ARIES July Horoscope

(Mesha )

July would be a relatively peaceful month, where you would be back in control and act dynamically to create progress for yourself as well as those around you. As long as you can use your aggression to your advantage, there would be much progress for you.

On going issues with partners & spouse would come to an end on the 8th July 2019. You should be very careful about an unexpected event around the 8th July 2019. Some unwanted controversy could come up, so you should remain conservative.
Also loss of position could come about as a result of placing your trust on unreliable people. You should remain cautious.
New partnerships or even relationships could become possible once again after the 8th July 2019. This could even revisit some aspects of life that were prevalent in February 2019.

Career – You can expect progress, growth & opportunities in joint areas of work. There could be new partnerships now that build on mutual strengths. It would be a bright period and the promise of last few months would be fulfilled now in the coming period.
Work environment would be confusion & controversial at times. You have a tendency to get into verbal tiffs. Avoid saying or writing offensive things. Stress would be high till the 20th July 2019, after that much better.

Team would be very helpful as there would be many new ideas from colleagues. You should however avoid controversy with sub ordinates. Also you should avoid too much dependence on colleagues since loss of position could come about due to too much trust & delegation.

Love & Marriage – Love life would be positive. A significant rise in sex appeal and your attractiveness would come about after the 17th July 2019.  Very good progress in love matters towards the end of the month.
Existing relationships would be positive this month. You would get good opportunities for socializing till the 15th July 2019. Some issues with extended family due to your partner possible. You need to remain cautious on this account.

Marriage matters would be positive. There would be bliss at home and spouse would be supportive. It is a month when socializing would be hectic. The issues & controversies of the past 4-5 months would ease out after the 8th July 2019. Be careful about some sudden unexpected developments in marital matters around the 8th July 2019.
If unmarried, sudden chances of marriage do exist now.

Money matters –
Finances would be positive. You would make very good gains in real estate and other sources such as dividends etc. Creative work would bring in substantial gains too.
Income will be good. Improvement would be felt after the 10th July 2019.
Investments will be positive. You can make good gains from various sources after the 5th July 2019.

Students & Children –
Students have a very good month ahead. Recent anger, pressures & worries would give way to better &easier period after the 5th. You will be happy in matters relating to children. Some distance with children concerning extended family could be felt after the 15th July 2019.

Health & Family –
Health would be positive this month. Even the recent pressures and anxiousness could go down. You need to be positive and not worry about health this month.
Family life will improve after some misgivings of last month.  Still you might feel distant & disconnected with family after the 16th July 2019.

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