarius Horoscope Today

Outlook for Today

You will have a strong desire to do things in a methodical manner. Your confidence will be par excellence. You will definitely get encouraging results as far as your job, business, career is concerned. There are chances of venturing into new enterprises, profession etc. Inflow of income shall be quite normal. Family atmosphere will be very good and your social circle will also widen. Long distance travels will prove beneficial.

Specific Plan for Today

  • Business deals

    Favourable day throughout for all kinds of business deals.

  • Love & relationships

    Positive day. New friendships made today could be long term.

  • Money transactions (Loans/Investments)

    Very favourable throughout for money transactions and investments.

  • Speculation in stocks & shares

    Positive day. Good for long term investments. Not so much for speculation.

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