Cancer Career Horoscope

Cancer is the forth sign of the zodiac and the first amongst the water signs. They are ruled by the Moon and are extremely watery by nature. They are emotional and moody and experience highs and lows in emotions. They do best in careers where they can use their sensitive nature.

Cancer Career Horoscope


In leadership roles, they are observed to be rather empathetic and soft-spoken with an immense level of kindness instead of being bossy. They don’t do well in areas which require them to raise their voice or treat people as lesser mortals.
Rudeness and roughness is never their style; besides they heavily reject that mode of authority. They do not do it and they do not accept it either.

A Cancerian is someone who loves to treat people with kindness and expects to be treated with same level of kindness, regard and softness. They are homebodies according to the nature of their zodiac so in any workplace as well, they treat people as if they were not colleagues but their own family. And every member is respected and empathized, whether they’re junior to them or not.

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They’re sensitive enough to not let others’ shortcomings or misfortunes come out publicly or make a mockery out of it even as a joke. They are way too empathetic for any kind of self-serving purpose by using someone else’s lives to their own advantage.

  • This makes them extremely sincere and dependable as colleagues. This sense of empathy is their motivation for work. This is something that doesn’t come by easily and a way of leadership that the world needs more of.
  • The Cancerian is not a money-making machine and doesn’t know how to get their finances up using tricks and techniques. However, they are fully in tune with getting the complete pay for their level of dedication at work and will not settle for any pay that is less than what the work deserves.
  • They like to have their finances in place and they’re ready to work for it, and they respect the sense of security that comes with it.


Your Key Professional Traits

  • Leading with empathy
  • Diligence
  • Sincerity
  • Fairness

Cancer Career Strengths

Cancerians are the ones who do good for the sake of doing good. They have no ulterior motives when it comes to leadership.

  • Power and prestige don’t attract them, instead, they would love to do good for others out of their caring and compassionate nature and leadership gives them this opportunity.
  • Their need for a career rises from their sense of security. This security, financially, comes from money and that motivates them to keep going. As long as they’re paid what they deserve and do what comes naturally to them, they’ll be happy and give their best shot.
  • Cancers are career-oriented and ambitious. They like a workplace where they can flourish, and their personal values can grow. Authentic appreciation, a kind boss, and admiration for their talents make them feel good about their job. At the same time, criticisms don’t go well with a Cancerian.
  • Sincerity is their strength and dependability, their forte. They are reliable and can handle responsibilities very well. They are also sympathetic, kind and gentle in their demeanor.
  • Having a colleague form this zodiac is like having a best friend at work. They can come across as very tender, moody and touchy at times. They will also stand up for you if they have an emotional connect, which they often will, and will turn from a gentle person to a strong individual ready to fight for your interests. They think from their heart.


Cancer Career Choices?

  • If there is work that involves huge responsibility and great effort, a Cancer employee can do it very well. Cancer is extremely sincere, devoted and serious towards their work, which is why they can contribute immensely towards the growth and expansion of the business or industry.
  • Cancers can do well in trading and buying where large amounts of cash transactions are involved. Their love for beautiful home spaces can make them flourish in the real estate industry, interior designing and decorating, etc. Likewise, they may not enjoy a job that involves too much travel and work tours, thereby, making them stay away from their family.
  • The big foodie, who loves even the sight of food, Cancerian career could be as Chef or anything else related to the food industry.
  • Owing to their deeply sensitive and kind nature, Cancer can do well in fields that involve some amount of social work, child welfare, and pet care. Many Cancers have a striking love for nature and wildlife photography, but they might not choose it as a career if it can’t pay them well.
  • Secure, stable, and well-paying jobs like banking, accounting, engineering, etc. can also be good options for a Cancer.

What do You Need to Work At?

  • Highs & Lows: Cancerians experience a lot of high and lows in general. That is not to say that they’re impulsive. In fact, that’s far from being impulsive. They get inside their cocoon and its hard to get them out of it. They will vanish without any warning for as long as they don’t feel better, and this could be a matter of days. Professionally, it could hamper their performance and their need for a ‘break’ might not be well-perceived by their organization. You are suggested to practice self-care daily through activities that make you feel better. It could be having your favorite ice-cream, or chocolates, or watching some comedy or giving yourself enough rest.
  • Oversensitivity: This is much of a power for you. This is what makes you, you. However, too much of anything is bad and you should understand that you can be taken advantage for your sensitivity since everyone around you isn’t the same. While its great to be sensitive and kind, know when the other person can help themselves and should help themselves instead of dumping all their responsibilities on you. Your colleagues were hired for their caliber and it’s always great if they live up to it.

Income from Career

Cancers opt for jobs which pay them well, because they need the security which comes from money. Having enough for the rainy days, especially for family affairs is important for a Cancer. They generally choose careers accordingly. Therefore, it is safe to say that Cancerians have a level of stability from their careers which the ‘giver of the zodiac’ expects to have.

In business partnerships, they’re not impulsive and make clear and conscious choices regarding money so their profits might not see too many highs and lows and instead their income will be stable.

Cancer Career – Planets and Facts

Jupiter is the planet of wealth and abundance, as well as satisfaction and wisdom. Jupiter exalts in Cancer which can bring abundance and wealth in Cancerian’s career if positioned well in the chart. Houses to Look for- 4th house, 1st house, favorably aspecting 10th house.

Venus is a natural benefactor for wealth and abundance, and for a Cancer, it is friendly to their zodiac lord- the Moon, therefore, it is important that Venus be well-placed in the chart for a positive shift or outcomes for Cancer.


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