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Make merry and have lots of fun. You are in the best of your moods and wear a carefree attitude for most part of the day. Today, everything looks so good and promising. Get as romantic as you can for this is the day for huddling close to your partner and sitting hands in hands. If married, you will be very glad with your spouse. Progress in work & career matters is also possible today. more

An amazing day marked with significant progress in business as well as work matters. You might be taken by surprise when your business or work suddenly starts treading the path of progress. Dress in a stylish and captivating manner to win over the heart of your partner today as it's a favorable day for romance. If married, your life will be full of colors of happiness. Social outing will be fulfilling in the evening. more

Minor hurdles will come your way today. Try to not let them distract you and lower your output at work. Confront problems with a brave heart and a positive outlook. It is better to postpone important meetings and assignments for another day. more

Overview: Cancer, your November horoscope brings mixed results. Rahu is transiting your sign. Confusion might prevail and make indecisive. Avoid taking any major decisions now. An ongoing dispute with someone would see peaceful resolution. A religious trip with children would bring you closer to them. Around mid-November, design or art related work would come to you that would improve your reputation. You may buy a new house or vehicle this year. Your contacts would expand and meeting people from high society would help you in future. From 15th November onwards, you may get the support from a high level govt. official. Work related travels might take you abroad and bring chances of a promotion. You would live a luxurious life, Cancer. Your... more

Cancer 2018 Horoscope denotes that this is the year of progress & material gains. Gemini, all your instincts would work in synchronization with the common objective of progress in profession & finances. You will find a higher level of energy in mostly everything you do in 2018, as there will be an inherent rise in confidence & aggression. This is also the year when you will get things you had wanted & waited for, be it the new home, jewelry, watches or cars. 2018 forecast also denotes that in this exciting phase, there would be frenzy in the mind. This might make you rigid at times. The combination of these issues could take you through a very eventful period but could also induce some wrong or ego based decisions. So... more

Cancer - An Overview, Read all about Cancer Horoscope


Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, the ‘child’ of the Moon with an inherent desire to ‘parent’ the rest of the world. You are a sensitive, caring, and intuitive person, and consider your ‘home turf’ as the most important thing in the world. You are a water sign ruled by Moon, thus your emotions have a tidal pattern. Thus you are most compatible with signs that can bear with your mood swings and be patient with you, Aries is certainly not one of these. This Cancer Horoscope Reading is based on Moon Sign, a very important Astrological Mark to know your future. Are you a Cancer Moon Sign? Find it out instantly.


Cancer zodiac sign is represented by the crab. You are self-protective at times, tender person at heart, soft under the shell like a crab. Cancer tend to stay away from the limelight, just as a crab sometimes covers their bodies with plants to blend in the environment. You have a ‘sideways’ approach to dealing with problems, which is not that you run away from them but that you are tactful when needed.

Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer, gives you a maternal quality, a nurturing attitude towards loves ones. You are a homebody, attached to family ties. Moon affects your emotions and feelings to a deeper level, as it wanes and waxes, making you prone to mood swings. You should however not underestimate your power to influence others. Being a water sign governed by Moon, your emotions tend to be in flux, can be as tranquil as a lake, as deep as the ocean or as tidal as the river. There is a certain depth in your emotions that is mostly unfathomable to others.  Cancer is a Cardinal water sign, much like ‘rain’ that nurtures where it goes. Cancer is also as refreshing as rain is; there is a quality to promote growth wherever they go. As a Cardinal sign, you are associated with summer, the beginnings, fresh start. And you plan your course of actions with intuition.

Cancer Strengths include loyalty and an exceptional ability to nurture. You intuitive ability is also out of the ordinary, thus you know when someone is in pain and needs to be comforted. Cancer Weaknesses relate to their dwelling in past. You have your one foot stuck in the past, thus tend to take memories with you forever, whether good or bad. You can be clingy and needy in relationships, because you are exceptionally giving and expect the same level of compassion and love in return.

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Cancer Love Compatibility with all Signs

Know how you relationship with your partner fares on pyschological and physical compatibility. As both these together make a 'Love Compatibility Match'. Find it out for your Moon Sign with your Partner's Moon Sign.

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