Medical Astrology

What is Medical Astrology Consultation?
Medical Astrology is a very advanced field of Vedic Astrology practiced since the time of seers and saints. Given the world we live in today makes us prone to all kinds of lifestyle diseases besides the other health issues. There’s also an ever increasing awareness and cautiousness regarding one’s health. Today, health is considered as the most cherished form of wealth.  No wonder that so many people are taking to Vedic Astrology to discuss and sort their health issues. Medical Astrology Consultation is a service whereby our Vedic Experts take up your health problems, read into your birth chart and send back your specific answers along with astrological remedies, in cases needed.

How to go about Medical Astrology Consultation?
You can select this service and write down your question during the course of completing the transaction. Based on your date, time and place of birth data, you birth chart will be prepared and interpreted to check the issue at hand and you would be replied back appropriately and accordingly.

Why you should order Medical Astrology Consultation?
This question can be answered by understanding that Vedic Astrology is capable of reasoning out your current life events as well as predict them for your future. Questions like “when will my ear problem that I have been suffering since last two years be over, if at all” or “when will my child turn normal and start doing things on his own” can be predicted by studying certain configurations & combinations in the birth charts by expert Vedic Astrologers.

You can go for Medical Astrology Consultation to relieving stress to a very large extent usually associated with the ‘unknown’ factors related with health!  

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  • USD 20 / Rs.1200
USD 20 / Rs.1200

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