Cancer Aries Compatibility

Aries and Cancer natives would usually team up either a business or a career based project. Love has different definitions for each of these signs & is generally not in the picture. Both signs possess leadership qualities and are career oriented. However, their working styles vary largely. Aries may feel that Cancer often over-analyzes matters. On the other hand, the energetic & enthusiastic approach of Aries might sweep the delicate and thoughtful Cancer off their feet.  

An accurate prediction about your love compatibility can be arrived at only when certain parameters are studied, for which we require the exact birth details as mentioned in the form below.

Friction & a lively tension are bound to exist between the two signs, as Aries is an impulsive, strong Fire sign and Cancer is a secretive and intuitive Water sign. This horoscope match can be uniquely magical.

Both Aries and Cancer are sensitive to criticism and are deeply moved by rejection and disapproval from people. Cancer’s feelings are still likely to show up frequently in front of the world, but Aries can really hide and protect their innermost secrets from everyone. The catch however, is that Cancer is one of the very few who can look past these walls & nurture the needs of an Aries to be admired & accepted.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Love and marriage rarely cross the minds of an Aries and Cancer duo, yet it is not impossible. Aries and Cancer have almost opposing outlooks towards matters of love, & it is evident in their expression of emotions. They have different expectations from love, lovers, relationship, and from life in general.
Cancer aims to settle down in life as soon as possible once they fall in love. Aries, on the contrary, needs time before they can think of marriage & settling with a single partner for life. This does not mean that Aries is not loyal. Aries lovers can be persistently committed and extremely loyal in serious relationships. But they tend to look around for fun with no harm intended, occasionally. If Aries and Cancer were truly in love, then loyalty would never be in doubts.
Cancers are a moody & emotional bunch, who might even be depressed at times, whereas Aries are almost always optimistic, confident and carefree for the world to see. Aries Cancer marriage matching shows that a lot of effort & care need to be put in. Cancer might sense lack of emotions in their Aries partner, while Aries might find the Cancer partner to be excessively dramatic and smotheringly sensitive. Aries and Cancer partners would need to work constantly towards mutual understanding and accept each other’s needs & difference in opinions for long-term stability. Otherwise, the Water and Fire elements can collide head-on & tend to destroy each other.