The Cancer Man

Cancer moon sign man are highly emotional and sensitive. Being a water sign they are also deeply intuitive and unpredictable, at the same time. Their imagination powers are refined and they possess good parenting instincts. They are also very loyal towards their family, friends, lover and spouse. But, can also be suspicious and insecure in relationships.

They are sympathetic and persuasive and are quite homely. They however, have a pessimistic outlook and can also be manipulative at times.

Their hobbies include anything that is homebound hobbies. Their favorite vacation spot would be a serene place, where they can spend time relaxing in the company of their loved ones.

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Physical attributes of a Cancer man

A Cancer moon sign born man will have a mid-size body and a fuller face. They will have a fair complexion, generally and there will be a unique gleam on their face, which will change from bright to dull, basis their varied moods.

Behavioral constitution of a Cancer man

Ruled by the planet moon, which waxes and wanes, the Cancer moon sign men are also known for their mood swings. On one moment they could be all happy, cheerful and bright and the other moment they will be all sulky, irritable and dull. They can be either timid or courageous, basis the situation or temperament. Anger is not part of their persona. Even when they do get angry, they cools down rather quickly. Highly sensitive and sympathetic towards others, their emotions need to be guarded or controlled with sanity and wisdom.

Sense of style of a Cancer man

The various shades of the moods of a Cancer man reflects very well on their style and dressing sense. They dress up in a perfect manner in a well-coordinated way. They like vintage and classic styles and are always hesitant to try out new trends.


A Cancer moon sign born man will make for quite a homely man. He will be highly attached to his family and will perform his duties effectively and optimally. He will have a distinctive way of showing off his love by sharing all the responsibilities of the house. He will make for a great son, father, brother, husband and friend. Although they have all the qualities of a charming man, they would require a check on their broody and pessimistic nature, which may tend to ruin their personal relationships.

Cancer Man as a Son

Family and home are extremely important for Cancer moon sign born babies. As a son they will be very emotional, sensitive and caring towards his parents. They will be more attached to their mother and will take care of all the members of the family, in a perfect way.

  • They crave for love, praise and encouragement from parents and make for an easy-going child.
  • They can be moody, unpredictable and stubborn at times. Should they need to be disciplined, logical approach will prove beneficial than being strict with them.

Cancer Man as a Brother

Get ready to be pampered if you have a Cancer moon sign born brother. They are very caring and affectionate towards their siblings. They are very soft at heart and can get easily manipulated by younger siblings.

  • Highly emotional as an older brother, they consider themselves as a fatherly figure for their younger siblings.
  • A younger Cancer born brother will be coy, dutiful and cautious in his actions in front of his older siblings.

Cancer Man as a Friend

A Cancer moon sign born friend will be very understanding and loving. They are quite reliable and dependable as friends. They will share everything with you and would expect you to do the same. By this, they don’t mean any materialistic things but sharing on emotional grounds.

  • You can bank on a Cancer male friend in times of crises and challenges. They will hold on to you until forever and will never let you down.
  • They are one of the most loyal and selfless beings. They can be insecure and pessimistic at times and would need encouragement and gentle care to overcome troublesome periods.

Cancer Man as a Lover

As a lover, a Cancer moon sign male is gentle and caring. They will not be very expressive and open about their feelings, even if they are hurt. Therefore, they look out for a partner who is able to understand their unspoken feelings.

  • They will be quite attached to their love partner, emotionally, but will not be quite romantic in their actions.
  • They may come across as possessive at times, and would need assurance of their lover for the sustainability of their relationship.

Cancer Man as a Husband

In marital relationship, a Cancer moon sign born man makes for a loving and caring husband. He is appreciative of his wife and loves to spend time at home. They carve for intimate atmosphere with spouse and is romantic in a subtle way. They are usually relaxed and calm, but somewhere they like to take things under their control, otherwise they start feeling disturbed.

  • Their way of showing affection is related to sharing responsibility, mutually managing daily routine. They like things to be coordinated in every aspect of life – be it sexual or emotional.
  • There could be challenges in managing the mood swings and insecurities of a Cancer man. But they are very loyal, protective, genuine and devoted husbands, a woman can ever ask for.

Cancer Man as a Father

A Cancer moon sign man makes for an extraordinary father. He takes pride in the process of parenting and makes for extremely loving and caring father. He adores his children and understand their sentiments, very well.

  • He would plan for family vacations and outings with kids on a regular basis. He will be generous and a patient father, who would not like to miss out on the important events of his children’s life.
  • He can be overprotective and interfering at times, but that roots from his innate insecurities and thoughtfulness.


Due to their imaginative skills, a Cancer moon sign born male will do pretty well in creative fields. They also have a natural healing powers and can also be successful in the field of medicines. They are dedicated and loyal workers and will be oriented towards meeting the set targets in the prescribed timelines. They will work well under normal circumstances with minimal professional pressure and interference.

Cancer Man as a Student

There will be a lack of concentration for the emotionally charged, Cancer moon sign men, when it comes to studies. They would be more playful than intellectual as a student and would need periodic stimulations to stay focused on academics.

  • He will not be academically-inclined and will be an average student.
  • He would be a shy and quiet student. You will never find him participating in any mischievous activity.

Cancer Man as an Employee

A Cancer man makes for loyal and hardworking employees. Sense of security is very important for them in any profession. He would also look for good pay packages when finalizing to accept a job offer. Being a cardinal sign, they are good at taking responsibilities. They are clear-headed but can be cynical at times. They are extremely sensitive to open criticism and would prefer a closed-door approach to be alerted on an error or fault.

  • They are good at managing time, money and resources. In favorable conditions, they can be highly productive and efficient as workers.
  • Stressful situations upset them and they will not be able to perform their duties well in such circumstances.

Cancer Man as a Boss

If you have a Cancer moon sign born boss, be prepared to be keenly observed and evaluated. They have an eye for detail and the ability to read between the lies. So, there is a frail chance to get away with a lie with them. They are sensitive, kind and loyal as leaders and managers.

  • It isn’t quite easy to get the trust of a Cancer boss. You will need to prove yourself time and again through your work, words and actions to be able to get your name in his trust book.
  • They are tenacious and strong-willed, but can be indecisive at times. In stressful situations, their managerial capabilities tend to deteriorate and their verbal expressions may become brash.

Cancer Man as a Business professional

They are quite adaptable as a business professional. Being good at money management they use their skills to figure out profitable opportunities. However, they are not effective risk-takers and would not be able stand taxing and tense situations.

  • Can work well in partnerships and will be amiable with his staff.
  • He is not impulsive when it comes to expenditures and will think rationally before investing in any business deals.

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