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Aries May Horoscope

Moon Sign based
Month Overview:
Planets of Influence: Mars
Predominant emotions: Curiosity and enthusiastic

For Aries natives, the month of May will fare on favorable notes. In the career front, you will see achievements and success. Businessperson may face hurdles and difficulties. However, growth and money will be there. Finance will be fine; expenditures may disturb your monetary front. Love life will be good but married life may face some challenges. Students will accomplish their goals along with some hurdles. Generally, your health will be fine, but you need to take precautionary measures. Family life will be good but planetary configuration later in the month indicates some disagreements or misunderstanding.

Planets of Influence: Saturn, Libra, and Ketu
Major Trend: Achievements through hard work

Aries career will see steady growth in the month of May and your hard work will blesses you with expected results. Saturn is the lord of 10th house of career and nests in 11th house of gains or income. Saturn is the planet of karma, discipline and justice. This stern planet demands hard work, determination and sincerity from you. Your sincere efforts will get recognition and rewarded with desired achievements. Short cuts may take you away from your goals or objectives. There will be benefits from government or authorities. Businessperson may face hurdles in their way to success, but they will make good amount of money during this month. Luck will be on your side and bestow you with good returns of your hard work.    

Love, Marriage & Relationship
Planets of Influence: Sun, Venus, Jupiter & Mars
Major Trend: Mixed trend of feelings

Love life of Aries will give mixed results. Saturn aspects the house of love and romance throughout the month and till 17 May 2022. Mars will sit together with Saturn and influence the house of love and romance; this planetary configuration will bring misunderstanding and disagreements with your lover. Though you may have true feelings, but you may not be able to express in the right way. Married couples will face some challenges in maintaining harmonious relations with each other. You may plan a trip to religious place or for outing with your partner which may revive your old bonding and faith in your relationship. You need to reconcile and put in efforts to refresh your feelings and association with your spouse.
Money & Finance
Planets of Influence: Venus, Sun, and Saturn
Major Trend: Generally, on positive notes

Aries finance will be satisfactory during the month of May. Venus, the lord of wealth in your horoscope, will nest in 12th house of expenditure until 23rd. Here, Venus will give you opportunity to add up your monetary status. After 23rd May, Venus will move to the house of self and bring opportunity to earn money accumulate good wealth through property or through old investments. You should invest your money very carefully and wisely. Due to other planetary transits, chances of sudden gains or increment in your salary will be possible.

Planets of Influence: Mercury, Mars, and Sun
Major Trend: Ups and down

Health of Aries will face mixed results as Mars is the lord of 8th house of chronic disease and after 17th May, it will move to the house of hospital and expenditures. In second half of the month, there may be visits to the hospitals and there may expenditures on your health treatment. Mercury, the lord of disease will be in retrograde motion from 10th May. It is possible that some old disease may reoccur after 10th  May. However, there is nothing to worry about as you will recover soon. You need to be careful after 17th while driving or while participating in other activities. Take precautionary measures, avoid outside food and regularly exercise to keep fit.

Students & Education
Planets of Influence: Sun, Jupiter, Venus & Mars
Major Trend: Achievements of desired goals

Aries students will need to do hard work. Sun is the lord of the house of education and will transit in the house of self and house of family after 15th May. You will seek guidance from your father or teacher, which will prove beneficial to you. Saturn’s aspect on house of education may cause some hurdles or delays in your studies. But things will be resolved soon, and you will overcome all problems. Those who are pursuing higher studies or planning to go overseas for studies, the time is favourable. Research students will need to be more systematic in their studies and should try to complete their work on time.

Planets of Influence: Venus and family
Major Trend: Blended results

Aries family life will be full of twist and turns during the month of May. Venus is the lord of 2nd house of family and will sit together with Mars from 17th to 23rd May. This period may see family get-together or outings with your family members. However, you need to control your aggression and argumentative attitude for running a smooth time. After 15th May, when Sun will nest in the house of family, your arrogance and ego will be on the higher side leading to an unpleasant atmosphere.