April Aries Horoscope Moon Sign based

aries Aries
This month, you will feel enthusiastic and courageous to start any new work, thanks to the transit of Mars with Saturn. Your wishes will be fulfilled regarding career, and you will get good income during this period. Luck will support you in your work, so you can take any risky step. There will be more work-related travels as Jupiter transits Aries. There will be more expenses on you, and you will spend money on luxurious lifestyle. You may get into loan, and your rivals will increase. Avoid sharing your secrets to with anyone as it might be used against you.

Career and Finance
You need to work hard in your business due to the transit of Saturn in income house with Mars. Your hard work and efforts will bear great fruit during this period. You will meet new people and develop a good connection with them which will help you in finalizing new deals. You will achieve success in such deals and will start getting more projects which will boost your income. There will be more foreign contacts which will demand more expenses. You need to be careful and attentive at your workplace as a wrong decision might cause you huge loss as Mercury is retrograde and combust. Don’t think about a job change this month as your hard work will be liked by your senior or boss. 

This month, there will be high expenses for you which will restrict you to invest money. You may want to invest in speculation, but you should avoid it as Sun will transit Rahu till 13th January which will cause you financial loss if you invest in speculative assets. This month will be better for land investment, but it would be wise if you take the advice of expert before investing in the share market. This month, your expenses may be higher on home renovation, car repairing or traveling.

•    Lucky Dates for Career- 3rd, 15th, 18th, 24th, & 30th
•    Lucky Dates for Investment- 6th, 12th, 21st, & 27th

Love and Marriage
You need to be careful about your love life as chances of a breakup are there due to the transit of Sun with Rahu till 13th January. This month, your partner may go on a trip, so you should exercise restraint. You may meet your ex-partner, but it is wise to avoid making contacts with them. In your marital life, you may want to spend quality time with your spouse to improve your relationship, but the influence of Rahu and Ketu might create misunderstanding which will create distance between you.

•    Lucky Dates for Marriage- 3rd, 15th, 20th, & 24th

Family & Health
There will be more expenses on family during this period. Don’t involve any outsider in your home related matters as it will adversely affect your relationship with your family. You will get financial help from your mother. There will be a get together or a party at home. You may remain troubled with some disease due to Sun and Rahu till 13th April. A morning or evening walk, meditation and Yoga practice in your daily routine will help you keep healthy. Be careful while driving and avoid aggression.

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