Cancer Cancer Compatibility

When it comes to work and money making, Cancer do not like to rough things up. They crave for stability and security in their life, and they know it does not come by slacking. Both of them are industrious, resourceful and hard working individuals, and admire these qualities in a professional relationship. Two Cancer individuals can, thus, make good professional or business partners.
Besides working hard, strategizing and planning things out, Cancer natives also like to socialize and make friends. They are, however, not highly articulate in general, and, hence, would need to put in extra efforts to ensure effective communication happens time and again between them. They are also advised to keep a check on their co dependent behavior and fluctuating moods to keep their bond peaceful and devoid of emotional drama.

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Career is very important for Cancer, but, at the same time, they are also family oriented. Cancer natives are also known for valuing friendships. This like minded nature will keep them close and together for years. By and large, Cancer-Cancer partnership shows great potential.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

A Cancer man with a Cancer woman could together make one of the finest astrological pairings. Both of them are highly emotional and sentimental water signs, and mystically understand their partner’s needs very well. Love will quickly blossom between them and will have a heavy dose of co dependency and even clinginess associated with it.
Cancer partners carry a deep-seated need to get nurtured in their love relationships. They are affectionate and caring towards their partners. Their love also has elements of selflessness and sacrifice in it. When a Cancer native falls in love with another Cancer native, it can result into a deeply strong, loving and committed relationship. Both of them would also like to create a warm and comfortable home for each other. On the downside, both of them are very moody and sensitive by nature, and once they get hurt, it can take them quite sometime to recover.
In quite a few odd cases, if things do not work out between these two lovers, perhaps, for reasons external to their relationship, it would all end with a blaze of glory. Cancer individuals find it hard to truly and completely let go of things they were once emotionally attached to. Several years may pass by and they may feel connected with each other.