AQUARIUS January Horoscope


Overview: The monthly horoscope for Aquarius marks a prosperous & eventful beginning of the New Year. Rosy financial gains are being denoted with the help of your spouse or business partner till 14th January 2018. Destiny should mostly be in your favor throughout the month. Focus level of students seeking higher education may remain good. Work front appears fortunate & successful as well this month. Though you are likely to possess good courage & stamina, overexerting your body may keep your health in a mixed state during this period. Inclination towards spirituality might see a rise. A pilgrimage or spiritual journey is being denoted. The initial stages of the month may see expenditures being made towards adventurous ventures.

Career: The month of January implies a shining picture for career. Professional stability is strongly highlighted this month. Thus, no major reason for change of job is foreseen. You should continue to work at your current workplace. You may not tolerate any injustice or partiality at work place. You tend to be quite hard working, disciplined & a temperamental person. If someone hurts your ego, whether it is job or colleagues, for any unjustified reason then you have zero tolerance. However, you should take a diplomatic approach towards matters. Business may see rosy gains during this period. Business partners should prove beneficial & will provide good opportunities for financial gains till 14th January 2018.

Career Advice- This month you are likely to observe wonderful professional prospects but just try to exercise control over your anger & short temper, which is likely to spoil your image & reputation to some extent. Practice diplomacy to a large extent.
Love & Marriage

The month of January brings along plenty of sweetness of romance for Aquarius but with a pinch of salt! Your spouse might display hints of an egoistic & proud nature. Plenty of romantic ventures are on the cards if you deal with diplomacy. However, health of spouse may be affected during the second half of the month. Thus, be careful. A satisfying physical relation is likely to exist. Singles may find compatible partners during this period. Progeny prospects might demand caution. Take rest and follow the doctor’s advice religiously.

Money & Finance: The financial picture is shining bright as per the monthly horoscope. “Dhan Yoga”, the wealth generating combination of planets is being formed in your chart during the first half of this month. This implies for rosy financial gains. You can indulge in stock market trading which is likely to give you good rewards during this period. The later stages of the month denote expenditures to go on a rise. However, in totality, due to “Dhan Yoga” you are destined to have satisfactory cash flow. Overall, a positive time for your funds.

Students & Children: Children may go through a temperamental phase as per the monthly horoscope. Their speech is likely to show aggression & they may be ill mannered. Parental counseling & family time may help in the given situation. Students seeking higher education may possess good business sense & may pursue courses in the same direction such as Business Administration or Business studies. For all students in general, initially you may face confusion about selection of specialization streams but eventually by the end of the month, things are likely to be sorted out. Outlook towards studies should remain focused & sincere.

Family & Health: The month of January should mostly see you in good health. Minor issues may occur to some extent but by the grace of Jupiter, you should show speedy recovery. After 17th January 2018, your energy level is expected to increase providing you with vigor, vitality & stamina. Your resistance power to fight infections & diseases is likely to be high. Domestic environment may deteriorate during the latter half with disputes & quarrels indicated on the family front. Any issues, minor or severe, should be resolved by the end of the month.

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