Cancer Taurus Compatibility

Cancer and Taurus are both industrious, focused and inclined towards making money. As a team, they are likely to bring out the best in each other & reach great heights professionally. They like to take it slow & all actions are well thought of to avoid any possible risks. Final decisions are very calculated & deliberate, however, Cancer may at times, be too serious & more time taking than Taurus.
Both Taurus and Cancer are strong ambitious personalities; nonetheless, Taurus is more realistic & practical in life. Cancer is more driven by emotions & can sometimes, be overly sensitive without any possible reasons. While this easily confuses Taurus about trusting their Cancer partner, they are still willing to help Cancer & put them back in the work mode.

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Taurus is ruled by Venus & is a peace loving individual. Cancer is ruled by the gentle Moon & is deeply emotional & touchy. The coming together of the Earth and Water elements brings an unusual number of similarities between these two signs, which results in mutual respect and understanding in this relationship. Some differences are likely to prevail, however, they are only minor & may easily be overcome since both avoid any unnecessary criticism or shunning of their partner. Overall compatibility for this match is usually very good.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Taurus & Cancer share a good love compatibility since their expectations from life are quite similar. They want the same things in a relationship & this reduces the chances of conflicts to a great degree. Despite minor differences, this duo holds high possibility of standing the test of time.

Taurus and Cancer both focus on settling with a stable & emotional partner early in life. Both the signs are reserved & not too outgoing. They take their time before finally committing in a serious relationship. Loyalty is their first priority, leaving out any chances of infidelity or doubts between them. None of the two is willing to compromise on a financially stable lifestyle & thus, prove to be good savers. Their spending habits are also alike, making shopping a fun experience for the pair.
Occasional problems may crawl in when Taurus becomes too stubborn with their point of view and tends to be aggressive in fights, which can deeply hurt the sensitive Cancer. Likewise, Cancer can completely shut down & turn dead silent if they are slightly criticized. Taurus can find it hard to decode the meaning behind such a behavior. Such mutual conflicts are possible between the two, yet it is easy to overcome them & attain eternal blissful partnership for the Taurus Cancer match.