What is Dharam - Karma Yoga?
This is a very auspicious and a rare combination of planets forming in the horoscopes of the fortunate natives. This yoga has the two planets combining together to give an exceptional power, professional success and riches. This occurs when there is a conjunction of two planets - namely the owner of 9th house, the house of Dharma/ or religion and the owner of 10th house, the house of karma / career in a horoscope.  In a Dharam - Karma Yoga, the native makes his karma ie his actions as his dharma. His passion in work guides his success. 

How is Dharam - Karma Yoga caused?

In a horoscope, there are 12 houses. Of which 9th house and 10th house are special and most important ones. The 9th house rules the luck and the 10th house governs matters related with career and karma.  Dharam - Karma Yoga gets formed when the owner planets of these two important houses bring in excellent luck and fortune in finance. Like Jupiter and Saturn combine together counted from Aries ascendant to give exceptional results in a horoscope. Take the case of the greatest physicist of all time - Albert Einstein. His horoscope has Saturn and Jupiter forming the Dharam - Karma Yoga. These two planets are very powerful on their own and when they sit together in one house, they bring unexpected luck and success.

Benefits of Dharam - Karma Yoga Reading

A Dharam - Karma Yoga is responsible for a person to enjoy luck unexpectedly, extensive travels, gains from overseas sources, power & authority, exceptional rise in career & many such gains.  The specific gains enjoyed by the native depend on which house the two planets conjunct.  Though this Yoga operates with two planets usually and that would keep on bringing in the possibilities of progress when any of the two planets operates. But the lucky few have both the planets operating together at some stage in life ushering in the most successful period or the ‘peak’ of professional life. This reading would, hence detail the following for you:
  • Explanation of how this yoga forms for you
  • The time in life when these periods would operate
  • Suggestions on how to maximize your gains & success
  • Remedies to preserve this yoga & hold on to your luck through your lifespan.


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