Cancer-Libra Compatibility

Industrious, serious Water sign Cancer and analytical, brainy Air sign Libra can become fabulous professional partners. There may be obvious differences in the way the natives of these two signs handle professional affairs, but if they put their energies in the right direction while working together, a lot can be accomplished in a rather small time.
Cancer admires Libra’s soft skills, logical thinking and gentle mannerisms. Libra is impressed by Cancer’s hard work, dedication and practical solution to problems. These qualities indicate a positive and peaceful association between the natives of the two signs.

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However, while they can complement each other really well in many aspects of their professional life, they might not prefer socializing with each other that much. Libra loves impressing everyone with their objective thinking and fair judgments on a variety of subjects. Cancer does not enjoy fun and friendship at work. It will take some efforts and adjustments from either side in order to let their friendship develop to the next level.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Love has the power to transform a serious and industrious Cancer into the most loving, sentimental and caring person on the planet. And love has the power to make the logical and analytical Libra mind speak a cheesy and hopelessly romantic language. Needless to say, when a Libra and Cancer fall in love, love emotions and romantic gestures are in full swing. That’s really good news for these two lovers.
Cancer finds Libra’s charms and romantic gestures extremely comforting. Libra is allured by Cancer’s softness and sweetness. In their courtship period, Libra will offer anything from poetical words to candlelight dinners at beautiful settings. Cancer will offer immense devotion, care and warmth to their Libra lover.
However, everything in the love relationship of Cancer and Libra might not come up roses. Libra’s easy going nature and flirtatious moves could hurt their sensitive and insecure Cancer lover deeply. Cancers are not unnecessarily suspicious, but they are intuitive enough to sense hidden red flags in a relationship. In a romantic partnership with a Cancer native, Libra would need to keep a check on their tendency to be wishy-washy and indecisive in the matters of the heart. Cancer, on the other hand, would need to keep a check on their overblown emotions and mood swings time and again, as their Libra lover finds it hard to deal with imbalance in any area of their life, especially love.