Cancer Shopping Habits

Cancer are patient, sensitive, compassionate and nurturing beings. They make wonderful shopping companions. They somehow have the power to persuade, often do well in business due to their practical mindset yet generous heart. It is because they know what the other person needs, thus thrive in business partnerships and cracking critical deals. However, Cancer horoscope natives tend to spend too much time in nurturing others or in business-related matters that they forget to fulfill their personal needs. For you self-made millionaires, it is fine to splurge a little every now and then.
Due to your compassionate and generous nature, you rarely remind your fellow shoppers about their credit card limits. This tends to burn a hole in your pocket. You do not interfere either, nor do you provide free advice. You give full freedom to the companion to explore and make a choice. You enjoy being silent spectator when your loved ones are shopping. Moreover, when it comes to your own shopping experience, you expect the same patience in return. This Cancer Reading is based on Moon Sign. Are you a Cancer Moon Sign? Find it out instantly. Moon Sign is a very significant Astrological Mark to know your future! 

How to spot a Cancer Shopper

For Cancer, shopping is more than a spending extravaganza. It is a nostalgic trip. They rarely need new stuff. Their wardrobes are rooted in past and memory. They cling to their possessions and every now and then find something long forgotten which has a special place in their heart due to some special memory associated with it. If you spot someone with shopping bags in their hands, patiently waiting for their companion to choose between a set of things without complaining at all, he or she should be a Cancer.

Shopping style of Cancer Moon Sign

Cancer natives attach emotional value to their shopping experiences. You may purchase something because it reminds you of a special memory, may be your first crush. You love to have your place filled with personalized stuff such as Photo frames, customized pillows with your anniversary photo, champagne glasses with your wedding date engraved and so on. Your collectibles often remind of sea - pearls, precious blue stones, jewelry, antique coins etc. They would rather not buy a new car. These sensitive souls may want to get their Grand Pa’s old bike modified. More than yourself, you like to shop for others, your loved ones particularly. If something makes the shopper in you shell out, it has to have an emotional connection. For example, a shirt that looks similar to what you wore on your first date.

What Cancer like to shop the most

Cancer love to buy things that make their homes look beautiful and serene. The crabs want their nests to be perfect, thus house essentials such as a new photo album, a comfy sofa to snuggle in, new set of towels, or may be a vacuum cleaner are a few things in your shopping bucket list. Cancer are also great cooks. Thus, new cookbooks, a set of new pots/pans, china set, a new crystal piece addition to crockery are also your favorite ways to spend money. Since you have an affinity to liquid, you often tend to spend on perfume bottles, lotions, wine, tea or cappuccino maker etc. As much as you need to nurture, you also want to be loved and pampered yourself. Thus, spa essentials also occupy a special place in your shopping list. You are not for outward appearances; you look for substance, depth and emotional connection in things you buy.  Handmade items, antiques, bath stuff, cozy pajamas, organic and recycled stuff etc also tickle your fancy.

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