Cancer Capricorn Compatibility

Cancer and Capricorn might find it somewhat difficult to work together without butting heads, crossing wires and clashing time and again with each other. And the sooner they realize the intrinsic differences in their personalities, the better it will be for their work.

Both Cancer and Capricorn admire hard work, sincerity and discipline in their professional life. They do not appreciate anyone who slacks around and indulges in fun activities during work. Both of them are industrious, resourceful and dutiful by nature. It might seem obvious that these two signs look for similar things from a professional partnership, and indeed they do, but the problem is that their ideologies and working styles are not really complementary to each other. When both of them have competitive ideas, and none of them wants to play a second fiddle to the other, it can create troubles.

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For this partnership to work successfully, compromises might be needed from at least one side. Their shared goals of finding security and stability, however, could act as a solid reason that would bind them together for quite a long period of time.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Cancer and Capricorn love match is odd and interesting in many ways. In fact, it is difficult to explain what exactly leads these two natives to fall in love with each other. That is because there is practically nothing common and shared in between them. While the mixing of Water and Earth elements promises to generate peace and harmony, the rulers of these two signs clash and cause confusion and conflict.
Ruled by the tender and ever-changing Moon, Cancer is soft, sentimental, dreamy and emotional at heart. Their imagination soars high and transcends all boundaries of space and time. Ruled by the stern and structure-giving planet Saturn, Capricorn, on the other hand, does not understand any of these things that are so dear to their Cancer lover. Capricorns were born with a practical mission. They have the strength and the discipline to face harsh realities and practicalities of life. They do not think and feel things the way Cancers do.
Since Cancer and Capricorn natives are downright opposite to each other when it comes to their love nature, this can cause unbearable friction or deep love, and, perhaps, nothing in between. If the two lovers take the plunge and settle down, disagreements could also crop up regarding the handling of domestic chores. Cancer prefers warm and comfortable spaces. Capricorn appreciates that, but would demand more order and discipline than Cancer could possibly give and enjoy. However, despite these differences, Cancer and Capricorn can have a good sexual chemistry.