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Its time to revive some old memories in August, as you could bump into an old friend and have a great time together. Entertainment and hobbies will take up a lot of your time and attention. In fact, this month has an easy-breezy feel to it. You will be totally in it to live every moment and have a comfortable lifestyle. At the same time, interest in social work and media activities will also increase. You will also think seriously and work hard to catapult your income.

Some issues may also block your way in August. You need to keep an eye out for enemies and more caution is advised in government related matters, especially those involving paperwork. Some stress is also expected concerning children and their progress. Despite these hurdles, your confidence and courage will back you well in expelling challenges. And you will also do well in sports this month. You might also buy something expensive for your family in the next few days.

Career: Career will step up as you could procure that much-desired promotion now. Support of seniors would propel career progression. Despite having favors of the boss, something might keep you disturbed on the work front, and you may feel like switching. You should avoid any job change though, especially in the second half of the month. In business matters too, August is not the time to launch any new venture or make changes to the existing. Even in face of recurrent issues, you and your partner will work together to find resolution.

Love and Marriage: If you are looking to voice out your love to someone, it might be a good idea to wait until the second half of the month. For existing love partnerships, August doesn’t seem to be much pleasant. You might run into some misunderstandings. An ex may come back to cause disturbance in your love life and this could also result in a break up so be very careful with your choices. If married, you will keep the glow going in your relationship. There will be ample romance to keep the libidinous vibes alive. But more importantly, your emotional attachment will grow stronger too. Stars suggest a romantic trip ahead, time to ditch the mundane!

Money and Finance:
Your finances are likely to get in order now, and there could be gain in income sources that could grow manifold. You will benefit financially due to your life partner. Gains in property sector could be expected too towards the end of the month. New investments in share market would now give quick returns. Overall, cash inflow would be satisfactory. However, you will need to be vigilant in matters to do with loan or those involving paperwork or monetary transactions such as through cheques. You should also avoid taking loan after mid of the month.

Children and Students:
Children might come across some obstacles in education. Raising your little ones could be a tough job this month with their anger and stubbornness mounting up. It might be a good idea to enroll them in hobbies and activities that help them let off the steam. The need to take control of family expenses would be apparent too. Your concentration level as a student could fall. Feeling under the weather often could take a toll on studies. Do not waste your energy into disputes and fights at this point. 

Health and Family: Guard your health, as there is a chance of stomach vulnerability or some old disease could make a comeback. On the family front, you will see happiness and your father would also earn some achievement. You could also go for a trip this month or celebrate an occasion around 21st August. During this month, spending on younger siblings and friends could shoot up. You also need to be more cordial towards siblings to maintain better relationship.


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