Cancer Pisces Compatibility

Pisces and Cancer could make for a great professional team together, more so, when their profession or business needs a heavy dose of creativity along with hard work and financial stability. Both of these Water signs can contribute significantly to this partnership. Pisces will bring in their original, creative ideas and Cancer will look into the practical aspects of the business.

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Pisces and Cancer will find so much in common with each other that they just might become very good friends in a comparatively short period of time. They will have lots of ideas to discuss and would have unusual understanding with each other.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

What do we see when dreamy, super romantic Water sign Pisces comes close to deeply emotional, caring Water sign Cancer – a perfect relationship and a romance of a life time! Indeed, the moment Cancer and Pisces fall in love, they would feel that they are just made for each other. Of course, for this relationship to be what it should be, other areas in their natal charts should be in harmony as well.
Both Pisces and Cancer are highly emotional, sensitive and romantic by nature. For this reason, the two natives will feel a strong, intense connect with each other. Much of the relationship will be driven by their sense of intuition and instinct. When either of them is in trouble, the other one will magically sense it. Their romance will very well have a mystic and sublime aura to it.
Intimacy and sexual attraction would remain strong between Cancer and Pisces. Once they have committed to each other, Cancer would also want to build a nest together with Pisces. Pisces does not like to get locked in so fast, but with Cancer, they just might be all in for the idea of family and kids. Then again, Cancer would complain that their Pisces lover is less dutiful, sincere and responsible towards the domestic life after marriage. Pisces only needs respite from realities and practicalities of life, which they might not get with Cancer lover. If other areas of their chart match well, they can fight this tendency very well.
In any case, Pisces Cancer love relationship will not be even a bit short of romance, dreaminess and sentimentality. Both of the lovers will also tend to get codependent and emotionally clingy with each other, and will like it this way. Cancer and Pisces love match gets a nod from the heavens!