ARIES May Horoscope


Overview: Aries, the monthly horoscope is out & it brings signs for a bright period ahead in May for you. Till now, lord of Aries, Mars was in company of Saturn, which had led to uncomfortable situations, stresses in the recent past. As Mars moves ahead of Saturn in the zodiac, the period improves for you in May.  There are indications of blooming of romance. You would have spurt of creative ideas. The creative activities will keep you energized and away from any negativity in life now. You will be courageous & enthusiastic this month. Your energy levels may remain mediocre though.

The ill effects of Rahu - Ketu transit could create difficulties & lack of interest at work. Saturn is retrograding and may hamper the results of important decisions taken in this period. This is not the time to get into any new projects. Spending time with your friends could be a good idea. But it could leave you with heavy expenses. As spends or spends on them are likely to fall on your shoulders. This is not the best time to go for long journeys either. Though a pilgrimage or the voyage connected with spiritual interests may prove fruitful during this time.

Career: The monthly forecast shows mixed signs for your career. This is not the time to get into impulsive mode. You must avoid any hasty decisions related to career. Stepping into new partnerships should be avoided for now. Work related travels are possible, though they might remain fruitless. If you are still taking any major decisions, it is better to carefully scrutinize all details & documents before finalizing a professional decision. A retrograde Saturn can cause arguments or clashes at the work front.

For jobholders, end of the month can bring some good results. This is not the best time to change your job, you may not get enough planetary support. Instead it would be best to work on your relationships with your colleagues and superiors. As it is likely that your terms with superiors would suffer. You may undertake travels or fun trips with coworkers. You are likely to do favors to them, may go out of your way to help them out. This will strengthen your bond too. Existing business partnerships may flourish well.

Career Advice - For jobholders, the month looks favorable. Keep your temperament & aggressive nature under control. Businesspersons should take calculated & well-measured decisions. Be patient & remain calm.

Love & Marriage: For love & marriage, the monthly indications point towards a rosy term. Harmony will prevail within your relationship with spouse. Lavish dinners & extravagant outings will keep arguments at bay. Romance will be in plenty. Health of spouse might need your attention. For married couples, the period after 16th May can see quarrels due to trust issues. Keep a clear & direct communication with your partner. Your life partner & in-laws may help you professionally or financially.
Singles can surely indulge in new love affairs this month as strong bonding is seen.
In the middle of the month, there are possibilities that you regain a long lost friend. Someone who was miffed with you could come back into your life. Those looking forward to get married can expect good news this month.

Money & Finance: The monthly readings for money & finances highlight a profitable period in May. Venus, the lord of finances, is in the 12th house from itself, which denotes expenditure towards luxuries & materialistic comforts now. Accumulated wealth can see a significant rise. At the same time, good management of funds is also needed. Avoid lending or borrowing of money this month as it can lead to financial instability. The later stages of the month are likely to bring better financial gains. Parental or inherited property related matters would bear success & beneficial results. Children & home front will be the primary focuses of expenses.

Students & Children: Children’s health appears to remain stable for most of the month. After 26th May, happy news related to them may brighten the home front. Expenses may be made towards them before 15th May. Students may feel mental stress due to unfavorable results in this period. For selection of specialization field, you should consult seniors & elders. The latter half of the month will bring improvements. Admission in institution of your choice is quite likely.

Family & Health: Family front appears in the mood for celebrations this month. A family function will boost the spirits for everyone. Health of mother or elderly women should be given proper care & attention. Health looks stable for most of the members. However, avoid over thinking as it can lead to mental pressure. For rejuvenation, a religious trip will be helpful in bringing peace & serenity.
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