Cancer Love Horoscope

If one thing all Cancer lovers are known for, it is their emotional sensitivity and sentimentalism. Your Cancer lover is very caring and affectionate, but gets hurt a little too fast. Their ruling planet moon makes them very touchy and moody.

Cancers man and Cancer woman seek domestic bliss and harmony like no other sign. They are out-and-out family persons. They are also very loyal in committed partnerships and marriage. They are anything but selfish and demanding. Happiness and comfort of their partner is very important for them.

Your Cancer love partner craves sentimentalism and deep emotional connection in romantic relationships. They need to be needed in love. This gives them a sense of emotional security and strength. Cancers also like to look after and protect the people they love. They like to be providers or givers in a love connection. However, if you oppose or offend them, they can be very sarcastic and cynical.

Understanding Cancer Love Nature: Signs that tell a Cancer is in love with you:

Cancer man in love and Cancer woman in love are extremely caring, loving and affectionate towards their partners. They like to protect and help the people they love. Your Cancer lover will help you come out of your problems and troubles. They will make sure you are happy and well. They will become restless and depressed if they see you sad or hurt.

Cancers love to express their feelings in a very kind and gentle way. Love with Cancer can fill your life with many cheesy romantic moments. If a Cancer has truly fallen for you, he or she would want to get married to you, even in very early stages of a relationship. Creating a loving home and family are always their priority, but the right person has to come along.

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