Aries (Mesha)

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The month of April should begin on a positive note for you as the Mars-Mercury combination in Ascendant augments your presence of mind. However, once Sun sojourns into Aries after 14th April, your temperament could be a bit too aggressive and egoistic. Be careful to not make any impulsive decisions in the second half of the month. Earning seems to be on top of the agenda this month but you may want to practice caution when signing any contracts or documents.

Physically active and mentally sharp, you have the right ingredients to have a nice recipe for success. Yet, many cosmic bodies are turning retrograde this month so expect some repetitive efforts. This might not be the best time to move abroad, but don’t lose hope either. Your luck lord is positioned in a way to demand efforts from your end. You would work hard to fulfil your goals. It would be better to put off plans to start something new at this point. In fact, this is the time to be watchful of what is going on around you. Litigation matters would get resolved around this time.

Career: Career would take off steadily but income may not be as much as you thought was likely. While it isn’t the most opportune time to launch as an entrepreneur, you could set things moving in a partnership business in the second half of the month. You may have the gift of gab, thanks to Mercury but use your communication skills wisely. As a boss, you might lose temper during the first half of the month which isn’t the best approach as it could strain your relationship with subordinates. The period after 10thApril is the right time to send out resumes if you are looking for a change. An unexpected transfer to a place of choice is possible too. Boss could be a bit too demanding and inimical after 6th April so you may have to stay on toes at work. Your fellow workers would stick by nonetheless.

Love and Marriage: There is a strong yearning to partner up due to Venus exaltation in watery sign Pisces. You are in it to enjoy, but you are vulnerable too, in the sense that you are easy to impress. Love could come from foreign sources or visits this month. Sensuality and sensitivity is overflowing in relationship matters. You could become quite caring when it comes to your partner’s health.  Spending on enjoyment & indulgence as a couple could shoot up too. Your relationship might become official as well. Married? You would be able to work out the differences if any. Exalted Venus ensures abundant bed pleasures for you.

Money and Finance:
You will find that the second half of the month would be more rewarding financially. Your approach towards life would be unhurried at first. Sun in Pisces would make you turn inward to find fulfillment. But once impatient Mars slips into your wealth house and your 5th lord Sun moves into ascendant, your focus would shift to money and get-rich-quick schemes. This month could be very fruitful for investments in speculative markets indeed and even in real estate. More...

Children and Students: Children’s health demands caution until 14th April, following which they would make an eventual recovery and regain their energy level. Their lifestyle would improve this month and so would concentration in studies. Having said that, some confusion and anger issues may prevail still. If you are student, education related expenses could occur this month. You may also get to study abroad but expect hurdles in the process. Performance would be exceptional in sports and competitions that involve communication such as debates, etc.

Health and Family: Health front would remain average this month. After 10thApril, mental distress could shoot off, probably due to return of an old disease. You should not waste time and take timely treatment. Skin and nervous system related issues could specifically hit you this month. Your siblings would stand by you at all times. In terms of family bonding, a foreign trip could take place with loved ones. You may also get to celebrate an occasion outside your home. Your parents’ health could also be a cause of concern.

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