AQUARIUS April Horoscope

(Kumbha )

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Aquarius Horoscope for April 2020 foretells that you will face a lot of challenges and hurdles in the areas of your interest. This is because you are currently in your first phase of Sade-Sati. These irksome situations will test your patience but you will have to maintain your will-power and tolerance level if you want to overcome these situations. Sun and Mars will be transiting in your Twelfth house of obstacles and challenges. Therefore, you’re likely to face losses during this period. There could be some unwanted travels which should be avoided. Apart from this, you also need to take additional care of your health. You may start stressing about anything and everything, and might go into some sort of hibernation.

On 15th April 2020, Sun will get exalted into your third house of courage. During this phase, your confidence level will boost up and you will be able to re-energize yourself. Students will start taking interest in joining online courses which will enhance their learning skills and knowledge. At this time, you will have full focus on your interest as well as career which will, in turn, make you inventive and innovative at the same time.
You may plan to redecorate and renovate your house during this month and will buy costly interior items for your house.

Career: Aquarius Career Horoscope for April 2020 predicts that you will have to bear hardships in your professional life. This isn’t the right time to lock an important business deal, particularly with foreign delegates as Mars is in conjunction with Saturn which does not supports foreign connections. You may face a lot of issues and obstacles in your path of career trajectory. This planetary combination is likely to make you feel mentally drained out and physically tired. Those who are running partnership business may face disputes and confrontations with their partners, says the April 2020 Aquarius Career Horoscope. Your rivals may plan devious ways to spoil your well-built image and reputation so, beware of them.

According to April 2020 Career Horoscope of Aquarius moon sign, this month may be great for the salaried employees. You may take up new projects in hand and will finish them within stipulated time period. However, rash behavior of your colleagues may at times irritate you but you will be able to maintain good rapport with your boss. Those who have been waiting for promotion and appraisal are likely to receive uplifting news during this month.

Money and Finance: According to Aquarius April 2020 Finance Horoscope, your financial status will be upgraded during this time of the year. This will be a promising time as far as monetary matters are concerned. Investing money in speculations and real-estate areas will be beneficial. However, you should be cautious and study the schemes well before making financial commitments. Those who are planning to take loans are advised to wait for sometime as the stars are not in a favor of you taking any kind of financial assistance during this period of time.

April 2020 Money and Finance Horoscope of Aquarius is advising the natives to make proper budget so that their financial status remains stabilized. There is a possibility of incurring unforeseen medical expenses, during this phase. Take proper precautionary measures and control your junk food urges.

Love and Marriage: According to April 2020 Aquarius Love Horoscope, Rahu is posited in the fifth house of love, and it is intended to create a lot of confusions in your love life. You should try to give enough space to your partner, after all love is all about trust and understanding. Imposing decisions or dictating them will only create unhappiness and spoil your relationship. Some of you may have to bear separation from your loved ones because of your ego and aggression.

Married life of Aquarius moon sign will blossom during this month, provided that you keep your temperament under control. There is a possibility that you may get attracted towards someone of the opposite sex during this time. You’re advised not to fall in such a trap otherwise your marital happiness and prosperity may come at stake. We recommend you to be loyal and honest with your spouse. By doing this you’re likely to maintain peaceful atmosphere at home and, will therefore come out like a winner.

Students and Children: According to the predictions of Aquarius April 2020 Education Horoscope, this will be a blended period for the students belonging to Aquarius moon sign. However, this may be just a temporary phase. You will need to pull up your sleeves and get ready to work very hard. If you work hard and stay determined, you will be able to accomplish your academic goals and objectives.
This month isn’t favorable for students who are intending to move out of their city or country for higher education. Likewise, you will have to make strong efforts if you want to ace the competitive exams. You will take interest in sports and extracurricular and will receive a lot of praise and appreciation from your teachers and guides. Focus, concentration and hard work will take you a long-long way.

Family: According to the April 2020 Family Horoscope of Aquarius, this month will be quite a roller-coaster of emotions when it comes to family relationships. If you manage to keep your speech and temperament under control, you will be able to maintain peaceful environment at home. All you need to remember is not to use harsh or abusive words as they have a tendency of creating conflicts between you and your family members. Overall, family relations will remain cordial and you will share a good rapport with your house mates.

Heath: During the month of April 2020, there is a possibility that ailments related to stomach and eyes may trouble you. Try staying away from roadside junk food otherwise there are chances that you may suffer from food poisoning. You may also need to take additional care of your eyes, during this phase, suggests the April 2020 Aquarius Health Horoscope.

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