Leo Love Horoscope

Leo lovers seek a grand, magnificent love story that can inspire poetry, intense sentimentalism, admiration and awe. Their vision of love is fogged by romantic idealism and even unrealism.

Leo man and Leo woman have charming and attractive personalities that can grab everyone’s attention fast. Ruled by the centre of the Universe Sun, they know they are the best, which often makes them proud and vain.

The typical Leo nature is very bossy, arrogant and dominant. Leos like to control their partners. But they are also extremely loyal and sentimental. Their love is marked by extreme passion and forceful intensity, which can be very exciting and adventurous. Leo doesn’t like to do anything in a plain and boring fashion. When they actually fall in love, they want to celebrate it in the most splendid of ways. Their romantic lives are, thus, very happening and filled with thrills.

Leo want a best friend first and then a lover. Often, for this reason, they tend to confuse and mix friendship with love. Leos tend to have a fairly good number of friends from both the genders. They are strikingly popular in the opposite gender, however. They like to go in social gatherings and make new contacts. When you are in love with Leo, it is possible that a good amount of your life as a couple will be spent in socializing in fine places. Leo desires entertainment, cheer and pleasure in their life. They can’t sit at home and get bored.

Understanding Leo Love Nature:  Signs that tell a Leo is in love with you:

Leo man in love and Leo woman in love with you would want to have lots of enjoyable, quality romantic time. Leos are generally very expressive, so confession of love would rarely be a problematic area. They can be upfront with you on this matter. Sentimental poetical words may fit very well in the picture as do luxury dates at finest places for Leos are flashy and extravagant in all ways.

Often, Leo’s love can hover in the friendship territory, and is marked by casual and playful behavior. With a Leo, it can be slightly difficult to figure out if they really love you or like you as a friend only. Leos are so popular with the opposite sex that they rarely can resist the fun and casual romance that comes along.

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