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Aries February Horoscope

Moon Sign based
This month is fruitful in terms of professional life as you will get success and desired outcomes but avoid hasty approaches while making decision. With your honest effort, you will see growth in career. There will be great opportunities come your way from foreign shores which help in business growth. Your strength and courage may give you success on professional front. Sun is placed in the Career house till 13th Feb, so it is not favorable to start a new work. Venus, in exalted form, from 15th Feb, may increase expenses on unwanted travels. This period demands money savings, otherwise you may face financial crunch due to over-expenses. Maintain your relationship with your mother and take care of her health during 10th Feb to 17th Feb.

Career and Finance
You may feel full on energy and your optimism level may rise in the start of this month. You may finalize a new project or deal till 13th Feb, but after this period, avoid taking any decision in haste. Avoid starting any new work after 13th Feb and say no to unnecessary travel. Sun and Saturn transit gain house which might create delay in getting income. Partnership with female may be fruitful for starting a new business in this period. Job change would be suitable for you during this month. Salary hike is indicated. For finance, this month brings in expenses on luxurious things, so control extravagance. Be careful while lending or borrowing money.

Investment in share market and real estate field would be fruitful in near future. Past investments may reap rewards for you. If you want to take loan, then this month would give you opportunities to get that. If you are student, then you might get opportunities in sports activities. If you are a fresher, then you may get a good job with desired salary package.

•    Lucky Dates for Career: 3rd Feb, 5th Feb, 12th Feb, and 27th Feb
•    Lucky Dates for Investment: 6th Feb, 20th Feb, 23rd Feb, and 30th Feb

Love and Marriage
February brings in lovable moment for you if you are committed in a relationship till mid of the month. After that, confusion might take place in your relationship that may cause separation with your partner, so be careful. Avoid ego clashes in the relationship. If you are a single, then till mid of February, you can share your hearty feelings to someone special. After that, love lord, Sun, is placed with Saturn, so misunderstanding might take place with your partner and ruin harmony in the relationship. If you are married, then you may enjoy blissful evenings with your spouse, but Ketu’s presence would create confusion this time, so try to have a healthy conversation with your spouse.

•    Lucky Dates for Marriage: 2nd Feb, 3rd Feb, 9th Feb, 14th Feb, 18th Feb, and 24th Feb

Family and Health
2023 Horoscope of Aries for family demands a practical and humble approach while dealing family matters. Maintain a cordial relationship with mother and avoid getting into arguments with her. You may get monetary support from your father. There might be lack of peace in the family during this month, so try to spend more time and organize parties or get together to let them realize the value of happy moments. You may remain stressed due to spending money on someone. Relation with elder siblings may not be good in this phase. You may be in pink of your health but stay calm to maintain peace of mind. Blood pressure needs to be monitored well.