July Aries Horoscope Moon Sign based

aries Aries
The cosmic interplay this month brings forth both challenges and opportunities. The month of July 2024 for Aries sign promises an energetic period.
Mars, the lord of your sign, will transit in your Aries sign till 12th July this month, due to which your courage and enthusiasm will elevate, helping you work with will power. Your wishes will be fulfilled this month, and your finances will improve.

You can now confidently undertake any task; however, it is important to note that despite smooth progress, there might be delays due to the influence of Saturn on your Aries sign, leading to potential setbacks even after completion of the work.

However, with Rahu being in the 12th house, some difficulties and mental setbacks may come up, but you will keep moving forward with your courage. Try not to take any loan till the middle of the month.
From 16th July, the Sun will transit in Cancer, due to which you can work related to land, education, or research. At the end of the month, be careful of enemies and competitors, and do not share your secrets with anyone. You will travel abroad, due to which your source of income will also increase. If there is an ongoing court case, the matter will be settled in your favour. You might embark on short trips but there will be no benefit.

Love and Relationships

This month, you will handle your relationship with your lover with great enthusiasm and passion. The transit of Jupiter and Mars this month will bring excitement in love. If you love someone, you will be able to confess your thoughts to them. You may also meet your ex-lover this month.

This month promises to bring improvements for married couples, inspiring both partners to consider new ways to enhance their home and family life. Additionally, you will enjoy quality time outside the house with your children this week. Your focus on your partner will lead to increased spending on luxury items of your preference.
Lucky Dates- 2, 11, 23, 25

Money and Finance
Jupiter transit this month is good for savings. This month, your finances will improve. Rahu indicates expenditure in travels. From July 16, Venus will transit with Sun, making it a favourable period for land, property, stock market and lottery.

From 19th July, you may indulge in buying and selling of shares as it will be fruitful. If you are thinking of buying a property for investment, it will be better to do so after July 17th. If you were embroiled in any dispute regarding ancestral property, you will get relief from it.
Lucky Dates- 5, 11, 25, 29


You will find a new direction and be able to overcome challenges on the professional front with your disciplined and determined approach. There will be positive support from family members who will help you to perform well on the professional front.
This month, you will work very hard for your career, but still, you may have to face delay in getting its result and payment due to Saturn, the lord of house of business, transiting in the income house in retrograde state.

This month you may also receive an old project. For those who are employed, the time till 12th July will be a bit weak, so if you must make any changes, do so after it. The cosmos will also favour you to do something new, and your boss will praise you.
Lucky Dates- 7, 16, 20, 12,23

Students & Children
Aries students can expect a month filled with enthusiasm for their studies and dedication. Despite feeling some tension due to Saturn's retrograde motion, the transit of the Sun will help you stay confident. If you are considering changing schools or colleges this month, be prepared for delays in coordinating with friends.

Use your vacation period to learn something new related to your hobbies. If you participate in a government competition, your focus will be enhanced. Emphasize the power of positive thinking and engage in conversations with your family to gather insights on how to navigate challenging circumstances. Additionally, you may have the opportunity to reconnect with childhood friends and distant relatives, creating enjoyable moments of togetherness.

Family & Health        
This month Jupiter is in the house of family, due to which you will feel relaxed. Small get togethers in home are likely. You are advised to fight any confusions and maintain focus on your work and daily routine with enthusiasm. Include walking, meditation and yoga in your daily routine and do not be careless about eating and drinking. If you have a blood related issue, do not be careless about it and seek expert’s advice.

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