Taurus HoroscopeTaurus Horoscope

Taurus moon sign natives are ruled by Venus. Being an earthy and fixed sign, Taurus have the qualities of patience and stability.

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is closest to the earth of all signs and this imbibe most of its qualities. This also makes Taurus a little stubborn and rigid in their disposition and they are highly resistant to change.

You are have a strong personality and are peace-loving, in general, until provoked. The sophisticated and easygoing nature of Taurus have a compelling effect on others. People get attracted to the charming personality of a Taurus moon sign born person, quite easily.

Everything luxurious and lavish in life fascinates you. Taurus moon signs have a thing for beauty and aesthetics. An uncluttered environment appeals to your senses, rather than disorganized, untidy and unpleasant settings.

A word about your lord: Venus, the planet of beauty, aesthetics and harmony

The Venusian traits manifest in the love, marriage, partnerships and emotional aspects of the Taurus moon sign natives. You have an eye for beauty and a knack for aesthetics. You are passionate in love and desires and like indulge in socializing activities and events.

Venus also gives you a serene and peaceful disposition with creative and artistic abilities. The placement and position of Venus in the natal chart of Taurus also represents their carnal and worldly desires.

A word about your element: Earthy and fixed

Being an earthy sign Taurus natives are fixated in their attitude. It is pretty difficult to budge you once you have made up your mind.

Taurus moon sign born people are realistic, practical and even-tempered. You will not act upon a situation in a jiffy but will rather analyze it properly and come up with solutions that are both doable and sensible. You are grounded, affectionate and somewhat conservative, too. Taurus natives can also be lazy and slothful, at times.

What you like? Stability and consistency

Taurus like permanency in relationships, things and life in general. Any threat to your close relations, possessions and home is guarded against fiercely by the otherwise calm Taurus moon sign natives.

Stability and security in personal relationships, family, professional environment is a must for you. Beside, you also crave for a luxurious life. Your sense of beauty and aesthetics is so refined that it is reflected in all the choices you make in life.

You like music, art and cultural activities and also have a taste for designing and interior decoration. Creative and inventive flavors attract you in every realm of life.

What you dislike? Change and disloyalty

Alterations, transformations and change are not the words meant for Taurus. As per the general Taurus horoscope person born under this moon sign are averse to falsehood and treachery.

Crudeness and untidiness also puts you off big time. You are also someone who hates to rush through things, swiftness in actions and activities puts you in a restless zone.

Your strengths: Reliability and stability

Taurus are enormously reliable moon sign. You are trustworthy, devoted and loyal towards your partner, family and work. You can be banked upon for most curial of tasks and handling the most complex situations. You are a great secret keeper, too.

With your charismatic personality and communication skills you can easily impress people, which comes handy for you in cracking business deals and job interviews.

As per the Taurus traits, you are pragmatic, good with decision making and also proficient in handling monetary transactions. You are a good healer too, and have motherly and caring instincts.

As Taurus, you are closely attached to your family, siblings and spouse. You are sturdy and fully committed in relationships. Your family and values are your biggest strength.

Your calmness, composure and methodical approach helps you take on the most dreaded challenges of life with confidence and fearlessness.

Your weakness: Stubbornness and overindulgence

Being too fixed and inflexible in disposition is the biggest weakness of a Taurus moon sign. This trait sometimes lends them big troubles, mostly with regard to love and marital relationships.

Your failure to adapt and uncompromising nature gives you tough time in both personal and professional environment and creates rifts in your relationships with family, friends, partner and colleagues.

Beside, you can be possessive, in love and marital relationships and due to your obstinate nature you hardly listens to other’s point of view, thus causing unnecessary strain in personal and marital life.

Taurus, being a ruled by Venus – the planet of aesthetics, have an innate liking for all things bright and beautiful. This sometimes costs them heavily and makes a hole in their pocket. Overindulgence is not just a big threat to their income status but also to their health.

Your family relationships: Affectionate and humble

You are quite loving and cordial in your family relationships. You are close to your parents but you do are sacred of your mother. The suggestions and guidance of your father is extremely important for you in all aspects of your life.

You are emotionally attached to your siblings, though you do have your share of differences but that could never break the bond you share with your brothers and sisters.

You are caring and harmonious and avoid arguments in most matters. Security and safety of your loved ones and of your house and property are really important for you. Any risk to them is taken by you rather seriously and you may get highly agitated even at the thought of it.

With kids, you are a kid, too. You are very fond of children and share a great bond with the, which is both responsible and playful.

Your love life and marriage: Devoted and loving

As Taurus are stable in nature, they are your partners for life. You will love your partner immensely and provide for them in all situations.

Getting the Taurus moon sign people to this stage of commitment is a task, as they like to wait to explore all their options before finally saying ‘yes’ to one. But, once they are in it, they will be seriously and eternally involved with their partner.

Security and stability is are the key factors for Taurus in love and marital relationships, beside, loyalty and trust.

You can be possessive at times due to your passionate nature, and it could take a while to make you understand things, but with patience and love it is easy to sort out misunderstandings with you.

In marital life, bed pleasures, at times, overpower emotional aspects, but care remains intact. In general, you have an attractive, sensible and caring partner and you like to express your love by showering praises and gifts on your beloved.

Your career: Focuses but rigid

Taurus makes for hardworking and stable employees. Money matters to you and you work tirelessly to achieve your financial goals. Paychecks that comes on time, makes you content at work.

Future security and sense of belongingness is rather important for Taurus moon sign born natives. You are organized at work, and like to have set guidelines for work to be followed. You adhere to the rules and regulations of the organization, quite religiously and expect others also to follow the same.

Overall, you have a prosperous career with greater focus on materialistic gains. If you have Venus placed in your 12th house, then you may incur on more expenditure. But, chances of growth and settlement in foreign locations are enhanced by this placement.

Your health: Needs attention

In health and well-being state, if Taurus horoscope has their lagna lord Venus positioned in the 6th or 8th house, it makes the natives prone to seasonal diseases and weather changes. Cough and cold could be a common problem with these natives.

Your lucky day

Being ruled by Venus, your lucky day is Friday, Saturday and Wednesday.

Your lucky color

White, off-whites are lucky for the Taurus moon sign natives.

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