Cancer Career Horoscope

Cancer at Work:

Cancer individuals are innately ambitious and career oriented. Money and success are important for them and the main reasons for them to work and stay in any job. Power and prestige do not attract them that much. They want a life of security, and they know that comes with money. As long as they are paid what they deserve, they will be happy and give their best shot at work.

Besides money, some authentic appreciation and admiration of their work and talents makes Cancer employees feel really good about their job. At the same time, they are highly sensitive to criticism.

Cancer employees are very dependable, sincere and reliable. They can handle responsibility very well. They are also sympathetic, kind and gentle in their demeanor. They feel everything very deeply and seriously. In fact, they can come across as very tender, moody and touchy sometimes.

Cancer: What are they innately good at?

If there is work that involves huge responsibility and great effort, Cancer employee can do it very well. Cancer is extremely sincere, devoted and serious towards his or her work, which is why they can contribute immensely towards the growth and expansion of the business or industry.

Best Career Options for Cancer:

Cancers can do well in trading and buying where large amounts of cash transactions are involved. Their love for beautiful home spaces can make them flourish in real estate industry, interior designing and decorating, etc. Likewise, they may not enjoy a job that involves too much travel and work tours, thereby, making them stay away from their family.

Secure, stable and well paying careers like banking, accounting, engineering, etc. can also be good for Cancer natives.

Cancer loves even the sight of food, and, therefore, they can find happiness in being chefs, managing hotels and restaurants, or anything else related to the food industry.

Owing to their deeply sensitive and kind nature, Cancer can do well in fields that involve some amount of social work, child welfare and pet care. Many a Cancers have a striking love for nature and wildlife photography, but they might not choose it as a career if it can’t pay them well.

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