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Cancer Woman

Nurturing  Tender, Cancer woman is complex at heart. Emotional insecurities make her world fall apart.
Cancer woman is highly sentimental and emotional. You may find her a little difficult to understand because of her complex behavioral constitution but deep inside she is very conservative and sorted.

A Cancer moon sign born woman is quite vulnerable and will not be easy-going. She is not one to be easily fooled and will be ferociously guarded of her emotions.

They will never make the first move in a relationship, but once connected they will be trusting, passionate, and loyal. They would want their partner to have an imaginative disposition, and a deeply romantic personality to make her feel special by an act of touching, hugging, and holding hands.

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Physical attributes of a Cancer woman

A Cancer moon sign woman will have a short to medium stature. She will have delicate and soft features. Her arms and legs will be rounded and she will have a fuller face. Her eyes will be bright, luminous, and expressive.

Behavioral constitution of a Cancer woman

You cannot expect a Cancer woman to open up to you in the first few meetings. She is very protective of her emotions and will guard them until she has developed a certain level of trust in you.
She is elegant, soft, and peace-loving but is also passionate and ambitious. She will be a little unpredictable with her constant mood swings but will never harm anyone intentionally as she is deeply concerned about the emotions and sentiments of others.

Style sense of a Cancer woman

A Cancer woman has a liking for comfortable clothing. But when it is time to dress up for an occasion they will put their best foot forward. They don’t have a specific color choice and will hoard a variety of tints and shades in her closet. She will pick the colors, designs, and silhouettes basis for her mood.


A Cancer moon sign born woman is full of paradox. Others find her interesting due to the inconsistency and contradiction in her personality. She is both moody and vulnerable, guarded and reliable, extremely cautious of change but still adaptable.
The varied layers in her personality are due to the influence of the planet of the moon on her zodiac. She makes for an excellent friend and partner and will have an innate motherly instinct.

As a Daughter

Cancer woman is a true-blue momma’s girl. She will be affectionate and caring towards her parents but will be a little partial for her mother. When younger, she will be a problem solver in tricky situations and will have a sense of responsibility towards her parents.

  • She is quiet and shy and has a craving for deep-seated love.
  • She can be stubborn at times and put your patience to the test.
  • She will have difficulties trusting people outside her closed inner circle.

As a Sister

She makes for one of the most dependable sisters in the entire zodiac spectrum. A Cancer woman will love you, protect you, and will also understand you, even when you hesitate to share your feelings. She can be your best friend and best advisor, no matter older or younger.

  • As an elder sister, she will be a motherly figure to you. She has the natural inclination to nurture and care.
  • As a younger one, she will be obedient, loving but shy. She will need security, concern, and compassion from her older siblings.

As a Friend

A Cancer woman understands the true meaning of friendship. She will be your friend, philosopher, and guide, for life and will always have your back. She will not have too many friends, but quantity is never a concern for her. She will have few friends but good friends who will be like family to her.

  • Strong-willed and sensitive, rightly defines the kind of friend a Cancer moon sign woman is.
  • She loves her friends deeply and could very well be your 3 am friend.
  • She has a strong sense of intuition and will be up for anything and everything for and with her friends.

As a Lover

The love of a Cancer moon sign born woman will be for a lifetime. They don’t fall in love easily and might take ages to finally commit to a long term relationship. But that is only because she is scared of getting hurt. Cancer woman loves deeply and passionately and will crave the same in return from her partner.

  • She loves being wanted and craves attention. She likes romance and loves the sensations of touch, hugs, and holding hands.
  • She is fiercely loyal and intensely protective of her lover and has feelings of insecurity deeply running at the back of her mind, all the time.

As a Wife

Loyalty, devotion, and care come naturally to a Cancer moon sign born wife. You are one lucky man if you have a wife born under the nurturing sign of Cancer. However, Cancer woman is a little difficult to understand at times with her mood that wax and wane, abruptly.

  • She is gentle, reliable, trustworthy, and versatile. She will take care of her husband and family very well. She is also very good with finances and is quite homely.
  • She is very supportive of her husband. But her emotions are so deeply rooted that she fails to see the practicalities of life, at times, which may hamper her marital relationship.

As a Mother

A Cancer moon sign born woman is the embodiment of motherhood. Family and children are her lifelines and the world revolves around maintaining love, harmony, and happiness in her domestic life. She is vehemently protective of her children and their safety and security are foremost to her.

  • Cancer woman is a calm, affectionate, and sensitive mother with great culinary skills.
  • A Cancer mother is in perfect sync with her children’s needs and wants. However, she needs to be a little relaxed in her approach and let the children be on their own, to prepare them for the outside world.


Cancer woman makes for a loyal and dependable employee. A career as a freelance writer, consultant, or artist would suit her perfectly. She is determined, energetic, and meticulous but won’t be able to work effectively under stressful situations.

With the social media rage and her great culinary skills, she can even make for a successful celebrity chef. A Cancer woman could also have a great scope in medical science.

As a Student

She is obedient and shy as a student and will always be nervous and anxious about her studies. A Cancer moon sign born female will be not very studious but she will be a good student. She will study hard and put in a lot of effort but always be apprehensive about the result.

  • She takes her time to get acquainted with a subject and topic and will thoroughly study it to understand the basis of the concept.
  • She will have fits of anxiety before giving her exams or when submitting an assignment, even when she has studied well.

As an Employee

A Cancer woman is driven by the sense of security and income in a job. She will only work well and work for continuity if she sees some monetary worth in doing so.
Job security and salary go hand in hand for her and she will not choose between the two. She will prove to be a great asset for your organization if her fundamental conditions are met and well-taken care of.

  • She is dependable and tenacious with strong will power and strength of character to perform her duties well.
  • She is a hardworking individual and will try to avoid conflicting situations under all possibilities.

As a Boss

A female Cancer boss is very particular about the target, profitability, and office decorum. She will be quite firm with her rules and regulations. She would appreciate punctuality, loyalty, and hard work in her employees. She will be detail-oriented and will possess a sharp and intuitive mind.

  • Highly imaginative she would have creative offerings for her team and will devise new ways to assess and reward employees.
  • It won’t be easy to get the trust of Cancer woman boss but once you can achieve it she will ensure that you will be suitably rewarded.

As a Business professional

Cancer woman’s sense of finance and resource management makes her do well in entrepreneurial roles. In fact, since her career aspirations spiral around her domestic priorities, she would be content as a business professional as it would offer her a good work-life balance.

  • Trade-in content, art, photography, and general media will prove beneficial for her.
  • She needs to shun her insecure nature to be able to do well in business partnerships. However, her rational and stable mind will help her make effective investment decisions.