Redefining destiny - Role of Karma Korrection

Redefining destiny - Role of Karma Korrection

Astrology is the science of guidance for the mankind. The Vedic ways of leading life are the righteous methods to carry out the Karma Korrection acting on your freewill. Vedic scriptures are the store house of Vedic wisdom which not just help refine your karmas(actions) but also bring about karma Korrection in the process of changing your destiny by a bit. Even a 2 percent destiny change is huge! 

Various ways available with us to bring about such a change -
An expert Vedic astrologer would read from your horoscope the areas of concern and bliss. He will also correlate them with your personality, your actions, reactions and conduct. The life key events will be strong indicative of the good and bad in your horoscope. For instance if one is into straight talk without hurting others will have a strong Mars. On the other hand, the act of stealing and causing hurt to others will merit working on your Mars, which seems to be afflicted. And a weak Mars on the other hand could mean lack of motivation and poor ability to work. All the three cases merit a set of changes which can be on the lines of:
  1. Astrological remedies - carry out Vedic prayers, actions & replacement to the nature & society that would correct Mars' influence in your life.
  2. Karma Korrection - carry out such acts & changes in yourself that align the good effects of Mars on you.

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Karma Korrection & Vedic Remedies Reading:
A combined analysis of your horoscope & a series of assessments of your events would enable us to recommend a combination of modifications in your actions (karma) and a set of Vedic Remedies to help overcome any ill effects & improve the dignity of planets in your horoscope. Many events of your life - like marriage, movement from home, birth of child, purchase of house & even a romantic relationship trigger off dormant planets in your chart. Our experts can point out such events & make recommendations to trigger or to avoid such events for better fortune & destiny.

Karma Korrection & Vedic Remedies Reading

Special Reading based on the composite technique of horoscope analysis & happenings in your life

Karma Korrection & Vedic Remedies - Interactive Reading

The composite technique of horoscope study & happenings of your life is further fine tuned by interaction with you! Advanced Reading verison

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