Cancer Temperament

Cancer Temperament

Cancer is a Water Sign, ruled by Moon. Much like their mascot crab, those born in Cancer are characterized by having a thick exoskeleton shell protecting the soft and complex sensitive soul underneath.

You are intelligent, creative, and have a fertile imagination. You are extremely sensitive, and your feelings for you are of utmost importance. You prefer a peaceful and harmonious world around you and dread any threats to it.

You value relationships above all, seek to be a helping hand for those in need. You are rarely comfortable being the center of attention, however, recognition for your help and support is your greatest motivation.

If for Aries, ‘tomorrow never comes’, and Taurus plan their ‘tomorrow’, those born in Cancer dwell in the past. Their power of memory, especially of emotional occurrences is unmatched.

Tidal Moods and Emotions of Cancer

Your emotions and moods also share a tiding pattern as the Moon waxes and wanes. The crab sheds its shell to retreat into the new one, representing the cyclic pattern of life. Your emotional state also keeps changing as the phases of the moon.

You have an innate intuitive capability, the psychic power to know what others are feeling.

You have the temperament to be over-sensitive towards others that makes you emotionally imbalanced. Your emotional energy is unstoppable like water but it is equally accommodating and adaptable.

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Your life remains a constant struggle to help and support others. In fact, in the sea of life, you have the temperament to ignore your emotional tides leading to frustration at times about the non-fulfillment of your own needs.  Your intuitiveness to know what others need is your biggest gift.

However, you immerse yourself in the environment surrounding you. You should know when to detach yourself from the circumstances and when your assistance is not needed. At times, you simply end up coming off as fickle.

Cancer has an intrinsic need to nurture

With the Moon in Cancer, you are a nurturing soul. You are sociable and have a calming influence on those around you. You rarely lose your temper.   Being affected by the water element, you have lunar qualities – very emotional and empathetic.

You are very protective of those you love. You tend to have a sense of duty towards others, especially the ones you have a connection with. Sometimes you are so swayed in helping others that you get upset when getting little in return.

You become emotionally needy and clingy when you are not nurtured and protected. You shall have people in your life who do understand your emotions and needs and provide you the same standard of nurturing in return. Your need to nurture is so strong that you often tend to over-nurture and act possessive to your loved ones, especially life partner.

The Family Ties of Cancer

You have a strong connection with family, you are very conservative and domesticity oriented. You need to have a family and your life is a series of situations where you have to emerge from the family of origin to become an independent person and have a family of choice.

You feel best when someone is there to offer you tender support when you need it. This is not to say that you are weak. In fact, you are strong but at the same time, you are sensitive.

It is natural for you to take responsibility for others.
Being ruled by Moon, you have strong ties with your mother.

However, you need to learn to allow freedom to your family members. You shall let them live their lives on their rules and shall not over-invest your nurturing and support in the family. Over-protection can jeopardize their independence causing confinement and detachment from you.

Hurdles Faced by a Cancer

You are influenced by a strong sense of nurturing, protection, and inner instincts rather than logic. You have a very affectionate and caring temperament for your loved ones, and hospitable and compassionate to strangers.

However, inside, you are a complex soul. You are so invested in fulfilling the needs of others that you forget to feed your soul, which makes you irritable, prone to mood swings. In such cases, you behave unpredictably.
Lack of emotional fulfillment and ignorance of others towards your needs makes you emotionally insecure and possessive. You feel that people are taking you for granted.

When you are irritated or are in an environment, which is unfamiliar, you tend to retreat into your shell, which is your second home.  Solitude becomes your best companion in situations like these.

You shall learn to come out of your shell and be an extrovert just as you are in known and comfortable environments. Your power of memory is a double-edged sword. It helps you cherish good experiences in life but it also becomes a storehouse of incidents when you were wronged and betrayed. You may forgive, but you never forget.

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Cancer, a mascot crab protecting a sensitive soul beneath the exoskeleton shell.