Cancer Leo Compatibility

Cancer is a mystical Water sign ruled by the Moon, and this makes all natives of the Cancer sign way too sensitive, emotional, intuitive and even touchy by nature. Energized by the life giving Sun, fiery Leo natives are sensitive too, but more than that, they are highly passionate, confident and energetic.
As professional partners, Leo and Cancer will enjoy working together. Leo will admire Cancer for their sincerity, hard working and industrious nature, whereas Cancer will be allured by Leo’s unbridled confidence, mannerisms and intelligence.

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There will be areas of concern too. For instance, Leo generally tends to fall for flattery, which might make Cancer dislike them. Also, Cancer’s stern and solemn attitude towards life might not always go down well with pleasure seeking Leo. There will also be a striking difference between their handling and managing of finances. Lots of adjustments and comprises will be required for a harmonious partnership.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

For obvious reasons, Cancer-Leo pairing is an interestingly odd astrological pairing. It is the coming together or blending of bright fire flames with deep running waters. And it is not that easy to fathom and sustain, to say the least.
There would be many obvious differences in the way these two signs treat love, relationships and marriage related matters. But, to begin with, let us look at the similarities and shared interests. Both Cancer and Leo are sentimental, romantic, loving and emotional by nature. Both of them love to love and care for their partners. Building a perfect home environment is deeply important for both of them and so is raising the kids in the best way possible.
Although Leo is sensitive, hates criticism and gets hurt fast, their hearts are actually filled with optimism, hope and vanity. Cancer might be a little too much sensitive and grumpy for them. Leo also tends to be proud and egoistical. They like romancing their partners, but that does not include sacrifice, devotion and unconditional care. They like to keep an upper hand in the relationship. Besides, they don’t want to chase, rather they like their partners to chase them. After an argument, Cancer might turn antsy and sulk for days. Instead of comforting Cancer, Leo would prefer to go out and hang out with friends. Cancer might unnecessarily accuse Leo to be unloving and heartless, which would hurt Leo’s honor and pride. Leo generally has a huge numbers of friends of both the sexes, which might make Cancer insecure at times, leading to more troubles in their paradise.
For this relationship to work and function smoothly, heavy amounts of tolerance, patience and forgiveness will be needed from both the sides. Cancer and Leo lovers will need to reflect and ask from within if they are ready to look beyond the differences and accept the other person the way they are. Whether Cancer-Leo love relationship ends into a happily ever after or not, it definitely carries the potential to teach both these lovers many important love lessons.