ARIES July Horoscope


Overview: Aries, your monthly horoscope has spoken & the period ahead looks passive. Mars, the ruler of your sign, is posited in your house of career along with Ketu, which may result in confusions at work & can lead to frequent work related travels. You will have to work harder to sort out any old or pending work. Struggles are likely for you & you should continue with your hard work in a zealous & courageous manner if you want to achieve success in your endeavors. The transit of Rahu & Mercury together will cause prolonged mental stress & uncertainties. Some household issue can also become a cause of tension, but support from family would help you sail through.

Financial condition is likely to improve this month, though profits or income may come in later than expected. The period till 15th July is favorable for taking calculated risks & to get the desired results. From 15th July onwards, you may remain frequently irate & this can hamper your bonding with your parents. If seeking or planning a foreign trip, stay alert & fulfill all formalities in time, as chances are high of facing delays. Possibilities are also there that the trip turns out to be fruitless & you may have to make more visits. Your expenses appear to remain high this month & will mostly be focused on traveling, jewelry & luxury items. Beware of whom you choose to trust now, as you may be cheated upon by a close one during this period. You may encounter new energetic personalities too this month.

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Career: The monthly forecast for your profession depicts a rough term. Problems & a hectic work schedule can stress you out. An unexpected work order can fetch you good profits, but will test your time management skills for on-time completion. This month, you will possess an aggressive & brave temperament while working, yet any hint of laziness can result in a loss. Keep up the hard work & success will be yours. A dispute is possible now with a foreign client. They might fail to deliver on their promises. Always consult a senior before stepping into a new project. Mid-July onwards, you should be very careful, as work related losses are indicated.

Confusion may prevail if you are a jobholder & you might lose focus at work. Avoid taking hasty decisions this month. If a new job offer comes your way, carefully scrutinize the details, as things may not be what they appear to be & it might be a hoax. Such a decision can majorly backfire. Relations with boss & seniors appear to be less harmonious & colleagues could act against your interest, thus remain careful. Work related travel is quite possible but can further drain your energy levels.

Love & Marriage: Love & marriage prospects look good this month, Aries. Lovebirds, you will enjoy a harmonious bond now & long fun-filled trips are on the cards. However, post 15th July, misunderstandings may leave a sour taste in your mouth. Remain watchful & nip such issues in the bud!

If you are single, it’s time to make your move! Go ahead & propose the love of your life within this month. A positive & early response is quite likely now. Possibilities of a love marriage are also very high for you.
If you are married, your spouse can bring in unexpected profits for you this month. However, an old issue might resurface & create a strenuous atmosphere in your conjugal life. It is better to avoid speaking of days gone by & focus on improving your present. Otherwise, your connection with your in-laws might be deeply affected. Take care of your partner’s health & stop running away from your responsibilities. Strictly avoid an extra marital if you want a stable & peaceful life.      
Money & Finance: The monthly readings indicate a favorable term for finances. Your finances will see a rise this month. Nonetheless, expenses are also expected to increase & will be centered around your entertainment & luxury items. An expensive purchase can further ask for more monetary involvement & lead to additional expenditure. Spending on house or vehicle is depicted this month & can be a cause of mental stress. This period is unfavorable for investing in real estate. Saturn eyes your house of income & this will result in profits & rise in income, but after some delays. Make all transactions with great care. Social work will interest you & cause some spending. If interested in investing in share market, do it only before 15th July. Loan applications or related matters should only be taken care of after 15th July, as only then will your request be sanctioned.   
Students & Children: Students will mostly observe a sparkling period in July. However, you need to utilize this time instead of wasting it on material luxuries or social media. If you work hard, you will get the desired results as well as admission in the college of your choice. It is time for you to start saving instead of focusing on spending.

Your children will be more inclined towards playing & traveling, instead of studying. You need to guide them with love & care. Scolding them will not help. They will be confident & high on stamina this month. Accomplishments & awards for them at school can make you proud. They are likely to push your expenses towards a rise now.

Family & Health:         
Family appears to be under some stress this month. Though tension is likely to prevail on the domestic front, complete support of your family will boost your confidence. A party or celebration is on the cards this month. You should maintain a cordial relation with everyone. With support & blessings of your parents, all your efforts will bear successful results. Difference of opinion with your younger brother can spoil your relation.

Stress & tension can result in frequent headaches now. It will do you good to embark on a family trip this month. Moreover, be careful not to spend too much on yourself alone. Keep everyone’s interest in mind. Breathings issues may develop now due to dust or pollution. Remain careful.  
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