Cancer Aquarius Compatibility

  1. Cancer Aquarius Match
  2. With little in common, they come across as intriguing & interesting to each other
  3. Their love match may come as a surprise to others and even to the two lovers in question

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Astrology Compatibility

Cancer and Aquarius is not just any conventional partnership, whether it is made for business or for pleasure. Both Cancer and Aquarius have the ability to understand and reflect on things in a unique way, although Cancer tends to feel and think more deeply than Aquarius.
As soon as the natives of Cancer and Aquarius Moon signs come across each other, even without any significant verbal exchange of information, they become aware of some innate differences in their outlook and perspective. And, in an interesting turn around of what classical astrological textbooks predict, this partnership can prove to be very fruitful for both of them.
Cancer is hard working, resourceful and industrious by nature. However, they are not very good with experimenting with new ideas and risk taking. They might also like to work consistently, but on a slow and comfortable pace. Unlike them, Aquarius likes to challenge existing methodologies and tries to innovate and recreate things. They are also known for taking sudden and haste decisions. However, their decisions might not always ensure stability in a venture. Together, Aquarius and Cancer can bring in best of both worlds.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Cancer and Aquarius natives will have a lot of obvious differences in their love natures, but they will more or less be present in a complementary distribution. Ruled by the tender Moon, Water sign Cancer is sentimental, emotional and warm by nature. Being an Air sign, Aquarius is easy going, lively and cheerful. However, the good thing is that either Cancer or Aquarius or, in many cases, both of them will strongly benefit from this association, and that too in a pretty mysterious way.
The love and relationship expectations of the natives of Cancer and Aquarius signs are very different. Cancer looks for comfort, security and physical oneness, while Aquarius is more inclined towards building a strong mental and intellectual connection. They will likely have to deal with a lot of disagreements to make this partnership work. Inside the bedroom, things would be likeable for both of them.
Cancer and Aquarius love match may come as a surprise to others and even to the two lovers in question, as they have quite different personalities and, consequently, have little to relate with each other. Nonetheless, they find each other intriguing and interesting, and that can make them powerfully hold on to each other for years to come.