Cancer - Scorpio Compatibility

(Moon-Sign Based)

Cancer and Scorpio feel an immediate connection on an emotional level. They support and care for each other. They express love and romance, caring for each other like a child.

Cancer - Scorpio Compatibility

Cancer moon signs get attracted toward Scorpio moon sign for their friendly approach and emotional security in a relationship. They share an understanding of financial and family decisions which makes them a complementing couple. Scorpio get attracted to Cancer because they find emotional support and guidance from Cancer to attain success in their career and on the financial front.

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They both love to travel, discuss work-related strategies, and help each other as mentors. They have the same personality and feel connected with their partner spiritually. They attract each other with their intelligence and knowledge. They may have some differences in expression of romance, but they find their persona reflected in their partner and connect at a soul level.

Basic Equation between Cancer and Scorpio

Scorpio, the 8th zodiac sign, is known as the most secretive and reserved personality ruled by Mars. Cancer is the one who is known as an emotional warrior, ready to provide emotional protection and rejuvenation in a relationship.

Cancer the 4th zodiac sign ruled by Moon will take the initiative to protect righteousness and integrity in relationships. When they come together, they will find an intense energy of transformation in their life. They are attracted to each other for their knowledge and courage. They belong to the water element and their instinct is to foster empathy and a loving relationship. They hold each other with innocence and have a committed relationship together.

When Cancer is the Man & Scorpio is the Woman

Cancer man has a calculative approach to communicate with Scorpio, who responds with a practical approach to get the assurance of commitment in their relationship. Cancer is always good with dates and remembers the first date and proposal.

Scorpio women will take the responsibility to protect the relationship and always has a protective mode that helps Cancer feel protected with Scorpio. Both will be rigid in love, but Scorpio women will not make any aggressive decisions and give space to the Cancer man to understand them.

When Scorpio is the Man & Cancer is the woman

Scorpio is compatible with Cancer as a partner. Scorpio man will feel protected and secure in their relationship with Cancer and is always ready to take a stand for her. Scorpio man will ask a lot of questions to understand their partner and always be ready with multiple solutions for the challenges their partner faces.

Cancer women may find their Scorpio man dominating, especially sexually. Cancer finds the mysterious personality in Scorpio attractive, that inclines them to fall in love.

Positive Aspect of Cancer– Scorpio Match

They are both polite and have a nourishing ability which helps them to have fun and enjoy their relationship. Scorpio will follow Cancer like a student and Cancer will always be ready to express their love and connection. Scorpio will work as mentor and a loved one for Cancer. They both enjoy each other’s company. On the financial front, they both will take responsibility.

Negative Aspect of Cancer – Scorpio Match

They may get stuck with over-expectations and face a stagnant situation in their relationship. They will not find satisfaction in their relationship. Third person’s influence may cause challenges in their relationship. They may face financial difficulties and due to rigid approach with their decisions, they will face relationship challenges.


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Nakshatra (Constellation) Compatibility

  • The Cancer star constellations are Punarvasu with 1 stage, Pushya with 4 Stages, and Alesha with 4 Stages.
  • The Scorpio star constellations are one stage of Vishakha Nakshatra, four stages of Anuradha Nakshatra, and four stages of Jyeshta Nakshatra.

Note: Different Cancer-Scorpio couples would have different results because a Moon Sign is always associated with a Nakshatra (constellation), which is determined by the presence of the Moon in a particular Nakshatra at the time of birth. Hence, people of the same Moon sign would have different Nakshatra.

Punarvasu- Visakha: They both get attracted to their mature nature. They will find that things will get clear, and they engage in healthy conversations with each other when they feel things are not working in their favor.

Pushya – Visakha: They both have mature personalities and love to be in relationship as a mentor and love to listen to each other's opinions. They will enjoy their journey as partners with a caring nature. Scorpio being stuck in the past and over-expectations from Cancer will create challenges in their relationship.

Alesha – Visakha: They will be attracted to eloquent speech and intelligent approach. They might face some clashes of opinion due to interference of a third period in their relationship.

Punarvasu- Anuradha: They will get attracted to each other for their strong personality and ready to take risks with a protective nature for each other. They will find bursts of anger in their relationship due to over-expectations and expecting to change their partner as per their need.

Pushya – Anuradha: Both Cancer and Scorpio as Pushya – Anuradha share the same opinion towards financial decisions, and they have maturity towards the relationship.

Alesha – Anuradha: They will get attracted for their hard work and high ambition. They both have child-like innocence. They may find clashes in their relationship when they get stuck in past mistakes and ego clashes, creating a communication gap in their relationship.

Punarvasu- Jyeshta: They will get attracted to each other for their ambitious thoughts and disciplined approach towards their partner and love relationship. They will find a stable lifestyle, but a lack of fun and rejuvenation is seen because of a serious approach.

Pushya – Jyeshta: Patience and a committed approach will be the key element for their relationship. They will be attracted to their problem-solving approach and for their nourishing ability.

Alesha – Jyeshta: They will get attracted to each other’s innocent and down-to-earth approach. They will find positive times and will always be ready to help each other. Due to emotional blockages, they might not feel comfortable sharing feelings in the starting phase of their life.

How can Cancer-Scorpio have a Happy and Healthy Relationship?

Cancer should not hold an emotional grudge and Scorpio should not be complaining of past mistakes. This approach will help them to overcome the relationship challenges.

Love Compatibility Score

Cancer and Scorpio moon signs support each other with care and love. They will provide stability and a strong foundation for love and romance in their relationship. Cancer will take the initiative to express their love and romance with their partner.

With a balanced approach, Scorpio takes responsibility and provides a comfort zone and a harmonious relationship in their love life. Owing to the common water element, Cancer and Scorpio vibe on the same frequency.

Score: 6 Out Of 10

Sexual Compatibility Score

In the starting phase of their relationship, they will not be comfortable sharing their feelings which makes things uneasy for Cancer and Scorpio. Cancer and Scorpio will have a good sex life. They both love to share their experiences and their love. They love to understand the needs of their partner.

They will enjoy each other’s company and enjoy their intimate relationship. Scorpio will take the initiative to sexual activity and the shyness of Cancer will be dissipated while engaging in romantic conversations with Scorpio.

Score: 7 Out of 10

Communication Compatibility Score

Cancer takes the initiative to express their feelings to their Scorpio partner. They may approach responses from their partner with a calculated mindset, reacting to both positive and negative feedback. In contrast, Scorpio makes emotional decisions and courageously protects their love relationship with Cancer. Their shared water element aligns their purpose, aiding their mutual understanding of each other’s needs.

Score: 6 Out Of 10

Overall Recommendation

Cancer and Scorpio will have good compatibility. They will experience the favor of luck together and have fun, romance, and love. They will learn from each other. Cancer works like a mentor for Scorpio. They will share their responsibility and have a strong commitment to each other.


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