Cancer as a Person

Cancer person is very emotional & caring, who believes in walking on an honest path & very much inclined towards justice.

As per Vedic Astrology, Cancer is the fourth sign in the series of signs. The Lord of this sign is Moon. Moon represents Queen “Lady of Authority”. Cancer as a person is a perfectionist in handling emotions.

The name given to Cancer is Shashi.

Cancer is symbolized by “The Crab”. The crab has the ability to hide. A certain amount of complexity and mystery is involved with this creature. Being aquatic, it has in it the water element. Water deals with the emotive side of human beings. Cancer natives jell up in any kind of environment.

Physical Attributes of the Cancer Moon Sign

A Cancer person generally has middle-sized stature, full face, fleshly neck, long arms, and long face.

At the same time, you also have a wide chest and a broad waist.

You have an impressive appearance with beautiful eyes, curly hair, a fair complexion, and tender speech.

The Behavioral Pattern of a Cancer Native

Natives belonging to the Cancer moon sign are domesticated, emotional, and extra sensitive. You cannot bear unimpressive nature and violent behavior.

You will show your sensibility to the world without even thinking that you might get hurt.

On the other hand, you are self-reliant creatures who are extra intelligent, industrious, and imaginative.

A Cancer person loves to indulge in long hours of conversations. At times you get a little nervous but then it hardly takes them any time to get back on track.

You have strong strings attached to your family members. Cancer natives believe in walking on an honest path. You are very much inclined towards justice and fair-play.

You easily get impressed by surrounding conditions and also by the feelings and thoughts of others.

You are responsive to everything around you, and that’s why you are vigilant of rushing into new situations with strange people.

You have a strong maternal instinct and this factor makes them very caring by nature.

Profession Best Suited for Cancer Moon Sign

  • Industry
  • Sailors
  • Navy
  • Crafts
  • Textile
  • Music
  • Weapons
  • Athletics
  • Dancers
  • Actors

Being a watery sign, Cancer person is meant to be good sailors, ship captains in the navy, or even sea explorers.

You are fit to deal in liquids like perfumes, alcohol, and sea products like fisheries and pearls.

You are highly adaptable to the surroundings and work conditions. This makes them determined in their field of work.

You are very intelligent beings who have an intuitional and imaginative mindset.

You retain things for a very long period. Your ability to work for long hours makes them suitable for such professions.

Love and Marriage 

A Cancer person will enjoy your family life to the utmost. Home and family are of great significance to them.

You try your best to keep your spouse cheerful and buoyant.

You are very general and caring. In case you get hurt, you do express your feelings openly.

You prefer a life partner who would understand your unspoken feelings and emotions.

In Love matters, your standards are high and expectations are even higher.

You will never give up unless the partner does something very drastic.

You love to shower gifts and admiration on your partner and devote time and energy towards entertainment and romance.

A Cancer man needs the assurance of your lover for the long-lasting stability of your relation whereas; a Cancer woman loves deeply and passionately and, craves the same from her partner’s end.

Family matters

Cancer-born natives are fond of home, family, and its comforts. Your anger is short-lived and you hold no spite against anybody.

You perform your duties optimistically and effectively and show your love for family members by sharing your responsibilities equally.

Being a watery sign, a Cancer person will easily adjust to circumstances, just as water takes the shape of the vessel in which it is put.

You pour out boundless affection. That is why relatives and friends enjoy great hospitality under a Cancerian’s roof.

However, you should keep a check on your mood switching nature so that it does not disintegrate your valuable connections.

Styling Sense

A Cancer person is always counted to be the most overdressed person in the room! You’re sophisticated, elegant, with an eye for classic appeal.

You prefer vintage and classic styles and are always hesitant to try out new trends.

You do well with soft materials and whatever you wear tends to influence your presentation.