AQUARIUS December Horoscope

(Kumbha )

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Overview: The December horoscope for Aquarius speaks of a mentally uneasy period. Avoid keeping your thoughts to yourself and try sharing them with a friend or a close one. Sudden expenses could add to your stress. Be very patient and calculative before taking actions. You would actively involve with family members, who would also support you. Saturn transits Sagittarius in December. You may get new career opportunities this month, yet things would take time to complete. New learnings and growth of your talent would earn you rise in reputation. Energy levels look good. Social work would make you famous. Around mid-December, an old rivalry might trouble you. Short foreign trips are on the cards that would be fruitful. As December starts, home decoration and material comforts at home would interest you. A religious celebration is possible at your home. Near the end of the month, avoid taking a big decision out of excitement.
Career: Aquarius, December looks good for your career prospects. Work projects or a business deal might take time to land in your pocket. Your work experience and knowledge would vastly improve this month. If running a business in partnership, work in coordination with your partner. Manage any issues diplomatically. Be careful against your rivals, as they might act against you and try to spoil your name. Avoid starting a new work after 16th December.

If in a job, things look good till mid-December. After that, some confusion might stress you. Avoid considering a job change, as the new job may not be suitable either. Maintain cooperative relations with coworkers. Boss seems satisfied with your work. Continue with your hard work and have faith in yourself. Chances of a promotion and a salary hike look good. New projects at work would allow you to display your talent. If trying to relocate within the same job, you would succeed this month.     
Love & Marriage: Aquarius, your love life seems disturbed during December. If dating someone, clashes with your lover are possible at the start of December. Things would improve around mid-December. Spend more time with each other for improvements and plan a surprise.
If you have recently proposed to someone, some confusion might lead to a negative reply. Yet be patient and give things some time.

Marriage life looks disturbed, with chances of arguments due to ego clashes and anger outbursts. Your spouse might score a govt. job in December. A good news would fill your family life with happiness. You may take religious or foreign trips with your spouse this month.

Money & Finance: Aquarius, December horoscope shows your finances in a sparkling state. Profits from old investments are likely. New investments seem profitable. Loan related matters would proceed smoothly, yet avoid lending or borrowing money after mid-December. Strictly avoid lending money out of emotions, as it could soon turn into a loss and stress. Financial condition looks good mostly. An old source of income would benefit you. Foreign trips would be expensive. Spending on your home or vehicle for decoration is likely this month. Health related expenses are also possible; thus, be careful. A religious work might demand some expenses. New work projects would add to your income. Avoid involving in worthless arguments, or near the end of the month, you may have to spend uselessly to get rid of them.    
Students & Children: Aquarius students, be on your toes this month. Work hard to get the desired results. Focus on your goals and plan accordingly. Admission in a college of your choice would need single minded approach. Results would come in your favor by the end of the month.

Aquarius, your children seem to enjoy a fruitful period. Results will match your expectations. Prizes and accomplishments in sports are likely. Your bonding with them seems to improve in December. They might be involved in clashes or arguments with others; be very careful.   
Family & Health: Family life for Aquarius seems rough throughout December. Frequent clashes might disturb the peace. Plan a religious trip to make things better. Try to spend time away from home for relief. Relation with elder brother seems stressed. A party or gathering at home would bring happiness and positivity for everyone.
Take care of your health, as an infection or food poisoning might trouble you around mid-December. Stress levels seem high. If diabetic, monitor blood sugar levels regularly.                                 

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