AQUARIUS June Horoscope

(Kumbha )

June 2019 would be a challenging month. You might feel that you have been thrown into hot water after a relatively good six months in the past. Issues of the past could revisit & you might have to pay karmic debt. The best option now is to be patient & accept the problems, without complaining. The pressures would subside after the 25th June 2019 & life will return back to normal after the beginning of August.A much easier period would begin after the 23rd June 2019.

Gains from a real estate source could come about this month, if you are keen. You should however avoid any rash or sudden decisions. Despite all the odds, you can still be a magician at work & pull out quite a few winners in form of new contacts & projects.

Career will see pressures too & relations with long standing partners could be strained too. You will remain creative & still out a few minor victories during this month at work. Keep on meeting new people as that will bring in growth later on.A further slowdown & some irritants at work could come up after the 23rd June 2019.Work environment will be worrisome due to financial constraints till the 22nd June 2019. Coworkers & colleagues might oppose you at times too. Be cautious & ensure things don’t become too contentious this month.

Love life will be happy & eventful. You will have a lot happening at home & with family. Thinking and plans for love could undergo quite a few challenges. Avoid taking any major decisions about love this month till the 27th June 2019.Relationships could remain stressful. There could be issues till the 22nd & you should stay away from controversy.

Marriages will be stressful too. There could be remnants of resentment of issues over the past few months. Improvements would come after the 22nd June 2019.  Money matters will see gains from fixed sources such as real estate & blue chip investments. Overall liquidity could be poor this month & cause worry. Better finances can be expected after the 22nd June 2019.

Income will be average.Investments will cause worry after the 5th. Avoid any form of speculation. Family life will be great. You will get an opportunity to be connected with the larger family. A celebration in the family possible too. Health will be below average & caution is required till the 25th June 2019. Improvements could come thereafter.

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Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, cool, collected, and easygoing, kind of those who make best friends. You may not follow the flowers and chocolates path in love, or hang out daily with your friends, but you are definitely someone whom one can call at 3 am and ask for help. You may not ‘be around’ often, but you always ‘be there’. You spend a lot of time with yourself and the whole world out there; you are a humanitarian in nature and somewhat rebellious too. This Aquarius Horoscope Reading is based on Moon Sign, a very important Astrological Mark to know your future. Are you an Aquarius Moon Sign? Find it out instantly.

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