Hamsa MahaPurusha Yoga

Yogas are the distinguishing features of a horoscope. They create people with different destiny and fortune. One of the rarest yogas found in the charts of very blessed and fortunate people is Hamsa Yoga. It is one of the 5 MahaPurusha Yoga. MahaPurusha in general parlance means a great human being.

Jupiter, as such is a great planet. It is regarded as the most 'giving' planet. Jupiter signifies all that is positive, increases and grows. In a chart which is not considered very strong, if has Jupiter that is very well placed, then the native would enjoy all positivity in life.

Hamsa Yoga is caused when Jupiter is in a very specific position - both in terms of sign(zodiac) and house wise. Jupiter is the planet that is closest to divinity. Such a native is virtuous and pure in thoughts. Hamsa yoga grants great ability to invoke respect in all fields of life. Such a person enjoys goodwill and great image in personal and  professional life both. More than financial prosperity, his respect and position draws attention.

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Hamsa MahaPurusha Reading
  • How this rare yoga is being caused in your horoscope and the strength of this yoga
  • The special skill set and talent that has come your way due to this yoga
  • How to harness and preserve the good effects of this yoga
  • Results of this yoga for you
  • The time periods when the results will manifest in your life
  • The suggestions and remedies to strengthen this yoga
  • You may also ask ONE specific question with your reading

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