Kendra Trikona Yoga

Kendra Trikona Yoga


Luck & Action are your Gateway to Success

When a Kendra house connects with a Trikona house in your horoscope, it forms a Kendra Trikona Yoga. This is one of the most desired forms of Vedic Yoga as it blesses you with fame, prosperity, skills and the ability to succeed against all odds. This Yoga illustrates that if luck supports hard work, all doors to success and fame open up in your life.

  • A Horoscope under Vedic Principles stands on 4 pillars (Kendra): 1st House (self), 4th House (mother & landed properties), 7th House (spouse & collaborations), & 10th house (Power & your Karma / Profession).
  • At the same time, our intellect, good karma & spirituality is what makes us human & that rest on 3 angles (Trikona): 1st House (your values & the divine being within you), 5th house (intellect, children & past karma) & 9th House (luck, divine grace & your kindness).


A yoga, as you might already know, is Vedic Astrology's unique method of calculating some stellar positions and combinations of planets where the sum of the effect of those planets is more than the parts that add up to form the yoga.

How Does KT Yoga make You Progress in Life?

Some examples:

  • Combination of 9th & 10th House – immense success professionally due to hard work, luck, success overseas, & international fame.
  • Combination of 9th & 4th House – huge landed properties, luxuries & comforts, and happiness of a great home & family.
  • Combination of 5th & 10th House – exceptional intellect leading to grand career success & well known in professional circles.
  • Combination of 5th & 4th house – support & great value system by mother, high intellect & lucky in terms of real estate and profession.
  • Combination of 9th & 7th House – success due to marriage, partnership & overseas trade.
  • Combination of 5th & 7th House – success in intellectual projects & research or investments in partnerships or with spouse.

What should You Do if You are Blessed with this Yoga?

  • Kendra Trikona Yoga is a blessing that can be amplified by your action and good karma.
  • This yoga helps those who work hard and help others at the same time.

Benefits of Kendra Trikona (KT) Yoga Report

  • Analyze types of KT Yogas (more than 1 is possible, amplifying the luck) operational in your horoscope.
  • Analyse the quality of KT Yoga in your horoscope.
  • Analyse if any negative planet has held back results & suggest methods to overcome it.
  • Strength & timing of effects would be covered along with a mapping over the next 5 years.
  • Guidance & remedies to increase your luck.

Helpful Tips:

  • Lean about the quality of KT Yoga in your horoscope.
  • Get strength & timing of effects.
  • Learn if any negative planet has held back results; get methods to overcome this.
  • Mapping over the next 5 years.
  • Remedies to increase your luck.

Report Size:

12 Pages