The Cancer Woman

Cancer woman has an enormously loving, warm and caring nature.  She is gentle, kind and even a bit shy. She exudes feminine grace and mannerisms. She may be brilliant in her work, but still isn’t arrogant and vain.

Cancer wives let their husband take charge of the family and take control of all matters. She doesn’t mind obeying his orders with sincere devotion, unless he is too unreasonable. She may be good at her profession, but her husband and kids are always her priority.
Home is a sacred spot for all Cancer individuals. Cancer wife likes to keep everything well arranged and ordered at home. Meals are cooked on time. Things are kept clean and tidy.
Cancer wife values money and doesn’t like to waste it. She will really like it if you also handle finances well. Cancer women admire men who have wondrous money-making skills. And that also means that any imprudent or extravagant behavior in the money department won’t be taken well by her.

Positive traits of Cancer Woman in Marriage / Relationship:

Cancer wife is deeply romantic and sentimental by nature. She is also dotingly caring. Expect her to stand by you through good and bad times. She also manages the domestic budget very well.

Negative traits of Cancer Woman in Marriage / Relationship:

Cancer woman in love is overly sensitive and moody. She gets hurt very fast and on small things. She can be sarcastic and cynical during arguments. When she is upset, she sulks and retreats rather than discussing things like mature individuals.

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