Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility

Cancer and Sagittarius make an exciting professional match. The two of them bring completely different kinds of energies under one roof, which is a boon for any enterprise they join hands for. Sagittarius is innovative, intelligent and quick at making decisions. They like to experiment and face challenges. Cancer gives their heart and soul to anything they feel passionate about. They could be the most hard working, dutiful and sincere person in the office.
Sagittarius is fun loving, levelheaded and easygoing by nature. They like to keep their dealings simple and do not fuss much about things. Cancer, however, is stern and disciplined by nature, and wants to avoid any fun activities at work like the plague. These obvious working style differences can at times pose minor problems for both of them.

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Besides this, Sagittarius is witty and outspoken and can unknowingly hurt Cancer with their thoughtless remarks. Cancer’s moodiness and touchy behavior can annoy Sagittarius big time. Still, Cancer and Sagittarius admire each other for a lot of other interesting qualities they possess. If the two can learn to enjoy their differences and make a few adjustments here and there, they can become really good friends.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Cancer is a deep, sensitive, emotional Water sign and Sagittarius, on the other hand, is an easy going, lively and cool-headed Fire sign. It is interesting to know how the diametrically opposite signs Cancer and Sagittarius find a common ground when they fall in love with each other.
Sagittarius loves to travel and explore new places. They cannot fixate themselves for very long at one place. They need new experiences to enjoy life fully. Unlike them, Cancer prefers the warmth and comfort of a beautiful home. Security, predictability and stability in life are vital for the happiness of a Cancer. If Cancer and Sagittarius want to partner up, at least one of them will have to make severe adjustments.
In many ways, however, a love partnership between Cancer and Sagittarius can prove to be a beneficial one for both of them. Sagittarius can help Cancer get out of their shells, be more carefree and see the brighter side of life. Cancer can open the Sagittarius mind to thinking and looking at the world more philosophically and deeply than they ever have before.